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April 7, 2007

Bill O’Reilly Loses His Mind

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Youtube Commments:
He got into a shouting match. Which of us haven’t? The big news this week is how liberals – who always argue that they want peace – went on a rampage when they saw Karl Rove at American University. Now that was a violent outburst, courtesy of “pacifists”

O’Reilly’s wrong. He is an abusive sex offender lurking inside the persona of a pompous, windbag, moron who doesn’t attempt to solve anything, other than to loudly spout his own myopic thoughts in order to boost ratings.
Geraldo is right. O’Reilly sought to twist the story of the loss of a girl’s life at the hands of drunk driver. All the proposals being made by are only workable if a reasonable transition program of some type is created.

Making a issue salient enough to cause an uproar (righteously, in the cause of Jessica’s Law) among citizenry and interest groups to the end of changing law is doing something. More than talking about the “stupidity” of a stranger’s family over the Internet, at least. (Onlookers: trl+f punchpixie for an explanation).

What is preposterous is that you think a sexual predator like O’Reilly (Google O’Reilly Sexual Harrassment) is anything other than a windbag self-promoter.

The crime as brutal and widely publicized like the rape and murder of a child is what caused the parents to create the law, and John Walsh to lobby various contgresses, and cause people to rise up in support.
O’Reilly is just a windbag wrapping himself in someone elses tragedy.

Sexual preditor? He was never convicted. Yes, settled out of court, just as many other companies do. Not worth the time, lawyers, etc… here’s a lil money to keep you happy. Mackris was accused of extortion because she wanted MORE, 30x more to be exact. Greed has something to do with her accusation my friend. O’Reilly is promoting Jessica’s Law because not all states have it. He is not just trying to “wrap himself in someone elses tragedy.”

O’Reilly didn’t DO anything. The people of each state, and the US Congress, was lobbied by AMW and the parents of the poor kids who were murdered by these predators, and the general sense of outrage of the American People, who sure as hell don’t need A**hole O’Reilly to tell them that sexual predators are bad.
O’Reilly IS a predator, and his reporting on the progress of the work of others in passing these laws is simple self-promotion.

Innocent until proven guilty, never found guilty. Whether he did it or not, you cannot automatically 100% assume true. Mackris wanted money… a lot of it. 60 mill to be exact. Greed could have come with her accusation. Who knows. But to use this, something not proven to be true, as an argument is illogical. Easily making a very illegitimate argument, which is what all I hear you liberals say about O’Reilly… besides “he is gey” and “he neds 2 be shot”

Hello “hello478”! O’Reilly left lewd and obscene messages ON HER VOICEMAIL you moron!!!! Didn’t you actually follow the O’Reilly story about his sexual abuse? It was completely proven, and he settled out of court to avoid keeping the truth out of the headlines for months. BTW, the word is “Predator”, not “preditor”, and O’Reilly is a piece of crap.

if he’s the one that started that trend, then you know he’s a grandstander. jessica’s law, as i understand it, does little to protect children from molesters, but creates further problems for people convicted of sex offenses to live their lives in peace. all the screaming and yelling doesn’t make him right.

What are you babbling about? O’Reily is a hardcore Christian, and it is flat out obvious. Atheists have no point to prove, the ultimate truth is the concept of god is a human alone created theory. Until this theory is backed up with factual evidence it will remain just that. It’s always typical Christians getting riled up with hate against gays or immigrants or anyone. Anyone who is not straight white and christian is conspiring to commit evil to those knuckleheads.

Ha ha you proved my point. Atheists just can’t be content about knowing their version of the truth – they have to push it on others. It’s too bad people choose to be religious right Mr. Atheist. Wouldn’t it be great if we forced everyone to face reality? What if I was Muslim – do you have a problem with Allah?

Can’t deny that if the guy was never able to get here, this wouldn’t have happened. Sure these things happen all the time regardless of legal status, but this could have been prevented. Everyone that dies because of an illegal alien wouldn’t have if they never got here.

I know all the excuses made about this, like saying dangerous legal citizens exist too, but that is really irrelevant, since that can’t be prevented. We should prevent this stuff as much as possible.

Wow. You, my friend, need to be careful. You so easily bought this specious argument, you are clearly easy to manipulate…beware of people telling you that “the problem with this society is that the bankers have all the money”, and then sending you into a bank to get it.
They don’t have anyone’s best interests at heart, other than their own, and certainly not yours.

ymrhawk: Let me translate my response for you: “If you are so stupid that you believe a story about a drunk driver running over a child is REALLY a debate about open borders, then you are probably having difficulty walking and chewing gum.”

For example, if the driver had been left handed, would this be a story about the evil of letting left handed people drive?

You can oppose illegal immigration all you want, that’s fine. But the fact that an immigrant killed a girl while driving drunk is NOT a usable argument against the larger issue of illegal immigration. That’s like saying, well a black woman killed someone while driving drunk last week, it would never have happened if we didn’t let black women drive! Technically true, and also completely missing the point.

Well of course it is. It’s an example of what happens when you have a porous border. You’re far more likely to get people like this who end up killing people. Your analogy is beyond stupid. There are no laws against black women driving, there ARE laws against illegal entry. We’re not suggesting a law, we’re asking for the enforcement of an existing law.

“It’s an example of what happens when you have a porous border. You’re far more likely to get people like this who end up killing people.” My aunt’s skull last year was crushed by a truck driven by a drunk white man. I repeat a DRUNK WHITE MAN killed my aunt.Her skull and brains were in a plastic bag when we went to pick her up in the morgue. Now my question about this arguement, whats illegal immigration got to do with drunk driving?

Jeraldo showed his TRUE Colores ! He is a TOTAL RECONQUISTA LA RAZA MEcha Drunk Driving Illegal Alien Supporting TRAITORUS , TREASONOUS Imbecile !
GO ! BILL ! GO !

Viva La Raza. Up with Konan! Down with O’Reilly! LOL! You sound like a kook man. I don’t even know what the fuck you are babbling about. You’re not a patriotic American. You’re a racist fascist who wants to scapegoat illegals. Anyone who agrees with O’Reilly on this is a nut. HaHa!

fearbear, where were you born? in the US? How about your parents, grandparents, great-great-great-great-great grandparents? Are you SURE they came here legally? Were they invited by the LEGAL residents who lived here? Unless you are FULL Native American, you have NO right to talk about being here legally or otherwise.

Oh, and go to school, learn to spell. You’re an embarrassment to your parents.

I can only speak for myself, but yes, all my grandparents were born in Europe. And all of them came here LEGALLY. They didn’t swim across the Atlantic in the middle of the night.

And what’s with this “full Native American” crap? Every square inch of inhabited land on the planet has been conquered and reconquered many times over. Whatever happened hundreds of years ago is irrelevant. Anyone born here is a Native American.

Geraldo is making sense. That’s scary. O’Reilly is insane, and he doesn’t give a shit about the people who got killed. It’s a cheap political point. Geraldo is right. Bill should be fired. This is extremely unprofessional behaviour, but it isn’t surprising coming from him.

Didn’t Geraldo used to be a boxer? I’m not a fan of either one but I bet Geraldo could put a beat down on O’Reilly that he would never forget. In fact I would pay to see that. Someone needs to humble that egomaniac and having his ass whooped on tv just might do it. Put Snoop in Geraldo’s corner and O’Reilly can have some douchebag like Britt Hume in his. LOL!

Are you joking?

The guy got his ass kicked by a scrawny skinhead.

The only thing he “beats down” with any frequency is his pud.

The dude should be hired by Univision or Telemundo.

One of those crap Spanish-language networks that demand even less qualifications.

The girl would be just as dead if a US-born American drunk killed her. The issue is drunk driving, no matter who does it. O’Reilly’s just a shitty bigot and his screaming just proves he’s an unhinged mannerless shitty bigot who thinks he ‘wins’ arguments by screaming and by shouting lies about the person he’s arguing with. That’s not only wrong, it’s despicable.

“The girl would be just as dead if a US-born American drunk killed her.”
A stranger enters your home and creates a mess. You 1) ask him to leave or 2) don’t ask him to leave because your home would be just as messy had your own child created the mess.Fucking imbecilic leftists have no capacity for rational thought. Just because citizens behave badly doesn’t mean you abandon all standards for allowing entry.

Can you people ever get through a sentence without disparaging leftists? Stick the issues, otherwise you come off sounding like a hack. You made a good point, and then you attacked fucking imbecilic leftists and your position lost all credibility in my eyes. It makes you sound like you’re more interested in the issue of left-vs.-right rather than right-vs.-wrong.

“O’Reilly is def. right about this one. Good for him. And I dont watch Fox news, but its funny how the only news station without a liberal spin gets targeted.”

O’Reilly here is nothing but a bigot, and verges on a bout of insanity. Right? Not in the least. Spin? Loads of it. Utter loads of it

what planet are you from J12Anderson? are you telling me what you just witnessed was journalism? it was 2 selfrightous crazy men going at it in the name of news. no reputable organization (save faux noise)would continue to allow these two employment. that’s why they are targeted. it’s like the bigoted south telling america they have the moral high ground.

FUCK YOU this is one of the only times i agree with ORiley Fucking dumbass Liberals never Judge on the point.If that ass wipe was not here illegally Those Beautiful Young girls would be Home right now.They are dead Because of George Bush’s open border policy ASSHOLE


This kind of governmental mistake could happen at any point, regardless of the state of the borders. Taking one mistake and turning it into an argument for a nationwide political issue is faulty reasoning, no matter what you might believe about the issue.

Prohibit Alcohol? Oh cmon, we tried that in 1920 and it obviously didnt work. Drunk driving is a problem, yes, i agree. But so is illegal immigration, regardless of what jobs they do. They all know they are committing a crime, stop sympothizing. You may be pretty jane, but you aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

doesn’t stop the fact that any other legal citizen would have killed them driving drunk. The issue here is driving under the influence not “the guy shouldn’t be there to begin with” for if that were true, then the same could be said for any drunk driving victim, “well he shouldn’t have been on the road to begin with”

well bigugly…tell us when you have ever seen liberals acting this dumb, you ass! the point of the piece was the grandstanding of two nut jobs. makes you mad don’t it, your side is being laughted at, and the point you think should be made gets lost with these to loons.

You take one instance and try to use that to justify rooting families out of our country who have been here for years. You are not only a moron but a blind one at that. Illegal alien DUI’s vs. Regular population = not proportional..meaning this is not something that happens. Sure it was wrong but using this to cause harm to illegal aliens who came here searching for a dream is making it WORSE!!

I wasn’t aware that Jefferson, Hamilton, Washington, Hancock, Franklin, Madison, and Adams advocated not having a border, or at least enforcing the law. In fact, you might want to look up the Alien and Sedition Acts, which Adams signed into law, a few of which were far more extreme than anything Bill O’Reilly has ever advocated. But hey, it’s popular to hate Bill O’Reilly (and anybody to the right of Stalin) on the Internet, so whatever.

timezero: This nation is BUILT by immigrants…here is the statue of liberty:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Ask yourself: Why is the USA called “The World’s Melting Pot”.

Because the founders understood that strength.

MediaScribe. Read the comments above before you reply. greenmonsta said the founders would roll over in their graves, because the founders understood that this country is a melting pot, and the statements by O’Reilly are xenophobic (look it up).
timezero said “Huff, huff, huff, I once read a book and I’m going to completely miss the point in order to prove that I once read a book.”

timezero is using a fallacious argument which does not speak to the comment he is addressing.

Congrats on speaking the lingo, but I’m afraid you haven’t made your point at all (other than by fiat). The commenter in question is quoting Bill’s statement about an illegal alien not having the right to be here, then implies John Adams (et al) would disagree (id est, supporting not just immigration, but unfettered open borders). I bring up how Adams signed an EXTREME ANTI-IMMIGRANT act into place (thus, thoroughly refuting his point), and you tell me it’s irrelevant, fallacious, etc. Wow.

Ummm…I have made my point, and you’ve also made my point…you INJECTED the crap about open borders completely on your own so you could spout some unrelated verbiage.

The founders encouraged immigration, and would be appalled at a xenophobic windbag like O’Reilly.

You can keep babbling if you like, but that is what was said, and it is accurate.

So you resort to insults (e.g., “huff huff,” “babbling”), throw around “verbiage” like “xenophobic” (I’m still waiting on your O’Reilly transcript that shows this, after his very clear statement that is issue is with Ramos and not with Latinos, contrary to the leftist frame/distortion) and think that somehow you’ve won the argument. The commenter objected to O’Reilly saying an illegal immigrant doesn’t have the right to be here. Quit BS-ing both of us already.

Media: In that case, you’re just wrong. This country was built by Immigrants, both Legal and Illegal. Stowaway Irishman and Chinese, Cubans who were dropped on beaches, Mexicans who cross borders, Ukranians and Indians who overstay Visas. All built this country.
The question is: How to integrate them. Not “How to boot them out because they are ‘illegal’.
This country will continue to thrive based on immigration..we just need to intelligently and economically integrate.

Nastyman, I can’t list all of the people and countries in these little comment boxes…AND African Slaves, who built the white house and DC, didn’t, for the most part, immigrate to the US…they were kidnapped.
The debate on this video is about:
1. O’Reilly being a moron and twisting a DUI story into an immigration policy debate and getting his ass handed to him by Geraldo
2. Immigration policy.

Gee, I knew about post-Constitutional legislation in 18th Century America, but not this simple concept (/sarcasm). I do know that some my ancestors went through Ellis Island (and not as stow-aways), while others fought in the Revolutionary War. Show me how ANY of the aforementioned advocated having no borders or no enforcement of their respective laws. The “support open borders or you’re racist” Straw Man Argument crowd doesn’t understand this simple concept: Come here. Come here LEGALLY.

Wow, you’re a guy who can’t see the constitutional forest for the constitutional trees….since you’ve conceded the larger point that immigration is good (since your forebears immigrated), and your only “problem” is with legality…then you’ve refuted your own post about the intentions of the founders above ( efferson, Hamilton, Washington, Hancock, Franklin, Madison, Adams).
So go back and apologize to greenmonstah…now that you’ve admitted you were wrong.

No, I’m pointing out the fallacious argument that people like you make when they have nothing to say to the point being made.
greenmonstah’s Point: Founders realized that immigration is integral part of America.
your response: completely off the point BS about founders not talking about border control. might as well have said “Founders never talked about space flight.” So what?
Founders spoke to principles of this country, which includes welcoming immigrants. That is what greenmonstah said.

Do you even know what the Alien and Sedition Acts were? Anyways, let me try to explain this as simply as I can. 1st point: At least one of the mentioned signed a draconian act into law regarding immigration, thus, he’s not an open-border guy like the commenter suggests. 2nd point: Yes, immigrants = good (I’ve never said otherwise, few do), but open borders = bad. Immigration law keeps REPEAT DUIs from coming. It’s simple, but you ideologues will misrepresent us for your agenda indefinitely.

Did you even read the comment that you replied too? I’ll make this as simple as I can. He never said a word about open borders….what he said was that the founders (big list, not just one guy about whom you happened to read) of America welcomed immigration and would be rolling over in their graves at windbag xenophobe.You spouted one unrelated fact about one person in the list.
To clear this up for you:
Xenophobe windbags like O’Reilly = Bad.

*headdesk* He quoted Bill saying that an ILLEGAL alien didn’t have the right to be here. By definition, he doesn’t, unless you support open borders (i.e., no laws, just walk through). Please quote Bill’s xenophobia, because he says in the video (this or one with more footage), “This isn’t about Latinos, it’s about Ramos” (the illegal alien murderer in question), which directly nullifies your claim. I’ve already explained the “unrelated fact” backwards and forwards, you just don’t get it.

Complete crap. Nobody says “Open Borders”, only you, and you can continue to post your specious swill, but nobody mentioned open borders except you (and specious O’Reilly)

What *WAS* mentioned was that the founders SUPPORT IMMIGRATION AND IMMIGRANTS. Also mentioned? O’Reilly (again) twisting someone else’s tragedy for his own selfish purposes.

If you don’t support open borders, then you agree with Bill that the illegal immigrant didn’t have the right to be here? For the 9th time, the commenter said Bill’s line that an ILLEGAL immigrant didn’t have the right to be here is disgusting per Founders, which you twisted into “Founders liked immigrants” which is generally true save the ILLEGAL part ON WHICH BILL WAS COMMENTING..I can’t make this any clearer. You either refuse to understand and/or have enough distortion for a 100w guitar amp.

If you don’t support open borders, then you agree with Bill that the illegal immigrant didn’t have the right to be here? For the 9th time, the commenter said Bill’s line that an ILLEGAL immigrant didn’t have the right to be here is disgusting per Founders, which you twisted into “Founders liked immigrants” which is generally true save the ILLEGAL part ON WHICH BILL WAS COMMENTING..I can’t make this any clearer. You either refuse to understand and/or have enough distortion for a 100w guitar amp.

exactly ,wh ydoes the with irish guy called bill o reily for fuck sake has the rightr to be on a continent called AMERCA. Home of NATIVE -AMERCANS. If anything those mexicans probably have more right to be in the USA then bill. Their ancestors probably lived in america for thousands of years waaaaaaaaay before bill’s parents came here on the boat back in the 1930’s

Actually, andrewjohn. the Purepecha another Mexican culture had a federation that spanned from mid Mexico all the way north to the black hills, it’s been documented by anthropologists. Reason why The settlement of the southwest , was easier for the Spanish, the routs north were already established by the natives.

… wow… umm…. Geraldo for president! Lol!

Actually, I’m fairly speechless. I’d like to see the law enforced, too, but I’m not moronic enough (like O’really) to think there’s a simple, one-way answer. Geraldo makes a lot of very realistic points.

Though O’Reilly got quite heated, he does have a point nonetheless. The illegal alien had no right to be here. And what makes things worse, is that this illegal alien got drunk and killed another person. I realize that such a scenario happens between our own citizens as well, but I think that what happened in this case effectively illustrates one of the consequences of having such porous borders.

O’Reilly is so far off the mark here. A guy DUI’d and killed a girl. It doesn’t matter what country he was from, and “keeping out the illegals” won’t reduce DUI, which is sort of what Bill is implying (“if he wasn’t here, she’d still be alive!”). It would prevent this singular case, but statistically would be meaningless. If you deported all the alcoholics you’d prevent even more DUI, but…

I think “slavery” is the term you were looking for, since that essentially is what indentured servants are without the abuse component. While we’ve come so far in 400 years, (or 225-ish, depending upon your perspective) The exploitation of people for personal wealth and stature remains the main ingredient of capitalism.

