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April 13, 2007

"Your Love" an original song

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Youtube Commments:
wow! yours truly talented! you can act,sing,play the piano,and play the guitar! you also have the talent of editing videos! i’m like you! lol! question…did u take any piano or guitar lessons??? or any acting as a child? just wana know ^_^ oh yeah..and i’m filipino too ^_^

Yes, I took piano and guitar lessons. I don’t consider myself a musician, because I just wanted to learn the basics for yet another creative outlet. Yes, I did take camera acting lessons as well – but I violate just about every rule I learned in there. =D

U r saying nobody listens to Am Idol contestants and winners? Ur an idiot. Clarkson, 2 Grammys, millions sold; Carrie Underwood, Gammy, millions sold; Jennifer Hudson, Oscar winner; Chris Daughtry, heavy MTV rotation, gold record, hottest ringtone dl; countless other record deals, not to mention #1 tv show in the world. Check your facts dumbass.

Oh wow… That’s beautiful! Incredible voice there sweetheart! I’m not a religious person by nature but that’s really, really nice πŸ™‚
I’ll have some more of the singing happyslip *nod* πŸ˜€
…Oh, for the record, there’s nothing more attractive than a pretty girl with a guitar ;o) hehehe

Umm.. ok. I really enjoy her videos too, but she is not playing that guitar here. Look closely at her strumming – and you can’t see what her left hand is doing, looks like she’s just moving it around on the neck when the chords change. She may or may not actually be singing… she may or may not have written the song, she may or may not be able to play guitar, but she is definitely NOT playing it in this video <a href=””>twinks for cash</a>. I still like her, though.

Praise the Lord! Thanks so much for sharing this – I knew you were incredibly talented and what a joy it is to see that you have such a great love and appreciation for the One who gave that talent to you. I knew there was a reason that I felt led to click on that “make a donation” button on your site on a couple of occasions!

Neely (aka “S” which is how you addressed your thank you emails)


What are the chords? Your left hand was out of the frame, so I couldn’t follow along. I kind of looked and sounded like G C D. Is that right?

Thanks a great song, and it is appropriate for you to post it on Good Friday. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jesus is indeed our Redeemer! It is a pleasant surprise U wrote this song. I’ve finished a series of studies on Eph. & have been blessed. We were once “children of wrath” (Eph. 2:3). However, we were designated for a purpose. God has made us alive while we were dead in our trespasses (Eph. 2:5). We are “created in Christ Jesus for good works” (Eph. 2:10). Keep praying (Eph. 6:18) & keep trusting in God, for it is he “who works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Eph. 1:11).

This is the one and only time I will ever, ever use this abbreviation.


There, I did it. I said I would never do it but your comment was worth all the shame and humiliation to which I will now subject myself. (And yes, I actually did laugh out loud.)

Hey Christine, I’m TJ and how I loved watching your productions from the Philippines (even my family likes to watch it) and this one is the best ever. Surely my friends will also feel the song that you have made. Thanks for being an inspiration for us Filipinos to be creative and to always thank our Creator for all the blessings that He has given us. πŸ˜€ oh yeah, can we use your song to help evangelize others?

Christine, There are so many things I want to say about this video, I don’t know where to start. 1st: Your courage is an inspiration. 2nd: It gives your fans more info on who you are. 3rd: I can’t wait to brag to my friends, that this girl I’ve been telling everyone about, is also a … oh no …. is it safe to say ? …. a Christian ! What a statement you’ve made to the hoards. Thanks for sharing all of you. We have the full picture, or at least the most important part of it. Love, LemmyFly

christine, i really enjoy listening to you and watching your productions. there’s just a soothing sense about u. and i love the fact that the Lord is the only one who gives u true joy in life. this is perfect timing to remind us how awesome God really is. thanks for giving me an inspirational morning. God bless you christine:)

I really enjoy how you keep God and your values close to your heart. It makes it that much more pleasurable to watch your videos.
Oh, and I thought you did and excellent job singing! I thought the Apple song was *pretty* good, but this was great! Keep it up!

wow, I didn’t know you were Christian. Praise God! heh. I pray He shows you even just a little more of the glory of His cross.

I enjoy your videos. But this one brings joy, not just something to ENjoy. Naw mean? lol Happy Easter!

1 Corinthians 10:31
So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

your talent is limitless. that is an incredible song and it is very inspirational, especially around this time. seeing that i’m also very religious, this song gives new meaning to easter for me, even after the years at a catholic school. truly amazing work. HAPPY EASTER!

