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April 7, 2007

Chad Vader Does Rifftrax (special Chad Vader episode)

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Youtube Commments:
its mike’s new thing hes got goin on, basically alot like MST3K in premise with out ya know, the characters and story and stuff. bascially you download an mp3 for a small fee that has a commentary on it that synchs up with the movie your watching on your dvd player. its real funny just like mst used to be and it feels so good to get that mst experience again. on several of the movies mike is joined by either kevin murphey or bill corbett.

AKA “Chad Vader Sells Out” ? I didn’t quite catch the name of that company Chad was endorsing… was it RIFFTRAX? I think it was RIFFTRAX. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was RIFFTRAX… Gee, I feel like going to RIFFTRAX now… Come on everyone, lets go to RIFFTRAX!

psh. who the heck cares if they “sold out” or whatever. i got to see mike nelson!! yay!!! besides, i’m glad because i actually didn’t know about rifftracks. it would have been more fitting if they had titled this as a rifftracks video/ad with chad making a special appearance, though, rather than getting everyone excited thinking it was cv ep 8.


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