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April 10, 2007

Geraldo Rivera exposes Bill O’Reilly as a Bigot. 04/06/2007

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I’m glad you looked it up. Now if you had any common sense at all you know I wouldn’t call him a bigot just because he’s against illegal immigration. I called him a bigot because he cannot stand Rivera’s opinion, he starts to shout like a baby to get his point across. And then accuses Rivera of wanting open borders, another cheap move. It’s a disgrace.

liberal tendency requires one to be smart. im so fed up w/ liberals w/ their heads up their ass. they may well mean well, BUT, it is not intelligent to follow an ideology blindly, like many conservatives do as well. (many many actually). c’mon people, be smart, think for urselves. it is wrong for someone to protect illegal immigrants, this tragic case of drunk driving could have been avoided.

“Cheap political point”? Please don’t simply regurgitate someone elses opinion. You mention that we should “have a heart” I contend that you need to use your head. Ignoring the law because you do not agree with it is criminal. Don’t like the law? Fix it. But without enforcement laws mean nothing. These girls did not need to die. Had our laws been enforced they still would be. Your rhetoric only serves to divide.

This was about drunk driving. Alcohol kills thousands of our kids everyday. Old Billy is trying to use these deaths for his own evil agenda. Why not try to stop anyone from driving drunk, he missed the whole point, the dumb #ss!
Love & Peace

No one said race, they said illigal aliens. O’Reilly never said a single thing about race. The guy DID come here illegally, he DID get caught comiting CRIMES OTHER THAN CROSSING THE BORDER, and he WAS LET GO. That is the problem Bill is speaking of, not simply illigals, not race or ethnicity, but the illigals who DO comit crimes WHILE HERE. That is the problem and I don’t see how anyone can miss it unless they have already have biased feelings on the subject.

This is the perfect example of how bigots like O’ Reilly dishonestly use their bully pulpit to back a political ideology. In this case to unjustly stir up anti illegal-immigrant hatred. Any attempt to relate drunk driving to the illegal immigrant community is insane. In fact Whenever an illegal immigrant commits a crime or misdemeanor its headline news with theTancredo, O’Reilly, Dobbs crowd to the point where the average person starts assuming all illegals are killers & criminals. SHAME ON YOU

Far form the point. He’s relating THIS drunk driver to illegal immigrantion, because THIS drunk driver IS ONE. His argument is agianst laws protecting the illigals that DO commit crimes by reporting them and deporting them when arrested the first time, so there won’t be a second. No one ever assumed all illegals were criminals, but there are some who are, and it’s them who must be deported. Not all illegals are bad, but not all are good, the same can be said for any group of people.

This individual’s ‘illegal alien’ status is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the fact that he killed two people while driving drunk. Therein lies Billo’s bigotry. He can play the ‘what if’ game all day about whether these two young people would still be alive if this person had been deported, and it will not change the fact that they DID die because of a drunk driver. Billo is an abhorrent, abrasive, arrogant, deceitful man. Too bad Faux and Billo remain on the air.

You my friend are a moron. The guy that MURDERED those kids was arrested FOUR TIMES! let me say it again FOUR TIMES, once more WAS ARRESTED FOUR TIMES for drunk driving. I think that is grounds for deportation. And he was an illegal alien. I will say it one more time for those of you who are stupid, an illegal alien is some one who has no LEGAL RIGHT TO BE IN THE U.S. Deport illegals and release the border guards that are in prison for no reason!

I am neither your friend NOR a moron. The guy who murdered those young people is a DRUNK DRIVER! Laws in the United States against DRUNK DRIVING need to be stricter AND uniformly enforced! Furthermore, I stand by my assertion that Billo is an abhorrent, abrasive, arrogant, deceitful man. Sad that he has so many like-minded syncophants eagerly consuming his virulent crap.

Oh I see so you are dodging the fact that it was an illegal that killed them and would rather put this into a category of drunk drivers..bottom line if he wasnt here it wouldnt have happened to begin with hence his legal status does hold ground…you are whats known as a hypocite…I smell liberal too..liberals love to argue or attempt to prove a point in the same hypocritical fashion..nice try though

Umm yes, illegal immigrants are not criminals. It is populist rhetoric like that of O’ Reilliy which creates the impression that they are criminals. The vast majority of illegals are hard working people who were lured here by the promise of low income jobs and a broken immigration policry which go hand in hand. Now that they are here we need to deal with them humanely!

Nothing inhumane about deporting their asses. You see, it doesn’t matter how many are ok people. The point is that some of them WILL be bad and we have the right to demand that all of them participate in the legal process to give us the opportunity to determine which are likely to be productive and which likely to be destructive. Mexican criminals escape Mexican law easily via our porous borders. Do you want to stop that or don’t you? Do you know how to do it?

Erichof, So all illegal immigrants should be deported? It does not matter that we encouraged them to come over here in the first place. We left the door open, shouted for those hard working people until the cam in droves. Then we turned a blind eye so we could benefit from their cheap labor. Some of these people have been here for 10+ years and you want to throw them out! Imagine if this that was your family… Shame on you.

What “WE”? If you’re talking about BIG BUSINESS then say it, because hard working LEGAL Americans of ALL races sure as hell didn’t encourage it. By the way what kind of friction do you think will be created when people lose their job to an “ILLEGAL” because they will take less money and work under poor conditions? Shame on YOU for not looking at the WHOLE picture!

“it doesn’t matter how many are ok people”. Simply deport the lot huh?…sounds like Germany in the 30’s. And yes, with comprehensive fair reform, it will be possible to filter out the criminals and undesirables. The problem is that with people like you who encourage such dishonest analogies and generalizations, comprehensive reform is less likely to be succeed.

No, but we will have prevented it from happening any more than it already does. By your logic, a stranger who enters your home and breaks things can’t be asked to leave so long as your own family tends to do the same. “Gee, the stranger guy doesn’t break stuff more often than my daughter, so I guess he ought to to stay.” It’s such an a low-standard, anti-intellectual line of thinking that it really boggles the rational mind.

You poor wee mannie. Please play your ‘what if’ game all by yourself, dear. This person’s illegal alien status is NOT what killed these young teens. His drunk driving did. Not ALL illegal aliens are drunk drivers, just as not ALL drunk drivers are illegal aliens. Apparently, you too are trying to use this person’s illegal alien status to further your own political aims. I smell a bigot. P-U.

But his drunk driving only killed them because he was allowed to stay and he was allowed to stay because of a lack of enforcement of immigration law. It’s about prevention you leftist dolt. You have a MEANS of preventing things like this but you’re too worried about upholding idiotic notions of egalitarianism to think rationally.

