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April 9, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
none of us are perfect:) … as long as we over come our past, and make efforts to change our lives, we should be forgiven ..unfortunately, some ppl are to stuck in their ways to realise ppl can and do change..even tho the first story told was fiction, i think there was a good message behind it , wether or not, u meant for there to be one lol…dont u just hate when u aint got the important stuff on ya when u need it the insurance card’re great Zip 🙂
Keri Lynn

Zipster, you are the man. Good one I almost belived it. I don’t think there is anything that you could have done in your past that would surprise any of us. Your are so cool and kind. Glad to see you recived your passport. Are you almost ready to go? PandoraDam xoxoxo Missed you. Been away for awhile. Still love you thou. xoxoxo

Yeah. Most of us can tell this video’s a work of fiction, but I still stand by my basis that at least 80% of what this guy says is a load of crap. This is the Internet, people. He can tell you anything he wants and laugh behind your back. He’s clearly very good at the art of laughter. I smell a rat. Yes. I smell a rat and its teeth are pink.

“Six meaningful relationships”… “Oddly enough, all of the guys were named Bubba”…

And I fell offa my frickin’ chair, Zip!!!!

I trust there were no chain saws used in that murder… hehehehe…

Great story, Zip!


Oh I’m sorry, I’m laughing uncontrollably. I WAS just pulled over this morning too – FOR SPEEDING. NICE young cop told me to just slow down. MAN it feels good bein’ a con don’t it Zipster? HAHAHA!! I AM LAUGHING so hard. HILARIOUS video. GREAT as always. Totally fun…especially the MUG SHOT. Classic Zipster. LYZ.

Zipster, that is not funny… Gee, are you nuts spreading this all over the world? Now that everybody knows your background Europe will never let you in…

Ahahaha, can’t keep it up… Ahahahaha
This first picture is a crackerjack… I want a poster of it!

Hey Zippy, Well that was very daring to post. Funny in a different way. Just not a vid I would expect from you. Don’t get me wrong, I like you and I get the joke but, I wonder how many people unsubscribed before reading the end scroll? I guess those of us who have had family or friends murdered for no reason are a little sensitive.

I saw that idiots comments on your other video. I knew when I read them that it wasn’t true. What I didn’t know is you could be put in jail for not having your insurance card with you. That is just crazy!! Half the people from my home town would be in jail.


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