The implication Bill O’Reilly is drawing is that less illegals would mean less dead from DUI. And he’s wrong. Furthermore, he’s applying a logical fallacy here: An illegal immigrant killed a woman via DUI, this does not extrapolate out to “Many illegal immigrants kill many women via DUI.” He has to make some sort of broader, statistical connection, but he doesn’t.

Drunk drivers happen whether they are illegal or not.

Geraldo even stated statistically, Americans commit more crimes then illegals using a fair ratio. Maybe you should just deport all our criminals to Australia. Free up the prison system, and get rid of real criminals. Than you can keep the good Americans and good Illegals.

What would the US economy be like without illegal aliens? The United States is so hypocritical on this issue. It requires cheap labour to do menial tasks, but won’t reform immigration policy to make it simpler for Mexicans and others to ove to the US legally and become citizens.

Fishhead, if the illegal migrants were all deported, the US would maybe hiccup, then Capitalism would function the way it always has and the hiccup would be forgotten. Plus, we simply cannot ‘reform’ to let in EVERYONE that wants to be here. Otherwise half of Mexico would come, and we’re already having trouble with support services for those who are here already.

Geraldo probably pulled that out of his ass, too.

I’d love to see the stats, considering we don’t know how many illegals are in the country or where they are. Add to that the fact that illegals are often targeted for deportation when suspected of a crimes (or they have the option to flee to family outside the country) so the conviction rate would be much lower. Heck, just FINDING an UNDOCUMENTED alien would make conviction far, far more difficult.

O’Reilly is certifiable. How on earth he keeps employed is baffling. Sure, people watch him, but who doesn’t look at the car wreck as you’re passing by to see if you can’t spot some feet sticking out from under a blanket? Fox should be ashamed to cut this guy a check.

Then again, CNN cuts checks to Bill Bennett, Nancy Grace and Glenn Beck, so it’s not like Fox is being pressured by their good example…

I like how Bill places the responsibility for deporting illegals upon anyone but the feds and the INS. Apparently he believes that since the INS isn’t doing the job he thinks it should be doing (rounding up immigrants and deporting them) then the blame falls on everyone else for not picking up the slack.

Who pays Bill. Is he on the KKK payroll? I wish a skinhead would hit O’Reilly on the head. He needs to be beat down. For real. This prick gets paid to tell foolish people what to think. He is a disgrace and has no respect. I hope Bill gets hit by an illegal Alien drunk driver. I pray to god for it.

Working under the table as citizen of the United States is just as bad as being an illegal immigrant. How many people try to scam their way out of taxes? Even worse, what if you’re on the welfare. You’re doing more harm than the illegal immigrants are. You’re still geting government benefits, but yet… You’re not paying any taxes, cause isn’t really that the thing that benefits us all. Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with how DC spends the money.

Hey folks, little problem with Geraldo’s claim- those numbers of alien crimes VS US citizens? Complete bull. We don’t know how many aliens are here, and aliens often commit crimes on other aliens who never report. Bad science/stats. Geraldo lied!

Illegal Immigration is not correlated with drunk driving. O’Reilly tries to make a cheap political point by dragging illegal immigration into the arguement. He’s spinning, manipulating and misinterpreting the facts. It amazes me how many people still suppor this nutcase.

I don’t think that negates the point I raised about Geraldo citing bogus figures. Why are you finger pointing at O’Reilly for what I just pointed out Geraldo was engaged in? I’m not supporting O’Reilly, I’n defending his points. And they ARE correlated in that if this person had been deported the incident would not have happened. Ctd….

O’Reilly is really bordering facism here… wow. It IS an issue of drunk driving NOT illegal immigration. With thousands of DUI related casaulties… and one of them being from an illegal immigrant… how can that be the detail that maddens you? Screw Oreilly and screw drunk driving.

Once you have been deported, and you return illegally, it is not just a civil infraction. It is criminal for sure. If you’re going to be a drunk, how dare you do it where you are not supposed to be? Each country has enough problems already. Illegals should at least me a little more considerate, to say the least.

Fuck O’Reilly…for wut is he gettig payed for..?? To be an White Selffish American…This is wut america is willing to watch n belive..MFG he shut get some seriouse help n make him c dat there r other nationes out there besides america..It’s a crime n a sin to do wut he belive wut should have been done..

I think you need to look up bilingualism in a dictionary. By 2050, Hispanics will likely make up one quarter of the US population, which creates a cultural dynamic in itself. A lot of California is already functionally bilingual – and I would argue that it has enhanced the cultural situation in that state.

That’s clearly not the way he put it in that video where geraldo the mano was clearly talking about drunk driving and bill o reily starts acting like it’s cool for “his kind” of people to live in America but no one else, fuck that piece of shit dude was even talking shit about snoop dogg too but was too scared to interview him LOL

well, our troops are in iraq dieing instead of protecting our borders. hmm…i wonder how all the drugs get in our country..illegal fucks. But i think billo “falafel warrior” has lost his mind. Both make good, but SEPERATE points. Bill is wrong about combining them.

Man, I’m going to inject a little bit of ignorant levity here: O’Reilly, some would say ‘drunk irish people’ or soemthing, either way, we’re all imigrants, only the native americans have a right to say someone doesn’t have a right to be here. *rolls eyes*

If an individual is here illegally and then drives drunk, the first offense committed was to be here illegally. Two crimes were committed. I hate to admit it but Bill’O is right in this case. You have to recognize the distinction between illegal and legal immigration.

Yeah I remember that, when Dave’s audience would shout down Bill when a question got Dave in trouble. In the end Dave’s argument was summed up “why are we in Iraq? Why?” Well Dave 4 years later if you don’t know yet, you think that makes you qualified to demand a pullout?

Bill O’Reilly is the devil. Pretending to be Christian he preaches hate. It’s very sad that people like him are opinionleaders in the US. That’s why we – the rest of the world – don’t take Americans serious anymore. They’re the laughing stock of our planet.

It’s about time that someone exposes O’Reilly for the person he really is. O’Reilly is no better than any other person who skews the facts to meet their own agenda. Geraldo is correct. It doesn’t matter who the person is or their status. A drunk is a drunk is a drunk. Separate the issues. Fox News really needs to get O’Reilly under wraps. Free speech is a great thing, but O’Reilly is abusing his power as a person who “opines” to the point of hurting America’s democratic values.

Peace out.

Both of these commentators work for Fox News. NEITHER represent the views of the Fox News Corporation, and you are an idiot for thinking so. Hope you and all the rest of the idiots who think O’Reilly is somehow a spokesperson for Fox find a brain in your lifetime.

Why does it matter that the driver was an illegal? Because he had been arrested SEVERAL times before for DUI and Drunken/Disorderly. HAD the authorities deported his ass the first time it happened, he wouldnt have been here to kill those girls. As for the US “luring” mexicans here with our prosperity, thats bull. WTF are we supposed to do, stay poor and undeveloped like their own nation so they wont come across?

If a European tourist came to this country and did something illegal like drinking and driving would we say that we should ban all European tourists. I’m all for protecting our borders and not letting illegals in but for O’Reilly to try and use one family’s tragedy to make a tenuous point is pretty fucking shitty of him. But it’s O’Reilly so it’s par for the course.

Give me a break this guy wasn’t here as a TOURIST. This guy came here to live…ILLEGALLY. This was his 2nd dui 1st one he was given hand slaps. Why wasnt he deported or jailed on his first dui?? O’Rielly thanks for informing us…none of the other news channels seem to have wanted to report this.

fuk bill
fuk his biggot views
fuk his education cause obviously he barelly has any or he chooses to use it in the wrong way.
fuk his parents for teaching him to hate
fuk his friends who rpobably add fuel to his rightious(not) fire
oh and fuk his kids wholl prolly turn out the same way
….your gonna get smacked bill….
fuk his life

why is the fact his point is the guy was a criminal(breaking the law being here illegally )should of been deported , make him a biggot? you make no sense.but hey people like you cry racism when you dont like the facts.(even when it has nothing to do with race)

A few people said this that it was a little improv. Though Bill was very passionate about it on the radio show. Hey what a better way to bring attention to a story no one will report. Yeah, two girls dead by a drunk driver. I remember when people use to care about this.

Uh-oh, “Bill-O” lost his temper because someone died due to the negligence of immigration law enforcement! XENOPHOBE! We should let every drunk in the world come to the U.S. (not through the system, oh no, then we might know their criminal record…let’s just quit having borders altogether) and do the same, ‘cuz otherwise we’d be hateful xenophobes! And racist, even if the illegals were white! Erm…YEAH! F’N BILL O’REILLY! HUNT DOWN THE HATERS! GET ‘EM!

If you want to talk about the exact measurements in place regarding immigranting legally, that’s fine (even good), but that’s a very different argument from, “immigrants should be able to come illegally and not face any legal rammifications” (i.e., open borders). O’Reilly, myself, and countless others also advocate legal action against companies who knowingly hire illegals, thus deflating your point.

So long as you’re aware of the consequences of removing migrant workers from the US economy, I have no complaint. Having lived in California, I know just how dependent some sectors of the US economy, like agriculture and viniculture, are on such labour. It’s the moral self-righteousness combined with abject economic dependence that I find unbearable.

Offering them cheap labor? WTF are you talking about? Are these illegals not just sneaking across the border? Stop trying to make these criminals into something noble…they arent. Are ppl allowed to circumvent the law simply because they dont like it? Hell no. BTW, if you truly believe the US econ. is dependent upon the jobs these ppl steal, you are grossly uneducated.

They come across the border because people offer them jobs. I’m not ennobling them, only pointing out this fact. As for being uneducated, I lived in California and saw first-hand how dependent the agriculture and viniculture industries were on this cheap labour, and the significant contribution to the service and labouring industries. I’m all for enhancing LEGAL immigration from Mexico, since it means higher wages and better working conditions. It’s the hypocrisy I can’t stand.

its basic economics: MOST of the jobs that illegals work are jobs that Americans wouldnt not take FOR THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY. If you have a really crap job that u need to hire someone for, you have to pay them well enough to do it. If the Agri. industry in CA. were MADE to prove all of its workers were legal, they would get in hot water. Other methods would need to be found, thus raising costs, thus raising prices. You can say illegals help keep crops cheap, but at what cost to society?

I AGREE with you – the fault lies with the employers, not with the migrants, who like anyone else, want to better their lives. It would be an interesting social and economic experiment indeed if they were removed from the equation, but the onus is on those who hire to follow the laws.

They are both right in part, both wrong in part. O’Reilly is correct in that the illegal should not have even been there. We don’t need more people commeting crimes, we have plenty of home grown criminals without allowing illegals to hang around to make it even worse

Clearly staged with a wink and a nod. Googling ratings races Fox is down Q1 07.. They replayed this Springer moment over and over again on Fox n Friends trying to bring back viewship to O’reilly Factor. Where was Mark Furhman? Shep is the only anchor worth a hoot there anymore.

The point is not drunk driving. It’s illegal immigrant part. The police department had this guy in jail and knew he was illegal and then let the guy go. Then the girl was killed. All drunk drivers should be jailed. We need to uphold the laws. Thats the point.

The O’reilly spin, fact is…
In the United States the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that 17,013 people died in 2003 in “alcohol-related” collisions, representing 40 percent of total traffic deaths in the US. Over 500,000 people were injured in alcohol-related accidents in the US in 2003.
Too bad O’reilly didn’t have an aneurysm during his little attack

FOX “News” is mind control. This FOX BS propaganda, just the latest in a series of Pravdas in world history, fosters division and intolerance in the US. Bill is supposed to be identified as the common man who worked hard and did everything right. His character – maybe him too – believes in the decades old media [print radio TV] manufactured “soul” of America – benevolent, unspoiled, and always trying to do the right thing in the world. Of course it’s all BS.

Take a step back and drop the politics and racism from this. Bill is right and it’s true that if the local government had done their job, upheld the law, and had this guy deported when they had the chance that none of this would have happened and nobody would be dead.

FOX “News” is a tool for Rupert, PNAC, AEI, Heritage Foundation, and all the Bob Jones Kristol Strauss MF’s – it misdirects the legitimate anger born from the effects of perpetual corporate representation in Congress. The US government does not represent the US citizen. They represent big business first and last.

US government has allowed US corporations making record profits to outsource US jobs to third world nations. Manufacturing and service industries are gone. Wages drop to pennies due south and overseas, no more unions, no more benefits, no more retirement plans, fuck everybody. Degreed high-tech jobs are moving around too. The US middle class is done in the next 20-30 years.

Obviously Bill has a strong conviction on immigration and ended up yelling because Geraldo kept ignoring the immigration point Bill was making. Don’t be hypocrites you’ve all yelled at some point in your life to get a point accross to someone to dense to understand the point.

US officials allow corporations to off-shore so they don’t pay taxes – they don’t contribute to the federal budget. Companies are making record profits from American working dollars, and they don’t have to pay taxes. Fifty years ago the federal budget was supplied one half from individuals, and the other half from corporations. Today, 12 percent of the federal tax base comes from business – the rest is on us.

Honey, you have to educate yourself, illegal immigrantes do pay taxes and they never get any social security nor tax returns. There’s a lot of unclaimed money in the Federal budget that belongs to immigrants. It is true that under the table paymets do exist but the majority is made out via regular paychecks, so taxes are paid. That is so far from the reason why Corporations want immigrants in this country, the truth is they are needed!

i thought that “illegal aliens” was a term that only oreilly uses because of xenophobic tendencies.But it turns out it’s actually a term used in all of america!
Who came up with that demeaning term?And are they now surprised that we people like bill?

Why is he so against illegal aliens? like seriously. He says people like me what open border anarchy…. firstly he uses that word out of context. And he is wrong. In the lower part of America was LAND WE STOLE from MEXICO. They are getting their land back. History Matters Bill O’ Riley. People are people.

Well first, is that you do not know how to speak let alone type, your comment made no sense whatsoever, and second is that bill is correct on this issue, this would have never happened if he would have been deported in the first place, its agaisnt the LAW to come into this contury without going through the proper channels to become citizens.

People who ignore or aggravate the illegal alien problem are the ones who have lost their minds and are helping aide the destruction of this country. We don’t need more criminals here. They should all be deported. They are uninvited “guests” at best and need to go home.

If your family received a direct threat, would you leave your back door unlocked when you left the house? Since 9/11, our borders have become more porous, product labels have become bilingual. Yesterday, financial figures revealed more of the wealth and resources in the U.S. is centralizing into the hands of fewer people. Could it be our government, through social engineering, is allowing this influx?

Bill is right in his point. I’m not a sheep, I think for myself and I see there is a problem with illegal immigrants not legal immigrants, in fact I’m helping a friend who is not a US citizen to come here LEGALLY. Take a hard look around at our problems here and go to the root. Politics plays a big part but not all.

“Bull!” That’s your argument Billy O? Wow, so logical. So insightful. I love how he will just take someone’s very logical comments and turn them in to some illogical conclusion; “Geraldo, you want to eat babies and rape boys, that’s what you want!”

Geraldo is right on one point. We lure people from south of our border into our country to do jobs most americans would never do. Our government will NEVER try to change it because the people with the money that exploit these people are the same ones that have the politicans in there pockets. Bill Riley is an ass.
If you have half a brain you would not watch him.

too bad usa is one of the hardest countries to become a citizen in, I think if it came down to your family having food tonight or not I know I’d cross a border. Use your brain, just because it’s a law doesn’t make it correct, blocking people out from a country made up of imaginary lines when we know this is their only chance to make a living. Yeah thats the right descion….

Wow, if Bill gets excited like that on this subject, what’s next? Geraldo is right, the media always jump on these sensitive subjects and spin them how they want, according to their political points of view. And Bill… I’m quite sure Geraldo doesn’t want anarchy…

Why bother listening to these 2 gasbags? Turn off the sound, just watch the video and the silly body language. They are squirming and gesturing like two 5 year olds (and that is an insult to 5 year olds). Hilarious. Who watches Fox News for “news”?!? BillO is just a hatemonger, always going for the lowest common denominator. This is fake news, always scripted for max lizard-brain galvanizing effect.

While I don’t agree with illegal immigration, because it sends the message to mexico(whateva shitty country) that they can continue send their problems over here. Fuck sake mexicans stop breeding like rabbits and maybe mexico won’t be such a shit place to live. It was fun though to see Bill go off his nut.

You’re right, i did stoop down his level. But I do hate people that have probably never left their own country and have no idea what they’re talking about. I do know these issues to be relevant in the U.S. right now, they’re not stereotypes. i guess all i’m getting at is that the U.S. is just as much a shit place to live as mexico. I am from Mexico of course.

Both morons, but Geraldo is right here – drunk driving is bad, and should be dealt with, that’s the issue. Whatever your views on immigration, it’s hard to make *this* about immigration when immigrants commit fewer offenses than US-born citizens. Talk about taking a family tragedy and spinning it to make a cheap politican point!

If they agreed any more it would have been obvious they scripted that crap. Think about it… real hard. Have you evcer seen O’reilly or Geraldo get THAT heated? O’reilly loses his cool alot. The dummy gets rude, but not THAT rude. So if he doesnt get that irate with regular joes, how much more likely is he to do so WITH HIS FOX FAMILY?

“Okay guys, this is how we’ll do it. Bill, you scream at the top of your voice, then Geraldo will join you. Blow steam for 5 mins then abruptly calm down at the same time, then Geraldo, you tell everybody that this shows how much we’re fair and balanced even with our differences. Okay, Break on 2. 1… 2… (hands together in a circle) FOX NEWS!!” F*ckourrahere with that bull!

It’s a joke for O’Reilly to rant about predators — he’s one himself after disgusting harrassment of a young female staff member a few years ago. What happened to that story? Don’t want to pick a fight with anyone (as I pick a fight) but why be so mean, vulgar AND illiterate? Choose one and that’s all you’re allowed.

Good lord, O’Reilly really did get off his rocker, didn’t he? If anything, the man shouldn’t have been in the country or even driving for that matter, but at a larger point, don’t just stereotype every person of a group into some category. That’s like saying every American is bad in the eyes of the UK since we separated, or all Germans are bad because of the whole Nazi issue.

Bill Orally lost his temper because he lost the argument. Geraldo nailed him on his exploitation of a tragedy for “cheap political points”. It’s a bad time to be Bill Orally. He was wrong about the Iraq War, he’s been exposed as a moral hypocrite, and he’s lost most of his relevancy to the point where he’s the old man on the block yelling at the kids to stay out of his yard.

The thing is he still does gangbuster ratings.

The media is utterly weird. Bill and FoxNews do GREAT ratings (CNN competes decently well, and MSNBC has been gaining ratings at a very steady clip, but Fox is still head and shoulders above in pure ratings), Hanntity/Bill/Rush still rule the AM airwaves in ratings, but as far as actual policy/elections/politics go these people are becoming powerless.

