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April 12, 2007

My apology to Katie from katiesopinion I am here to help!

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Youtube Commments:
Hellion. You’re such a kind person to rise above to venom spewed by Katie. I know her disdain for men was just an ID reaction given off by her psyche to mask the copious amounts of Smegma issuing forth from her vulva. As the old saying goes: “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

You know….this explains alot. No man without a nose-plug and industrial strength condoms would go near her (not to mention that fucked-up laugh…and that you would need to gag her to get her to shut the fuck up). So because of that, she became a man-hater and pseudo lesbian. Makes sense. Exciter, you are a humanitarian for trying to help the woman out. Cheers!

Quiot Riot LMAO. I have a funny story about them. Anyhoo, I’ve noticed your hair getting a bit “fuller” lately. I like it much better that way and not entirely slicked back. JMO. Now have another drink bud it’s a bonus to watch you when your a bit loopy.

You wanna talk about smelly vaginas, lets talk to some of these beaty eyed hook nosed jews. U know these girls are growing some bread down there and i have heard they dont shave. Katie obviously takes care of herself.
But you cant go after any jews, no one cares about their ugly women.


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