How simplistic. Thousands of people from Mexico and further South come here because thousands of US citizens will HIRE them to work. hmmm… Just WHO is the problem here? How can we hypocritically support the capitalist paradigm, then fault ‘illegals’ for risking life and limb to partake of that big ol’ carrot? hmmmm…

Demonizing someone whose point of view differs from your own is yet another clue who is the dolt here.

And those who hire them to work should face prosecution. All you are doing here is expanding the guilty parties, not making an argument that this case is not a prime example of our failure to enforce immigration law. But as for faulting the illegals, maybe you should ask that question to those who respect our laws sufficiently to adhere to the process, despite the chance to do otherwise.

Such low standards you have.

I stand by my argument that this is a prime example of the failure of our drunk driving laws. That he is an illegal alien is irrelevant. He was driving while intoxicated! Raging about his illegal alien status after the fact is like pissing and moaning AFTER you’ve left the gate open and the horse got out!

After which fact? After the fact that he was arrested the first time for DUI? It’s simple: we had he means and legal backing to deport him AT THAT POINT. The fact that we didn’t makes this an issue of immigration enforcement. But you’re too hung up on making sure know one believes that illegals are more likely to do this type of thing that you’d rather not see that law enforced. At NO POINT have you said he should have been deported at ANY POINT in this sad affair. You’re part of the problem.

How silly of you to presume to know what I think about this person’s ‘illegal alien’ status. If our country’s egocentric corporatists would actually pass DUI laws with teeth, AND laws that would make being an ‘illegal alien’ both dangerous and fruitless, this man would have been deported for his first offense. There, I played the ‘what if’ game a wee bit for you–happy now?

The problem is the government for not enforcing laws to fine and punish business for these illegal practices. This along with outsourcing offshore is going to tear the USA down. Already illegal immigration is closing the gap between the RICH and Middle class. THERE WILL BE NO MIDDLE CLASS ONLY RICH AND POOR.

But before he was a drunk driver he was an illegal immigrant. Had we tighter control over who enters, his bad character may have disqualified him from entry all together (all potential citizens are examined for past criminal behavior). Obviously you’d rather wait until they commit the crime rather than enforce immigration law and have less of it to worry about. Good thing he didn’t kill anyone with his FIRST DUI eh?

Again, the ‘what if’ game. “Oh, waaaah, if we’d only sent him back whence he came, all would be right with this world!” All of you who insist that ‘he would not have been in this country’ might want to consider that ‘he would not have been driving drunk if this nation’s drunk driving laws were stricter and more uniformly enforced.’

The enforcement of drunk driving law takes a backseat in this case because we can’t enforce such things with the finality that we can with regard to immigration law. There is no law which allows us to deport drunk drivers. We needn’t deal with the bad behavior of citizens in the same way as with non citizens in accordance with any legal or ethical guideline so there’s no since hamstringing ourselves and pretending that we do.

Furthermore, your magical thinking is not going to bring these young people back to life. You can work to prevent drunk driving, or you can work to demonize those who sneak into the US to work for corporatists who are THRILLED to reap the benefits of cheap labor while inculcating you and your brethren to hate. How sad for you.

You can take your hate-filled rhetoric and shove it up your tight ass sideways. You and people like you are a blight on humanity. ‘Ameicans’ (sic) like you will ALWAYS want someone to hate, and NOW you want to brand some group of Americans as ‘leftist progressive commie open borders fanatics’ to justify your vitriol. Sad, sad, sad little mannie.

Perhaps if you’re going to take on those of us on the rational side of the illegal immigration debate, you might understand what we’re saying. I know of NO ONE who doesn’t understand that we have plenty of traitors in our midst who more than facilitate the current invasion for the purpose of profit. I offer them no succor but this doesn’t excuse the invaders themselves for they know perfectly well what they do is a violation of law.

Typical laughable logic of the right. Illegal immigration is one issue, drunk driving is another totally separate issue. To use a drunk driving related death to make a political point is disgusting. Sure, our immigration system needs to be reformed but whipping up hatred in this manner certainly does not help.

not if one law was broken and as an outcome could have prevented another if it was enforced the way it should have been in the beginning…things can come around full circle if you keep fucking up…thats common sense..dont be an idiot…go back to a school that actually teaches..a mind is a terrible thing to waste..

2) many seem to want to deport small numbers of illegal immigrants, but do not seek to label the industries that hire illegal immigrants as conducting illegal business practices on large scales (doing so would cause mass price instability of goods),

In my opinion, yes… this guy should’ve been deported a long time ago. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that they also did not follow “dui laws” or whatever “three strike” rule they make so clear on radio ads and what not. There are thousands of people out there on the street driving that SHOULD NOT be permitted to drive due to DUI violations (um… Paris Hilton?? Nicole Richie??)

What facts are those? It’s rather irrelevant but illegals are in fact more prone to commit all manner of crimes than American citizens. It stands to reason that having to meet no standards upon entry you’re going to get a higher proportion of criminals and potential criminals.

Actually thats not true. Most crimes commited in the US are from citizens. Thats one thing Geraldo got right. Most illegals tend to stay within the limit of the law except in two areas. That areas being that they illegally came here and they dont pay taxes.

LOL, that is the worst reasoning I’ve yet to hear, bless your heart, but being offspring of undocumented citizens has no correlation with crime rats, that’s just as accurate as the ‘science’ we used to ‘prove’ who was the smarter race…again bless your heart!

Well, I hate to bag on my own people, but have you ever seen the inside of any county jail? Sorry to say it is a fact…the chance of you committing a crime is much higher if you are the offspring of an illegal. It’s been proven many times (we’re not talking about immigrants in general, rather illegal immigrants in particular).

“Most crimes committed in the US are from citizens.” This is not the same as saying they are more prone to commit crime. The RATES of crime are far higher in the illegal alien community as compared to the general population (putting aside for a moment that they can all be said to be criminals by simply being here).

Crazy racist logic. The crime rate among illegal immigrants is actually substantially lower than that of the legal population. These people are here to feed their families and work. Nevertheless, the majority of illegal immigrants will happily comply with criminal background checks, fines, etc….just give them a chance at the American dream!

You should read FAIR’s latest report which shows conclusively the opposite. What you heard Geraldo incorrectly parrot were some statistics involving ALL immigrants. When you examine only illegals and especially those from Mexico, the rates are MUCH higher. This is a simple statement of fact and only an ignoramus would deny it.

“Typical laughable logic of the right. Illegal immigration is one issue, drunk driving is another totally separate issue.”

Except that the very purpose of immigration law is to weed out EXACTLY this type of person. Our refusal to do what is necessary to do just this results in far more destructive behavior than any rational person should be willing to tolerate. But leftists don’t care about such things.

The question isn’t whether this guy remains a drunk driver whether deported or not. The question is whether his drunk driving kills American citizens if he isn’t, and of course it wouldn’t. America ought to be about the business of protecting it’s citizens and it can’t do that if it has no control over who enters. You people saying that immigration isn’t relevant just don’t get it. You must have no idea what the purpose of an immigration policy and its enforcement is to even propose it.