It’s just weird.

I have to say I agree with O’Reilly… illegal is illegal and it doesn’t make you racist for wanting the laws upheld. People that come here legally have my support but the people who just jump the borders with no regard for law deserve everything they get. Murder, rape, burglary, illegal immigration, it’s all the same (illegal!), and there are laws against it for a REASON.

Even though fighting like this is childish (and somewhat pathetic), I do agree with O’Reilly. Even though he seems to come across as a biased man to some people, I actually agree with him on most debates he is involved in and I know about. I listen to him every day on XM, and it’s interesting to hear his POV.

we have to understand that illegal aliens being deported have returned to the USA in less than three days, they will keep coming regardles of the illegality or the immorality of their actions WHY? simple this where they get work and as a result food to feed their family.

“Illegal aliens commit crimes at a lower rate than citizens do.” I’d love to see the stats on that, considering we don’t know how many illegals are in the country or where they are. Add to that the fact that illegals are often targeted for deportation when suspected of a crimes so the conviction rate would be much lower. Then there is the obvious fact that ALL illegals are criminals.

I think just throwing the term “liberal fascist” together proves how out of it you are. You do realize that Fascism was a right-wing movement, right? I think you’re looking for “Liberal Communists” — of which there’s fairly few, anyways. O’Really just spouts off a load of loud opinion leavened with outright lies… So I’m not a “real american” if I disagree?

Right wing zombies don’t understand what 90% of the words they use mean…they just watch guys like O’Reilly and parrot whatever they say. In my experience, most of any far-right argument consists largely of sound bites and catch phrases coined by their media personalities and politicians.

“Fascism was a right-wing movement”
Not so… The nazi took all the guns to protect the citizens from themselves, blamed all of sociey’s wrongs on 1 religous group, based their political platform on fear and negative emotions instead of facts and declared only they and they alone should govern the people as a permanent ruling class. All this sounds more like liberal policy than conservative.
Sieg Heil Mein Liberal Furher

B.O.’s point is a stupid one. Yes if he was deported he would not have had the accident. But also, if the family had chosen another street, the accident would not have happened. IF the immigrant had not drunk, the accident would not have happened. ALSO..if there was ANOTHER drunk driver somewhere else in the vicinity, the SAME accident may have occurred with them. You can play the “IF” game all day. What do you prove? Nothing.

O’Reilly is taking a cheap political shot…implying (not so subtley) that immigrants are drunks and if we deported them all then sweet young girls wouldn’t be killed by drunk drivers.

You may support much stricter control of immigration, and that’s fine, but don’t fall for this bullshit rhetoric. He’s counting on you being too ignorant to actually look at the argument reasonably.

How far would you go to make a better life for your kids if you were in there situation? Bear in mind the difficulties that people in developing nations have trying to improve their lives given the conditions they live in. BTW your analogy is unbelievably stupid.

That’s fine, you can call my analogy stupid, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are doing something illegally. I should have pity for them breaking the laws?? Give me a break! There are ways to go about doing things the right way and I don’t know, call me crazy, but breaking a law is never really the right thing to do in my mind.

How far would you go to make a better life for your kids if you were in their situation? Bear in mind the difficulties that people in developing nations have trying to improve their lives given the conditions they live in. BTW your analogy is unbelievably stupid.

Illegals should be blocked out of our country no matter what. When caught the first time they should be jailed, fingerprinted, dna taken, tatooed then after a length of time in jail according to the crime (illegal entry included) sent back to Mexico or wherever they came from. OReilly is right … if he wasn’t here he could not have killed an American citizen. Did he have a drivers license? They would jail me if I drove without one. I was born here.

O’Reilly was asking if he agrees that it is okay that this illegal alien was previously convicted, never reported (because it is a sanctuary city that doesn’t report illegals), and, still being ALLOWED here even though he had a previous DUI and is illegal. In other words, after the first DUI, he should have been deported. The two girls would still be alive if not. Geraldo didn’t answer Bill’s question, he changed the argument.

Ok so you are just talking out of your ass. I work in Virginia Beach and live in Chesapeake(city next to va beach). The laws in this area do not permit police officers to deport people or even ask if they are legal or not unless the crime deals with being illegal in the first place. Also, the police here are not allowed to judge people as being legal or illegal just because of the way they look. This is a drunk driving case not a immigration case people!

Ok so you are just talking out of YOUR ass. This was was CONVICTED of being drunk in public AND a DUI… PREVIOUS to killing these two girls. When you are CONVICTED, your information is ran through, and if it is non-existant, then uhh, your illegal dumbass. Lol, laws in that area? Laws everywhere do not allow you to base your legal status only on looks dumbass.

I have several comments
A.) Did O’reilly even have a mind to begin with? =)
B.)Why is he all about “them mexicans” when they actually lived on most of the west cost before we pushed them south. if anything WE are the “illigals”
C.)Don’t you just want to shove something down his throat and shut him up?

You are missing the point. He is saying that the guy had already been arrested and he was found out to be an illegal… had he been deported at that point the girls would not have been dead. That’s his argument and if you think about it for more than a second it DOES make sense.

It only makes sense if there was reason to believe that he had a propensity for drink driving. There is a negative correlation between illegal aliens and committing crimes. There is no reason to assume that just because someone is an illegal alien that they are more likely to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Although it is fair to assume that if the person is an illegal alien, then they have broken the law. Hence the label, ILLEGAL alien. Bill’s point is that they don’t belong here in the first place and if we keep them out or send them back then we wouldn’t even be having this dialog right now. It’s Bill’s show. He wants to talk about illegal aliens but Geraldo is stuck on drunk driving.

Yes it makes sense, but it LOGICALLY fails. What do I mean? You’re mistaking correlation for cause and effect. I could just as easily say if drinking was illegal, this would never have happened; thus we need to outlaw alcohol. You know there’s something wrong with what I just said, same goes for what you said.

Bill O’Reilly is completely right. The hatred toward him is hysterical among people on the left. This country has borders and laws against crossing them without authorization. If left wingers had their way we would have anarchy in this country.

I cannot believe that a person like Bill O’Reilly, with his hateful views is allowed on television. I’m not american but I’m ashamed to be the neighbour of a country that allows such hate to be broadcast. The guy is a sexual preditor, a bigot, and a racist. He belongs behind bars for inciting racism and sexual harassing his colleagues.

Just like Richard Allen Davis. Had he stayed in prison, like he should have, Polly Klaus would be alive. That’s the point. If the guy was deported after the first DUI he wouldn’t have been in our country to have had the SECOND DUI which caused the accident. Hello! Why doesn’t Geraldo get that? I like the guy but come on.

If that man was not here there would not have been a death. Its as simple as that. Because law was not inforced this man killed a girl. I back Bill on this. What the hell was that man doing driving in the first place, he couldnt of had a license.

So if I drove down from Canada into the United States and I was drunk but got past the border and I hit someone with my car and they died. Does it make a difference that I entered illegally or legally I still did the same horrible crime. Whether I should have been there or not really doesn’t matter.

Bill: “Hey Geraldo, my ratings are down, can you help me out?”
Geraldo: “Sure, I’m a media whore, what can I do ya for?”
B: “I dunno, how can I get some attention?”
G: “You know, scripted, outrageous arguments REALLY worked for Rosie and Trump. We should do something like that.”
B: “But we’re already both media loudmouths.”
G: “Let’s just throw minorities into it, and voila! You’ll at least pay me for it, right? I need it bad.”
B: “Meh… we’ll validate your parking.”
G: “SOLD!”

What difference does it make this time, except the exchanging arguments are louder. Oreily doesnt “lose his mind”. He doesnt go “crazy”. You have gone crazy in writing that BS title to this video.
Oreily really just LOSES HIS COOL. and its honest genuine anger.

the hole thing with the illegals let in the country is to cut the wages of the US worker to get us down to the low wages in these other countries. or ship your work to the lowest priced worker they can find — china mexico indya for more look at the wal-mart goods in your home dui has nothing to do with it there letting in mex. trucks to kill the US trucking jobs now to bring shipping prices down .give them a green card and look out. is your job next

Geraldo’s point is not that illegals should be condoned, but that the fact that an illegal was behind the wheel of the car that killed (or injured) the girl is irrelevant to the story. Illegals are not more likely to drive drunk than citizens. In fact, if Geraldo is to be believed, they commit crimes at a lower rate than citizens.

I LIVE IN VIRGINIA, i lived in va beach for a loooong time. Illegal people shouldnt be here, its AGAINST THE LAW. So we want to bend and brake the law now? Its not about drunk driving, its about principles of law. Youre BREAKING the law. The law is there for a reason. Many many hispanics come here LEGALLY…go back and come here legally as a citizen, it doesnt matter if your mexican or arab.

It’s wrong because jobs are being given to these new arrivals rather than domestic citizens because they work for much lower wages. This does not mean that americans are lazier, the standard of living in the usa is much higher than in mexico so for those who still hold onto their jobs, they have a much more difficult time paying the bills.

I live in a foreign country and i get to hear stuff about O’Reilly,he seems to be a very disturbed person,you know with the kinky sex calls harassing his former assistant and then denying everything because of his “high morals”,anyway truth has no owner and we have to look both ways just like when we are about to cross the street so we don’t get hit for lack of common sense.

dont you mean he’s completely self-RIGHTeous? He didn’t even make a point except that the drunk driver was an illegal, the drunk driver killed a young American girl, and therefore illegals will kill our children if we don’t deport them right away. That is just a ridiculous lapse in logic… to people who can fathom the concept…

Actually what he is trying to say is if they weren’t here illegally in the FIRST PLACE someone wouldn’t have had to lost their daughter. Now we will have more crowding in our prison system thanks to people crossing the border to our country. For what reason!? Please tell me WHY!? WHY!? This didnt have to happen. A family is mourning because of some dumbass. If you’re here illegally you should be laying LOW not getting drunk and driving around hitting our children!

The issue is that because this guy was an illegal and VA has a Sanctuary policy his 2 prior DUI’s he was not prosecuted suffieciently and was on the streets to do this.

As a citizen is is offencive that our officials dont protect us from people who are not here legaly.

If Bill ”Orally” was on any decent cable news program, that act of contempt would of cost him his job and his media career. Bill is fuckin out of his mind, he’s let the right-wing conservative movement get to his head and now he can’t burst the bubble. GERALDO!! one piece of advice. Leave FOX News and go to a netowrk that actually cares about the views of the common workin man folk…CNN or MSNBC. You deserve alot better!!!

Bill is trying to confuse the issue. Beside a moyor or councilman cannot deport an alien. A drunk killed that girl. It does not matter that he was an illegal alien. Yes he should’ve been deported, but so should many ealier illegals, italians, irish and the like just a few decades ago. Drunk driving is the issue

So I guess when I die it’s because my parents gave birth to me? Cmon. It could have been an American driver. And like the guy said, you can’t just blame the fact that the guy happened to be illegal immigrant. There’s plenty illegal immigrants WHO DONT kill people. She didn’t die when the illegal immigrant came here. She died from a car accident.

Bill O’Reilly will use ANYTHING to justify his hatred to anyone that is not crazy like him he is a Xenophobic (hatred to foreigners) he is a Homophobic , hes also Racist , for all we knew , 2 thirds of the country should be in Jail or deported or executed or elses , still i support his freedom of speech , cause his freedom is not different that mine.

you repo con assholes will use any excuse to justify your prejudice.. you create more terrorists and do nothing about the boarders except get guns and pretend your vigilanties.. your pathetic.. just like bill is pathetic.. and like histtory has seen.. your nothing but new nazis

He should have been deported, when caught the first time.
O’Reilly is right in this case. Bill is NOT racist. Not one thing he said is racist. Geeez what an Ultra-Politically Correct society we have created where it’s not ok to punish criminals… State one comment that makes him a racist. God Grow up idiots.

It’s not that he supports crime, like someone said, it’s the fact that he’s blaming it that the person was an illegal immigrant and that has nothing to do w/drunk driving. O’Reilly is an idiot; I cannot stand him. I cannot stand the stupid nationalist sentiment this country has been suffering. We are ALL immigrants somehow and in some way.

THANK YOU, Geraldo, for standing up and speaking the truth about every blowhard who claims to be “anti-illegal immigration” as a disguise for simply being a racist prick. Not one of these tirades by O’Reilly has ever been about the thousands of illegal aliens in the US who are from Europe and Canada. Coincidence?

Okay, question to the many liberals. Someone here illegally, who has been convicted of being drunk in public AND a DUI, gets to stay here because the city does not report/deport illegals. Your 17 year old daughter is driving and suddenly killed by this person who would have been deported if in another city. Are you mad ONLY cause he was drunk? Or also mad because he SHOULD NOT HAVE EVEN BEEN THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

Sure he should have been deported. But let me ask you this: If someone got deported *back* to your country and killed your 17 year old daughter, are you less mad because he was in the correct country? Answer that and continue behaving like you have a point.

One LESS thing to be mad about, yes. I would still be outraged that he killed my daughter. That answers your question. But there remains one FACT. He was not SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE COUNTRY in the first place. He was convicted of alcohol-related charges earlier, yet still got to stay here ILLEGALLY because the city decides not to report/deport illegals. I can ASSURE you that after the death of my daughter, that city WILL have changed those laws. So, you have not answered my question.

Speaking of drunk.. This reminded me of two guys (college age perhaps) getting into a massive argument at the bar, maybe yelling and shoving each other or something.. Then 10 minutes later they are like “I love you man” hugging and crap. The ending is in one of the vid responses..

The “enablers” are the businesses giving them the jobs. They are the worst criminals. NO JOBS, NO ILLEGALS. How come O’Really can’t blow gastket about them? Oh yeah, that would be “anti-american”.

Hypocracy at its worst.


Ha, O’Reilly HAS “blow[n] a gasket about them.” Do a little research before you make a comment. He has taken a stance against business’s that hire illegals. He’s even had an argument with this same guy about a factory in New Bedford, Mass. that had 350 illegal immigrants taken into custody. Yes, reading helps.

Bill is not always right but it wasnt the first time this illeagal alien was found guilty of DUI. and now he dosent want to face our LAWS AND JUSTICE SYSTEM. He now wants deported.We should also be concerned with the Judge who let him get by with his drunk driving the first time and allowed him to stay in the country.

O’reilly is an asshole and that prevent him from thinking straight as well as a closet bigot who was once accused of sexual harassment. He know the real truth and it’s neither fair or balanced. What the fuck does being illegal in the US had to do with being brink and reckless. If he want on vacation, got drunk and kill someone what will it be then? He should have never been allowed in the country because he an American on vacation? Geraldo should have punch him in his stupid mouth.

He is trying to make a cheap political point and trying to push an issue about illegal immigrants, where that isn’t the issue at all… as Geraldo says, it’s about drunk driving. Just because this one issue wouldn’t have occurred if there were no illegal aliens in the country has nothing to do with the MAIN issue of preventing drunk driving.

Playing the race card is a pathetic liberal tactic. You are a sad human being. Someones daughter is DEAD because someone who should NOT have been here if the LAW was enforced killed her… and all you can do is play the race card? You are truly a fucking moron. I hope your daughter, or someone you love suffers the same fate from an illegal. THEN we will see whose racist and whose not. fucking moron.

LOL, grow up and stop being so rude toward someone you don’t even know. That’s an insensitive thing to say..because YOU REALLY WOULDNT want someone else wishing something so tragic on your family. Typical over-angry, immature and ill-informed conservative.

They agree to disagree. Went a little over board but each had a good point. This incident isn’t just about drunk driving IMO. The illegal already broke one law by immigration that was unlawful, driving drunk, and vehicle homocide or w/e you would call it. He should go to jail for a long time and never come back to America. We have enough drunk drivers.

This is nothing but plain races. If it was a white man that did this no won would care. And they would not be having a discussion on this poor girl that died. I work in a hospital an this kind of thing happends to often. This is sad and very pitiful for all of america. O’Reilly needs to read some history and educate himself on how this country was founded. And it was not with flowers and candy.

Illegal immigrants commit felonys, and court officials often try to tone down the story to save them from being deported. To all of you who want us to just let everyone in: go sneak into mexico, see what happens, we basically are letting them in and we shouldn’t.

Not surprising. Bill consistently behaves in this manner on his show. He is belligerent, violent and seemingly mentally unhinged in a constant fog of psychosis. Of course, I don’t know who actually watches these television pundits. None of these people are anything more than glorified Jerry Springers.

Bill: “Hey Geraldo, my ratings are down, can you help me out?”
Geraldo: “Sure, I’m a media whore, what can I do ya for?”
B: “I dunno, how can I get some attention?”
G: “You know, scripted, outrageous arguments REALLY worked for Rosie and Trump. We should do something like that.”
B: “But we’re already both media loudmouths.”
G: “Let’s just throw minorities into it, and voila! You’ll at least pay me for it, right? I need it bad.”
B: “Meh… we’ll validate your parking.”
G: “SOLD!”

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved.

So in addition to paying social services to the illegals that don’t work, having our hospitals shut down because of overcrowding, risking another 9/11, risking another epidemic, we now have to accept drunk driving illegals killing our kids.

Illegals are less than %5 of the workforce, and they are NOT worth the cost. It’s ashamed Geraldo has become a lapdog for the Mexican “Government”.

Please…In LA, the director of “A Christmas Story” and his 22 year-old son where killed by a drunk driver this week….oh yeah, it was a drunk illegal mexican. THEY SHOULD NOT BE HERE PERIOD, and anyone that lives in the southwest sees thousands of them every day.

Its perfectly reasonable to expect to be jailed when you commit a crime in another country. Deporting someone who commits a crime without punishing them first is a ridiculous notion. Letting them stay after serving their sentence/punishment is equally so. Bill just likes to scream for attention.

I’m not usually a fan of Geraldo, but it’s about time someone at Fox News finally stood up to O’Reilly. He is by far the most right-wing person in the media, and he reguarly tries to make cheap political gains from other people’s tragedies. If it was up to him American citizens would be lynching Mexicans coming over the border illegally, and imprisoning illegal aliens. The reason he lost it was because he couldn’t believe Geraldo would put him in his place, and on his show!

O’Lielly the white trash hero. He should pick up his jowls and open up a book, that is if he can read. The perv who blames a child for being abducted and molested is really the person to discuss anything. O’Lielly called the MI5, the M15. He’s a moron.

Oreilly is right. Illegal immigrants have no right to be here. Of course we need immigration reform, but when an illegal commits a crime, they have no right to be treated as a citizen or citizenship is meaningless. Try doing the same thing in Mexico. You’d rot in jail forever. Illegals, go home!

