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April 9, 2007

spricket24 does LisaNova

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Youtube Commments:
oh girl this was so good i couldn beleve iteven! but who are lisanoba and lonelygirl15? so far as i kno the only girl here is sprickets24!!! also i gotta say on how soff n radient you are in this so sensual n tender too. i’m from midwest to you kno i was born in cleveland, no pun tended. luv u girl – kong

You put me in a quandary with this. I love both of you. Since it’s JC’s big weekend (and just because we have the same initials, please, enough with the fronds), I’m going to have to say, If the J man comes back this week, and makes a choice, I’m going to have to say, he’d go with, morbeck (RIP). Really, who’s more inclusive and representative?

I knew that was coming sooner of later. I love ya both. “My new addiction” by Lisa Nova, is MAD funny though, you got to admit. Blah blah blah…blah blah blah blah! Spricket..did you leave your man living in basement yet? Hope so..he don’t deserve you. Peace, JeffVell

Any comment I make will get me in trouble with my wife. In fact, this comment is implying that I want to post a comment that would get me in trouble with my wife, so I’m now in trouble with my wife. Shit.
Might as well comment then: That was hilarious and hot, wrapped in a tortilla of sarcastic sting. (Apparently I like alliteration.) Great video.

Spricket24 you playjerizd parts of this from LisaNova how could you!1! I called my mom in the next roo–uh, I mean at her house across the country, actually in Siberia, yeah, she lives in Siberia, heres the full text of that call:

“Hey mom, who is the coolest kid on youtube?”
“you are son”
“and is Spricket24 getting too popular and her subscribers will believe anything they read?”
“thats right Jim, btw you are da man”

There it is in black and white folks. Unclinching proof that Im a jackass.

Personally I think it’s unecessary, And find it offesive you half naked hussy women should be resp….good my girlfriend’s gone. Spricket24 baby you rock! No your rocking hot! Also you videos are really funny, and have you seen the “who will save us from Renetto” video?

damn spricket thats a nice pair you got there,and that mouth is so purdy,I bet Clinton will even start checking out your vlogs.damn girl .I always said that you look like a younger sexier julianne Moore,but hell even 10 or 12 years ago julianna didnt look as hot as you.

I don’t know Karen. I mean to be honest & if you don’t like my opinion, that’s fine. I miss the old you, that didn’t seem to have an agenda. I miss the videos of you just sharing your self made comedy not interested in doing a tit for tat. It’s my honest opinion, hate me if you wanna. I still like you very much, regardless. I hope you understand, but if not, I shrug.


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