What can I say to you that hasn’t already been said by all your many admirers. But there are so many things to admire about you. Your humor, your music ability, your drive, your focus and OMG you even have a nursing background. (I love nurses) and I love who I see on these videos. I admire you!

Since I’ve watched this four times , the rules state that I get two comments. You’ve heard the expression, “There’s more to her than meets the eye.” Well, that certainly applies to you. I recognized this from your very first video though (so ha)! Positivity and Love, frankly, dominate hate and negativity, and, I just noticed now that my Grandmother has these exact verses clearly marked in her ancient Bible. Wow!

That was rude.
1. You didn’t spell our name right.
2. We’re not Jesus freaks, but the majority (around eighty to eighty-three percent) are staunch Catholics, the others are generally staunch Protestants or staunch Islamics. If you’re insecure in your faith toward God, keep it to yourself.

That was great. My husband and I are youth Pastor’s and we got to share with our youth last night about Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for us since its Easter and all. Its so good to remember the Lord and how wide, deep, and long is the Lord’s love for us. May Christ bless you in all you do. Do everything you do unto the Lord.

I’ve turned on my 12 year old daughter to your vids. She has been watching your old vids non-stop for the last week. You play guitar too. You have no idea how hard it is for me to convince her to practice her piano and guitar. Now with her Ate Christine as her inspiration I think you have made my life easier. God Bless.

The guitar and piano are the 2 most played instruments by Fillipinos and you’re part of that statistic. You are also part of the fact that most Fillipino people have or had some kind of job in the medical field and most live in areas just outside of big cites, or in them. New York City, Jersey City, Bergenfield, San Fransico, San Jose, and Chicago are just to name a few.
But I was wondering, what other instruments do you play or are those the only ones you know how to?

Wow… maybe I know ‘fillipino’ statistics BECAUSE I AM ONE!!! lol Obviously. What did you think, I just stalked fillipino people for fun or something? I know this stuff because it’s my culture, that’s how things work, not stalking, it’s just what I should know about my ethnic background. And I spell “fillipino” instead of “filipino” because I am a bad speller. There is no real way to spell it, philipino, philippino, fillipino, pillipino, all the same meaning.

yes I do realize this =] I’m full blooded pinoy (filipino) and the 3 main religions in philippines are catholic, buddhist, and muslim. But I was just wondering because alot of churches in the US have guitar players and people who play music in sunday services.

ok… there are about 82% catholics in the philippines. 5% are muslim, about 2% are protestant,5% ethnic beliefs,the rest are different forms of Christianity and about 1% is Budhist. I didn’t check this on the internet, I know it because I’m a Filipino

Christine Rocks!! God is working through you. Keep up the good work. All of your videos are either hilarious or deeply moving….please don’t get too refined in the editing though. I like the little quirky things in them…like the rain! And, the story lines are good too. Do you like chocolate?

Hello Christine, First of all i would like to congratulate you for the 2nd place you obtained on you tube awards. You sings very well too!!! You really have the characteristics of a great entertainer, keep it on!!! We will pray for your success! Ciao! from rome, italy…raymond & family

So what’s wrong with freedom of expression. It’s not good to be biased against something that has such a broad spectrum and to which there are so very many aspects. Not to mention that this song does not even mention Jesus or the Christian religion merely the writers love for God. Happyslip is a well know director and I’m very proud of her for showing that aspect of her personality. It is a risk because people like you might reject her merely for her choices and views.

wow. thats all i can say. you have an amazing voice and you are extremely talented. may God continue to bless you with your talents. i was like “whoa, she can act, sing, play piano and guitar??” you inspire me, and i can see God working through you. the words of your song are so powerful. thanks for making this video, it has put me in awe. :]

Thank you! You are truly a breath of fresh air in a world where the love for God has been put aside. You show that once can have everything, beauty, fame, talent, physical needs fulfilled, but without putting God at the center all will be meaningless and fall apart. By establishing yourself in His Love I am happy for your whole life success, which is guaranteed.

That was so powerful, Christine! I’ve been so blessed! All I could do was just lift my hands and enter into worship with you. I’m still in tears… I love the song. May the Master of the Universe and Creator of all things give you peace, in abundance and protection. May He bring increase, beyond measure, and increase your gifts and talents. May He unlock doors and give you divine favor and influence. May He give you the desires of your heart! Amein.

