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April 14, 2007

The California Chronicles: Packing, Madness, and TV’s Death

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Youtube Commments:
That’s how I’ve been feeling about tv, lately. Seeing commercials suddenly coming on my screen seems like some sort of a violation and it really pisses me off, lol. It’s just not acceptable to me any more! Oh, and I don’t know if this is true of other countries, but in England it seems like they triple the volume when the commercials come on. Just so, y’know, it gets our attention. I have to turn the tv menu on each time so I don’t have to see or hear them. *cries*

your going to torrance city cali? cooo beanz. im bout 10-25 min from torrance. nice place. actually thats where my college i went to was. anyways glad to see your alive and … semi well boh3m3. gl with the rest of the packing and drive safe when it comes to that time. oh andyeah i go bonkers without my pos compy too. *hugs pc* please dont break down cuz i was mean!
anyways. see yah soon i hope.

Class video there Ben, ironic though as you only really show us your house just before you leave it.

Still, good to see the place. Your room is so bare! I bet lots of memories will stay with you when you move, like your rise to fame on YouTube.

Have a good trip!

Thanks for the update Ben – I was wondering where you were. Thanks for the tour too …its interesting to see where you’re leaving. I hope you do another one when you get to California showing us where youve moved to. I envy you being able to just up sticks and move ..good luck!
Penny x

speaking of commercials(ads), u needa check out grindhouse the rodriguez/tarantino flick, i watched it tonight and damn! its amazing, and they have fake little movie ads, and the film is all scratched and dirty looking on purpose..ud fuckin love it

It would be very cool if you could stop in Flagstaff, it probably feels pretty nice up there right about now. I wish I could visit but that’s about 4-5 hours away and I don’t have a car /:( Anyway, sorry to hear about the computer woes.. ~Neonicacid

hey – cool vlog, loved seeing the house and truck and stuff. wish you luck and have a safe trip. you know what I like about your videos? they’re so direct and fast, not like other people that are like “sentence 1 .. aaaa.. ummm. yeeaaaa. sentence 2.. ummm.” – dont loose that.

in case of serious internet abstinence desorders,
I recommend :
– eat dark chocolate
– masturbate every time you feel you will lose your mind
– Take a sit and discern about things like ” But why the call my President a vacuum cleaner? “
– cable TV ! – you got those japonese porno channels?
– call everyone you have in your telephone book and
tell them you need love
– mix Vegemite with Peanutbutter 50% each and be happy
Hope it helps

in case of serious internet abstinence desorders,
I recommend :
– eat dark chocolate
– masturbate every time you feel you will lose your mind
– Take a sit and discern about things like ” But why the call my President a vacuum cleaner? “
– cable TV ! – you got those japonese porno channels?
– call everyone you have in your telephone book and
tell them you need love
– mix Vegemite with Peanutbutter 50% each and be happy
Hope it helps

Youtube will never take over TV. I, for one, would not trade in shows like Lost, South Park, The Office, 24, etc. to watch a bunch of people I could give two shits about sitting in front of a camera and talking about their boring ass lives. The two don’t even compare. The vast majority of people who come to Youtube aren’t giving up watching TV. The production and entertainment value of television far outways Youtube, and I think most people feel the same way I do.

Well, its obvious that you don’t have any friends or family that you like to share the enjoyment of watching quality television programs with… So you go ahead and sit by yourself in your dark room pretending that people like Boh3m3 are your friends.

oh, come one Graham
Its just a lil figurative expression…
I love TV ( cable specialy)
But maybe you didn’t get the spirit of Youtube yet.
It’s magical. It’s a revolution.
Hello! wakeup! It’s the XXI century and …
“the times, the are a changing!”

oh, come one Graham
Its just a lil figurative expression…
I love TV ( cable specialy)
But maybe you didn’t get the spirit of Youtube yet.
It’s magical. It’s a revolution.
Hello! wakeup! It’s the XXI century and …
“the times, the are a changing!”

My point is that I’m tired of people on youtube bashing television when it offers so much more than youtube will ever be able to. In order to have the great production value of the television shows I love, you have to pay for it. And that is done with commercials. Besides, are commercials really that bad? Some are very entertaining and informative… plus the break gives you time to discuss the shows with whoever you’re watching it with.

Isn’t it odd that Youtube is the next thing, you can broadcast from your living room, where ever you are, and TV is the old thing yet he is moving into the shadows of the famous Hollywood sign (and privately hoping that some TV producer would pick him up.)

Lemme think – Do I want to watch shows that are smaller, grainier and with little production values on my 15 inch computer screen, or big budget tv shows that are well crafted, well acted and super entertaining on my 32 inch plasma? Wow…I guess I oughta get rid of the plasma, huh?

Don’t blame the rest of us because your priorities are different. A 15″ display is not too large in the world of modern computers, and besides many here want a 32″ plasma – so they can watch DVDs and play games on it.
Production value?
Like that show with the ensemble cast that talks about issues we all do?

I wasn’t blaming anyone for anything – I was making the statement that there are still good shows on TV that will never look good on a computer screen.

And, just as an aside, I don’t own a 32″ plasma, I was being sarcastic. If I had one, though, I wouldn’t get rid of it just to watch user made crap on my computer.

Actually, an ironic point for you here:
NTSC TV is roughly the same resolution as a basic VGA display (640×480). Most people are still watching TV programs at that resolution. YouTube videos are half that, at 320×240 natively. Just because this particular site hasn’t gone for better doesn’t mean the medium won’t. HDTV is actually only just reaching parity in resolution with the average computer monitor of 10 years ago.

