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April 8, 2007

Global Warming is "Coming Soon"… DON’T be Discouraged

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Youtube Commments:
Reported 5/4/07, Prof Lance Enderbee, Monash University. Stated “It is highly probable that increased electromagnetic radiation of the sun is behind global warming”. Reported same day – article “Mars is heating up” NASA Scientist Lori Fenton reported that Mars is heating up at a comparable rate to earth. Beleived to be caused by solar radiation.

What are you trying to create here? Your points cannot be backed with factual proof and you don’t even seem enthusiastic. Is this some joke?

So, if you do say “Global Warming” is coming, what do you intend us to do? Stop driving cars? Impossible!

I’ll take this video with a pinch of salt for now, if its use was intended to be of some joke, if not, then you made a failed attempt to prove any point you were intended to make.

I use the term generally, not to individuals. Ban driving? who is going to deliver your food/goods, how are the doctors/nurses getting to work, what are fire fighters going to drive etc, etc, etc. Ban driving & hello to the end of civilisation as we know it, beleive it! You CANNOT turn the clock back to evolution.

We know Paul our goverment has already drawn up legally binding rules to cut greenhouse gases by %60
during the next 20 years. I was actually really proud of my country once i read the news. I guess it shows they do actually give a f**k about the place we live in(UK) craig.

LOOOOL! the cave men! i loved that! but i really dont think there were that many cave men around ,and even if there were i dont think they all knew how to make a fire, and even if they did, we would all still be cave men waiting 4 the 1st ice age.

from what a scientist lectured at my college, the statistics to global warming is very allarming… the polar caps are melting at an alarming rate, the polution we put into the air, is causing the atmosphere to thicken, trapping more and more of the suns heat, as well as the heat we generate added to that.

Of all the people I subscribe to, the only one I “bash” is Renetto. That’s because he’s a glory seeker who thinks his road to fame is on YouTube. It’s already cost him his marriage, yet he’d rather post stupid videos on global warming than work on that. Renetto and his minions (you would be one) are the real losers.

well actually i dont believe in glabal warming, coz altho its getting warmer in europe and other cold regions around the world, but at the same time its getting cooler in hot places like the middle east for example, its probablt just some change tahts occuring or will occur during the next couple of years, Basically its just my opinion and i have heard that from alot of sources. anyway, great video, keep it up 😉

yep, it was like a blizzard here in Lexington, KY…and also in Nashville, TN (I drove from Nashville to Lexington today…it was a blizzard the entire way!…WHAT THE HECK! I just went out and bought summer clothes because last weekend it was like 80!…

Good job, right out of the Rush Limbaugh handbook. There really is no dispute on global warming. Just about every reputable scientist agrees that it’s happening, but you can always find some “expert” that the right wing trots out to dispute the fact and he or she is given equal weight to make it seem like this is actually a controversial topic. It isn’t.

exxonmobile funded the ‘skeptics’ from 1998-2006 with the explicit intention to instill artificial skepticism in the media and scientifically illiterate population. eventually they stopped and now their position is anthropogenic climate change is real and with us. still, all oil companies besides BP and exxon continue to fund the skeptics. on wikipedia you can read about the climate creationists’ evolving opinions:


Could not agree more. I think we should be concerned by global warming, not wasting time on trying to work out ways to change the planet but concerning ourselves with how to adapt to our naturally changing planet so as to keep our civilisation in tact.

Hmm…I love how people on both sides of the issue are disagreeing with you. You do know about the theorized link between the dinosaurs’ chilly extinction and the massive undersea crater near the Yucatan Peninsula, don’t you? Probably, and you’re just funnin’.

Why don’t you tell us how science works, Einstein? Tens of thousands of people die in a heatwave in Europe, polar bears and coral reefs are disappearing, permafrost melting, entire islands disappearing… but we we don’t care in the USA because we are retards! But since you’re so smart, enlighten us about – about what? What’s your point?

It’s amusing how global warming deniers will use every cold day as “evidence” that global warming is real, as if the fact of global warming somehow prevents any cold weather. Remember: the average global temperature has gone up by only about 1.3 degrees celsius. That does not rule out cold weather, but does allow smart asses to deny the reality of what is happening.


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Yes Global warming is happening, I agree. Yet the latest findings show that global warming is also happening on Mars at the same rate as on earth. Now unless there are little green men on mars causing this, or it is fairly obvious that it is a natural phenomenon occurring throughout the solar system. Nothing we can do about it, just have to try and survive as a species.

this was funny, but renetto and anyone else interested — global warming occurs naturally every 50 thousands of years or so. YES, pollution adds to global warming, but we the people really have little influence. It’s our culture, the company packaging and recycling programs (as well as oil companies refusing to allow more ethanol) who are the problem.


Half of all global carbon emissions come from generating electricity for homes.

It’s because we demand “convenience” that they wrap everything in unnecessary packaging. It’s because we insist on driving our cars that the oil companies have any money and power at all.