Geez.. thank god neither of them had a baseball bat nearby, otherwise they would’ve killed eachother right then and there!! lol
I can’t believe we have shows like these in the US… just 2 people screaming at the top of their lungs, w/o even listening to what the other is saying, and being so extremely annoying… Besides, there are so many issues that affect the world nowadays, it’s unreasonable to argue so much about little things.

The state of media is hilarious. It’s just two talking head yelling and screaming to promote each other’s shows.
What’s even more deplorable is that persons use youtube’s comment feature as a forum for public debate. Those who should be arguing (fully educated individuals) have a forum in which to do so. Those who should not have nor forum, and, thus, post here.
So why do I post? Not to debate, rather, albeit hipocritically, to log off your computer and talk to someone in person.

Oreilly is right. Fact is, if THE LAW was followed, this innocent girl would have never died. Drunk or not drunk, the point is he was know to have a record for drinking, nothing was done, he was an illegal, he should of been deported. Sad that our society has lost its spine and no longer recognizes the real issue.

You imbeciles are engaged in the most unproductive example of allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good. You’re so concerned with promoting notions that no group is any different from another that you tacitly promote policies that result in MORE behavior of this type. It doesn’t matter that DUI would exist anyway. The point is that to the extent that illegals contribute AT ALL, it CAN BE EASILY PREVENTED AND REDUCED in ways that it can’t with regard to citizens.

Geraldo is correct…BILL is a jack ass. If every illegal immigrant is a drunk driver, then i agreed w/ BILL to enforce the law…but this is just one case, so don’t blame it on everyone else. This is the same arguing when it comes to racism and BILL is totally wrong, you don’t blame everyone else just because of one incident.

Ha, GUARANTEE? They have plenty of disagreements. Especially on immigration issues. This isn’t the first time they have argued. It’s on here because one of you liberals decided to put the part where O’Reilly and Rivera are yelling… leaving off the 2 extra minutes of beginning and end.

Are you serious? I know your a liberal, but c’mon. The parents said that he should have been deported, and thier daughter would still be alive. Would YOU have said, “well, it’s okay, if not him, then some other ‘legal’ drunk driver would have done the job” ?? Wow.

hahaha You go Gerlado!

I would love to debate with O’ Riely on live television just so the world can see that even an adolesent teenager is more mature and intelligent than him.

and I’d love it even more to be in a physical confrontation with that sack of scum.

no not staged, just two passionate blow hards defending their beliefs. and that is phuckin pathetic how you titled this….Geraldo lost it just as much as ORielly…why must you make it sound like Bill is the only one who was ranting like a lunatic.

Bill has always been a lying, truth spining ,Bush cheerleading ,piece of shit. Now people are starting to realize the truth about this Asshole and seeing that he will sell out his own Country and acuse everyone that will not agree with this twisted ideas, of being un-American. HE is a traitor !!

geraldo sucks…. let’s admit it.. he is married to kurt vonnegut’s daughter…let’s admit it… bill o’reilly thinks he is the constitution, and so does lou dobbs… let’s admit it. but o’reilly is a f#%’n jerko kennedy school of law fascist pig…let’s admit it. does anyone forget that really this is the sequel to “inside edition”? o’reilly…you suck…. let’s admit it. oh, and FOX, you suck my dog’s d*ck..let’s admit it.

First of all, if u are going to speak make sure you know what the hell you are talking about. Throughout history whites have actively discriminated agianst different races as a mean to gain power. just llok at the idealisitc social contract which was made by whites for rights. the racial contract is wat u should really be worried about

While I disagree with Bill O’Reilly on some things he is DEAD ONE RIGHT about the huge problems that illegals are causing this country and I appeciated the fact that O’Reilly was so vociferous with regard to these Third Worlders. Ship them outta here!

– Yes, I agree, with you Mister “NDxDMB”. Mister O’Relilly trying to say that, but he is not (like the most time) right. Someone could lost his daughter even though driver could be American. But this event is something that’s telling to me very clear about “hatred”, “discrimination” and ” journalism” in America. Journalist inviting people in show and would like to her only agreeing. In this event this is not happened. It is almost equal with ” revolution in american journalism”.

that may be correct, but those illegals who have kids in America (for free) then forget to raise them are sure skyrocketing our crime rate. Just look at the numbers at schools and the percentage of kids who pass the exams, mexicans are always the lowest….

There is no lie, we get the report every year from the Schools themselves on the standardized tests. They break it up by ethnicity, and Hispanic are always the lowest because their parents dont raise them. They are usually 20-30% lower than the whites and asians on the tests. Its simple statistics

Latino maids raise kids all the time so their employers don’t have to and you are saying that they don’t have the capacity to raise their own children? How does standardized test statistics directly correlate with the ability of a parent to raise a child? Maybe if you have parents working day and night just to make ends meet you may have more to worry about than tests.

That’s not what O’Reilly was getting at. O’Reilly was getting at the fact that we need to get rid of illegals so they can’t commit crimes. It doesn’t matter which group commits a smaller rate of crimes when the illegals don’t have a right to be here anyway.

If this illegal alien had been deported after his first DUI, then these girls would still be alive. There have been 3 widely publicized accidents caused by drunken illegal aliens within the last 2 weeks and 7 Americans, including 2 teenagers and 2 children under 12 are dead because of them. This isn’t just about driving intoxicated. Everybody knows people of all races do it. This is about preventable deaths, because if the illegals weren’t here, these people would still be alive.

Go Bill, Geraldo just doesn’t have tha balls to admit that he is in favor of illegal immigration, and HOW DARE anybody expose the the illegals for what they are.

Billo is RIGHT – This NEVER would have happened if this guy was deported IMMEDIATELY after being caught breaking the law.

And the only reason bill was so angry, becuase he discovered, in that moment, that Geraldo is a flaming hypocrite.

“Don’t you DARE point your finger at MYYYY people…

Shame on you Geraldo.

I totally agree with O’reilly. The driver in this case was arrested a couple months ago for drunk driving and his license was suspended. Only thing is, he DIDN’T have a license! I am from the area this double murder took place. It didn’t have to happen. Two young girls were killed blocks away from their house because people involved in the government are too worried about their political career. This whole issue is just rediculous.

owillis, I don’t know if O’Reilly has a crusade against brown people, but I have seen him logically argue against illegal immigration. I feel that O’Reilly was out of line to say this wouldn’t have happened had there been strict immigrationHowever, O’Reilly has a point about illegal immigration: it shouldn’t be tolerated and, as I’ve seen in some states, embraced as a source of cheap labor.

This is what right wingers get for backing Bush. Bush don’t allow the enforcement of immagration laws because big corporations would lose profits. America backed Bush, now deal with it. I love the way O’Reilly trys to blame the “left wing media” for America’s immigration problem. Pure comedy.

That’s criminal and greedy and unpatriotic. To say that there are jobs NO Americans will do…not even one American is just false. It’s part of this new neocon/liberal culture that’s pervaded the political climate in recent history. Further, I feel that I shouldn’t have to pay for illegal immigrants education, health care, food stamps and other public expenses because they are a foreign national. They are breaking the laws of this country and adding further strain on public systems.

This is the first time I can remember respecting Geraldo. I think he’s right that driving drunk and being illegal are separate issues and O’Reilly used the girl’s death as a political weapon. Drunk driving is an issue that goes far beyond illegal immigration. It isn’t like the majority of drunk drivers are illegal. In contrast, the issues raised by illegal immigration are generally related to low wage economics, its impact on jobs and cost to the education and health care systems.


I think we should pay more tax the the check-out counter and for other consumer goods instead of getting our paycheck taxed. Illegals go to buy food at the grocery store and buy consumer products with cash. As far as I know, no illegals file W2s. This will help when contractors and such employers pay the illegals cash. When I write illegals, it means anyone that is not a US citizen. Bill is not a Bush cheerleader, he is very critical of Bush’s stance on illegal immigration.

but they also don’t get tax refunds, I think there has to be a better way, than HATING a race. Bill doesn’t offer solutions, he just points fingers and blames all on illegals, then accuses you of not being an American for not thinking like him. He’s a prick and you know it.

people are so weird.
they are still talking about “sins”
and “people with other believes and nationalities are bad”. wtf!!! are we still living in the middle ages?
i think its sad what fear does to people…you just have to look at what people did to each other over the entire history of mankind and still continuously doing. isnt it obvious that we are all the same kind? HUMAN BEINGS. and yet, we still treat eachother as bad as possible. now thats whats sad to me, and nothing else!

Geraldo has a people smuggling side job. He smuggles in small mexicans by hiding them in his mustache.

So far he has brought over 1.3 million mexicans and 70 cigars from cuba.

Bill gets angry because on the inside he is a little bit racist.

O’Reilly is right here. Can you imagine any country that would have do deal with illegal immigrants like the U.S does? I mean I live in Southern California, Los Angles to be exact and about 30 percent of the people here are of hispanic culture. I don’t have a problem with them coming here legally and taking jobs that people don’t want to do but when they come here and not only take jobs but kill people???? How can Geraldo be right here?

ask the russians about the countries they took over . ask the french about vietnam they took over. ask the english about their colony in austrailia .too bad for the aborigines.. or hey how about the jews the egyptians held as slaves forever. dont even talk of wrong doing.

Are you two kidding. O’Riely is completley wrong using his views of illegal immigration to argue that it is somehow responsible for this accdent.
ITS DRINKING AND DRIVING that is all! and man, that was such a bullshit debate, they both like hearing their voices way to much

O’reily is an idiot. I actually agree with *gasp* Geraldo “Mr Mustache”. The fatality is caused by drunk driving and not that he’s an illegal imagrant. It’s a stupid debate.
O’Reily’s arguement: He shouldn’t have been here because he was an illegal immigrant. Everyone in the upper tax bracket has illegals working for them in one way or another to save on money, it’s a fact.

No, his argument is that the illegal was convicted TWICE, one for drunk in public and other for DUI, yet still allowed in that city because that city does not report/deport illegals. O’Reilly is saying if he was deported like he should have been, then the 2 girls would still be alive. The liberal that posted this vid chopped of the 2 mins at beginning and end.

I saw the entire video, HOW DO YOU KNOW THE POSTER IS LIBERAL? I am sick and tired of anyone that has a different point of view than the president’s is labeled a liberal. When did liberal become a bad word?
But I digress, Geraldo pointed out that there is a larger amount of DUI’s and people in jail that aren’t illegals. If this guy was deported he would have come in the next week(they are allowed like 5 before they are arrested.) O’Reily is a tool.

Because his self-description “Oliver Willis brings you the Truth. Opinion and news on politics, culture, sports and more. This is the LIBERAL media.” Oh, if this guy was deported, he would have not just walked right on over the next week. It is not as easy as you think to just “walk right on over” once your deported. Concluding, the two girls would still be alive.

before you post anything else negative about liberalism look it up on wikipedia. It is interesting reading.
To quote: ‘The liberal answer to this is that it is not the purpose of the law to legislate morality, but to protect the citizen from harm. However, conservatives often see the legislation of morality as an essential aspect of protecting citizens from harm. ‘
Liberalism is not a bad thing, bigotry is.

liberalism is bull-shit . liberalism is also big government. liberalism is also more or less socialism which is “COMMUNISM IN DRAG”. you cry you dont want the government telling you what to do but a liberal wants big government . moron . go back to russia.

Christ. Why don’t you people actually fucking educate yourselves? Ya know what’s fucking liberal? FREE MARKET ECONOMICS. HELLO. Liberalism is not communism or socialism. Communism is not socialism. Leninist communism is not Stalinist communism, and neither Leninist nor Stalinist communism is Marxist communism. Just as conservatism is not fascism, get it?

Anyone who thinks Oreilly was a sexual predator must be retarded.

A women calls hims and black mail him and claim she will say that and taht about him if he doesnt give her money.

If she really was abused she would call the cops then sue him.
Instead she knew he was innocent and wanted to take the money private.

Hey quezcatol, did you not hear the tapes of drunken O’Reilly harrassing her on the phone??? I’m thinking you didn’t, if you think he was innocent.
He settled out of court for a fortune IN ORDER to keep her from prosecuting him in a criminal complaint.

what about the ignorant card? we used the idiot card on the president.

Go fish. (Also usually ignorant people us the term liberal as a derogatory term, it’s not, there are liberal republicans.) Also, our admin is supposed to be ‘conservative’ and yet we’re spending money we don’t have like it’s nothing, bankrupting america. So be careful with labels because there’s a chance it’s the wrong one.

Bill Is Wrong

It doesn’t matter who the fuck you are or how the fuck you got here, rather legal or illegal. If you’re driving drunk you’re diving drunk.

I think some peole see it as worse if you’re here illegally. That’s how Bill sees it.

Me too. I would go fucking nuts about drunk drivers and how they deserve to crash into trees because they are risking the life of everybody on the road even though EVERYBODY hears about innocent people being killed all the time, even little kids. But if it was a black guy I wouldn’t run around trying to lynch all blacks. Thats the same thing basically. The only people who would blame his immigration status are the kind of people who blamed Iraq for 9/11.

Let’s make alcohal and cigarettes illegal and legalize pot! No one ever Overdosed on Pot and it has medicinal purposes. The only reason why it’s illegal is because it can be grown by anyone and the gov’mt wouldn’t be able to tax the shit outta it like it’s doing with the former.

The fact is that illegal immmigrants have no rights in this country but are expected to abide by the local and federal laws. The illegal accused should be imprisoned in America for his crime and then deported to his own country.We as Americans and a country owe nothing to an immegrant entering this country illegaly.The arguement that illegals help the economy is just an ignorant statement when you look at how much it costs us in federal tax dollars in health

Go Geraldo! People who blame this countries problems on illegal immigrants are ignorant, illegal immigrants have jobs that were already available and that no citizen wants. Bill O’Reilly is just the voice of the conservative whites that think we should be a homogeneous christian theocracy. *wake up call* Our country would be WORSE off without illegal immigrants!

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man, you guys are all idiots. first of all, oreilly might have lost it, but he has a good point that you guys are twisting. hes far from the klu klux klan, cause hes catholic, and hes not killing anyone because of their race. hes not hitler, he didn’t try to take over the world and exterminate populations. what hes saying is that the illegal committed crimes before he murdered the two girls, and that the criminal should of been tried along time ago and thrown in jail.

Geraldo is right. I usually always agree with O’Reilly. But it’s obvious the statements he made were completely dense.

I agree, if he is going to emphasize this specific problem, he should definitely bring up that Americans are infact 10-12X more likely to be in a drunk driving accident.

Well if it was an American Citizen that killed someone while drunk, no one would really have heard this story and O’Reilly wouldn’t have cared about this. But since the drunk driver was an illegal immigrant, O’Reilly used this to push his political agenda further about illegal immigrants.

Yea Bill, hes exactly right. Its not about mexicans it about illegals. I live in Ariz and a lot of legal mexicans are against them also because they cost us all free school medical food stamps over 8 million illegals can you imagine. I am not against them coming here legally.

Geraldo set him off by saying, “An Irish Drunk!” CLASSIC passive cut … Bill didn’t like that one! hahah Despite the screaming like a bitch, he still got owned by Geraldo. He called Bill out on exploiting a girl’s death to make a cheap political argument. For the first time in my life I admire Geraldo.

The point is illegals should be deported as soon as we find out that they’re illegal. That illegal was discovered a while back for being drunk in public and he was not deported. That’s what Bill o reilly was mad about. Its the fact that they don’t just deport all the illegals as soon as they find them.

The “illegals” who founded this country did not move here to turn formerly clean and respectable communities into ghettos. They also did not move here to be supported by welfare and become parasites on an economy that they did not create. Owned.

That was appalling, O’Reilly was using this tragedy as a way to put out his views. Geraldo was right, its not about immigration or race, its about drunkeness and I expect O’Reilly creamed his pants when he heard the driver was (irrelevantly) an illegal alien. What is America coming to when where people are dying/have died, others (like Mr. O’Reilly) are more concerned with deporting people.

OReilly is right on target. This happned because the immigration laws were not enforced during his previous TWO trials. Had they been, this guy would have been back in whatever his country of origin is. Quite frankly I am anxious for things to get much worse for America because I am willing to tolerate just about anything to see Liberals suffer.

It was not Bush who refused to have this guy turned over to INS, but the judge in this case. In any event, I also support a guest worker program. That has nothing to do with the far left (this means you) wanting no control of who comes in or out of the country.

the woman who accused him was in a good paying, high position job at fox. she threw it all away to uncover oreilly’s sexual harassment. if oreilly was innocent why plead out of cort? he could have taken her to court and publicly cleared his name but didn’t.

Ok in that case anyone that for example had done anything ilegal such as downloading music,or sneak a cosmetic into the airplane, or water or , anything ilegal should be deported etc etc rigth? well just a reminder ” Not everything ilegal is Inmoral and viceversa” remmeber was ilegeal to be married to a black person , and still is ilegal to be gay and married etc too many examples , pot! etc ,etc , we live in the era of paranoia and Fox is desperate and frankly in panic

Great Geraldo! I wonder, immigration up? NAFTA? Our borders are seem less secure now if all these “illegals” are getting in. The illegal immigration argument is just a surface justification. It’s more than that— it’s not just illegals as the reason people are making a case against illegal immigration–really it seems people want to stop all immigration.

he should have been deported, what would happen to an american if they did this in mexico? min of 20yrs with no adjutication. But yet libs say we should be more progressive, like other countries, OK so lets cut this guys legs off like in china, or mexico, put him in jail NEVER 2 be seen again!!

Oh my God! I had lost respect for Heraldo for pandering to O’Reilley and the republicans but I loved the way he stood up for what he believes. O’Reilly is a hateful S.O.B and nothing suprises me about him. It was nice to see him loose his composure.

Sorry guys but I’m with O’Reilly on this one. Geraldo is taking his approach because he’s of Spanish blood. It is illegal to come into the United States without proper registration. These people broke that law and then broke another one. And how is it racist? An illegal immigrant is an illegal immigrant regardless of where they are from.

The terrorist didn’t access america by way of the Mexican border. They came through the canadian border or already had visas to be here. true story: group of mexicans crossing over into the U.S. one guy ran upto a border patrole and told them one of the guys with them didn’t speak Spanish he was arressted under suspision of terrorism. Interesting uh?

