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April 7, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
You welcome. Now I go back to my hole, woke up in a icky mood -sighs- I seriously dislike nagativty. You ever have days where you are tired of being positive and nice? Sometimes it feels like I reach my limits and become snappish and I don’t like it :(. Eh, apologies, one of those days.

Will look for your next video -nods-

God Bless

Depends are way underrated. Max’s Pampers help him fill out his elasticized waistband Levi’s very nicely. The new gel material holds about 50 lbs of water and still feel dry. That’s a genuine wine into water miracle. Money, after meeting basic necessities, doesn’t produce much happiness. Max has a XKE in the backyard that will become a playhouse. The new ones are Fords. The old ones are better to look at than drive — unless you enjoy long walks. That’s healthy.

“Sandguy99” (sigh) The rabbit is a double vibrator for dual stimulation. I should probably do a video just on the rabbit. It’s the safest sex in the world LOL 🙂 I wonder if this video offends people? Thanks for watching.
Cheryl Shuman

Okay I’m still catching up, but I wanted to say there’s a lot of positive energy in these, you made me laugh out loud. I think you and Mitch are onto something with the Depends…target the “senior community”, although I’m not sure that a crotchless Depends would be marketable. LOL You know the dirty old, old men would still go for it somehow :D.

just FYI this is the third video i watched now cheryl and 2 out of 3 have discussed vibrators! not that its not a good topic just that as a guy its not my favorite…damn machines doing our jobs!! anywho, so down on your luck with the cash eh? want five bucks? its alright i know you’re good for it.

I think the word vibrator maybe has gotten a bad (w)rap, or has a certain “expectation” tied to it. LOL Maybe if you were to coin a new word, one that is more “YouTube-friendly”, say “personal mechanized entertainment”, you could refer to it briefly as your P.M.E. and no one would be the wiser, except everyone who just read this…okay so that wasn’t my brightest revelation :P.


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