The corporations are just following profits. We are the ones who’re making what they do profitable by blindly paying for their products without asking how they made them.

I got one answer to all this and you can look this thing up for yourself on google or some search engine winpedia. It’s called the HAARP project and it’s been used by the goverment for several years now. Shame Tesla wasn’t alive to navigate his invention to proper use…

Don’t know about that project, but in my country, for a couple of good years now, we don’t even have 4 seasons anymore. That’s right.. there is only summer and winter, now.
I know it sounds a bit exaggerated, but I swear it’s the truth!
And the summer is only getting hotter and hotter by the year. Thousands of people faint outside, in the streets, because of the heat.
Let’s not talk about floodings, that are now a serious concern!
And things are NOT getting better.

Paul, up until I saw this video I thought you were quite an intelligent person. But you obviously have not brushed up on your knowledge of climate change. “Global warming” is a term to describe the rise in average surface temperature, but this does not account for the day-to-day state of the atmosphere.

Global Warming could actually be cause by the increased radiation coming from the sun itself rather so much from any actual greenhouse effect. So, if it is the sun causing the warming, rather than any human action, it would be entirely fruitless for people to try to circumvent this natural occurance by means of limiting carbon dioxide emissions.

While you are correct, and I’m sure you know this…this is for others to read…the Mars warming has no relation to the processes that go into global warming on earth. They are incomparable. The warming on Mars is due to the dust (storms and dust devils).

You are right retard, it is an anomaly. I could point to thousands of high temperature records. Last year was the warmest on record. Oh, and by the way, after the ice melts, global warming might very well cause an ice age. Those trees will be under a mile of ice.

Ohio is full of morons who think they are geniuses and should run the world. They don’t even bother to count votes there anymore. Of course the geniuses all lie about the crimes they commit. But that is ok, because God or some whack job like this guy told them to do it.

Learn some science, Paul.

The local daily weather and the global long-term climate are NOT the same thing. Science 101.

“Global Warming” is, as the name suggests, a GLOBAL increase in temperature worldwide. It does not and never has meant an absence of LOCAL variation in the weather.

You are destroying the world for your children and, one day, you’ll have to explain to them why Daddy was ignorantly mocking his own children’s future on a YouTube video. Let’s see you turn that one into a joke.

seconded. What most people don’t realize is that global warming doesn’t mean the globe is going to heat up 20 or 30 degrees. Only a 4-5 degree fluctuation can be enough to destroy habitats all around the world…that’s what scientists are trying to prevent.

Uhh, humans didn’t exist at the same time as Dinosaurs, we didn’t evolve for millions of years after they became extinct. But you knew that, right? Anyway, there is snow forecast for this area for tomorrow. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve had snow in April by a long shot.

I’m sure you’re an expert in evolution and not just some guy who watches the Discovery channel. I wish there were more knowledgeable people out there like yourself, that way there wouldn’t be all these people believing nonsense like “information theory.” We all know information is “creationist” mumbo jumbo.

I am selling carbon offsets for anyone feeling guilt. I will personally kill a kitten in your name for $20. This will offset your carbon emissions for the year. Do you know how much CO2 a kitten emits? Me neither, but I’m sure it’s a lot.

And it’s only 20 bucks. Details to follow. Puppies next.

Well, I’ll be damn. Can’t believe how many stupid fucks can deny this.
Let me tell you something smart asses, when you live somewhere in the U.S., or some Western-European country, your word really doesn’t mean shit!
Try coming in Eastern Europe, and you might be surprised of the effects of global warming!
There is no denial about it, this stuff is REAL!

I misspoken. What I meant to say is, it’s definitely because of man.
I mean, come on, nobody can tell me pollution and continuing lack of interest for the environment have nothing to do with this.
Of course, people can believe whatever they want to believe. If they want to believe that all the harm that’s been done to Earth in general, is part of “normality”, then thats their opinion.

It doesn’t actually matter.

We have to live with the consequences of it, whether it’s nature or man responsible for it.

In the same way that if your home is washed away in a torrential flood then, whether it was a badly designed man-made dam breaking or just unusually heavy rainfall that caused the flood, your home is still washed away.

Let’s hope it’s man-made carbon emissions.

Because if that’s the case, we can do something to put it right again.

The alternative is that it’s an unstoppable force of nature – rejecting all life on Earth – and there is no preventative action we can take whatsoever.

That’s a far, far more frightening prospect than just accepting we have to switch a few lightbulbs, conserve energy and walk a bit more often (which is cheaper and healthier, that you should probably be doing it anyway).

Geez, the guy is making a joke about the weather and you guys take it way to serious.

For the record, Global Warming is real, but not the the extent some politicians make it seem. The Earth goes though natural cycles of warming and freezing, with all the carbon and gases we are releasing into the air it will speed the warming up a little bit, but it will still go down again.

I say everyone use alot of fuel and aerosol spray the sped it up, cuz I’m freezing right now (j/k if you couldnt tell)


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