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April 7, 2007

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Youtube Commments:
If a theist believes in a specific religion and that religion has a heaven and a hell shouldn’t that be the most important thing in life. Eternity is a very long time for bliss or torment. With that said why would someone like that women not know their own religion?

You’re right, alot of Christians cherry-pick the verses they live by b/c they sound warm and fuzzy. This is also true of non-believers, who cherry-pick passages and interpret them as being the WORD of GOD. And yes, one should read the whole thing, but that still doesn’t mean you can recall words and context on the spot.

My father’s a retired chaplain. I been around alot of Christians, most of them do not believe the Bible was dictated by God. They recognize that these books are authored by many diverse people with their own point of view (unlike the Qu’ran, dictated by Allah himself).

A lot of your recent videos have been about organised Atheism and about people grouping together, etc. Maybe you’d be interested in doing a few videos on people that use chatrooms (since you’ve expressed desire to move away from talking about religion all the time)? I’ve always found it funny how people online bind together as a unit, being suspicious of everyone (their paranoid attitudes), and the way they behave overall; talking a lot about nothing, etc.

“I’m just a member.” It’s getting boring hearing the same excuse every time, she might as well say she’s too dumb to answer. I don’t see the point of calling yourself a christian if you’re going to be half-assed about it and not read the very book you’re supposed to believe in. By the way, is it really wise to use your real name now that the churches are passing it around? How about Clark.. or Dr. Banner?

Why lie and use a false name? Brett is genuinely asking questions about the text of the book – the church should be able to answer them. If their response is to band together, shut him out and ignore him, then that says a lot about how the church handles criticism.

I for one am tired of the free ride religion gets. No one is allowed to question beliefs for fear to blasphemy or appearing stupid for not understanding the contradictions. Keep it up Brett 🙂

Have you ever had to answer phones for an organiztion or company before? If your not 100% clear on something its best to refer to someone that knows more than you. Its funny because I just read that verse yesterday but still no one is perfect and can know and understand everything in the bible.

And your point? Just because a member of the church can’t answer your question regarding a specific scripture? I assume your “question” regarding Hosea 13:16 would be to point out God’s brutality against these people you’d define as “innocent?” Well, you must understand that these actions were the consequence of Israel’s rebellion. God’s desire was to forgive and restore, but the consequences of UNREPENTED SIN resulted in their deaths. See Isaiah 13:16 as to who God permits innocents to suffer.


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