You people are a bunch of blind liberal douche bags! Anytime someone points out a fault or mistake by someone who happens to have brown skin, you asswipes immediately scream “racist!” O’Reilly is right, you’re just afraid to admit it. Oh by the way, I’m Hispanic and I can’t stand how illegals have the red carpet rolled out for them, and mindless ass clown liberals think it’s okay.

the fact that an immigrant killed a girl while driving drunk is NOT a usable argument against the larger issue of illegal immigration. That’s like saying, well a black woman killed someone while driving drunk last week, it would never have happened if we didn’t let black women drive! Technically true, and also completely missing the point.

O’Reilly wasn’t even arguing about racism. He thinks that illegal immigrants are the cause of crime and other problems in this country. Sounds like Bill is trying to find a scapegoat for America’s problems. Now he’s trying to use this DUI story to apply it all illegals. I don’t like illegals either, but that’s complete bullshit. Oh yea, and what does it matter than you’re Hispanic. Since your a Hispanic, you think you opinion on illegals is more valid? Ass clown

Again, you’re diverting the issue. We all know that illegal imm. is a problem. Ugh. BTW, I really hope deportation does happen, and when it does, Michelle Malkin will finally be out of the country. She’s one born to illegal immigrants – working visas. Touche.

Uhh, Geraldo’s point was much stronger. If someone is drunk driving, you punish them. The fact that the guy was an illegal was subordinate to that. If we don’t want illegals in the country, we should stop hiring them to pick our fruit and pick up our trash. I just wonder who’ll do it once they’re gone.

I’m not a fan of either of these guys, butI don’t think it’s fair the way Bill tried to sneak in a second point about the driver being an illegal alien into the arguement of drunk drivers. they’re all bad. Not sure why Geraldo used the word tragedy, either. He’s an idiot. I say kick the drunk driver out of the country.

Bill O’Reilly is, and always has been, an odd fellow. Whomever let him on television reaaly must like the antis on Jerry Springer…wait a minute? the Springer O’Reilly Mattel Chocobot hour? Eureka! A new talk show is born. NBC call me at 555-555-5555 and let’s talk!

Following your logic, you should leave the country, white boy. White people invaded America, which was inhabited by Native Americans. If anything, your people came here illegally. Why don’t you just follow your own logic and get out of here. Do us all a favor, ok? Ok.

Bill is a twisted racist which he so revealed for us Don’t know about the cunt part…besides that is a prejudicial remark from you who made the comment…Bill is just plain disgusting not only in his approach but his limited thinking..Glad I am not his daughter..He knows the viewers love this stuff..I find him to be toxic and so choose not to watch him, only caught my attention while browsing for some good flamenco music.

Hilarious, but you cut off the ending. They were totally calm afterwards and joking about it, then Geraldo said some bullshit about how Fox News really is fair and balanced because they have different opinion. Yeah, on this one issue, because Geraldo is Puerto Rican. On every other issue they more or less agree.

If this guy was a card carrying american, it doesnt take away from the fact that he killed people and deporting him isnt going to fix that. That isnt anarchy, thats reality.
O’Reily doesnt believe half of the hate he proclams in his show, but stupid people do–those stupid people buy those products in the ads that support his show.
Not that Geraldo (aka Al Capone’s Mines) is any better and WE ALL KNOW BETTER.

Both of them have a point, but in the end Geraldo is right that O’Reilly took this drunk driving incident and spinned it into an attack on all illegal immigrants. I wish he had been deported, but he wasn’t. But O’Reilly is pretty much trying to say that illegal aliens are killing our citizens. This is just one isolated incident. Americans kill each other in the cars every single day.

Geraldo has no right to tell O’Reilly he is using the issue to make a cheap political point. Geraldos’ entire carrer is based on the exploitation of victims in society to make his retarded tabloid news. If anyone should be ashamed of themself it should be Geraldo.

Ashamed for telling the truth! Wake up! Illegals are not the problem. Without their cheap labor Americans could not afford the life style we have! There are crimes committed by every race, and the majority are from White People, not by number but by % of population. Know the facts!

Um Mexicans are the hardest workers in america.The Africans built america by slavery,Asians built the railroads that built america,Hispanics built america by selling the land and working for low pay.But who claims to have settled america? this isnt racist at all jus need to have given credit to these people.~malayasian guy out

ever sinse i’ve seen the o’rielly factor the only point of view he wants to get across is his. the difference between Geraldo and other guests is that Geraldo doesn’t back down.o’rielly disrespected the family when he made it about illiegal immigration. God bless the family. and to the drunk driver i hope he gets life in prison.

the fact that an immigrant killed a girl while driving drunk is NOT a usable argument against the larger issue of illegal immigration. That’s like saying, well a black woman killed someone while driving drunk last week, it would never have happened if we didn’t let black women drive! Technically true, and also completely missing the point.

I am a Chistian (Catholic) Hispanic and proud of it. I am also a legal alien in this country. This illegal alien drunk driver killed two people that have families that loved them dearly. First he should not of been in this country period. Second he should not have been driving drunk. We have rights and privelages in this country if we are legal immigrants and follow the laws. I hope and pray this never happens to your family. Happy Easter. Blessing’s Jose’

I am a Chistian (Catholic) Hispanic and proud of it. I am also a legal alien in this country. This illegal alien drunk driver killed two people that have families that loved them dearly. First he should not of been in this country period. Second he should not have been driving drunk. We have rights and privelages in this country if we are legal immigrants and follow the laws. I hope and pray this never happens to your family. Happy Easter. Blessing’s Jose’

Liberals hate laws??? Yeah, we hate laws that put cancer victims in jail for smoking pot. Only wingnuts believe the Fox News spin that you apparently feed on daily. The dirty word these days is conservative, as its become synonymous with lies and corruption.

Perhaps in the circle you run in, which is a very small one I might add.

Today, the term liberal is synonymous with defeatism, appeasement and anti-Americanism.

If it were up to liberals, we wouldn’t have a country to complain about – it would be given away to the lowest bidder.

As a law enforcement officer I’m amazed at the amount of drunk driver’s on the road. Illegal or not, this country needs to put the smack down on driving while intoxicated. I’ve arrested people driving who were so drunk they didn’t know what city they were in. It’s sad. I don’t care who you are or where you’re from, it makes no difference.

this is a sensitive issue for geraldo (dad was puerto rican immigrant) and bill o’reilly being bill o’reilly always chooses the far right on the issue. Why can’t people just stop demonzing differing opinions and actually try to compromise and solve issues? The world really would be a better place if there was a just a little bit more empathy.

PLEASE DON’T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don’t post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved.

a drunk is a drunk i dont care where he is from. if if if there lots of if’s but the truth is you cant relate two things like that. lets say if i hadnt been born then i wouldnt have to die. o’reilly has lost his mind. kick All the “illegals” out then a drunk driver will still kill someone then what? who do we blame?

hey, how many of you you R’s with the “illegal alien” label–do you have a passport? Have you ever traveled outside the USA? most probably haven’t, and they’re the ones so crazy ignorant over the issue. USA tourism is down down down. I wanna travel the world not retreat inwords.

You obviously missed the point Geraldo was trying to make. The STORY is not about illegal aliens, it’s about drunk driving. O’Reilly is trying to make it about aliens, which Geraldo is pointing out. O’Reilly’s trying to make more of the story than there needs to be. Geraldo never said that we should let aliens into the country. I don’t think you paid any attention to the video, genius.

You idiots who defend Heraldo on this miss the point: IF THIS BASTARD was NOT in the country ILLEGALLY he would not have been able to get drunk, drive, and KILL SOMEONE!If you think this is a discrimination issue, TELL IT TO THE DEAD GIRLS PARENTS this piece of shit killed! TELL IT to the JUDGE who let this guy WALK on 3 PRIOR offenses for drunk driving. TELL IT TO THE FEDS who refused to deport this bastard THE FIRST TIME he was convicted of driving drunk! Fucking morons!

That’s terribly “what if” diluted logic. What if that SAME illegal saved the life of a family a year ago on the side of a road? If they were deported, that family would now be dead. You see, it works BOTH ways? The constant here is drunk driving. He’s a terrible person for driving drunk & killing someone. Stay on topic…

Ok, let’s just send people out of the country if they consume alcohol. Since the problem is with drunks being in the country, the obvious answer is to just kick them all out. Drunks. All of them. Regardless of race.

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound trying to defend O’Reilly? You have no grounds to defend your claim, just like O’Reilly.

Ok, I came from Canada to the US. Legally. It took me two years and over $3000 in fees. It costs me over $700 a month in healthcare for my family (I was getting it for free in Canada). It drives me crazy to hear that people are sneaking into this country and getting healthcare. What the hell is going on here? You know what, I may just take my family and my business (which employs over 10 people) and just move back to Canada.

Ha Ha ha!
Bill O’Liely is so self important he can’t hear a WORD that Geraldo is saying, he has to SHOUT louder than him to prove he is right. He is a spagetti brain…nothing upstairs, airhead, ludmouthed himbo, with nothin going for him but a phony souting match for a TV show.,

No one has lured anyone here. They WANT to come here for the American dream. They MUST come in LEGALLY like all the people before them! Geraldo you tool. Kick his ass Bill. You people in this discussion will be the first to cry that the government doesn’t do enough for the poor whose jobs are taken by illegal immigrants for lower wages than anyone subsiding on their own could live on. Natural born citizens don’t cohabitate in large extended families like new immigrants do. Sad but true

Geraldo Rivera doesnt make any sense. The point is, he was illegal and had NO POINT BEING IN THIS COUNTRY! They should have deported his ass as soon as they found out. The Mayor and officials in VC are not doing their job and are not making the least bit of sense. He was ILLEGAL! GO HOME OR DONT BREAK THE LAW!

I live in Virginia BEach and knew one of the girls and she would wnat her death to be a political point. It is tragic and O’Reily needs to realize that there are real people involved its not just something he can use as an example for his crazy right winged rants. Also attackin the mayor does absolutely nothing. he obviously know nothing about Virginia Beach in the fact that our city is run by a city manager and the mayor is a figurehead, but he is an inconsiderate idiot.

Wow Geraldo kicked his ass on that one.

That was cool as hell. Good job letting the Ol’ Timer to go shove his Political One-Sided Opinion up his ass.

The only way you can talk to people is to listen and obviously dumb-shit Bill can’t understand that and that’s why his show sucks. Period.

O’Reilly is a douchebag, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth and vinegar comes out.
The people whi support him, if you are not intelligent to
understand what he is saying, go wave your freaking flag at a July 4th parade instead.

You should be shot in your fucking head and piled up next to anyone who remotely thinks as moronic as yourself. IF THIS fucking bastard was not HERE ILLEGALLY.. those girls would be alive today.
THATS THE POINT in case you dont get it.. douchebag.
Wave a flag on that bitch! you are a stupid pathetic piece of shit.

“IF THIS fucking bastard was not HERE ILLEGALLY.. those girls would be alive today”
My aunt’s skull last year was crushed by a truck driven by a drunk white man. I repeat a DRUNK WHITE MAN killed my aunt.Her skull and brains were in a plastic bag when we went to pick her up in the morgue. If the driver was not white, could my aunt be still alive today? Just following your line of arguement!

Illegals should be deported if they are not making an attempt to become a US citizen. It is ILLEGAL for them to be here so since they are committing a crime there must be a punishment. Plain & simple. The issue in this debate is about drunk driving though not illegals.

I think they both have a good point. Bill is getting so upset because this illegal immigration has gone on too long and, in this one particular case, they paid the price for a drunk illegal immigration. On the other hand, the problem has more to do with the fact that this guy chose to drink than the fact that he decided to illegally cross the border. BOTH have a good point. Those with problems with Christianity and right wing politics are extremely close minded to the good.

really go to somalia.when you go make sure you join the biggest group of (you have no vote ) you can cause that is what anarchy is . no you say our country is you might say? go over there and think you can sleep at night in peace. dont think so . in fact guarenteed you wont . wake up young blind one.

The issue is drunk driving and how stiffer penalties need to be put in place for those who commit these crimes. Would the situation be any better if the person was a legal resident. No! Someone is still dead because someone was drunk driving. He didn’t kill her because he was an illegal. I used to dislike Bill. Now I pity him – cause I realized how ignorant he is.

I agree with Rivera, although the person its an illegal immigrant, this case is a case of drunk driving. So many american drunk drivers kill people. You dont have to single out him just because he is an illegal immigrant. After that, then we look at his status and deport him. To tie both of them together is just discriminatory and unfair to other victims of local drunk drivers.

there is crime and everyone commits it but most of the crime is white collar crime by rich white folks no one says anything drink driving committed by white folks oh well just another drink driver but wait a minute..a non-white ..omg call the press we are over run with illegals we must do something before it goes crazy…god such drama queens bill is blowing the whole thing way out of proportion.

chalkboy1 = the biggest fool on the planet. Most of the founding fathers were “liberals.” The conservatives wanted to REMAIN UNDER BRITISH RULE. If you are a true conservative, then I expect you to be asking your government to go back under the rule of the crown. When can I be expecting that from you, you know-nothing?

bull crap my little stalin . keep reading little hitler. they could not stand the liberal brits bleeding this country for their own benefits .moron . thats why we said kiss our ass. ask the brits that are still big time libs. quit reading vladamirs book on american history .

I am suprised that Bill didnt break Geraldo’s nose with a chair. Bill is a media whore and nothing more. If the guy was not here he obviously couldnt have done it If he was never born or had no feet or hands where he couldnt drive he couldnt have doen it either. It goes on forever.

Drunk driving is drunk driver, but it could have been prevented. If he was deported, it would have been a citizen though. Bill really is a one sided person anyway. I also agree that the U.S is failing apart. We are more divided as a nation then we have ever been.

ah ha ha ha the u.s. is “falling apart” ok we’ll see about that shit….the country’s always be divided politically…we have survived world wars, arms races, depressions, natral disasters, terrorism…a couple of nannies have a hissy fight on fox and you conclude the u.s. is falling apart?

Ship all the illegals out. I was rear-ended by an illegal. This piece of shit fled the scene then came back after they realized their license plate fell off. I got the plate and called the cops. This fucktard was driving someone else’s car, had no insurance, AND it was their 10th traffic violation. I can’t care what any of you people say. Ship these pieces of crap out of the US!!!

I like how all the O’Reilly haters always post this crap with parts edited out. Since the kook who posted this doesn’t want anyone to see it, I’d just like everyone to know that the debate ended respectfully. O’Reilly even cracked a joke and gave Geraldo ample time to promote his weekend show. It was total mutual respect as always with those two.

bill O reily was getting pretty damn worked up there. I mean they both were, but he was down right rude, saying Geraldo wants anarchy with out even listening to the answer. Bill seems extremely hatefull, not addressing facts that Geraldo said (more citizens DUI than illegal immigrants etc.).

It’s people like Bill O’Reilly that obscure the facts for the viewing audience. Shame on you Bill for using such a tragic event to air your political greivances. If anything Geraldo should be commended for handling this bumbling anarchistic idiot.

how about the CENTER FOR IMMIGRATION REFORMS ,statistics find treating uninsured illegal aliens costs about $2.2 billion a year. which means those of us who pay for insurance have to cover the loses. duh .whos to blame for higher health cost. look it up moron

hmm? what the fuck does that have to do with our immigration policies and inability to keep illegals from entering the country…i mean shit its like saying…just think how many illegals have flown a kite..or had mint ice cream..or pissed in a portapotty…dude the amount of lives they have saved or not is a meaningless unrelated metric by which to judge the situation.

Bill is so right and yes he lost his temper, but Racist Ger. always wants to change the subject. It is in a way 2 diffweent storoies but if he had been deported as he should have been then the girl would be alive. It doesnt matter if they committ less crimes or not. If they want to be here, play by our rules and they can stay. Zip where do you get your numbers? You are dead wrong.. Tracy, why all the name calling, and yall are suppose to be the calm ones, you hypocrite.

got it…go look up the word fuck and then off and put that one togeather. If even still the second part of my point is correct about hanging low so as not to get deported and since these illegals aren’t citizens i bet alot of inccidents go unrecorded and those actual figures are misguiding.

I feel for the families of these children.The truth about illegal immigration is that our government is to blame! If I were in the cituation to go to another country where the border is guarded by the same people who work at your local movie theatre, I would sneak in too and tell all my friends! It truly is that bad and completely our governments fault. I would sue Homeland security and my local government for something this tragic that could have been avoided.

but the government is against people that run to the border to help the illegals over. dont say you dont see them in the news crying “hey we dont want to see them coming here “illegally ” getting hurt in the process. but thats why if your getting mugged or raped here you have to cry “fire” because people dont care? you hippie-crits

A win for Fox News in the end. In the end of this Geraldo praises Fox News for fair and balanced debates, of course the biased video poster conveniently cut that part out. You don’t see any debate on propaganda shows like Olbermann. Like Geraldo says, Fox is Fair and Balanced.

Bill O’Reilly is probably looking for an excuse to speak against immigration- legal or illegal.

The fact that the girl was killed by a driver who happens to be an illegal immigrant had nothing to do with the death. I’m pretty sure that happed with some American citizens as well.
Why the hell does it matter that the guy is an illegal immigrant? What happened to America (at least American media)?

he is focusing on the fact that when this illegal was in previous custody he was not deported when he should have been, as a result the girl was killed. He is not saying the guy killed her because he was mexican, or because he was an illegal alien, or even that he was drunk driving. HE IS USING THIS AS AN EXAMPLE TO HIGHLIGHT THE POOR JOB OUR COUNTRY DOES AT COMBATING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION BECAUSE THE GUY SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HERE TO BEGIN WITH.

NO.. what Bill is trying to say is that if the illegal alien was not in the country in the first place then the crime would have not happened. It doesnt matter if 10,000 legal citizens drove drunk and killed that number of people, its the point that ONE VICTIM would have not died if the county would enforce the law and not let illegals into the country without a punishment. WAKE UP PEOPLE.. I can understand Bill’s frustration with trying to argue with a liberal.

nobody understands what it’s like to WORK for everything you get in this country and the ILLEGALS cross the boarder illegally and GET every single benifit that my parents have to pay extra tax on so illegals can get it for free: liscence, health care, higher taxes, welfare…geraldo just likes to have his face on the t.v.

Illegals are ruining our country. That director and his son just got killed from an ILLEGAL ALIEN DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE JUST THE OTHER DAY. They have no right to be here. They increase our taxes. They have 10 kids who eventually join gangs and commit crimes. They are uneducated. CLOSE THE FUCKING BORDER.

“Right-wingers ie Republican party is made from Gay-Women-Black-Muslim-Spanish haters. Republican Party is the party of hate. They use fear to create hate”

Using blatantly wrong, vile, blanket prejudices, while spreading your message about how *republicans* are “haters?” Next time, THINK before you write, you just made yourself look like a “hater!” It’s ironic and laughable. How can you be taken seriously when writing like that?