Exept of course that it’s not unrelated. Immigration policy is there to help weed out potential trouble makers. This is exactly the type of thing that occurs when you both make no effort to so weed out and then repeat the mistake even after you get a clue what kind of person this is. It’s very simple, we had the means to prevent a crime by simply upholding immigration law and two people are dead because we did not.

Sorry but the issue of drunk driving is NOT related to the issue of illegal immigration. Reforming our immigration system is crucial but vilifying illegal immigrants by creating dishonest correlations is not the way to address the problem. All it does is stir up hatred and racism. And, Ericvonhof, this is what you do not seem to understand.

Tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. I care nothing for your precious concerns over “racism.” That seems to be the lefts only reason for existence these days: making sure NO ONE is guilty of racist thought. If you have to trample all over the fucking truth and weaken American to make sure you ideals are attained, then so be it.

Truth is obviously meant to be sacrificed it someone, somewhere might be guilty of the thought crime of racism. If pointing out that illegals are commit crime at rates higher than the general population makes someone, somewhere think bad thoughts about illegals, then this truth must be suppressed and denied. ALL HAIL THE NEW GOD OF ANTI-RACISM. ALL OTHER CONSIDERATIONS BOW TO IT’S GREATNESS.

He understands perfectly that laws against illegal entry are meant to reduce exactly this type of thing from occurring and since they were not enforced, it did. There’s no need to address the typical aspects of DUI prevention and enforcement in this case when we have a far broader and more effective means of dealing with such things at our disposal: deportation.

These f’n beabers getting free health care and being handed “get out of jail” card because W and feds tie the hands of good LE people, kick both illegals and W out of this country for good. This drunk would not have killed this teen if he was sent back, do you idiots not get it???

So by this logic if a drunk driver kills someone and later it is revealed that the same driver had pirated thousands of DVD’s then we can natuarally assume that if this person was prosecuted and jailed for that piracy there would have been no drunk driving victimi. Ahh that is it! – all we need to do is stop piracy and we will totally eliminate drunk driving related deaths.

Pirating DVDs is not related in any significantly predictive way to drunk driving. One doesn’t give any reasonable hint of the possibility of the other. OTOH, drunk driving is related to drunk driving. You see my confused little friend, he was arrested previously for precisely the type of crime that resulted in murder.

You just don’t get it…you must have really struggled on thos SATS! Try this one…Drunk Driving is to Illegal Immigration as:
Drunk Driving is to Pirating DVD’s
Drunk Driving is to Shop Lifting
Drunk Driving is to J-Walking
By your logic the answer would be all of the above. It does not matter if a person, illegal immigrant or not, had been previously arrested 20 times for drunk driving incidents there is still no relationship between illegal immigration and drunk driving!!!!

It would be none of the above. Why? Because none of those laws are passed with the idea of preventing future DUI. Those laws are related to a respective, specific crime. OTOH, what your low IQ doesn’t allow you to see, is the immigration law DOES. When you apply for citizenship, a whole host of bad behavior can disqualify. The purpose therefore is broad and meant to apply to the potential of all manner of crime.

You have a drunk diver who is also an illegal. You 1)put him in jail and follow the normal procedure as for a citizen or 2)hold him for a time sufficient to DEPORT HIM. Apparently you’d just like to completely ignore the opportunity to weed out trouble makers from having a presence here if we aren’t required by any law or ethical guideline to allow it. You enjoy the thought of a weak America that is afraid to do such things eh?

What your arguing for in essence is the very notion of vetting anyone who enters the nation. Because there are already laws against all sorts of crimes, we needn’t try to prevent people with a propensity to commit from entering. CAN YOU SAY STUPID BOYS AND GIRLS? Imagine if he had killed two peopel with his VERY first act of DUI in the Sates. DUI law couldn’t have prevented it. But IMMIGRATION law could have. And that’s EXACTLY why we put enacted the laws!

Furthermore, laws related to copyright violation are ad hoc attempts to prevent a particular crime. The purpose of laws related to immigration are far more broad and are meant to help prevent the possibility of all manner of bad behavior of which DUI is one countless many. To put it simply, one law is meant precisely to prevent the type of thing that occurred but the other is not.

Since when does the media voice of Bush (O’Reilly),care about illegal immigrants being here in the states? Corporations that put Bush in presidency want immigrants here to do our jobs cheaper. Now O’Reilly acts as though he’s against illegal immigrants being here in the states?

In American society, we take the good with the bad. Unfortunately, some DUI murders are U.S. citizens. That said, our immigration laws help our society take in the good without the bad. It is common sense and every country practices this ideology. Gerardo Rivera and other open-borders advocates, believe that non-citizens deserve the same tolerance U.S. citizens are given by our society.

Since when does the media voice of Bush (O’Reilly),care about illegal immigrants being here in the states? Corporations that put Bush in presidency want immigrants here to do our jobs cheaper. Now O’Reilly acts as though he’s against illegal immigrants being here in the states?

This is staged propaganda-people. This is apart of the media agenda to keep us sheeples race fighting each other while the US & Britain prepare for Iran conflict round II. Yes they’re illegal but God or whatever may damn you for not acknowledging them as human beings. Direct your anger towards the commander & chief not this media frenzy crap. Geraldo is simply stating that drunk drivers kill period.

very much so agree with you. If anybody actually listens to what O’Riley said vs what Geraldo says you can clearly see that there is an absolute difference in the intelligence level between O’riley and Geraldo say. O’riley’s argument makes one random fact (illegal alien) and pairs it with another (drunk driving) to make a cheap political statement, and totally disregards Geraldos factual statement about the other 17000 Drunk driving accidents that occured in virginia.

You are so wrong! O’Reilly’s point is the fact that, if Virginia Beach wasn’t a sanctuary city, they would have kicked him out the FIRST time he had a DUI. Therefor , those poor girls would not have been killed by this thug. Why are you all so blinded by your hatred for OReilly that you can’t see the truth??

This issue every1’s talking about, O’Reilly this -Geraldo that, reminds me of how no one will ever see eye 2 eye on religion since it’s history has many versions to it. Your personal beliefs urge you to gossip it out to wits end wanting to change the other complete strangers thought process. It is a perfect tool to keep us occupied. Look around outside-people talking on their phones. We truly are sheeple. Sad but True. Solution: IMPEACH BUSH. IMPEACH DEMOCRATS. IMPEACH REPUBLICANS. REVOLT

The fact that this person was driving drunk DID kill these two teens. Nothing you say will change that. It’s ridiculous to spout your hateful rhetoric about illegal aliens AFTER THE FACT. If you’re so pissed about illegal aliens, use your energy to get the laws changed so that corporatists can’t continue to entice people over the border with that big ol’ capitalism carrot. Why aren’t you mad at the people who make it so enticing to cross the border?

