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April 11, 2007

bleach manga chapter 270

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Youtube Commments:
Keep in mind that Ichigo at full power is stronger than Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra clearly stated that in chapter 193 when Ichigo was fighting Yami. When Ichigo’s reiatsu started fluciating at the moment his hollow was trying surface, Ulquiorra stated when Ichigo’s reiatsu when low was trash, but when high his power was stronger than his. Ichigo probably won’t win because of his lack of control of his power, unless he somehow manages to hold his vizard form for a much longer than the 11 sec. limit.

yah there are alot more that ichigo havent learn, for instance he still not be able to do chero yet, and i heard that he could go another release on his zanpaktou i even heard that his vizard stage got another stage (maybe it similar of those of the arancar, where they can remove their mask just for a litle bit).

wow i watched when u first posted but my comments never come thru *Signs*
well this was a hella awesome chapter
im actually believing that ichigo can defeat him too bad we know dont ulquoirra’s rank.
but great vid and great music so How long does it take u to upload these chapters??

i love how well put-together this is, with all the transitional effects. props to you man!
i want to see ichigo learn a new move with his bankai, surely that’s not all zangetsu can do, and i’m curious how the vaizards are going to fit all of this conflict


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