Since when do Fox people confront eachother on live television? This seems out of line with anything that’s ever happened there in the past.
Hasn’t O’Reilly conceded weaker points than this in the past? This feels like someone’s trying to manipulate my opinion about either O’Reilly or immigration.

Notice that Gerry Rivers wouldn’t take a breath because his argument would crumble. Bottom line is that the officials allowed a law breaker to remain in the Country and innocent people died. Bill had every right to lose his temper with such idiocy.

I agree with O’Reilly. Our elected officials need to start enforcing the law. Keep these people out of our country. Plus we need to stop being stuck up and start doing the jobs that they are doing to keep them out. Those people that employ these illegal aleins need to have stiff fines against them.

Im betting your white southern ass is taking up all the jobs. Im native american and it seem that the whites have taken up more jobs than anyone else in america. Take your ass to england and leave the illegal aliens topics up to the Natives of this America. Metube is a dumb motherfucker

Yeah Bill’O is often obnoxious, but this time I agree with him. We need to enforce our immigration laws, not ease them like George Bush wants. Does anyone ever wonder what Mexico’s illegal immigrant laws are like? How do they treat Illegals from south of their border? What happens if you were caught living illegally in Mexico?

i dont understand why everyone is mad at bill for this ,i think he is an asshole but is he not wrong by saying this guy and all illegals should get the fuck out this country its the law whats wrong with that. Lets hate bill because he believes a law should be enforced. BTW the directors comment is fucking stupid. im brown and he is not crusading against me, only the illegal aliens

but you can sense the racist intent in what Bill is saying. Why concentrate on something like , illegal aliens, when most of the legal residents in America commit more crimes? Bill O’Reilly always goes against minority peoples, like blacks, he is so afraid of us.

he did not have the right to be here as my wife is filipino and she got here legal did all d papers but most come here on work visa n when visa run out thay stay here n never go home as i work with a few from brazil who done it and stayed after there work visa all the while otheres go through the proper chanles to get n stay

No human being is illegal. Eliminate all borders and allow all 3rd world peoples to come here to get back what was stolen from them by US corporations and military imperialism. Smash capitalism and the state, and build a highly organized decentralized system with democratic worker/consumer councils and regional federations. Get rid of the exploiters/war criminals and their propagandists like O’Reilly

If the U.S. were to open the borders we might as well call ourselves Mexico. Mexicans would flood the U.S. and then they would be discriminated against even more than they already are, not to mention all the jobs that would be taken. Sorry, but opening the border and “smashing capitalism” will NEVER work. Also, if the U.S. didn’t “steal” what they did, someone else would have.


illegals come here because the libtards promise them jobs and handouts. Oreilly is right about illegals and as usual geraldo, who could be illegal for all I care, was wrong. He just sticks up for his tribe over his country, which proves hes unamerican. Sure, orielly was mad, but who wouldnt be with that clown yelling at you

what the fuck does drunk driving have to do with illegal immigration??? o’riely: you are the most racist, arrogant, stuck-up, all-around dick on TV. you want justice? then SOMEONE THROW O’REILY OFF THE AIR!! my god all he does is spew hate and racism…its a wonder how ANYONE takes him seriously. FUCK YOU, BILL!!

Not true. If the illegal alien got deported the first time, it is still possible by chance that the girls might have gotten hit by a drunk American Citizen. Sounds silly, but statisticaly possible (americans do drink & drive too). too bad the girls got hit like that though.

if it was my child i would be pissed about the guy being drunk not because he’s here illegaly. if you seriously think this is an immigration issue you really need to open your fucking eyes. obviously you have your priorities fucked up. making illegal immegration a more important, threatening issue over drunk driving? you fucking retard. more people get killed from drunk driving than from immigrents. try thinking about the issue before talking about it, it’ll make you sound less fucked up.

It is the issue, he is breaking the law by being here and DUI, just like Geraldo trying to say this is a immigration issue, not a states judicial system. You can have more than 1 issue at a time come out of this. So you are saying it is ok for a Mexican to drive here and kill innocent children because more of them are killed by our own citizens, and you call me a retard, typical liberal

Did we watch the same video?Geraldo is full of shit…Had the illegal alien been deported, the kids would still be alive.Geraldo is the racist for even bringing it up…The point is the guy was illegal and should have been here in the first place…

i gotta be honest…the whole “were all immigrants” thing isn’t workin for me anymore…i mean what does that have to do with the specific issue of south american illegals coming into the u.s? I’m sorry but is that suppose to make it ok? I mean should we all just say “we’re all immigrants” and call it a day? lol seriously wtf?

So I guess not only do we have to try and punish all the drunk americans. We have got a whole bunch of illegals drunks to capture too. If this jerk was arrested 3 different times, where was his punishment, Oh they did take away his drivers lincense. BUt guess what, he did not have a drivers lincense. So your just free to go Mr. Illegal.

you’re right, the illegal shouldn’t have been here in the first place and the kids would still be alive. The fact is that drunk driving killed the kids, not the illegal. sure the illegal was the one who commited the act, but the alcohol was what caused the whole situation to take place and ultimately end the children’s lives. I think that O’Reilly’s judgement on the situation was simply clouded in his culture war and he didn’t completely analyze the situation.

Wow!!! That was great. We wouldn’t have border jumpers if we didn’t have jobs for them and we wouldn’t have an incredible economy without illegal immigrants and low wage earners. People who hate Mexicans shouldn’t have any problem with $20 for a head of lettuce. Deport illegals and you will tank the economy.

they ARE ILLEAGLE get them out now!! pay more taxes for med. billseducation you stupid bastards. My kids dont get a free education or free med. They have to work for it and Ill be dammed if i will pay more taxes for lawbreakers who shouldnt be here in the first place!

see thats the truth but careful here because someones gunna call you racist and write off the validity of your statement. Its a serious issue and these fuckin people wanna keep it in the gray and randomly accuse people of racism and hipocracy….either way its gunna wind up ugly…thanks for those comments though.

I’m with Bill. Illegal aliens are here illegally. They should not be in the country or we should change our laws. If this person was deported the crime would not have happened. That is not a comment on the nationality or race of the person involved. It is a simple fact that the person was in the country illegally.

That’s one of the most outrageous things I’ve heard in my entire life. Amerindians do NOT own a right to say who should be here and who should not be. Well, yeah, that might have worked about 600 years ago..but If you haven’t noticed, that’s an aweful long time ago, fella.

O’Reilly doesn’t believe in capital punishment, supports gay unions, and wants to act on the global climate change theory. He isn’t a right wing. Just because a person shares some views with a party doesn’t label him or her to the party. Forming an opinion about a person takes more than watching a few clips on youtube and mediamatters.

Finally, finally, Bill O’Reilly tried to bully the wrong person. Heraldo Rivera, a former boxer in the day, is the wrong guy to intimidate and bully like Billy O Lielly does all the time to more timid guests. Bravo Mr. Rivera for standing up to that loud-mouthed fascist!

Geraldo is feces. We lure illegals here? Based on that logic, we lure all criminals and their crimes. It is illegal to cross the border illegally. What part of that word does Geraldine not understand? And O’Reilly loses his mind? I see. Rio Grandera is calm and collected. Maybe he’s buzzed.

If you think about it we do lure illegals here. What type of jobs do illegals take when they get here? They usually take the bottom of the barrel jobs for less pay then what a legal citizen would take. If we made it so there was no possible way a company could pay a person under minimum wage. Then there would be no incentive for them to come over. Yes I do agree with you Geraldo is a waste of flesh but O’Reilly is worse.

and the indians traveled to america across the ice bridge…they werent always here…and before that humans weren’t here….and before that mammals…and before that sea creatures…and before that simple life forms…and before that water….and before that land….and before that the planet…and before that our galaxy….and before that who knows but ill tell you this…Non-legal aliens have no right to be in america per our laws.

You are all stupid. What part of “illegal alien” do you not understand? There is a system in place that allows for immigration into the U.S., which lets the U.S. control the type of people it lets live within its borders. The U.S. is a sovereign country, and can impose any limitations it wants on the number and type of people it lets in. Period. Whether or not an illegal immigrant has killed someone while driving drunk makes no difference, they are here illegally to begin with. Deport them.

It’s NOT about the color of one’s skin or ethnicity. I am PRO_IMMIGRATION. But this is like saying that if 20 million decided to shoot their mother–it would be OKAY, because there would be nothing government could do about it. That is ANARCHY. I’m sick of ponying up the social cost of cheap, under the table labor. I’m sick of an invasion of children into our schools, at the tune of between 10 and 15 thousand dollars, per student–at taxpayer expense. What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?

so well put. Its like you try to discuss the issue and the other side immediately pulls out the race card….but interestingly enough thats not even where my heads at….so who really looking at it from the point of view of race and not able to get past it? the people who use it to shut down a more elevated debate..essentially anyone who starts accusing people are the racists themselves.

Geraldo wins this argument and Bill was so worked up I thought he was going to have a heart attack. Bill sounded just like Rosie trying to shout/scream over his guests’ responses. Bill & Rosie have a lot in common! Oh, is Bill coming out with a boycott Geraldo video next because he disagreed with his opinion?

So in your world, he who screams the loudest, “owns?”
What part of the word “ILLEGAL,” don’t you understand? I don’t care if they’re Irish, Puerto Rican, Canadian, Mexican or from the MOON. If they cross American borders AGAINST OUR LAWS, they are ILLEGALS and should expect to be deported.
TRY INVADING MEXICO, VENEZUELA, GUATEMALA…and see how that works. Moreover, put all your kids into their schools at their citizen’s expense, and start sucking up entitlements. Let us know how that works.

Racist american pig. Thats why nobody likes Americans becuase theyre always trying to shove ignorance down educated people’s throats. Bill can suck a fat one n catch syphilis. I aint a racizt against no one but fuck that craka fo’ talkin shit he don’t know shit. Geraldo is the only one that told half the truth. Ah hell everyone knows Fox is a well known network of racists anyways.

the point is that if this man were deported like he was supposed to be he never would have been driving on that road the nite because the local government did not uphold the law and deport him, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, making the wrong choices.

That’s true. But it’s cheap and tawdry to make a political point about immigration at the expense of a tragedy.

This has to do with drunk driving; NOT illegal immigration. If an Irishman kills someone in a drunk driving accident, it says nothing about the Irish. This man is a drunk because he’s a human being with an addiction. It has absolutely nothing to do with his residency status.

Change the scenario a little. Say this man was was not an illegal immigrant, but for some other reason the local authorities had reason to have him extradited to another county but did not do so. Would you argue that the man had every right to be on that road? Would you claim the local government to be at fault for not doing their jobs?
The fact of the matter is that this man should have been killing people in his native country.

arg, this is touchy. i agree with Geraldo…but if i were the father of that girl or brother or w/e, I know I would be extra pissed that not only was he drinking and driving, but he should’nt of been here in the first place; maybe that would of made a difference? i dunno, but there are many other drunk drivers out there that could have caused this. its touchy…

i fucking hate idiot republicans, there a few decent ones out there but most of them are ignorant assholes who know nothing about politics and just try to follow the heard. Fuck o’reilly, fuck Bush, all of you who agree with them are just selfish assholes who dont give a shit about anyone else besides your self

dw2: Why don’t you ask Cheney what his interest was in the Iraq war? This is a capitalist country. You don’t get answers here from reading millenia old texts. You get answers by asking who is making money from whom, and for what reason. This administration made a windfall off the people they were supposed to protect.

what a dumbass, do u really think the government didn’t know about all the 12,000,000 of illegal alliens that came to this country, U.S.A. need illegal alliens to survive that is the only reason we still have them. i agree we need to stop immigration but we should respect human beings that work 10-14 hrs/day earning a minimum wage… Thanks to immigrants that came from Europe, right now U.S.A. is the most powerful country in the world.

omg the fucking retards that agree with bill are the ones that need to get fuck out of this country because unless you turds forgot history or are to fucking stupid to learn history,ou have to know that unless your a native american indian then we all got to get the fuck out you dumb shits!!!!

O’reilly’s views are borderline fascist and he has overstated them too many times for people not to notice…what a coincidence that the one person allowed to voice an opinion against him without being silenced is Geraldo, whos show is tailored for a more moderate audience. (notice that his show is being advertised on the bottom of the screen the entire time)

it doesnt matter if your black white or brown thiis land was built by imagrants from england( for retarded white folk that think your a fucking true american) america was also built by slaves both by force and free will(for you blacks that forget your originlly from africa) and by hispanics( for those hispanics with dicks so far up thier ass that they forgot thier culture remember you were illegal too you dumb fuck and so was your mom!)

the country has reached a stage though…a point of development…things change and we cant apply the same standards on immigration that we did hundreds of years ago. Im glad immigrants built the country but what does that have to do with south americans running into our country and its negative effects?

I don’t agree with O’Reilly’s comments, but I find it ironic when people say things like “this country was built on immigrants.” This Country was also built on slaughtering Native Americans, the Bible, slavery, women staying home and tending to the family, etc. While it may tick off a lot of people, this Country is going to be forced to close it’s borders one day.

For those trying to make this an illegal immigration issue: When was the last time you saw white americans clean toilets, fold beds in hotels, prepare fast food in the back, collect your garbage, mow your lawns… for less than standard pay to boot? Think about it.

White Americans don’t do these jobs because they won’t be hired, employers don’t want to pay the legal, prevailing wage or pay taxes on the labor. If employers would pay the legal prevailing wage, then you may see Americans doing these jobs. Dragging down the prevailing wage is just one of the ways illegal immigration lowers our standard of living.

metube79… you’re shitting me right? i’m sorry but white americans think that they are above doing those kinds of jobs and it’s not like just because you weren’t born here you have to “serve” the people that were, that seems a little bit racist to me. i really don’t have anything else to say except that its people like you that cause people in other countries to really hate the united states.

I agree. But people act like americans would never do the jobs ilegals do… but the truth is we have and did forever in this country…my point is to say dont act like we would never do those jobs because we always have and we would if the illegal werent here.

@ cocainetheband: Yes… illegals ‘took’ those jobs from americans as you implied. Should we deport them so white americans can start cleaning toilets, fold beds in hotels, prepare fast food in the back, collect your garbage, mow your lawns… for less than standard pay to boot? B/c obviously companies and business would gladly pay a premium for white americans over anyone else who is willing to work for much less.

i didnt say we should throw them all out and give the jobs to white people at didnt even say anything abut white people…they arent the only other group in this country…I’m just saying if the illegals werent here its not like those jobs wouldnt be getting done by someone else…and no companies wouldnt pay a premium…but the wages might be a tad better because as citizen whoever was doing them would have a right to demand better or fair pay.

I agreed with OReilly on this. He was just stating that if the courts did their job the “illegal” wouldn’t have been on the streets. He would have either been locked up or deported for his other offenses. My view (being a “legal resident”) is that American born citizens get less rights than the illegals do.

those of you who support geraldo in this issue are just doing so, because you dislike o’reilly. same reason youll vote for a democrat for office, even though democrats have no solutions of their own. Thats why they have to win elections only by creating disatisfaction with those in office, rather than let their policies stand on their own.

No wait you are wrong there — I have been through — well enough elections to know that the Republicans are masters at making the public hate and distrust whoever runs against them — The public did not like Richard Nixon but were made to believe the George McGovern was – stupid, uninformed, weak, etc. etc. when is fact he had a PHD in history and commanded a bomber plane in WW2

i fucking hate o’reily. and i think he is trying to make a cheap political point however he should have been deported if he was an illegal alien who was drunk driving and killed a teenage girl. he deserves that punishment regardless of his race, gender, nationality etc.

Stewchizzle, maybe the indians should have deported us but they couldn’t. Are we gonna keep reliving that old tired argument? Yeah and maybe the Neanderthals errr stewchizzles should have deported us. Go to any other country when you come out of your pot haze and realize THEY enforce THEIR borders. And tolu the issue is he should not have even been here he IS illegal. I don’t care if he is Mexican or Russian or Canadian. What you are excusing is the fact that that person is here illegally.

Because they dont come over here legally and skim on our welfare. Thats right they are allowed to collect welfare and foodstamps. Did you know that? and who pays for it? Now they want to make medicaid available to them. Do you like paying for that when some of our elderly can’t afford their prescriptions?

Now uv started readin dis dunt stop. This is so scary. Send this to 5 ova videos in 143 minutes. When ur done press F6 and ur crushes name will appear on the screen in big letters. This is scary cause it actually works. If u break the chain u will have problems with relations p.s for the next five years x-x-x

dude shut up..dont pick though the message boards and get pissy about grammar…it’s the thoughts and suggestions that matter…spell check your own comments if you care so much and stay out of other peoples. Some are kids, second language, sloppy typers. Wtf do you expect?

Its funny that most Americans had ancestors who were illegal immigrants who killed the owners of the land for the land, like it or not, illegal immigrants are the ones holding up the economy, they are already earning less than the job pays americans and you still want them to pay taxes?

Yes and that girl would have been saved and maybe another. But Geraldos arguement was that the issue is not about illegals but about drunk driving. What about the hundreds or thousands of fatalities across the country that doesn’t make the headlines? Why this one?

Hello. I’m trying to make a video dedicated to people who have passed away before the age of 18. Check out my channel, the intro to the video is there. It is called “A Child’s Tears Intro” all the information is there if you’d like someone you’ve lost to be apart of it. Please pass the word on. Thank you for your time.

Hello. I’m trying to make a video dedicated to people who have passed away before the age of 18. Check out my channel, the intro to the video is there. It is called “A Child’s Tears Intro” all the information is there if you’d like someone you’ve lost to be apart of it. Please pass the word on. Thank you for your time.

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Geraldo make the argument that “illegal aliens commit crime at a lesser rate than citizens do.” Thats an argument? The illegal alien had prior alcohol charges. How is it not an immigrant issue? If they were American citizens they would have been in jail. We are weakening our country. Boarders, Language, Culture. We must protect these fundamental issues or we will ceased to exist. History has already proven this issue. O’Reilly take a breath, you were on the right side of the argument.

No matter how much people in this country don’t want to hear it, this country was built on immigrants, so theoretically, we are our own demise. Perhaps the man had previous charges, but why drag a whole ethnicity or culture into the mix? Why can’t he be judged as an individual? I mean regardless of his status, he is still just another person and should be punished as everyone else who has committed a crime of such fashion.

one person, out of a group of 12 MILLION is significant.

ILLEGALS are lucky that o’reilley doesn’t go into ALL of the SOCIAL DRAIN that is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION in this country.

it’s time to throw their employers straight into prison.

