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April 8, 2007

Renetto does Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam

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Youtube Commments:
if you wanna play Last Kiss, the chords are in order of: G, Em, C, D, and back to G. the strum is down, down, up, up, down, up. that’s very important. i play a 1969 Silvertone with a Sunburst design. it’s awesome. the song is also by Pearl Jam. oh…nice try with the singing though. comment me if you wanna chat.

Wow. Just started playing with a Cort. I was looking at a Martin but at over 2,000 it’s out of the question (I’m not fishing here)I am a terrible player, but in the scheme of life’s trials and tribulations it really doesn’t matter. I’m just thinking about how good I will become if I continue to play.

No strings attached, but I’ll just do a video about their guitar and a link to their website. Not sure why you refused the first time if you just ended up doing this anyway. I don’t really care, heck, if people want to give you free stuff more power to them.

Uh oh…Renetto. You have accidently bumped into your true calling – Product Endorsement. It is only a matter of time before you slip down the K-Tel-Ronco-Popeil waterslide. Fortunatley you ARE entertaining. Tick Tock. No tatoo’s on your skull please.

Nice Guitar renetto. Get yourself a nice little 5 or 10 watt tube amp and your all set. Check out youtube user “troubleclef” for inspiration. He is awesome. Check his whole video list. He arranges everthing from zeppelin to waltzes on accoustic. If you get tired of the guitar let me know… i’ll trade you a 2100 psi pressure washer for it.

Yeah, there’s perks – if you are way up in the ranks, one of the ‘chosen few’ on here.
The rest of us are just folks with a webcam, saying what we think, doing what we like…

In other words, real people.
Nice acting.

Any sufficiently twisted reality is indistinguishable from fiction.
Any sufficiently plausible fiction is indistinguishable from reality.

Welcome to the new age of entertainment.
©Euchre 2007

Wow Renetto, you can actually sing! Sorry, Eddie Vedder you’re not. I don’t think anyone on the planet could duplicate his voice. But maybe a Randy Travis you are. Put a little more southern twang into it, the right chords, and you could be a goldurn country singer…


You have the ability of impacting many more people. More than just entertaining. I know this is a website to have fun and forget about reality for a minute. But actual people need things such as donations. Donate the guitar and the shirt. It won’t cost you anything.

it looks like a good guitar, but from “waterstone” who knows. the thing could be cardboard. you’re not gonna sell anyone buy playing it unplugged. how can you not have an amp? you’re a veteran musician. PS you’re full of it man, you totally product placed the guitar in a recent video. way to ‘shatter the illusion of integrity,’ paul. it’s clear you value money over honesty. nice priorities. just say it’s a paid endorsement like an ethical person would.

i think he said it was not a paid endorsement? do you not believe him? i thought he said they called him, wanted him to have it. they probably hoped he’d use it in a video, and he did. he gets a free guitar. they get their name recognized. you think they’re paying him more?

my nana made that comment but shes right on it. i gess paul said he got the gitar for free. i didn see the video. but my nana is right to be mad when they do commershals and dont even tell about it. they should say when they get compt to be honess. look at bohene he made a fake story up to plug 300. its juss so dishoness. thy r lying to their fans n using m.


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