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So you’ve reached the same conclusions I think most of us have about TV. So now that makes clear why people are also bothered when CBS has a ‘vlogging’ account here.
Many of the big TV interests are ‘partners’ here and are looking to engage this medium – and make it into a vehicle for their content. Should we all be concerned?

man everybody is trying to show how tv really doesnt suck, but you know what? It freaking does!!! Commercials are killing tv and they have cut almost ten minutes of show out now because of it! But why am i angry??? No freaking sandwich cookies!! I love those

Do you even understand how television works? Without advertising, television wouldn’t exist. The revenue from ads pay for the production of high quality television shows (and even the low quality one). Ads suck, sure, I agree, but they’re a necessary evil.

You little tart- (T, not D) those cats are showing you the LOVE bringing heads of gophers! They’ll miss you! šŸ™‚
For my two cents worth, having traveled I-40 just a couple of times (rife with sarcasm there)- I’d stop in Flagstaff if you can instead of Albuqu. Too much gang violence in Alb and you look like a nice white boy they could beat to death. Just sayin’.

TV is not the way it used to be. When I never had cable in the early 90s, at least there used to be good shows. Commercial used to be good back in the days. Food and beauty products. That’s all they advertise. I hear they’d rather stop doing opening credits because of commercials. You need to be closer to Hollywood.

YouTube is a business, and they will get their revenue from advertising. Maybe not advertising on *this* site, but information gleaned from users and comments and surfing habits may have value for targeted advertising on other sites. Anyway, good vid.

Hunny, when I first moved up to New York, I couldn’t have internet access for FIVE days. That’s not including the TWO MORE that it took to drive my ass up here.

Damned internet giving people would never come.

So yeah. A week with no internet.

Did have my laptop though. Too bad I couldn’t do a fuckin’ thing with it.

LOL….TV annoys the hell out of me. All the reality shows and selective stupidity. I stopped watching TV a year ago, minus CSI and Heroes which I watch at friends, and I’ve felt so much better. Youtube is now my thank-God-its-commercial-free mindless entertainment.

i seriously think you’re overreaching in your theories about television. television isn’t on its way down, there are plenty of good things to watch, but like anything else, you just have to find them. && as for commercials, if you’ve only been watching TV since…oh i dunno…since you were BORN commericials are no longer bothersome…on fact some commercials are quick catchy and entertaining.

but your comment about the size of your wardrobe and being a tart/tard was fucken hilarious šŸ˜€

There are some good old crazies left on TV though. Mainly on EWTN. Nothing against christians, it’s just some of the people on that station just go NUTS. …Sorry that was random, but my mom’s watching some guy narrate the death of christ, and he looks like he’s possessed, all he does is stand there and he’s dripping sweat. …Good video Ben :-p

i live in the UK and we don’t really have that many adverts but they still piss me off but u can get digital TV free and i have this box thing where u can record programmes so for the wekk i just go on the menu and select everything good on and watch it when i have time. wow that sounded so much like an advertisement how fucking ironic

ADD much?
“Wow this is really blue!”

hahahahahah gah I fucking love you.

I was expecting a more hickish truck… how disappointing.

haha amazing. What will I do without you while you’re driving to Cali? Don’t forget to videotape some of it.

I guess you edited this on a roomie’s computer! Sorry you’re computerless!! feels crazy I know, but your whole life is gonna change SOOO much soon! yeeee! Did you say your place was gonna be furnished? Hope so. Otherwise I’m sure you can get a cheap bed soon. Listen to lots and lots of music on the road! And take lots and lots of videos! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

Cable TV is too expensive. It is $50 a month here. They should be paying me $50 a month to receive their corporate message and political propaganda. It is far more important to them to get their message to me, than it is for me to receive it. So pay me to watch TV!

hahaha this was a good vid ben.. man thats how i am when i go really crazy and yea i found out that i do suck at mortal combat.. ALTHO 3rd strike has been very pleasing to me lately šŸ™‚ haha its a fucking dryer ha! have a safe trip on the road

~LiL P~

Why is it that all these youtube “celebrities” claim that youtube is going to destroy TV soon…some even go further saying that “youtube will change EVERYTHING!” *couph*Crossmack*couph*.

Get your head out of your ass because youtube is not going to ruin TV any time soon, sry.

California RULES! Welcome to the best place on earth Ben! Go to Hermosa Beach Pier, you wont be disapointed! Also hit up “Naja’S” at the Redondo Beach Pier, they have over 1000 different beer’s there, and after you go there the arcade and bumper cars are right nextdoor! Your gonna love it here!!!

if we didn’t have the stupid 500 character limit in these boxes i’d type up some giant ass response to why i disagree with your TV theory, or if i had a camera i’d respond via video. but for in short, i don’t think TV is going anywhere. with DVR and TiVo and On Demand etc, we really don’t have to worry about commercials and stuff.

i was born and raised in torrance, theres no fuckin gangs here wtf are you talking about? if u say t flats i’ll laugh. theres a bunch of skaters and a bunck of white kids with raised trucks with dirtbike and skater stickers all over the back. or asians with hona civics and body kits that go to raves. theres nothin tough about torrance. sorry, ur friend is either, A. a pussy, or b. doesnt know wtf hes talkin about. no offense to ur friend or nuthin.

man, are you SURE you can get from alabama to california in 3 days?? i mean this with good intentions, but me and my family have to occaisionally go down to texas from our home in california to visit grandparetns and we BARELY made it to the western part of texas in 3 days. well, whatever happens, i wish you the best!

in all honesty, thats pretty sad.
I go to new york from wisconsin all the time, and can do it in less than a day. isn’t that the same distance?
the same with wisconsin to florida.

eh. whatevs.
i feel sorry for you being in the car for three days to go across, what? two states.

i dont think youtube will replace tv, the internet might, but not youtube. you might be able to search for your favorite shows in the near future (you can with some now), but if the switch becomes complete, we’re iether going to payperview, or commercials are coming for the ride.


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