@ anyastar > I don’t believe that banning alcohol will solve the problem with drunk driving. Prohibition didn’t quite work out too well as I recall. What would be better is stiffer penalties for drunk drivers. Or have the bartender take your keys at the bar when you get a drink… you can pick up the keys the next morning 🙂

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Finally someone else on here with a brain. Its called cause and effect people. Cause= illegal alien not being deported. Effect= is here to drive drunk and kill someone. Yes people here do it all the time. IT IS NOT RIGHT ANYWHERE! But why should we allow him to stay so he can do it?

i know this guy shoulda probably been deported because it’s illegal. but the bigger picture here is dragging this one guy out and moreover treating him as a representative of illegal immigration. i’m in favor of him getting punished, but if illegal immigration gets a spotlight, i want laws to be REALLY tightened on drunk driving. it’s only fair.

Would O’Reilly react the same if he killed a black or hispanic american,no.O’Reilly,views this as ILLEGAL HISPANIC KILLED CAUCASION.Bill O’Rielly might as well put on his white sheet,hood and tattoo a big swastika on his forehead,however,my prayors goes out to both families involved in this tragedy.Ramos should have been deported on the 1st offense he comitted but O’Reilly is using this sensitive topic to promote his on racist agenda knowing a bunch of IDIOTS would jump on his KKK bandwagon.

You fuckkers come to LA county. This place looks like the bastard son of TJ. They mess up the quality of life for us Americans. They come for free cheese and cheap labor. They need to go home and fight for rights in their own country and stop sucking the white man’s DICK FOR A JOB AND FREE CHEESE welfare and food stamps. They can go to hell. The first law these fucker broke was coming here illegally.

1. Are all Americans white?
2. Most illegal immigrant don’t have a home to go to.
3. People can hardly afford to live in Mexico, how could they afford to rise up against their own gov’t?
4. You sound reeeeeal smart cussing all over the place.
Go get an education. At least you can afford it.

They have no right to be in the US. It’s not “race hate” it’s basic resect for law. If you are an ILLEGAL alien, then you dont have respect for the law of the land. 3rd world people bringing in a 3rd world lawless attitude with them. Get in line, LEARN ENGLISH, work hard, like my great grandparents did.

O’Reilly is right on the money. If this guy had been deported the FIRST time he was caught, or even the SECOND time he was caught drunk these girls would still be alive. Our laws are SUPPOSED to protect us. Even if he was here on a green card our law says he should have been deported when he broke our law. He’ll do it again.

What a tragedy. Excessive sensationalism and xenophobia on the part of Mr. O’Reilly, however, should not deprive the victims and their families of their proper respect at this time of mourning. Sorry, Bill. You’ll need to take a class in immigration law. Local law enforcement officers have no jurisdiction in immigration matters. Immigration law is handled through the US DHS and decisions to deport can ONLY be decided by an immigration judge in a federal immigration court.

Be a patriot, take a field job. And what about enforcing the laws? And of course this country is filled with drunk driving, there’s no good public transport system. In Denmark, you can drink and drive in the trains and illegals just pass trough to go north.Can’t you make them wanna go to Canada?

heh…i agree. he actually sounded intelligent. its funny that the administration just doesnt care about immigration because they know that next year we’ll all be part of the North American Union. but that doesnt keep the pundits from trying to make their cheap political points on the issue.

.. im not even gonna waste my time debating this… and then Americans whonder why does the rest of the wolrd hates them… u ppl preach the justice, freedom and open mind, as long as it doesnt spoil UR PERSONAL FREEDOM TO DO WHT EVER U WHANT TO THE WORLD, so u r free to wonder around the world looking for wht ever u want, u go and TAKE it… but hey.. lets start all the alarms when someone comes in. SAD and narrow vision of wht the world should be.

yea the rest of the world hates the US when we dont do anything and then they hate us for stepping in? yea we’re not one of those pansy counrties to lay low and not be able to do crap when world wars come in to place, we’re one of the main reasons why the wossy countries have been taken over yet

This is hilarious. I’ll admit, it’s a tragedy no matter who the driver was, the point is, in this situation, if this guy had been deported (he’s illegal, remember) he never would have killed them. One deported illegal = 2 girls still alive. Oh and c3ps…let’s not forget that “Native Americans” aren’t native, they just immigrated here before anyone else. They came across the Bering Strait and settled in the current U.S. We’re all immigrants here, even “Native Americans”

c’mon…arent native? 30k yrs is a long time. as a general rule, a people is considered native if they were there before recorded history. they’re as native to north america as Germans are to Germany and the English are to England. But if you want to go further than that, we’re all African

Drunk driving is an issue no matter who does it. Its a tragedy when someone loses their life to a drunk driver no matter if the person is legal or not. Do not be fooled by these prejudicial racist remarks shrouded in compassion for the family of a deceased young life. Always remember, the hate they have towards others, they can one day have towards you.

Bill should have hooked Rivera right in his Dirty Sanchez. Bills rage echos the frustration of many LEGAL people in the US. They should get in line and LEARN ENGLISH, like my grandparents did. It’s not a “race” issue, it’s a respect for law issue. If you have none, you get none.

Part 1: This is a DUI accident that tragically killed two young women. The driver of that vehicle happened to be illegal. There are drunk driving accidents and DUI related deaths every day. Most of those DUI drivers are US citizens, but of course those accidents don’t gain national attention. The illegal immigrant that was driving the car had been charged with drunk in public twice before. That charge is only a class 4 misdemeanor, which means it carries no jail time.

I just have to say that it is a shame that someone had to die in another drunk driving accident. My condolences to her family.
On the other hand, the illegal immigrants coming into this country is appalling! My mother and her parents came into this country and went the LEGAL route to become American citizens AND LEARNED to speak English!!! If my family had to do it, then all of them have to do it. It is the law and thats the way it is. Period!

tygrefyfe- who the fuck cares if your parents came here the legal way. Im native american and i say they can stay. Columbus came here with no rights. By the way, I dont give a damn if they cant speak ENGLISH. Dumbass Bitch. Just hope this was enough english for you Bitch.

Part 2: The judge could not put him in jail if he wanted to. The other prior charge was another DUI, which is a class 1 misdemeanor. That charge carries a maximum of one year in jail. The judge in that case handed out a standard sentence on first offense DUI. All of his prior offenses are misdemeanors…not felonies. The federal immigration workers will not touch an illegal immigrant unless they are charged with a felony or it is a special situation.

Part 4: That does not make sense. They don’t even have the power to ban someone from the city of Virginia Beach, muchless the USA. If anyone wants to place blame on someone, let’s look at the judge in the first DUI trial that did not sentence him to active jail time. If he had been in jail, the accident would not have happened. This is clearly a DUI issue, not an immigration issue. stop driving drunk time and time again.

YOU’RE missing the point. if he wasn’t here in the first place, someone would still be alive. If the FIRST law was enforced, the drunk driving incident never happens. Geraldo knows this, so tried to deflect the issue rather than side against a fellow hispanic, illegal immigrant killer or not!

If O’Reilly is faulted for being passionate about the laws of this country and this country is faulted for “luring” millions of immigrants, then what power does any law have in this country anymore? If we cannot enforce the (immigration) laws of this country (not allowing illegals into the US) by sending them back to where they came from, then this country will fall apart.
See Border Wars. Millions of legal immigrants enter this country every year.

“…cheap political point.” Great call Geraldo even though you’re about cheap stunts. Geraldo actually made me think a little about it. Good job.

O’Reilly is bad actor though. Notice O’Reilly’s mannerisms when he was playing up his own “anger” were similiar to the ones during his cheap attempt at humor when Jon Stewart was on the show?

The POINT to this whole argument (if it could even be called that… Geraldo wouldn’t shut up and let O’Reilly get a word in edgewise) was that the man who killed someone drunk driving should not even have been in the country. What they were discussing was a single case… and, of course, the nut-case Geraldo had to turn it into a huge debate about poor mexicans being “lured” over the borders and how we are so rude towards them in blaming them for all the drunk driving incidents… lol.

This was a local story here in Va Beach, and would have stayed that way until it was announced that the drunk driver had previously been caught with a DUI and was illegal. To the poster of this video, 2 girls were killed in the accident, not just one. Comment on what was said is coming next…

very good discussion. You don’t see this on NBC, this kind of news is the product of fair news reporting because their are ALWAYS two sides discussing a issue. Not like at other networks. They’re both extremely passionate at what they do, and that’s why they’re excellent journalists. I don’t care if your liberal or conservative, just as long as your balanced.

I never thought I would say this but I have new found respect for Geraldo. He is finally standing up for something he is truly believes instead of pandering to the republicans. About time Rivera! As an added bonus it was great to see hate filled O’Reilly loose his mind.

They both have good points honestly. The guy had been caught and convicted of drunk driving. Why he was ON THE ROAD at all, let alone in the country, is beyond me. In this particular case, it wouldn’t have happened had the guy been deported. The bigger issue, which is what Geraldo was getting at, but not effectually, was the fact that we need stricter punishments for drunk drivers in general. Anyone who is convicted of a DUI should lose their license.

But the other problem is the guy that had it didn’t even have a valid license, obviously, since he was illegal. So what is the solution? In this case, DEPORT HIM… By the way, I don’t know how much the national coverage of this has shown, but the two girls were sitting at a stop light and the car was absolutely demolished. The guy must have been doing about 80 MPH

it has nothing to do with the driver being an immigrant. geraldo was right on alot.i get why o’reilly might think that but geraldo is so right, he’s turning it around from the problem of driving drunk into illegal immigrants he IS making it a cheap political point,the family lost their child because of someone drunk. it could have been a legal american citizen and then what would they argue about? the type of car? i mean seriously!

the “native” society was primitive and had no concept of land ownership, genius. Nor did they have a concept of national borders, or a legal system that made migration legal or illegal. They themselves, migrated here from another place. what a bunch of stupid uneducated sheep some of you people are.

gah! determining which one of these loons is worse is like having to choose between having your fingernails pulled off or burning out your eyes with hot poker. it amazes me that either one actually has an audience who appreciates them and/or their point of view. =(

September 2006: Thomas O’Brien didn’t serve any time in prison for the hit and run accident for which he was convicted. The former bishop cut a deal by acknowledging that he had covered up reports of sexual misconduct by members of the clergy. He sentenced to four years’ probation and 1,000 hours of community service. He completed the 1,000 hours of community service in 2006.

the point of what? The point of the whole convo was DRUNK DRIVING. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or immigration status you are. It’s a no brainer that no one is ok with “sneaking into the country”, OReiley just wants to hate someone because that’s what Christians do best. He is the master of “spin” and his show should be renamed “The Spin Keeps Going”.

I don’t even know what the fuck they are talking about cause they are just yelling at each other. I saw this crap earlier this evening. THey might as well be speaking greek, bunch of fucktards anywise. Bill O’ and his Amazing sidekick captain douchebag Geraldo who gives a fuck what you have to say.

busted — on one of his cheap political analogies… and I was just waiting… waiting for him to trot out the knee jerk fighting child buggerin line. When he was busted for something like that, but we will never know because he paid $2.2M to seal the report.

Bill O’Reilly is “crazy” but he also sells his image well. So deal with it. I’d be more concerned about facist feminist whores *cough*hilary*cough*
or North Korean dictators than O’Reilly/Moustache boy.

There’s no way that this isn’t staged.

O’Reilly is a sick bastard. I wish his daughter would fall in love for a latino contractor, or his son for a latina maid (i mean, if he has any kids, which let’s hope, not) just like those chick flicks. And fill his house with latino babies calling him grandpa…that would be hilarious. He would wanna deport them as well, for sure.

In New Braunfels Tx. a drunk driver killed 2 hispanic women. His license was suspended, this was the 2nd time he was caught driving drunk, but since his father was a big time lawyer/politician, they let him slide. those people (like the coke snorting bush familyt) are the ones you should worry about, because if they are drunk and run you over, regardless if you are a republican or dem. they will screw you and your family!!!!

wow i can’t believe you guys are agreeing with o’reily, if somebody commits a crime, send them to’s not fair for just immigrants to get deported, everybody is from somewhere else..they should get deported too, taking a test for citizenship doesn’t really change much

Well hmmmm, let’s think about this why there has been an increase in illegal immigration? Oh, um NAFTA.Illegal immigrants were not always coming over to the United States in such astronomical numbers, it happened after that agreement was made. If that agreement were undone the rate of illegal immigration from Latin America would undoubtedly have a significant decrease.

explain to the crowd why MEXICO fires people south of their borders out of a cannon every minute.

what’s next? free ferries from somalia?

convenient borders to the U.S. is no justification for tolerating ILLEGAL ALIENS!


Spetz is an idiot. Did you even listen to the point he was making? Immigrants statistically are much less likely to commit drunk driving than standard Americans. O’Reilly was trying to make a political point that Immigrants are bad because of this incident, and made himself look like an ass to any intelligent person because of it.

Being here illegally and driving drunk are TWO SEPARATE CRIMES.

It’s just a desperate attempt to justify preconceived political opinions to rationalize his stance.

He takes an impossibility (a fantasy land where illegal aliens would commit no crimes at all), and uses it to influence the morons of the world.

i cant believe you americans. illegal aliens should be deported? Get the fuck out of Iraq! ur all illegal aliens there. and Bill oreilly is the face or america that all outiders see. A bumb man who is loud and evil. its that simple. you are an evil country. Nazis = America.

We’ve got problems, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call us outright evil. Most of the people who still support the war (they’re in the minority now, by the way) only do so because they think it’s the good and right thing to do. There are certainly some evil people, but most are simply ignorant.

A “Strawman” is a cheap trick people use in debates where they falsely accuse their opponent of being “for” something that they are not, and then tear them down for it.

On the surface it looks like you have a point, but really you’re just a douche.

Bill O’Reilly does it almost every 3 seconds in this vid.

a drunk driving illegal killed 2 innocent girls, and now ‘mexicans taking over?’ You are the reason your country, Mexico, is the toilet of the world. If Mexicans do ‘take over’, Americans will move to Canada & make it great, the Mexicans will fuck up this country & make it 3rd world like Mexico, then the Mexican cucarachas will try and sneak into Canada.

O’reilly had nothing. they were trying to make a cheap political point and incite more hatred of illegals. maybe he should’ve been deported, but Bill had nothing to say about the over 300 drunk driving deaths that Geraldo brought up. our laws need to be more like europe’s; one time and your done driving for life. do it again and you’re in prison for life.

so you would rather have dead girls?
the message would come across clearly, and people wouldnt dare do it. that’s the point.
the drinking age should be 16 or 18, and the DUI laws stiffened. you would see the fatalities drop sharply and not much cumulative increase in prison pop. in the long run.

reminds me of too dogs barking at each other with a chain link fence between them…territorial dispute…(pun intended)…by the way, if o reilly’s parents had not had sex we wouldn’t have seen this video…maybe if we weren’t born then we wouldn’t die…stupid people.

True, but that’s not the point. The point is…when is a person deported? If a person is here illegally in the first place, and then breaks the law, and then causes the death of someone, and then is still not deported…then when the * is someone supposed to be deported???

Yes. Everyone in the world who wants to come here should be allowed to. That means half the world, billions of people flooding in. Schools, hospitals, jails, natural resources crumbling under the unchecked masses. That way nobody can have a good country. Sounds awesome, liberal douche bags!

The vast discrimination and abuse that illegal immigrants put up with each day just to remain in this country and the type of crimes that are committed against them every hour are never focused on or reported but one guy getting drunk and killing someone (which is terrible) gets national attention news and this tragedy is instantly turned into a push for immigration reform

they both got heated. happens every day. you saying o’reilley lost it doesn’t make it true.

if the illegal bastard were deported, he wouldn’t have killed those two girls.


o’reilley stomped geraldo’s ass.

you people are so delusional.

spiff225, if you hadn’t noticed there are two issues here: drunk driving and illegal immigration. The man’s drunk driving offense was properly dealt with. His illegal citizenship status was not. O’Reilly was pissed because the law wasn’t enforced in the case of the illegal being deported. Open YOUR eyes, or better yet, ears.

How dare Americans persecute repeat offender drunk drivers who broke the law to come here? Didn’t fill out papers, didn’t wait in line like the millions around the world currently waiting to immigrate- just snuck in because he felt like it, drove drunk repeatedly & killed two innoncent people. Somehow I’m not thinking of Rosa Parks…


the number of people supporting Geraldo here is a sad but perfect example of how liberals want to be right SO bad, that they’ll convince themselves any position is right, if its the opposite position of a conservative they hate. Most of you assholes dont believe what Geraldo believes, you just can’t possiby be so objective as to side with someone you hate as much as O’Reilly.

yeah, this polish guy ran over my dog, DAMN YOU POLES!!! seriously tough, I thought I’d never see the day when geraldo rivera would come out looking like the voice of reason, this is the same guy who got kicked out of iraq, right?! or is this just another fox propaganda?

Lets face it. The do-gooders approach to law and order DOES NOT WORK! If you let somebody come into your home and they pissed on the carpet, would you continue to let them stay? No, you wouldn’t. If you did it would only be a matter of time before they work up a number two and leave that for you to deal with aswell.

Wrong. Detained for illegal immigration? NO accident.
I work for folks who applied for citizenship,worked at it, built up a company,never took a dime of aid,didn’t break any laws, and fly AMERICAN flag. (because they are American)Every once in a while,they complain about those who have NO respect for our laws, NO respect for our flag, NO respect for our system of government, Constantly take advantage of Aid, and don’t contribute anything in return.

It’s funny how some of you bash Americans as if we’re all the same. If you hate us so much, then stop using all our products. Your OS, computer, THIS website hell probably everything you have is somehow American dependent …get the fuck off then. We’re not all the same just as all French people aren’t pussies. (Well, most of them are, but there are a few immigrants in their country who aren’t, I think).

Bill O’Reilly does go a bit crazy, but Geraldo isn’t getting it.
If we had deported that person, that girl would not have been killed.
HOWEVER, it seems that Bill wants the law enforced for the wrong reasons, since illegal immigrants DO commit crimes less often than natural citizens.

Conclusion: O’Reilly is right, but he has the wrong reasons.

Part Two
By the way, get your facts straight. First: it was two teenage girls who were killed. Second: Mr. O’Reilly is not a xenophobe. He would be (judging from his statements over the years that I have watched his show) equally upset if the guy was white and had crossed the Canadian border. However, the majority of illegal border crossings are committed by so-called “brown” people; statistically it is much more likely that the accused would be Latino.

