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April 17, 2007

Children Burn In Hell – Bible Says So – By Brett Keane

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Youtube Commments:
did you even listen to what you read? It didn’t say infants are evil. It said the wicked are estranged, meaning turned away from. It also says the wicked, not children. Just from what you read, it sounds like it is talking about those who are wicked before birth, not that all children are wicked. Nice try at twisting words around, which is exactly what you did.

If you believe in Atheism, it is the absolute belief in nothing…If you “believe” in Atheism, you can not be an Athiest…by definition alone. You may not believe in a higher power, regardless of name,…but you are Not an Athiest. All the best to you and yours in your future…regardless of how bleak it sound to me.( sincerely, not meant to sound scarcastic )

I think you might be getting “Atheist” and “Nihilist” mixed up. Atheism is the simple lack of belief in deities (“A-Theism” — Anti-Deities). Nihilism is a rejection of generally accepted social beliefs, morally and religiously; that life is pointless; that there is no objective truth. Basically, a belief in nothing at all, which sounds closer to what you were getting at. He an Atheist, but not a Nihilist.

From the very little I kind of recall from high school religion class, aren’t sinners referred to as being wicked? And according to Ezekiel 18:27, a wicked man can preserve his life if he turns away from the wickedness he has committed, and does what is right and just – that to me suggests that it’s referencing sin, and if a person who commits sin is a sinner, than by this logic, a sinner is wicked – and since we’re all born with original sin, something we all suffer from Adam and Eve.

This is just someone spouting off, trying to seem educated, when Infact, they just NEED people to believe they are!(as with any “cult” type gathering…
I am not a “hater”, and I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even if I don’t believe it. A person who claims to be an athiest,can not be by definition.

Yes, they can. I’ve heard this shit before. Christians pull this crap all the time.

Let’s see the definition of atheist: “a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.”

Atheism isn’t a belief in nothing, it’s a lack of belief. Christians (possibly other religious people as well) often confuse the two.

If you know the bible as much you claim you would know that the word hate is used to describe the same feeling as being less fond of. Have you lost your edge? Your last channel seemed to be more factual. Now it seems like you are grasping for straws.

PROOF: In Genesis 29:30, the Bible says that “Jacob also went in to Rachel, and he also loved Rachel more than Leah.” Yet, in the next verse the Bible says, “And when the Lord saw that Leah was hated, He opened her womb”. A sample of where the word “hate” means loved less. So get a better argument. The bible has plenty of things to attack it on w/o you making up stuff.

And you think Brett is trying to grasp straws? Jeez. Other versions of the bible say “unloved,” “not loved,” “despised.” Are you going to tell me those all mean “he loves her a lot but just not as much as the other chick”? No, they mean zero love, period.

Shows anybody, including atheist, will search all kinds of translations to find the one that suits their cause. Do a little homework. I would never use any KJV bible (and most of todays translations are from that version) to prove a point. Seeing how the KJV was only created to hide the original translation that was made illegal. Don’t come at me like you know shit, when all you do is regurgitate the same propaganda as your fathers.

SW, my parents weren’t atheists. I’m not a simple-minded Christian who believes something because his parents told him it was true when he was 5.

I didn’t search all kinds of translations to find one that suited my cause, I searched them and they ALL suited my cause. I didn’t find one to the contrary.

Good video. Since the infants cannot ask for forgiveness, maybe that is why babies are baptized. I attended the Baptism of my cousin’s child. I really didn’t want to go, but I did it for her. One thing about the baptism disturbed me very much. I distinctly remember as the preacher put the water on the baby’s head one thing he said, “Connor, I wash away your sin.” This really bugged me, as I couldn’t fathom how a 3 month old could have ever sinned!

so fucking true. 😀 i’m actually in the process of reading the bible thru myself for the very same reason i think you read it. what i find the most interesting and basically ridiculous is that most of the people who know i’m reading it think that i’m becoming a christian. i reckon people who actually read the book can not believe in god because of all the bullshit one can find there.

Part 2:

Deuteronomy 28 is a chapter in which Moses is speaking to the Hebrews. The verses you mentioned (52 — 55) are part of Moses’ speech explaining to the Hebrews what would happen if they obeyed the 10 Commandments (3 — 14) or what would happen if they didn’t obey (16 — 68).

Part 3:

Also, you mentioned Exodus 4:11: This is a passage were Moses is talking to God, pointing out his lack of speech abilities.  (same here … lol); however, God indicates that is of no matter. Remember how you asked if God made everything, including the Smells and Sounds? Well, this indicates that God makes everything, including the dumb, deaf or blind.

Thanks again Brett, Check ya later…

Brett. Wonderful that you have such a supporting wife. My wife is still giving me shit because the family bible is missing the front cover (I threw it out the window, the fucking thing broke apart).

She said: “the pages is so thin and chrinkly, so holy, how can you blaspheme??!”

When I showed her the “kill babies” passage you mentioned, she reached for her spectacles, calling me a lieing asshole.

-Babies that go to Hell will be as 20-32. They will not have the physical and mentality of an baby. God knows the heart of all things.
-whats the point of reading something if you dont understand it.Get a freaking study Bible all of your great questions will be answered.

yeah, answered by men. The same kind of men that fucked up the bible in the first place.

The great thing about Brett is that when creationists get their asses handed to them, they can’t even retreat back to the scriptures because he knows them better than they do! This encourages them to study the bible, and nothing will make you doubt your fate faster than actually reading the bible.

Hi Brett, me again 🙂 1: You didn’t produce a single verse that actually stated that God sends babies to hell (you made an assumption based on the facts you have). 2: you eisegeted (read your own meaning into the text) instead of exegeted (draw the original meaning out of the text). 3: each one of those verses is worthy of an entirely seperate discussion (particularly Ephesians 1:5) that will take a while to work through.

yes he admnits that he made people blind because,mute. etc because he controls aboslutely ALL fucking fat fuck
and yes jesus died only for people who accept jesus as savior.

Your points are nonsense u dont even know that the bible is one big metaphor u fucking douchebag
Yes u win again against no one lol

infants are ‘evil dark killers’ because adam and eve sinned, and it realesed all hell upon the further human generations as punishment for their defiance. however, we are able to become saved through accepting jesus christ as savior. study up, retard. burn in hell.

GOD- ” I , the all loving , all forgiving GOD. Punish you Adam and Eve and humans for the rest of time! for your sins”
Jesus – ” I’ll forgive your sins, but only if you accept me into your life”
Baby – “Goo Goo?”
God- ” I shall smote thee o baby , for thou is wicked an hasn’t repented. TO HELL SPAWN OF SATAN!”

Children haven’t sinned, so no they don’t go to hell. The Christians who believe in original sin would disagree. But most Christians I know believe childreen don’t go to hell because they haven’t sinned. In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” Sinless.

Brett Keane look at all these hateful Atheists

saeteurn1983 (37 minutes ago)
LOL! qtip981 hell doesnt exist,ok!.Heaven and hell doesnt exist.Atheist=sane,smart,eduacated,science,,etc.
Christians=insane,delusional,crazy,fairy tale,homophobic,child molester,dumb,stupit,,,etc

WTF, i dont get this, whats your point, look at all these hateful atheists

I think most Atheists are closet Christians.
Proof of God is simple. There is a balance to everything in the universe and the proof is in that balance. With all the horrific things going on in the world proves to me there is Evil…since there is proof of Evil there must be an equally opposite force…Good.
I choose to believe God is the source of that good.
besides, there is no such think as an Athiest on their death bed.


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