Hey…Girl you have some talent…Honestly, is there anything U “cant” do…lol…Well God has given u talents, so use them to ur advantage, which I see ur doing…And also, which this is the key for all things, u have a sense of humor…I love it…lol…Well keep doin wut u do…I pray all blessings for u…U seem like a cool girl…I believe u will make it far…ttyl girl…Bye

god has given you so much talent. im glad that u use ur talents for good. this is a wonderful song. it give me inspiration to write. this song makes me pause and just thank the lord for being so amazing. thanks for this song. happy easter christine. =]

I love this tune so much that I posted it in the Guitarists Praise and Worship Forum – hope you don’t mind Christine. My daughter has something to say to you: Hi I like all your videos but, I think this one is the best. I like your lyrics and your singing! πŸ™‚







NewDog2, Sarasota, Florida

WOW Christine: I have long admired your videos, but this one takes the cake! Not only has it rocked me to the core, you’ve got my face all mussed up in tears.

What a beautiful song & incredible soul you are & what a lovely tribute to our Lord! May He continue to bless in all things as you remind us to of how great His love is for us.

You’ve got talent
You’ve got beauty
You’ve got God’s Love
Who could ask for anything more?

Knowing your source explains why your face reflects so much beauty. Happy Easter Christine! And especially this Sunday, don’t forget your happy slip.

If I find out you can paint/draw too, I’m not sure what I will do. Wow! so much talent in one person. You are truly blessed with the talent to entertain. Thanks for entertaining us. Seriously, great song, great voice. Oh, by the way, you look a bit like my sister did when she was younger.

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If you wanted to increase your “hook” you did- you got me! A different side of you is a beautiful thing to see and reason to come back for more. Kinda like Sanjaya on idol- but not really. His crazy antics make people wait and want to see more– but you’re serious antics make me want to see more of you and your funny side. Great job!

Oh man, you’re a christian? Why did you have to inject this into your videos? Your videos have been funny, well produced and all-over-fantastic. Now it sounds like you’re preaching to everyone, and it makes me very sad. I understand that your beliefs are important to you, but why use Happyslip to communicate that? 😦

Being a Christian shouldn’t mean “preach” to those who aren’t. We love you for who your are, and not because you believe what we do. She simply wrote a beautiful song and decided to share it with you “crispthedm”, because like the rest of us, you are her FRIEND. Have a good day, and may God bless you homie.

She sang one song? If you are a Christian you want other people to find God like you did. We don’t want to sound like we are putting anyone down. Think of it this way. Are you going to be mad at us if you die and we are right? Happyslip has a lot of videos that are not about christianity one or more christian videos is good. Thanks Happyslip.

People lack integrity and intelligence, which is why the concept of “beliefs” and principles has deteriorated to this stupid thing. If you actually believed what you believed in, why would you keep it to yourself? You are assuming that we are all stupid, weak, politically correct fools like you. The point is, if you’re stupid enough to believe in the wrong beliefs, then you’re stupid and should die.

ummm duh it’s youtube. She can post about whatever she wants too. It’s HER channel. Anyways, I think this song is awesome. Christine don’t sweat the haters… People can shake butts on youtube but your told to keep religion to yourself- Thats stupid!

Okay, religion should be kept to oneself.. but you see, we don’t have religion, we have a relationship. With Jesus Christ our Saviour. It’s not like choosing what backpack you will use today. You have to see that you’re a sinner and deserve Hell. You turn from your way to God’s way, repent and trust the only true Saviour for your eternal salvation. Why would anyone want to keep the way of salvation and Heaven to themselves? That would be hypocritical! We love, so we tell. Sherman

Do you ever question what you’ve been taught? About God? About Christianity? About the Bible? Do you know the original languages that the Bible was written in? Do you know how the various books came to be compiled into what you know as the Bible? My guess is no. You’re pathetic.

Yeah.. Everyone who has ever sang a religious song is automatically pathetic and has never questioned his/her belief in God and the Bible.

I really, really hate it when people debate about religion and criticize others for believing in something. She wrote a song and posted in on Youtube. That makes her pathetic? Get a life.

On a side note, I really love this song. I enjoy all of your videos and please continue to share your talents with us!

I can answer yes to all except knowing the original languages, and I’m sure you don’t as well. I’ve taught courses on Bible History, Church History, many others. I’ve studied many other religions and beliefs, questioned my own. I know why I believe, in Whom I believe. Why do you needlessly attack others? Sounds like you haven’t made your peace with God yet. You need to bow the knee before it’s too late, my friend. Sherman

^.^ I love it. I think it’s wrong that people post horrible comments against religion here because you’re just sharing a song that you wrote about what you believe in. If they don’t share the same religion, they shouldn’t be mad at you for it. Continue with what you’re doing and have a happy Easter!

