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April 10, 2007

Pussycat Dolls Presents: Search – I Don’t Want Miss A Thing

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Youtube Commments:
i actually think asia sounded better in this song then melissa r. she has a higher vocal range and could hit some of the notes better, but melissa r is still amazing. i also thought it was so cute when melissa r looked at asia when she was starting to cry and she couldnt sing her part so asia carried it out for her.

ahha thanks for uploading
I LOVE melissa R too!
she was so cute when she was crying
almost made me cry !

also chelsea is really good : ) i like her vocals, and she can get caught up in dancing quick

but, she looks like my dentist assistants o_o..
which was weird.

How do you know they aren’t allowed to do anything if they won? Besides, if they were one of the top 9 at all they wouldn’t be suppose to be in anything cause that would give away the ending, like you said. Besides, shes been in other music videos too.


MelissaR puts true heart into her performace. Asia is just a whinning bitch who can’t handle leadership or critisism, she’s taken over from Sisely! If you listen to this without watching the performace, MelR has such beauty in her voice. Asia is too much a vibrato.

sum certain songs like this one u know like certain words jus causes u 2 like remeber things it happened 2 melissa as u can c…i like cried i was like omg aww first time wen i saw it i thought she was crying bout her bf but then she told the judges then i was like:

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welll I heard some rumour that Asia wins and seriously, Im not really happy about that. I think it’s true because I saw pics of Melissa R in Corbin Bleu’s new video and it’s prolly cuz she got kicked off or something since she would’ve been more discreet and waited for the series to end instead of flaunting herself in public.

everyone shouldnt hate on asia. she has a beautiful voice. the only problem is that she doesnt understand that she shouldnt grind her voice. and who can blame her for having a bad attitude? shes away from her baby daughter, feeling like shes abandoning her. also, shes 18, everyone around her age can be spoiled little divas ..

why is everybody saying they want this person or that person to win, cmon we all know whats gonna happen to the one who wins, prob just dance and be eyecandy, i would rather, at first i was like i want chelsea to win, but know i’ve realised that it would be much better if like some1 signed them in a label (chealsea, melissa r, anastaci, asia, prob even melissa s) i would LOVE that group,they would be HOT, they would be able to dance in some songs, and would be able to SING, it would be amazing

if u look closely, asia looks like shit. she has big front teeth and she always leaves her mouth open like she can’t close her mouth because of her too big teeth?? and her make up makes her look like a ghost. i would be shocked if she wins. PCD is sure to go down the drain with that kind of drag queen in their group.

Melissa R has a much more beautiful voice then Asia, but Asia has alot more confidence. Melissa R’s voice blended went with the song, while Asia’s just doesn’t go as well. She is still an excellent singer though. If only she didn’t tap the microphone.

I have one word for Asia SHOW OFF!!!I mean 2 words LOL.Melissa r. is beautiful and VERY talented!She can sing and dance!While Asia on the other hand, Well like i said A SHOW OFF!!AND ALSO TO FULL OF HERSELF JUST LIKE shelltobi1 SAID!!!If u are reading this ROBIN ANTIN YOU BETTER KEEP MELISSA R. TILL THE FINALE AND MAKE HER WIN!Who wants melissa r. to win?Who agrees?SOOOOOO….My point is..Asia shouldn’t win and Melissa R. should win.

oh, and I hate to say it, but as much as I dislike Asia and like Melissa R, Asia was much better in this song than Melissa R.

Melissa R has a nice voice, but Asia has more range, I think (but I still hate the vibrato). And before obsessed Melissa R fans begin to bombard me, I don’t think it had anything to do with her crying. I’m judging from the beginning, when she wasn’t crying.

These girls may not sound as great as American Idol contestants but remember they’re competing to be the next pussycat doll. Which means they have to have a decent body and face. So it’s kinda hard to find someone who can sing, dance, AND is pretty.


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