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April 10, 2007

YouTube – Jump the Shark Awards

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Youtube Commments:
The Bible jumped the shark when it switched from the “Follow god and god will protect you, smite your enemies, and give you mass bitches” paradigm in the OT, to the “sorry man, god ran out of funding, rewards only in heaven from now on, turn the other cheek and only one bitch for you” paradigm in the NT

@AA comments: I disagree with Awesome about the futility of organizations (YouTube, his university, about everything else we deal with, are organizations), but with all due respect to AA – the ASU talk just sounds a bit naïve. I mean you can’t talk about an organization lasting for “years” that has no funding and the clout of a handful of YouTubers. Maybe a shark thing.

Sir, the only time I have ever seen a legitimate shark-jumping was by a panicked seal in a valet attempt to escape imminent death. If I were said seal, I would be outraged at this transparent attempt at credential-fluffing. You are no shark-jumper, you fraud!!!

Well, I’m blocked from making comments on his channel, so it is here I state that BrettKeane jumped the shark the first time he used the word ‘orn’ and ‘educated’ in the same video–had to have been the first one–waaaay before he bought a video camera. You my Dear Awesomeness, have no jumping on the horizon. I doubt you will ever jump the shark.

I got blocked from BK’s vids for asking what Youtube (a private company with a terms of use agreement) had to do with the first amendment. I was hoping for a debate. BK jumped the shark when he started banning people as fast as youtube bans people.

There is always a way to avoid “Jumping the Shark”, or whatever you Enlgish-speaking people call reaching a climax.

It’s simple: Either make bad videos so that you never improve yourself, or create a useless sequel, which is the same thing as before, just with a new name.

TheFriendlyGeek jumped the shark with all the asian soft porn. It’s a pretty pathetic tactic to create the illusion of a subscriber base that actually agrees with anything you say when it’s pretty obvious that all your subscribers are just in it for the asian girls and not your petty personal attacks.

uh im not sure that you are correct. You can go to google and type in asian porn and get all you need. So I believe people are there to listen to what he is sayin. TheFriendlyGeek is going through a phase where he thinks asian girls are the most gorgeous thing on the planet, he will get over it! Right now I have a thing for white guys, but by the time im ready for marriage I will be over it.

@FGeek comments: I’m avoiding viewing FGeek’s videos because attention is the last thing that wierdo-attention-whore-super-narcisist needs. He’s 100%shark-jumping. However, I’m pretty sure that his subscriber base also includes a good share of knuckle-dragging troglodyte adolescent types… and then of course a handful of various Friendly Geek accounts.

Whoa Cap’n! What a freakin’ rabble-rouser you are! Tryin’ to incite all of us little YouTube innocents yet again into more YouTube trouble? Corrupting us yet again? You are truly the dastardly & diabolical one.

It’s sort of mesmerizing to meditate upon the magnificent, yet methodical machinations of your very mischievous & somewhat megalomanical mind–especially when it seeks to manipulate the meager minds of the servile masses into malicious misbehavior.

Now, let’s go shark jumping!

That’s a cute idea! But, I still love Lazydork- he’s the 1st channel I suby’d!!

I don’t watch any of the other folks you have listed, except for Brett. And he’s pissed off at me already, so I’m not gonna go there! (besides, I don’t really think he’s jumped the shark, yet)

Ooo! I know one- Brookers “jumped the shark” when she started dressing like a hooker, with a pimp!

Peace, Kevin!
..Teresa 🙂

Blunty jumped the shark after his blowup video where he freaked out at lazydork. imo that was his best video. I imagined him ranting and raving at the camera and THEN taking the time to edit/upload it, eyes bloodshot and veins poking out of his forehead (See Blunty3000: Wife Beater)
Brett Keane lol! 6 vids a day, blocks anyone who proves him wrong…yeah that guy is a classic

i’m glad you don’t think the shark got me. I worry it may soon. And what is the opposite? Like i feel your videos much more fun since you get new curtain. but they were always very entertain. You have yet to “Jump the Shark” I mean, i have never got bored of your vids. You know?

Wikipedia has a good article on jumping the shark. I think the only way to avoid this is to really not give a f$!k what the audience thinks and just make your good quality shit. I don’t think Zazul or Awesome do that so you fellas may be immune.

CapnOAwesome has never jumped the shark and he never will but he did jump a guppie with Call CapnOAwesome…and I just jumped the shark with the last comment to get more viewership for House on Fox on Tuesdays…okay I did it again…Season One reruns on Fridays so far…lol…


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