Gwyd, there is no dispute that illegals who commit crimes should be deported. That is an issue which needs to be addressed by comprehensive immigration reform. The gist of the Geraldo’s argument, however, is not that this issue was properly handled, but rather that whipping up anti-immigrant sentiment by citing rare instances of illegal immigrant crime is being used by O’Reilly to further an unjust inhumane political agenda.

Look what this worthless illegal alien did to this fine American family. Two beautiful children are dead, and there are people on YouTube defending his right to illegally enter the country, get drunk, and do this. We are living in a topsy turvy world, and the federal gov’t. keeps looking the other way. So frustrating…

Oh, yes, a Billo clone: take what’s been said and twist it to fit your hate-filled agenda! I’ve not seen a single post ‘defending’ this drunk driver’s ‘right to illegally enter this country, get drunk, and do this.’ I’m sure Billo loves syncophants like you…

Erichof, Of course immigration policy should weed out criminals and scumbags. No dispute there. In fact the recent Senate and house reform proposals have included such measures. The issue, however, is with the populist demagoguery of people like O’ Reilly who highlight such rare instances to promote a racist enforcement only agenda. It is a whole lot easier to pass harsh unfair enforcement law when people are made to believe that illegals are criminals and drunks.

Ah I see. So it doesn’t matter that what he says is a objectively correct. The important thing is that you have knowledge of a hidden agenda and that’s what we should focus on. Racism is of course a hackneyed charge wielded so often that it has become dulled to the point of inducing sleep. It’s the cry of the simpleton who can’t deal forthrightly with the realities of human behavior.

And since those illegals have been here for all that time, they haven’t paid taxes for the last ten years as well, yet they are wreaking the benefits of our government. So yes, that means their asses should be thrown out. If they want to immigrate, there are legal ways to do that. So again, no matter where they came from, france, germany, poland, canada, mexico. If you don’t pay the government, get the fuck out

Never mind the fact that many of them work under false identification and contribute to both taxes and social security, the later of which they will never become benificiaries. Their contributions help pay for your medicare, sir. They may not have a right to be here, true, but perhaps you should research your talking points a little more thouroughly.

Yeah i love O’reilly. HIs point is valid and strong and is in no way a cheap political stunt. The point is, the dirty immigrant could have been sent back before he had the chance to kill anyone. Im going to statt a campaign in Chicago I think that states ” Deporting leads to less traffic.” What an easy way to get people on the band wagon and rid ourselves of these P.O.S. people.

“crime rate of illegal immigrants is lower than that of legal population.” WROOONG
” These people are here to feed their families and work.”-Crazy racist logic.
“illegal immigrants will comply with background checks. give them a chance at the American dream!” if they are so willing then why dont they come here LEGALLY! its just little bit more work, to be an American.
This accident wouldn’t of happen if this scumball was sent back to his country.

They don’t come here legally because American immigration policy is so incredibly restrictive. They come here to better provide for their families! Yes- the crime rate among illegals is in fact lower that that of the legal population. And obviously this tragedy would not have occurred if this person was deported nor would my friend have been killed years ago when an American drunk driver plowed into her.

The problem is not the driving drunk, the problem is that he was not deported when they found out he was here illigally. If they did deport him this tragity would not have happened. The focus should not be on that there was a drunk driving accident, the focus should be “why was he still in the country?”

Geraldo is too stupid to realize that the poor kid would be alive today if the police had exported the alien rather than allowing him to stay in this country illegally. The police need to be sued by the parents and let our government know if they allow aliens to stay in this country illegally they will also be responsible for the crimes they commit.

Pretty simple… if the criminal was deported one of the VARIOUS times he was arrested, then the girls would be alive. What if he shot them instead of killed them by driving drunk? Just because he used a bottle and a car instead of a gun for a weapon doesn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t be here to commit the crime in the first place.

The loonies don’t like deporation. I wish they’d just say it. Under no circumstances would they do it. I mean, if you won’t do it under these circumstances but would instead like to emphasize DUI law, you simply must be averse to the idea in principle. You can either treat him like a citizen which means he’ll be back on the streets REGARDLESS of DUI enforcement OR you can DEPORT HIM. Deportation sounds more effective so why not do it when it applies?

“It wasn’t that they found out later…your dumb DVD piracy analagy holds no water.” The small mind required to even consider it an appropriate analogy has to make you laugh. DVD pirating is an example of copyright infringement. We don’t pass such laws in the hopes of also reducing the incidence of DUI. OTOH, DUI is EXACTLY the kind of thing we look for when determining whether someone should be a citizen or not.

Lol, I always feel comforted when someone drops the race card – it means I’ve won the argument, or at least I’m right. It’s all your side has to battle with. When you are losing, you play it. I almost hate to let you in on the fact I am Hispanic…but my family came here three generations ago LEGALLY. Imagine that.

“Lol, I always feel comforted when someone drops the race card” What would the left stand for if they couldn’t invoke it? It’s the be all end all of their existence. Racism lurks in under every rock you know. Thought crimes will be punished. All truths that run contrary to the notion that some groups differ in some general way from some other will be buried.

Has nothing to do with race. Has to do with person who came here illegally and killed someone. Person should have been sent back when caught and WASN’T. Could be russian, irish, african doesn’t matter where they came from just that THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN HERE! GET THAT!

Suppose you have a DUI violator in hand and he’s also an illegal. Your response is to treat him like a citizen and go through the normal routine which (since he’s being treated like a citizen) will leave him back on the streets eventually. OR you can exercise immigration law and get him out of the country entirely. And your answer is apparently to do the former? Hey, beef those DUI laws by all means but if you have a chance to do something far more effective, FUCKING DO IT. No one did.

How does this make BILL a bigot? Because he is not left-wing he is a bigot? geeez you people are fucking dumb. Misleading title and description.

SHOW US EVIDENCE THAT BILL IS A RACIST. You can’t! this is a youtube smear campaign by limousine liberals!

God, I’d hate to be a liberal these days. Such twisted logic…(no offense, PikeyCrikey). I wonder if it’s a defect that’s created at birth. I think when the human genome mapping is completed, we will be able to isolate the liberal gene and correct it. Here’s to science!

“FAIR said that “deportable aliens nationwide were nearly twice as likely to be incarcerated for crimes as their share of the population.” The group adds that there is “mounting evidence that illegal immigration is directly linked to violent crime in this country.” Illegals commit a disproportionate amount of crime. Fact. Keep your heads in the sand if you don’t like it but the rest of us WILL sort this mess out.