Christ would be devastated if he knew that instead of following his teachings, his followers have succumbed to foolishly worshipping the man himself instead of one God. Christians have sadly diminished to mere polytheists. They are now no different than the Romans who persecuted them.

Hey, that’s a wonderful song. Very appropriate timing. Yet another facet of your talent shines. :o) Makes me wish I was born with the talent to sing. Some people say I am a good singer, but that’s because they only hear me on a good day with the right kind of song. If I could sing like Lyle Lovett, I’d be one happy man. You wouldn’t be able to shut me up, ever.

I’m glad that you used happyslip as a way to talk about God. I don’t think it’s preachy at all, because I think something you love should include all of who you are, even if some people don’t agree with it. I’m proud of you for making this song. Your voice is lovely.

Surely you’re not saying the story central to Christianity – Easter – is really pagan. You don’t seem to understand that when Christianity supplanted pagan cultures and beliefs its followers took those pagan celebrations and replaced them with their own.

The word Easter may or may not have been pagan, but our Lord Jesus dying on the Cross is certainly historical, multitude of witnesses (over 500 at one time), and the basis of our redemption. Whatever you call it, He died for your sins and mine and in our place. Sherman

You are soo awesome XD

And to the people who are being all haterish on how she’s expressing her opinion. It’s really her right to appreciate her beliefs. It makes her who she is and everyone should be proud of what makes them themselves [unless of course you’re a complete heartless bitch] weather it is race, religion, talents, or anything. =D
It is a great song, and even if you don’t agree with it then you really don’t have to put her down for it.

Nice to see and hear someone showing appreciation for Christs’ Ransome Sacrifice that He gave for mankind. Of course we all know that at Matthew 26: 39 and 42 shows that Jesus was doing the will,of His Father Jehovah, because at both verses Jesus says ” Not as I will, but let your will take place”. Thank-you Christine for that very nice song. I love all your videos. keep up the excellent work.

I just don’t like how she is portraying god… its youtube… why is she singing about god… i use to think she was a comedian and all, she was funny.. but singinging about god just made me look at her different… i just can’t see her as funny as she was now… thats what iw as trying to say…

I appreciate that, but even Jesus had a sense of humor, (Fencepost in the eye sermon)The Bible says in the lasy days God’s word will reach every corner of the the world, who would have ever dreamed of the Internet? To me, I admire her more as she is using all God’s gifts. Also what better place than you-tube to show how God can make one feel so thankful???

I praise God for u for having da boldness to proclaim His goodness in youtube through this song. Thanks for singin it. How Christ picks us up when we fail. How He’s da great I am!!! It was such a blessing to my soul. Continue to be a light sister! I’ll pray for you. “He is the radiance of the glory of God and da exact imprint of His nature. Christ upholds the universe by the word of His power” Hebrews 1:3

I totally agree. Your words of true appreciation for God and the many blessings that God gives have touched me and I am sure that your words will touch others. This song has made me love you even more. :o) I pray for your success in all that you put your mind to and please continue to be you do not let fame change you because you are definitely destined to become a star. :o)

…And then they call Christians intolerant. I think any perusal of you tube is enough to show that the maximum possible intolerance is of Jesus and His disciples. They would gladly put him back on Calvary today if they could, along with the nails, the spitting and the thorns.

I’m glad most of these comments are supportive, it seems like Christians always get a bad rapt on youtube. The fact that one of the leading youtube stars would take a risk in her public image by making this vid, really strengthens my faith and gives me an example to follow. Good Friday and Happy Easter!

ackh….the first happy slip i don’t like. nice voice, nice chords nice playing….I just can’t deal with songs like this having been severely damaged by a church that sang songs like this. Ack. I have the heebie-jeebies now. I’m going to go and watch “Mixed Nuts” now.

I just love how all you CHRISTIANS have been so intolerant of folks who are expressing their opinions honestly and respectfully. WWJD? He certainly wouldn’t be rude or intolerant. WWCD? (Christine?) Notice, she never talks smack? Hmmmm… I’m all for being Christ-like – I just don’t like Christianity as it’s applied in modern day. You are a (not so) shining example of why, my friend.

To all you ignorant posters saying she should keep religion “private” and “to herself”…get over it. All you have to do is hit pause or close the window..etc. Get over it. You chose to click the link, you chose to keep listening to it, and you chose to comment it. Idiots. To the composer/singer…good job, liked the song.

