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April 11, 2007

Ashes To Ashes . . .

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Youtube Commments:
Let me make this clear. Inever stopped fighitng for anyones rights, or felt tired out. And don’t you dare think, with some respect, that never gave as good as I got. Believe me I wasn’t the only one in the hospital beds. If they come for my libertty give me a gun and I;ll be the first to strike. But at the same time, I also know there is a time to fight and a time to think. Personally I think you’re far too early.

Are you in America or England? England has a fundamentalist Muslim problem that is threatening and America has a fundamentalist Christian problem. How long should we wait until we start to really speak out? How long should we wait to do something about our rights being trampled on?

Just don’t isolate yourself, thats what I am ore afraid of than most. Your are becmining isolated, and even the Black Panthers kept some less radical doors open when they needed them. What you do with this is your concern, but believ me I don’t want the rest of the Athiest community being looked upon as your sin fien

It was the militant radicals who crushed the black panthers political aspirations. Had they all remained civil instead of “some” of them doing dumbass shit in the name of “the movment”, the Black Panthers wouldnt have the stigma the have today. My irrelious sentiment recognizes the negativity in “atheism” but I also see the necessity in it.

I think the ultimate decision is, how much do you want allies, and what are you willing to do in order to get and maintain them. If the answer is “virtually nothing” then you’re not going to have any. And that kills your organization more than anything else, unless you can build it with a small group of conscripts. Which might work, I suppose.

In your dreams Xild. Even I beat you and I was having a coronary due to cracking up laughing at the time.

I can´t think of a serious point to make about this. I just think that the ASU will be okay without a ranting English chap in a towelling dressing gown.

I can’t hear the sound on this so well (other videos work). But I heard something about how we have to swear on the Bible in a courtroom. I envy countries like Finland where they take some kind of oath that has nothing to do with religion or God or whatever.

Locke, ghandi, ayn rand, nietzsche, james stuart mills, plato, marx….uhm, people who have brought about social change? I disagree about the ‘rationality doesn’t work’ thing, I know for a fact that intellectual christians exist out there, and I know some of those are honest enough to realize, if presented with the right arguments, to realize they’re wrong.

The ideas are maybe coming from one individual wisdom. But it need a group, to push those idea to the society. It need an academic, artistic, media and family aproach to make it happen. Maybe even some anoying ASU that will keep puting pressure on all theist activities.

good vid.
though, i’m not sure if one NATION over god is the right slogan for an international movement; even though i understand your play on words.
maybe one planet or species.
…or how about:
one theocracy challanged, intellectually evolved, yet emotionally unstable, hairless, bipedal hominid organism classification over god!
hey, atleast it might scare away the morons.

My problem with the ASU video wasn’t the message, but the method used to deliver it. Emotional appeals aren’t necessary to inspire rational people, emotional appeals inspire irrational people.

It seemed like an attempt to manipulate people with exaggerations, the comment about the black panthers was obviously meant to cause controversy so that the video would get more attention. I find this approach a bit dishonest and I don’t trust it.

You might end up with a lot of people who want to follow you rather than the ideas. I’m reminded of when xild said that she didn’t care what you were, she just wanted to be like you. That’s hero worship, not atheism, and I think you might find a lot of similar followers, people who like the messenger instead of the message. Like when people get crazy over jesus but ignore everything he taught.

Her infatuation with you has been obvious for quite awhile, and she’s filled your head with the idea that you’re an inspirational leader people will follow unquestioningly, I’m afraid her opinion of your charisma comes from her groin not her brain, you might get a couple hundred of your most ardent fans giving your ASU lip service to curry your favor, but very little more, at least with your current strategy.

I’ve been a leader since I was 12, when I started a group in my school called the SSS. School Sucks Shit. We’d play pranks on the teachers, skip classes, graffiti anarchy symbols all over the place . . . ah, those were the days.

Anyway, Xild actually helps curb my extremism. For instance, I wanted to put out a video saying that anyone who knowingly lied about the ASU agenda would be sued for defamation and libel–and she showed me that I was being irrational. Lucky for you. 🙂

Not leadership driven? Interesting…

Our shitty pledge that I refused to speak should say:

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.”

I did to you and others prior to your ASU video. I saw something I did not like. I am not interested in your group but that gets some of my respect. Don’t think you will be getting much flack from me anymore. I may attempt to give suggestions though.

You don’t have to swear on the Bible in any U.S. courtroom. By tradition, most do, but if you point out that you’re an atheist, you just swear to the tell the truth. Not your point, I realize, just letting everyone know. I’m offended that our courtrooms even HAVE Bibles in them, but again, beside the point.

Personally, I have only had to swear on a bible for a classroom courtroom exercise. I refused, but offered to swear on the US flag instead. I’m not sure if you can do that in “real life” though. If I swore on the bible though, it would be meaningless (to me).

The only problem I have with what you are doing is that it is already being done and being done well. Why don’t you join A T H E I S T S dot O R G and give them the value of your energy and enthusiasm? They really look like a great organization for you.

Theocracies are everywhere…even in Canada. It pisses me off. For example:

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God…” – a quote from the Canadian Chater of Rights and Freedoms.



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