I am split on this issue. On the one hand, Geraldo is right. It’s a drunk driving issue, and shouldn’t be used to polarize the viewing public diverting attention from bigger geo-political concerns and, or hypocrisies. Such as, the middle-eastern conflicts, mnaipulation of global markets, etc. However, O’Reilly makes a valid point; He is an illegal with a record and should be deported. It’s not racist to say that.

WOW!!! Didn´t know that these kind of biggots still exist in public jobs like tv. What a retard Bill O´Reilly is. Hey Bill, dont you know how your irish ansestors were treated when they arrived from the old land to U.S??? He obiously doesn´t remember how the irish we´re beaten and harrased in the early 20th century. He should be deported. His kind of idiots make more harm than good.

I’ll never understand why some people gloss over the particulars when it suits their agenda. If THIS illegal had been deported when found to BE illegal, THESE two girls would be alive today, and looking forward to their future. I’d love to arrange a face-to-face between you and their parents. Do you have children, or plan to? Put yourself in their shoes.

Drunk driving can happen anytime anywhere, I would like if the family could realize that and not blame the problem at the border. Because using words like border,illegal alien, mask rasism people use word association to confuse the masses. For example left wing(DEMs) kinda sounds worse than right wing(Rep)

If the drunk driver wasn’t an illegal alien and was a legal citizen, I’m sure the family of the victims would have pointed the finger only at the drunk. The fact though is that an illegal alien broke the law, and in the act killed someone. In return the law was not upheld to its fullest extent like it would have been to a legal citizen.

Ericvonhof, Blackchevy you’re so blinded by your blatant bigotry that you can no longer understand simple arguments. Highlighting such rare isolated instances of illegal immigrant crime serves no other purpose than to encourage anti-illegal immigrant hatred.

If they were isolated incidents, fine. But every day this is happening; it’s just not reported. Right here in my neighborhood an illegal killed the director of Porky’s, A Christmas Story, etc., and his son. I saw they immediate aftermath. A few weeks back, an illegal killed a teenage girl after being convicted several times. It happens a LOT, but the mainstream media downplays it. Now, how am I a bigot? You are a typical liberal labeler.

Illegal immigrants are hard working people not drunks and criminals as some posters/commentators would have you believe. These isolated stories are being used as propaganda to vilify the entire illegal immigrant population and to dishonestly further a political agenda to promote an enforcement only approach to the immigration quagmire. Why is this so difficult to understand?

what about all the other drunk driving accidents?? people like o’reily with narrow minded views are nothing but racists son of bitches!!! what if the driver would have killed two african american girls or hispanic girls or asian?? would it have been on the o’reily factor?? no it would not have been…

Exactly. New Yorker here. Caucasian man kills two Auxiliary Policemen, in lower Manhattan. The story blows over in three to four days. If he was Black or Latino this story would have been plastered everywhere for weeks if not months! Some people feel the need to Demonize others in order to make their existence seem important/more important/superior.

We all know that any comprehensive reform bill would & should screen all illegal aliens so that any illegal immigrant who has commited a crime should not benefit from any reform. But deporting people who have commited no crimes, been here for many years and established roots is extremely unfair and inhumane. And I can assure you that deporting all illegal aliens will not stop drunk driving, child molestation and gang violence!

he’s a racist and i’ll be damned if he would get if fat ass up and go pick crops and work in factories for less that minimum wage…and to the family of those two girls immigration is not the problem it is drunk driving…what if it would have been a white boy both families would have been talking to each other and the story would have never been covered…this is not an immigration issue…it has to do with drunk driving..

you want illegals out of here then go to the fields and fucking bust your ass!! just like they do…i doubt you would…why is it that there is nothing wrong when mel gibson is drunk out of his ass and nothing is done about it…the only difference is that he is blond haired blue eyed and has tons of money which is why o’reily was able to buy that woman off…and get away with sexual asault!!! ol’ dirty bastard!!!

I usually don’t comment on any videos but wow. I think we all know that Bill O’Reilly is a douche bag but I never realized to what extent. I don’t think much of Geraldo either after he aired our troops movement live from Iraq on his show for all to see which could have compromised our troops safety. Regardless of that, I have to agree with Geraldo on this one. Fuck Bill O’Reilly.

Define bigot then. Your words, not a dictionary’s. He is a wind bag but he is not a bigot. If every illegal were white, he would be exactly the same. I guarantee it. What about you? Does it matter if a white man or a brown man rapes your wife or daughter? In any way shape or form? No need to replay. Just think about it. Peace

Since when does the media voice of Bush (O’Reilly),care about illegal immigrants being here in the states? Corporations that put Bush in presidency want immigrants here to do our jobs cheaper. Now O’Reilly acts as though he’s against illegal immigrants being here in the states?

This is staged propaganda-people. This is apart of the media agenda to keep us sheeples race fighting each other while the US & Britain prepare for Iran conflict round II. Yes they’re illegal but God or whatever may damn you for not acknowledging them as human beings. Direct your anger towards the commander & chief not this media frenzy crap. Geraldo is simply stating that drunk drivers kill period.

How is there even a debate here? Geraldo is one hundred percent correct. If this guy had killed these girls and had not been an illegal alien there is NO way he is a national news story on Fox news. Everyone on here who is anti-illegal immigration knows that is true.

Perhaps but so what? If he weren’t an illegal then we couldn’t blame our lack of immigration enforcement on the crime. But he is so we certainly can. All you’re saying then is that this particular issue is on the minds of lots of people so gets red flagged. Who cares? It’s a meaningless point.

The point O’Reilly is trying to make says that this shouldn’t have happened in the first place, because this guy was caught and not deported in the past. He isn’t a bigot, and he is using this to his advantage, because it works for him. People do this in debates, they use examples such as this to support themselves. O’rielly certainly isn’t a bigot, i don’t like him, but because he is saying this doesn’t mean he hates all mexicans, i have no idea where that’s coming from

Of course it shouldnt have happened. But isn’t the logical extension of your argument that somehow drunk driving deaths that occur at the hands of American citizens are somehow less tragic and have more of a “right” to happen? Either way this family has lost their loved ones. I don’t think they would be grieving any less if he was their neighbor who had killed them.

Would O’Reilly react the same if he killed a black or hispanic american,no.O’Reilly,views this as ILLEGAL HISPANIC KILLED CAUCASION.Bill O’Rielly might as well put on his white sheet,hood and tattoo a big swastika on his forehead,however,my prayors goes out to both families involved in this tragedy.Ramos should have been deported on the 1st offense he comitted but O’Reilly is using this sensitive topic to promote his on racist agenda knowing a bunch of IDIOTS would jump on his KKK bandwagon.

The argument isn’t that we should deport all illegals, but IF someone commits a crime and they ARE an illegal then they SHOULD THEN be deported. No one blamed the illegals, Bill said it’s the people protecting them that are a problem. I have no problem with any kind person who comes here from Mexico, but I am entirely against the one’s who come from Mexico and commit crimes. If you are arrested and you are an illegal alien, then you should be deported.