Hee! well if you follow the vlogging around here you know that i’m no Righty, tho’ i do think Greta’s cool. even so, if you are an illegal working in this country and sending money back to your family, it might behoove you to keep as low a profile as possible. as in don’t go around driving while wasted beyond belief. gonna hit the tequila bottle? shutter those windows friend.

Are you people insane?! Mr. Rivera was making these, if I can use this term, “left-wing” fanaticism trying to make this about drunk driving but it would not have happened if this ILLEGAL ALIEN had not been in America. And there is no disputing that.

isnt the answer simple? do illegals get deported when they are found or not? they dont pay taxes. Their wasnt any extra punishment delivered for being illegal was there? like a life sentence in jail. what the hell is oreilly trying to say? he must be losing his mind

Who can argue that he shouldnt have been deported? Hate on Bill all you haters want but what about his point? We have many drunk driving deaths in the USA but these two girls would be alive if this guy was where he belonged and back in Mexico. Remember he already had more than one charge against him involving achohol.

I am a bill fan, but this isnt one of his best performances. Its more about drunk driving more than immigration. immigration is a issue but i think he is bit polorized in this debate. I think geraldo is a loser, but i think he is right on this one

This was ONE case of a car accident involving a illegal but, HOW MANY amreican WHITE people kill people in car accidents EACH YEAR?
More than ONE.
I can’t belive cannel FOXNEWS and O’Reilly promove the racism and the xenophobia and the LAWS don’t do anything

Bill O’Reilly does have a point. He was not trying to be racist or against brown people…the drunk driver was an illegal alien, why shouldn’t this be brought to the attention of the American Public. By showing that very detail, more Americans might see how much illegals in this country truly effect us. If the alien wasn’t allowed in this country in the first place this incident would have never taken place.

I think Geraldo’s point was that this type of incident takes place, regardless of whether those involved are illegal aliens. I would not take this one singular event and draw conclusions about the effects of illegal immigrations. If you want to convince me of something, show me numbers.

O’Reilly’s a scumbag for atacking Chris Matthews as he has been lately. Matthews is the only one that called out CHENEY before the war on his lies.

But Bill is right on this one. Guy shouldn’t be in the country.

Ron Paul 2008!

The Zoo let a lion out of its cage and it ate my neighbor.. guess what the fucking lion should have been in his cage,, just like that Mexican should have been in his country and Not ours illegally. start shooting the mother fuckers that cross illegally and lets seee how many get in.

Actually the Purepecha another Mexican culture had a federation that spanned from mid Mexico all the way north to the black hills, it’s been documented by anthropologists. Reason why The settlement of the southwest , was easier for the Spanish, the routs north were already established by the natives.

O’Reilly is completely stupid, and his hypocrisy in bringing guest commentators is shown here as usual. Remember the girls from Columbia University that he invited to speak on their attack against the Minutemen project? Well, he didn’t even let them finish what they wanted to comment, and just interrupted them in the middle of the interview. The same scenario is seen her where he repeatedly attacks this guy who has very good points.

I live in Virginia…I can not speak first hand about other states, but I can contest that there is most definitely an illegal immigration problem! We have local minutemen groups that are itching to carry out the duty in this regard that our government continues to neglect! I suggest other states follow suit…

If there were no illegals in this country, there would still be drunk driving and crime; illegals didnt invent them, they learned them. O’Reilly is an idiot dick, always looking for someone to blame. If he was a leader he would be no different than Hitler.
PS. fox news sux ass

ok o reilly is a dumb ignorant fuck. let me remind u that all humans make mistakes. if that’s the case we should ban all whites because they are known for being serial killers. look the color of the people shouldn’t be the issue. it’s the fact that a HUMAN was the one driving drunk. being a person who is not a legal citizen does not make them bad. it makes them a strong person for leaving their lives behind to build a life for their families. people are being stupid.

hahaha this is damn funny.

So all American whites originated from this land? huh?
What is the definition of American? You claim your rights to be secure when it was your ancestors who slaughtered the American Indians and took over their lands without asking? Only American Indians have the right to claim no immigrants, not you white boys.

one more thing…
about 99.99% of your proud American history was build by the hands of the immigrants. Learn your own fucking history.

Dude, Americans are an extremely hypocritical bunch, they say that doesn’t mean anything but when Europeans diss on Americans, they will bring out all the WW2 bullcrap like we saved your asses like it means anything now. No point telling them history, most of them would see everything in black and white anyway.

If this drunk driver were not an illegal immigrant, but instead was someone that had jumped bail for some other crime, would they have ignored the warrant for his arrest and just prosecuted him for drunk driving?? Hell no! So why should they ignore the fact that he is an illegal alien and by the law should be deported?

It’s defined this is a drunk driving case.
Drunk Driving is what happen here am I right? What about the last 1,000 driving Violations that had something to do with drunkenness how come they don’t get TV time like this? I agree about getting immigration under control but this is weak point.

Hey! Did you know that those who are American Citizen are running out of social security? Well how much money can we put back into SSI if we let more people (immigrants) work here with SSI contribution? Even if the immigrants work in America for a short-term with a work Visa, and think of all those baby boomers who are worried about money.

Bill’s tactics are always the same. Everything Bill O’f-hole wants is to make a cheap political point. He is a fool and full of hate & anger. His message is not going to work. Most good people will do there best to understand another’s beliefs & thoughts. Bill F’O’hole, on the other hand, is just a complete arse, fuelled by the christian right. Go to hell Jesus, if these are the people backing you. O’Reily off the air; it’s as important as impeaching Bush.

I think and history proves it that when you fight against something you don’t like it happen or appears even more. We should focus on a solution not the problem. There is always a Solution; we just have to keep our emotion and resentments away from our thoughts.

please don’t read this!
Now that you have read this (which I told you not to, you boob!) a man named Richard Simmons will come into your house when you least expect it and dance until you die.
Unless you’re good with a fire extinguisher, repost this message in three other videos and I’ll wear pants.

Geraldo is 100% correct it has nothing to do with the immigration status. Just another red herring and bogus argument by O’Reily. It is too bad I once thought the “Big O” really stood for something true but it is clear now he stands for the fascist war making new world order.


O’really: GOP Reich-wing suicide bomber.

O’really.. SAY IT.. you want bush to INVADE MEXICO. Label all “mexicans” from Central & South America “terrorist”.. just round them up and torture them into confessions.. you know.. bring war to some 1500mi of southern border.

Ok. AN AMERICAN convicted level 5 murderer accidently kills a girl in a car crash. So does an Illeagal alien. The alien get WAY more public refutal than the lvel 5 murderer even though the murders crimes against humanity have been much worse. There’s something wrong with this story

The guy had a good argument but he fell victim to bill’s world and stupped to his level… since both arguments are just being made by yelling the same thing… he should have kept yelling that he is using a drunk driving tragedy to make a cheap political point
He’s using the same tactic as bush did with iraq… if you mention drunk driving and illegal aliens together and make it look like theyre killing ppl, it makes a stronger case

What’s wrong with wanting the law enforced and getting upset when it is not? “HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEPORTED!” According to the law, yes, Bill. Exactly. The alternative, as he said, is anarchy. Why is that considered “losing his mind?” Because he is passionate about wanting the law enforced? Is everyone on here really that dense to not see that his point is sound?

I hate Bill O’reilly, the pompous jerk that he is, but when it comes to immigrants he as a friend in me. Every single illegal immigrant and their children should be removed from America today!! I’d rather live to see America fall into an SS police state than what I fear it is to become. Immigration is a cancer, deep and all encompassing retrograde laws should put into place and energetically enforced.

i think the author of this video needs to get his facts straight. I don’t think O’Reilly hates Mexicans, he hates when they’re here illegally. And I don’t like having people here who shouldn’t be here. These illegals can kill people and not get kicked out of the country?! What is that?

I was a court translator for a drunk driver for an illegal alien from Mexico who killed my co-worker and his baby in an accident. If he worked have been deported he would have gotten zero punishment, but instead justice is served and he will be in jail for years then deported when he’s 80. I don’t hate the Mexican for killing my co-worker and baby but I see a need for drunk driving and immigration reform (no stupid wall- China’s didn’t work 2000 years ago)

When somebody like Geraldo shows up O’Reilly it shows what a biased loud mouthed idiot O’Reilly really is. O’reilly is a spokesman for and a symbol of the Stupid, Ignorant American who thinks the U.S. is the be-all and end-all of the world, which unfortunately is the way most of the world sees us. THANK GOD this era of the self-rightous religious right wing will soon be coming to an end.

If 12 million uneducated French people snuck over here, marched in the streets waving French flags, spit on the US soccer team when they played the French squad, talked about ‘Everything for the French race, outside the French race, nothing’ didn’t bother to learn english and flooded the schools, prisons and hospitals to the point hospitals were closing under the weight, & sent over 14 billion dollars out of the US economy & back to France every year, I bet he would care.

O’Reilly is saying that the person directly responsible for the death of these girls was NOT supposed to be here. If there were no illegals, the girls would still be alive. This is a fact. What’s the argument? You OReilly bashers are idiots plain and simple.

how do you know that if their were no illegals , perhap the hospital could find the cleaners and the girls would have died from an infection at birth….please do a full system analysis. FACT. If you take out that they were there then you have to take out a whole load of other things, everything that they ever touched. FACT

Bill vrs Geraldo Hahahahahaah~! Ahahahahahahaah
When two right wing Duchebags disagree. The shouting strategy versus the shouting strategy. Priceless. Geraldo is right though. O’Rly is being a total demogouge and cheap hatchet pulpitter. (You know like always).

if you are or have read this comment then you are cursed for life. You will have a terrible life and never get married (if you are already married you will get divorced). Only way to undo this curse is if you comment 5 videos with this exact message

There are about prolly a lot more drunk driving accidents killing little girls with the criminal being a local than being an illegal immigrant. Just because the guy is an illegal immigrant, O’reilly decides to use it to further his racist agenda, seriously, just like Bush, this guy is one of them who deserve to die. They are more despicable than people who blow themselves up.

despite their rantings, the white house doesnt care about immigration. we’ll all be a part of the North American Union and will essentially be one country with Mexico and Canada very soon. they know this, but because Bush did it so quietly, not very many other people seem to realize the implications.

You white racist fucks be scared, so what if you guys deport 3 million illegals. We still have 50+ millions legal, US born Latinos, Hispanics, Mexican, etc here. Doesn’t fucking make a difference? You guys don’t make enough babies, in 20 years is over. The Hispanics/Latinos will eventually take over. Be afraid. Oh yeah about the video that’s a cheap way to gain ratings.

What a bunch of BS. We have a bunch of politicians who LIE to Americans. They REFUSE to enforce the LAWS. O’Reilly needs to kick “their” asses. He had the opportunity to pressure them, but he use it. He can thank Bush and corporate America too.

There is no doubt that ignorance comes with stupidity… If anyone is fucking up the world more than any other country, that will be the U.S… you guys are nothing but pirates.. you guys have nothing but unearned wealth and a bunch of idiots like you that are proud about it…

Geraldo is right, the issue is that the guy was DUI, not that he was an illegal. Yes this guy should have been deported, but that isn’t to say another young girl would have been killed that night somewhere in America by a citizen who was DUI. The use of this tragedy is blatant propaganda by the right.

Bill O’Reily is a fuking pig… the argument had absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigrants. Just like Rivera said, congress and even the president is for reasonable immigration reform, but people like Bill O’Reily would like nothing better than to go back to the days when we were throwing “Japs” into concentration camps.

If someone kills your brother while they are committing a bank robbery you wouldn’t excuse them by saying,”Well if they hadn’t killed my bro then someone else probably would’ve come along and done it!” If the illegals hadn’t been here illegally they’d never have driven drunk and killed innocent people.

I dont get whats so bad about being inamerican, as this guy says non-americans axtualy on the whole dont commit as much crime as citzens do, their just personfied in that way by the goverment to use them as a handy villian to take stuff out on. The issue here is drunk driving, punish the guy, deport him, but dont treat him differently because hes not american.

Might as well say fuck the citizens cuz they do more shit than the “illegals” do. It was drunk driving. I’m surprised this got as much attention as it did. There are way more drunk driving incidents caused by us U.S. citizens. Of coursed the immigrant has to be deported and trialed but, this should not be made an issue about illegal immigration and the “bad” things that come with it.

Why cant all the idiots see this, im mean im british so i disklike both parties, but its called selective reporting, where your biased conservative media chooses a story to report on based on how to influence the publics mind, they wouldnt have picked on a red neck drunk driver (apparantly a common occurance) but they pick on this guy to alienate the mexicans. The supporters of o’reily are simply dumb masses taken in by patriotism and the sheperd herding of your government.

You can tell some people like Bill take up a valid issue like this (illegal immigration) because it’s the closest thing they can say to what they actually feel (get all the Mexicans out of this country so the US can be white again) without losing their jobs or getting beat down in public.

both of them are too passionate about things they don’t have half an understanding of. they should go suck on a lollipop or something to shut themselves up. Ei they make lot’s a money talking about other people’s lives and they disguise their discussions as OPINIONS while the people they talk about are suffering. With these two, the discussion is all about who is right. Just that.

your absolutely right, I guarentee this wouldn’t have been on his show if it was just one of the tun of the mill imcidents, but his argument states that do to his illegality status in this country, and the fact that his behavior should have warrented criminal punishment and deportation, he should have no longer been here.

Actually if you watch the full segment that was done on his show, you would see that the attack he is making is actually against the mayor of Virgina Beach, Meyera Oberndorf, Justice Colon Whitehurst who allowed Ramos back on the street after a DUI conviction, and Gov. Tim Kaine for his loose policing policy.

The constituents of the Mexican invasion force (NOT immigrants) are worse drivers on average than real immigrants are, because they went to driving school and got a valid license. My family came from E. Europe and had to hurt and kill many Soviets to do it. I would be happy to carry the same proud tradition to some of these libs if they take the wrong side on the invasion force.

In 1997 a girl called lauren was walikng in a forest and then a she just dissapeared no one ever found her untill 2000 when a yoing girl called Mary found her body and markings on her chest saying: I wasnt pretty enough” and now you have read this she will appear in your mirror saying your not pretty enough and kill you. by the way the girl called mary died shortly after. To be saved paste this to 5 other videos. THIS TRUE

Hi, my name is Cyrus. I used to be a quiet boy. One day, Willy Wonka took me to his “chocolate factory” and…killed me with a chocolate knife.
Post this on 23 more comments or I’ll appear at your house at 11 PM and eat your chocolate brains.

Bill is right on. Illegals immigrants get away with everything. They dont belong here period. I hope some of you pro illegal immigrant people get HURT REALLY BAD by one of the fool. Then what would you say. Uhh I would have got hurt anyway, it dont matter that he was in the country illegally. Come on now…you all would be mad. But you all cant admit it because you are all wrong

And you do? Why? Please explain the reason why you belong on the soil you eat,drink and jerk on? What happen if it was a local drunk driver? If a local drunk driver hurt you really bad then would you say oh at least he wasn’t illegal, instead you would be crying like the wet pussy you are.

I’m not an O’Reilly fan, BUT he’s right on this one. The ILLEGAL immigrant was convicted of three prior drunk driving offenses, and one identity theft offense. He NEVER served any jail time, and NEVER got deported. Those “347 fatalities in the commonwealth of Virgina” Geraldo speaks about, could have been reduced to 346. End of story!

If you agreed with O’Reilly’s uncompelling argument, and if your honest, you would admit that the real issue is that you dont want any more “Latinos” in the country. TOO many of them here. You feel threatened economically and maybe even as a race or ethnic group. Inevitably “Latinos” on on their way to becoming the Popular Majority. In short, Let’s call a spade a spade, O’Reilly and all those who concurr with him, took a drunk driving tragedy and made it a poster to stop illegal immigration.

To assume that Bill O’Lielly lost his mind one must make the incomprehensible leap that he ever had a mind to begin with. I don’t like Geraldo Rivera, but he does make a point; O’Lielly uses tragedies to make political statements. But then, what can anyone expect from a guy who suggests that a sexually molested kidnap victim enjoyed his ordeal? Rivera OWNED O’Lielly’s ass, just like Keith Olbermann does on an almost nightly basis. Rivera isn’t a guy you can bully.

I dont understand why the criminal should not have been deported? Or did I miss something, was that example just being used by Oreilly and taken out of context? It would seem fair and legal, if you are an illegal alien and you get caught you get deported,crime or no crime.

Notable features include loudmouthed hypocrites in suits and ties who know nothing of the issues that concern their own country, lies, distortions and misleading statements, which are typically spewed at rates of as many as a dozen a minute, lack of concern for the values on which their country was founded, and suppression of anyone who’s opinion conflicts with that of rich white male republicans.

I would not conclude that the U.S is falling apart just because two people get into a hissy fight. but history does repeats itself over and over again and history has shown that every great empire falls every 200 years. we are just past our 200 years. so are we falling?

You see guys The AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IS PLAYING YOU GUYS FOR FOOLS!!! DO YOU GUYS KNOW THE PERCENTAGE OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN THE UNITED STATES IS ONLY .1% They make it seem there is like over 30% of illegal immigrants living in american there is only .1% thats all!!! illegal immigrants is not a problem the government is the problem

they spending BILLIONS ON A GATE at the border for what reason?? to stop it? you gonna spend billions on a hi-tech fence just to stop immigrants for coming.. I find SHIT LOADS of stuff where they can those billions.. like the war in iraq. And people make it seem its only Bush, Congress is in it too.. they the one that has to agree too it. bill is such a racist who fault was it a drunk driver not an immigrant

if we gather all the illegals and euthanize them, we can then feed them to our poor, our homeless, and our deadbeats, thus getting rid of welfare. think of the money we could save by converting these illegal trespassers into a nutritious product. it makes perfect sense.

I agree with O’Reilly. I got a buddy that is a highway patrol here and he has said the same thing, but he said it is worse than the Virginia whatever they are talking about. 42 wrecks just this week involving drunks immigrants. In which 26 of them were here illegally. And alot of them dont have insurance. Go O’Reilly. Say the things that should be said. They should be deported. Now it would be different if they were here legally. I now have a new respect for him!

Actually if you watch the full segment that was done on his show, you would see that the attack he is making is actually against the mayor of Virgina Beach, Meyera Oberndorf, Justice Colon Whitehurst who allowed Ramos back on the street after a DUI conviction, and Gov. Tim Kaine for his loose policing policy.

Bill O’Reilly is wrong and he is an ass. Geraldo couldn’t have said it better Bill is totally wrong and using that awful incident to futher is own agenda. He make me freaking sick !! I can’t stand his old dumb ass, he has no room talking about anyone with his perverted ass self. He needs to be in jail and taken off the air . I mean they will let anyone be on tv these days …even perverts !



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