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April 13, 2007

Fair and Balanced

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Youtube Commments:
I saw that video not too long after it can out, and I, too, was horrified. If they were talking about African Americans, or Jews, or Hispanics, it would have never been shown, or if it were, CNN would be apologizing and kissing alot of ass. However, when the targets are Atheists, it’s acceptable. Another great vid, keep up the good work. You should be Dawkins’ Handler.

Great video yet again. Luckily the situtation here in Finland isn’t as absurd. I mostly have to put up with postmodern relativism, muddy moderate religiousness and new age superstition. Still, we have a state church and some special rights for religions and there are no politicians willing to bring this up in public discussion.

You have yet to receive any unintelligible responses from angry, arrogant theists, so I’ll go ahead and save them some trouble – burn in a supernatural realm of eternal torment: PROTESTANT HELL!! (Preferably of the hearty Southern Baptist, Evangelical or Mormon variety.)

Well, you certainly shot those fish in that barrel…but it was REALLY GOOD shooting, I enjoyed it. But still. Fish. In barrel.

Now, perhaps you would be so kind as to apply your ascerbic wit to an O’Reilly video? (Doesn’t matter which one…any one will do).

THAT would be entertaining….and might even get you a writer’s slot on Colbert!



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