Nice to know that you have no problem with people who knowingly violate our laws. Or perhaps you just don’t get why we have such laws to begin with? That must be it. You see, the process in place is MEANT to REDUCE the number who will come here and commit crimes.

Of course it shouldnt have happened. But isn’t the logical extension of your argument that somehow drunk driving deaths that occur at the hands of American citizens are somehow less tragic and have more of a “right” to happen? Either way this family has lost their loved ones. I don’t think they would be grieving any less if he was their neighbor who had killed them.

That O’Reilly is using this tragedy to further his political views is disgusting, but not surprising. I don’t remember him making such a fuss when former Republican Congressman Bill Janklow, who had a history of speeding and reckless driving, ran a stop sign (while speeding) and killed a motorcyclist.

I grew up and live in Va. Beach and this pisses me off…that illegal immigrant should have been out of this country as soon as he was caught drunk the first time and it was discovered he was in this country illegally. those two girls, young and with bright futures should be here today. damn these people and damn our system for allowing it to happen. i hope the parents can find a way to make sense of this tragedy.

Fox news is something else. lol… This is a stunt. They advertise showtimes with name titles and then promote “Fair and balanced” or the “We Report. You Decide”. Bill did not report anything, he is a strongly opinioned person and for that reason he has a SHOW and not an anchoring position on Fox News. Rivera only did this because his ratings suck… lol otherwise this argument would have taken place on Rivera’s show because his show is nationally syndicated.

Valeas, There is no dispute that an illegal immigrant commiting such a crime should be deported. But it is equally obvious that O’ Reilly’s motives for highlighting this story are for his own political agenda. Otherwise such a story would have been discussed in the context of comprehensive immigration reform. And surely someone who wanted to present a ‘fair and balanced’ viewpoint would make sure that his audience was aware that the vast majority of illegals are not criminals.

They are breaking the law by being here (Hence “illegal.”) Ergo, all illegals are, as the title suggests, criminals. Honestly, they’re both baffoons. But Bill is right. The drunk driving issue IS serious. However, A comes before B. You CANNOT make the argument that if he was deported before the fact, “the girls would have been killed anyway.” But you CAN make the argument that if he was deported before the fact, “the girls would be alive.” And that’s Bill’s point.

Simply reading some of these comments proves the effectiveness of such dishonest journalism….all you O’ Reilly clones using this isolated story to unjustly vilify the general illegal immigrant population. And for the reasons I cited above this is exactly the intended outcome O’ Reilly hoped for in running such a story!

LOL, Ha, ha, ha. They take jobs that no American would take, jobs that Americans think are beneath there dignity. You want to see some illegal people? Try going the speed limit (in the slow lane) on any freeway in this country and 90% of the drivers will pass you, breaking the law, speeding. Doesn’t hurt anybody? About 45,000 deaths in accidents, about 15,000 from one thing. SPEEDING.

The issue is that this illegal was not deported after numerous infractions, due to political correctness. What if it were your little girl this happened to? Would you be okay with it, knowing it was 100% avoidable, save for a bizarre political twist?

It’s amazing how ignorance can blind those who are prejudiced. O’Reilly has an issue with illegal immigrants and wants to tie it to one separate account of one man. Drunk driving is the issue not Immigration laws. O’Reilly is passionate about the legal status of an immigrant, so one can only wonder what would his stand be if it had been perpetrated by a legal immigrant/tourist. That is why Geraldo calls on him trying to make a “cheap political point”.

the issue with illegal imigration if you are the immigrant(like I used to be), is that you are always in this state of not knowing what the fuck you are from month to month, some months you are legal and some not. The system needs to be changed and this DD POS needs to go to jail for a long time!!

This title is inherently flawed. Trying to make the issue about race is a cheap political trick that attempts to make facts subjective to the topic. As is very clear in this debate, O’Reilly’s painted a bigot just because it’s popular to call anyone who wants our laws enforced a racist. Do our laws need reform? Yes. We are a country of laws. We have the process to change, ammend, and update our laws as we see fit, but to ignore them because they are not perfect or popular is criminal.

What number would the body count have to reach to get you railing against the authorities who encountered Ramos previously and failed completely to act on the immigration violation. O’Reilly’s point is simple: if authorities had acted on the immigration violation, Ramos would not have been here to kill those two girls.

More than 2?

Leftist want illegals to kills people it’s pretty easy to see. I mean, how you can’t see that immigration law provides us with a means to rid ourselves of such people entirely and instead choose to focues on typical DUI enforces is clearly an indication that they want such people to STAY. If it’s not an immigration issue then they obviously would never have supported deporting him.

Great comments, everyone! (Even those of you who are totally wrong on this issue.) I know YouTube is a liberal haven, but it’s good to get this topic out in the open, with relatively few idiots playing the race or Hitler card. I’m encouraged to see so many people finally getting fed up with this illegal immigration calamity, and letting their thoughts be known.

Bill is right with this one. Bill was never talking about drunk driving in genral. He is saying that the guy should have been deported so this would not happen. He is saying protecting him after a DUI is messed up. And it is. Its not about drunk driving. Its about the dang Mexicans and the US not doing anything about them!

open the borders. let everyone in. bring me your tired, your poor your huddled masses yearning to breath free. America should be the beacon of liberty for all, not the beacon of liberty for legal citizens. O’reilly is so dumb it hurts my brain.

Fine, i’ll let them in my house, but if he breaks any rules then it’s out with him. That’s what the argument is. No racism, no hatred toward imagrants. It’s just stateing that because he snuck in and comited a few crimes he should have been deported before he could do more damage, which he did.

1. Xenophobia is an unreasonable fear and contempt of foreigners.[1] It comes from the Greek words ξένος (xenos), meaning “foreigner,” “stranger,” and φόβος (phobos), meaning “fear.” The term is typically used to describe fear or dislike of foreigners or in general of people different from one’s self. Racism is sometimes described as a form of xenophobia, but racism has nothing to do with a real phobia. Xenophobia implies knowledge that the target is in some way foreign.

GO GERALDO!!Finally somebody puts a clamp on O’reilly’s mindless minuteman rant!.I wonder how this idiot, who bares the last name of Irish decendants, would feel if he was in this country about 150 years ago when America rejected the mass immigration waves fleeing Ireland’s potato fanime.

I think there should be tougher laws on illegal immigrants. I mean, after finding out the guy was an illegal immigrant, why didn’t they kick him out of the country? Why did they keep him there? The intent in which Bill is stating his point, is questionable. It sounds like its more for his political agenda, that there should not be any immigrants in America at all.