Dare to have a thoughtful conversation? This being my first time to post here and not knowing the 500 character limit I originally composed a comment over 2500 characters of which, of course, you saw the truncated version. I frequently say “I don’t know”. Doesn’t sound to me like you’re practicing what you preach, however. Instead, you made your on, contrary editorial comment and told me to keep quiet.

Well said, scars, and of course, we all need a wakeup call (Eph. 5:14, I Cor. 8:2). I invite you and all of the other believers to join me in praying that everyone – believers and skeptics alike – will read the Word (Ps. 119:130) more and more, that we might ALL “be not conformed unto this world but be…transformed by the renewing of (our) minds.”

I was not only shocked but pleasantly surprised to see that your talent goes into the realm of song Christine. How wonderful and uplifting your song was, and as with all your videos, I saw you put your heart into it. Lovely, and Happy Easter to you and your family too.

some comedians are Jewish, some others are Muslim, some are catholic others are athiest and some are jedis. It shouldn’t make us stop watching them. Announcing to the whole world their personal spiritual beliefs doesn’t magically make them any less talented.

-guitar player
this is not fair.

You are so talented and I’m glad you share your talents with the world,
even if it is just on youtube.
You’re amazing. Keep up the good work Christine.

i’m not religious at all and failed to even see that you had posted the lyrics and a little comment on what this song is about… but before seeing all that, i listened to your song and just fell in love with it. great voice and great talent all around! is there anything you can’t do?!

god doesn’t need songs from mia rose wannabes. real heavyweights like bach created songs for god and this drivel doesn’t even warrant his time. her whole channel is awful. rest assured that god doesn’t watch it. and if he does, the whole planet will be flooded with puke.

omg i can SO tell you’re not a true christian! GOD APPRECIATES EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR HIM! even the littlest prayers!!! GOD MUSTVE HAD TEARS COMING TO HIS EYES WHEN HE SAW THIS SONG! okay sure he doesnt NEED SONGS like u said…but he WANTS THEM! and he LOVES THEM! he loves all we do to praise him! its not the quality or quantity of what we give…ITS THE HEART WE PUT INTO IT! REST ASSURED GOD DID WATCH THIS AND THIS GIRL WHO MADE IT WILL SURELY BE BLESSED WHEN SHE MEETS HER TRUE FATHER AGAIN!

well first of all, to you haters…YOU DONT LIKE IT? THEN DONT WATCH IT! Now as a professional opera singer i will say christine that you have a good voice and i do believe that with some voice lessons you could be a GREAT one. voice lessons can also help with your acting voice.

This is very nice, and well done. You’re very talented all around.
See, you’re a woman so this comes out as beautiful, but when guys do this to girls sometimes it’s cheesy like sunday morning. I don’t know what that means. I just couldn’t think of a cheese reference with a zinger punch line. I am the farmer and the del..cheese

Hi, i’ve been watching your videos and i love them to death!! But i have to say my respect for you has risen a huge amount because of this video. I’m a Believer too and i think it’s awesome that you’re using your fame for His glory! Love you even more!
xo bobbi

Hi, i’ve been watching your videos and i love them to death!! But i have to say my respect for you has risen a huge amount because of this video. I’m a Believer too and i think it’s awesome that you’re using your fame for His glory! Love you even more!
xo bobbi

of all the comments you’ll receive, know that this one truly does you good, and took a lot of courage. Its warm to see “celebrities” or you know “people known” showing their faith.. oh, and you had my heart before, you have it now again lol
dont 4get your happpy slip

again so many haters prove their worthlessness in the youtube world…i understand if the video is REALLY AWFUL…but with how many haters commenting on this video vs. THE SO MANY PPL WHO GAVE CONSTRUCTIVE AND NICE COMMENTS….you haters are just a spec of dust…so you dont really matter…

Hi, my name is Cyrus. I used to be a quiet boy. One day, Willy Wonka took me to his “chocolate factory” and…killed me with a chocolate knife.
Post this on 23 more comments or I’ll appear at your house at 11 PM and eat your chocolate brains.

Have no regrets Christine, it’s takes real boldness to do what you just did; I admire you for that.

It is such a blessing to find “clean” high quality comedy that is good for the mind. You are highly talented and highly loved. I hope that you and your family are having a wonderful Easter weekend. Stay true to yourself, ok? :O)


PS-I would totally buy your CD. You are a very good singer.



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