GO GERALDO!!Finally somebody puts a clamp on O’reilly’s mindless minuteman rant!.I wonder how this idiot, who bares the last name of Irish decendants, would feel if he was in this country about 150 years ago when America rejected the mass immigration waves fleeing Ireland’s potato fanime.

GO GERALDO!!Finally somebody puts a clamp on O’reilly’s mindless minuteman rant!.I wonder how this idiot, who bares the last name of Irish decendants, would feel if he was in this country about 150 years ago when America rejected the mass immigration waves fleeing Ireland’s potato fanime.

it would have been another two girls and another drunk driver who may or may not have been a citizen. And by the way… Racism still exists even though white people like to pretend it doesn’t. I am half white and half mexican and I have experienced it first hand.

I’m in the same situation, being bi-racial, and I’ve experienced racism as well. It’s really too bad that people cannot see that everyone in America who is not a Native American is an immigrant. I understand and believe that border-control should be maintained, but to say that this subject is solely an issue of illegal immigration is a crime in and of itself.

I was put in a remedial math and reading class in elementary school because I happened to be hispanic and my group typically doesn’t do well on standardized tests. And EricOF70 it isn’t one or the other. We can denounce racism and drunk driving at the same time. And to make that point overlooks the facts. It is a fact that illegal immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than citizens do and to say otherwise is ignorant.

Wow. I don’t agree with O’Reilly on this, but it’s nice to see this type of debate Never really saw this type of thing on MSNBC or CNN. Well, maybe Glenn Beck will bring some balance to Turner’s network. The way I see it, O’Reilly isn’t afraid to openly (and sometimes passionately) debate someone who has a different view from him. I don’t really see that from those other guys at other networks.

Everyone in this country is an immigrant there are no native Americans. Even the name America is derived from an italian, The statue of Liberty French, Almost every city name is taken from a place in Europe or Asia or wherever.OReilly whose name is clearly Irish not American has always been arrogant and pompous. Geraldo is a complete idiot.O’reilly is funny claiming he wants to see the law enforced while trying to avoid his sexual harrassment law suit which he settled out of court.

It’s a tradegy what happend to these 2 girls my heart goes out to the family.I agree after this guy got
caught the first time for dui he should of been kick out of this country. so here is where I have a problem.First of all,we are all a bunch of hypocrite’s we hire these people to cook clean and even take care of our children but we don’t want them to have any rights?why are we singling them out? because we say they don’t belong here? Well im fine with that but hay don’t freaking hire them!

O’Reilly is not against immigration, but he opposses illegal immigration and the policies that protect unlawful/irresponsible illegal aliens…America has enough drunken slobs of her own to afford the cost of ignoring people who are here illegally…

In a population study of 55,322 illegal aliens, researchers found that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien. Nearly all had more than 1 arrest. Thirty-eight percent (about 21,000) had between 2 and 5 arrests, 32 percent (about 18,000) had between 6 and 10 arrests, and 26 percent (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests. Most of the arrests occurred after 1990.

They were arrested for a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses, averaging about 13 offenses per illegal alien. One arrest incident may include multiple offenses, a fact that explains why there are nearly one and half times more offenses than arrests. Almost all of these illegal aliens were arrested for more than 1 offense. Slightly more than half of the 55,322 illegal aliens had between 2 and 10 offenses.

The point is…If we could get rid of all the drunk drivers in America by kicking them out of the country and sending them to the moon…who wouldn’t do that to protect innocent people from being injured by them? O’Reilly is just saying that since we are capable of getting rid of this illegal immigrant,who has broken the law numerous times, why not do it to save American lives?

If a man came to America on vacation and was caught commiting a crime, we would send them back to their own country dependng on the crime. More so if they came here illigally instead of on vacation. If they are not an american citizen then we should send them back after they’re caught comitting a crime. It’s not like all people that ocme here are criminals, but any who are should be sent back. That’s what the problem is.

O’Reilly is not entirely wrong in saying this is a consequence of illegal immigration. However, this is a consequence of illegal immigration in the sense that this illegal immigrant (I’m assuming) does not have a valid license. Had this immigrant come here legally, he would have attained a license only after taking a class where driving laws would have clearly been explained to him. Perhaps he would have been discouraged to commit a DUI knowing all of the legal effects.

Illegals aren’t doing jobs American’s WON’T do they are getting a pay and working in conditions that American’s WON’T work in. They are given slave wages and mistreated like abused dogs! That’s real rich…wake up there is ALOT wrong with that. Illegals take meager salaries and poor working conditions and in turn drive down wages for legal Americans of all races and drive up health care costs among many other things.

Some illegal aliens in the United States have been arrested and incarcerated in federal and state prisons and local jails, adding to already overcrowded prisons and jails. On April 7, 2005, the US Justice Department issued a report on criminal aliens that were incarcerated in federal and state prisons and local jails. In the population study of 55,322 illegal aliens, researchers found that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien.

They were both wrong. Yes, he should’ve been deported long ago, but O’Reilly’s attempt to link his illegality to criminal behavior sends a distorted message. Of course America needs immigration reform, but it’s an American problem: we should discuss the issue for the right reasons, and come up with a solution that Americans can agree on.

Geraldo shut O’Reilly up? How was that, Ace? Was it by avoiding the issue altogether? In that case – Geraldo blinked, ran from the issue as most folks taking a liberal view must.
If you face the issue (I suspect you won’t anymore than Geraldo did *LOL*) the FACT is that the drunk driver who killed to innocent girls was not supposed to f-ing BE HERE. Your claims that anyone who is against ILLEGAL immigration are pure smokescreen. Untrue, and nasty filler.Got that? Good.
Go and be stupid no more.

Just because Geraldo was louder doesnt mean he was right. That’s an old left-wing tactic; Drown out your opponent by screaming at the top of your lungs. O’Reilly was giving him the courteousy to reply, you fool. Yes, I’m a minority and I can’t wait to sign up into the Minutemen.

I think this is an immigration problem because the drunk-driving problem has been publically adressed as a problem for years from every side; left and right. Immigration on the other hand is mostly ignored. That’s why Bill feels the need to describe this sad event in this way.

Does it matter if he was Drunk. Drunk drivers kill every day. He should Not have been driving a car in this Country if he is illegal. Where did he get the license to get behind the wheel. How do you know he is capable of even driving a car. How is it possible he got away with so much and still allowed to be here and no one did anything. That’s the reason there has to be policies in place to avoid this shit.

O’Reily’s argument assumes an American life is worth more than a foreigners life, otherwise, he would have to agree anyone who commits a crime should be deported. This is why Rivera is correct. He understands the value of a life isn’t determined by where you’re born.

geraldo merely exposed himself as an idiot.

but, not as much as this video’s presenter.

just because you say it, doesn’t make it true.

you suck at propaganda.

we are a nation of laws. deal with it.

or, commit suicide. (please.)

If an illegal immigrant commits a crime he should be punished to the full extent of the law and then deported. This has everything to do with Ramos being illegal, and Bill is 100% right for making an example out of this. Americans SHOULD be angry that 2 innocent girls died due to circumstances that SHOULD have been prevented. Anyone here crying about racism have some loyalty issues to resolve.

all people should be treated equal and i think southern california is actualy part of the u.s, they’ve been here before us they are the indigenous to the americas like for instance native americans but overall try to find the real message between the lines.

Illegal aliens are here because the large corps want cheap labor, mainly agri-business. The large corps p-own the politicos, the repugs more than the dems. If you repug sheeple think bushco et-al is going to do crap about illegals you are dreaming. Just like the abortion issue, illegals is just an excuse for suckers like you to vote for their crooked lying as*es. Their never going to fix it because they make more money that way. SUCKERS!!!!

Geraldo beat down the pinhead bully Oreilly. Too bad Rivera is a Fox employee, Bill would have been yelling, CUT HIS MIC!! Because he’s a no brain talking points bully who couldn’t argue his way out of a wet paper bag in a real debate. He can only “win” when he has total control of the format like Pigboy Limbaugh. Bill’s ratings must be hurting for him to take this kind of beating.

After reading through some of the comments about this video I noticed that many people on here are unquestionably xenophobic, ethnocentric, and even racist due to their strong nationalist feelings. This is obviously a drunk driving problem, nothing more. And O’Reilly is obviously exploiting a tragic accident to appeal to his overly patriotic audience.

We have enough of our own home-grown drunk drivers, every accident caused by an illegal alien is 100% preventable if the borders were secured and all the sleazy employers who hire illegals prosecuted, that includes any of you who hire gardeners, contractors etc. that are illegals. Shameful.

Geraldo is an idiot, I’ve never liked him. However, O’Reilly is the biggest liar and propagandist there is. He always resorts to shouting the other person down when he realizes he can’t win the argument. O’Reilly and Fox News(if you can call it news) = fascist propaganda. No thinking person can rely on such nonsense as news.

I am a Mexican-American and I consider myself a supporter of O’Reilly’s (and Geraldo, who has been in this game far longer than anyone at “Faux News”. The issue here is that these “sanctuary” cities are exploiting the US government’s non-existant immigration policy. That’s the real story that should motivate American’s to make INTELLIGENT decisions.

I’m Hispanic too and people like Ramos, an illegal alien with a criminal record and a reckless, callous disregard for human life should all be reported and deported immediately. These are the kinds of people including Geraldo who give all Hispanics a bad name in this country. Shameful.

HOWEVER, because, we as a people are too fat, drunk and stupid (30% functional illiterates) we instead make this issue more about Illegal immigration.

The Mexican guy wins. The Irish guy gets an anurysm.

Guess what? Mexicans have been here forever and we are THE FUTURE! Hablas Espanol? Didn’t think so, fatty. Long live “AMEXICA”

i can´t say enough… This man is a moron, O´reilly is just a dumb blood news man, i refuse to call him a reporter or something better, he´s just an stupid racist always twisting facts to promote his bullshit.
im amazed how people still giving him any credit.

Geraldo is right in saying its just one illegal alien when almost 17,000 people are killed each year by drunk drivers. They could go out and shoot all the illegal aliens dead (a rednecks dream) and nearly 17,000 people would still get killed from drunk drivers.They should have taken O’Riley off the air when he sexually harassed his secretary with his electric dildo because he’s an offensive filthy heathen pervert while claiming to be holier than thou.

Facinating. The DUI laws didn’t stop this from happening when perhaps they could so it’s a DUI issue. And yet, immigration laws if enforced when he was caught the first time could ALSO have stopped it but somehow we are told that THAT particular set of laws of their enforcement is irrelevant. Had he been deported the first time, they’d be alive so YEAH ITS A FUCKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ISSUE. THIS IS WHY HAVE THESE LAWS TO RID OURSELVES OF OUTSIDE SCUM LIKE THIS.

This tragedy, two young girls killed by a drunk driver, is an awful fact of modern life. People drink and drive. I understand the anger directed toward the issue of the driver being an illegal alien but to paint all illegals as irresponsible, is irresponsible. O’Rielly and his ilk, will bandwagon on the graves of these two girls in their never ending crusade to whip up xenophobic hysteria. The Wikipedia explanation will follow in the next 4 posts.

How sad. There is a lot of gray area to this issue: Yes, this particular case would not have occurred if this individual had been deported… but O’Reilly should be ashamed for exploiting this tragedy as anecdotal evidence for his anti-immigration views. Rivera, too — neither of these unidimensional demagogues showed the slightest bit of empathy for the situation, choosing instead to engage in bombastic vitriol, the sole purpose of which is to garner higher television ratings.

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Let us come together & unite as people once again. Step out of the sheep’s clothing & let the dogs of war know who’s really in charge, WE the PEOPLE.

Every crime committed by an illegal alien is 100% preventable if our borders had been secured on 9/12/01, and our laws enforced against the sleazy employers who hire illegal aliens in the U.S. We have enough of our own home-grown drunk drivers terrorizing our communties the last thing we need is one single illegal alien doing the same. Geraldo, get over yourself stop apologizing for illegals.

It’s interesting to see people try to attack O’Reilly in order to invalidate his point. His point being that he has committed crimes in the past, which should have led to him being shown as an Illegal Immigrant (and hence deported) yet he was not deported, and this crime took place. That’s not far from his stance on Child Predators, in which he attacks the government and courts for similar reasons. Even if he’s disingenuous, it doesn’t change the validity of his point.

Geraldo makes my blood boil & I am not surprised Bill got so angry – Geraldo should go back to hosting TV specials that waste hours showing us an empty safe of Al Capone! What good TV that was! Stay out of this arena Geraldo – you don’t have any valid points. GO BILL! THANKS FOR LOOKING OUT FOR US!

There is nothing racist or bigoted about saying “Illegal.” And if you are in the US then you ARE a criminal. End of conversation. Now, add on a DUI, and not only are you a criminal, but you are selfish & uncaring. 1st we should enforce immigration law. Here illegally = deported. Come again, get caned, then deported.

There already shooting illegals at the border…Geraldo. Wake up. No one cares about that poor Border patrol agent that got killed by some guy who jumped out of a bush with a machetti and killed him.. Where is that Illegal Now Geraldo. Walking around the Country somewhere.

In my opinion, yes… this guy should’ve been deported a long time ago. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that they also did not follow “dui laws” or whatever “three strike” rule they make so clear on radio ads and what not. There are thousands of people out there on the street driving that SHOULD NOT be permitted to drive due to DUI violations (um… Paris Hilton?? Nicole Richie??)


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