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April 17, 2007

Obama, Galloway vs Rove, Coulter, Gonzales, Mccain

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Youtube Commments:
How shallow, your pressupose that his partner isn’t equally as “foul mouthed [and] cynical”. Or let me rephrase, I would assume his wife has the intellectual capacity to challenge him any time. You on the other hand rather excuse yourself from being critical by ad hominem fallacy.

you’re wrong about Obama. I assume you’ve never read any of his books.
You don’t have the audacity of hope. I’ve watched you for a long time and
it’s clear that you are great at pointing out the negative but not solutions or positive anything. Who and/or what do you like Warren? anything at all?

I criticise those who tell us we have the answers, some of obamas answers are good but trying to inspire america to become a world leader again is insulting. You never were a world leader but you did a fine job of global terrorist, thief and bully. The people dont know what went on and I like talking about that if more people knew perhaps we wouldnt be in this shit

As usual I agree with you. Leading the world should not be the goal, but you answered MY question however, on the comment below by saying you hate Obama the least. Good enough. I think inspiring America at all at this desperate point is a great relief. He’s good and he would never slap his wife’s ass in public. carry on.

Ok, so, who’s your ‘least worst’ candidate for Dem and Rep?

So far I still think Obama’s better than other Dems(at least that I have heard about) and Ron Paul appears to be the best of the Rep candidate (hes against socialzed HC which is too bad for americans, but at least he would reduce the threat of wars and of a US economic collapse that would hurt the worlds economy)

Socialized medicine is great theoretically, but has big drawbacks in our big pharma corrupt system. Did you know there is NO scientific evidence for several expensive procedures that are nevertheless performed, like spinal fusions?Most Americans are deficient in at least one nutrient *according to the government, itself*, which leads to things like heart attacks-but instead of 5 cent magnesium supplements, we’ll be paying for $2000 GMO drugs like TPA.

George galloway is a terrible, corrupt, old fashioned lefty. He makes every bandwagon he jumps on looks silly.

Obama is too far to the left to become a president. He has to move to the centre in order to win over the undecided people in the usa.

Youm, warren, are too far to the left to offer balanced opinions.

You are an thinner and more angry, english version of micheal moore.

Completely true. Hollywood always maintains the USA is the leader of the free world. Complete bullshit. The thing is U.S is always trying to lead, but no one wants to follow them, so everybody are just labelled anti americans. When comparing U.S with Europe, we can see that U.S has much more common with the third world than ever Europe. In fact it is funny I posted this now, because I posted a video about the same thing only a few hours ago.

haha ann coulter is indeed a whore. o and about that “revealing dress”: she preaches so much about the bible and all that kind of stuff but did u know that according the the old testament a woman who exposes her shoulder will be stoned to death. i dont know the exact passage but its there alright!

Anyone like Coulter, whose main currency is unsubstantiated smears and advocacy of mass murder is monstrous, whether he or she flaunts its sexuality or not. People who are interested in some genuine conservative ideas should read the frequent position posts Representative Ron Paul is making.

I also think Michael Parenti and Galloway together could take on all of the far right losers you can put up against them. Michael Parenti is probably the most important US scholar on the left who doesn’t remind me of a senile old ninny. Sunsara Taylor is another worth considering. She can actually handle O’Reilly.

Gonzales and Ashcroft before him are utter disgrace to the people and to the Constitution they swore to defend and uphold. They have blocked so many investigations into government corruption and illegality, it has become standard. The watchdog himself has become the fox.

WARREN25SMASH. —-IN YOUR WORLD—- where BLACK is really WHITE, UP is really DOWN, an ATTACK is really SELF-DEFENSE and SELF-DEFENCE is really a PROVOCATION- —-the U.S. and U.K. are actually the ENEMY. “You’re a disgrace to your culture and an embarrassment to your race. You’re an Islamic POSTER BOY.” You will one day realize the error of your youthful ignorance, and you will have the videos to remind you

When POLITICAL CORRECT propagandists like WARREN assure us that TERROR doesn’t reflect true peaceful Islam, they’re not only wrong, they’re dangerous, because they lull America and the West into letting their guard down against a mortal enemy. And not only do self-appointed “experts” lie elaborately about Islam- they also replaced the truth about Christian Europe and the Crusades with an all-pervasive historical fantasy that is designed to make you ashamed of your own culture and heritage.

There are definitely elements of fascism working their way through America’s government today. While those people have always had a limited presence, with the advent of the Neocons captilizing on Bush’s presidency & the fear-mongering post 9/11, those fascist elements have gained a strong foothold in the government & now influence its policies. Even as they espouse their supposed hatred for fascism, they have unwittingly become the monster they feared most.

I live in Scotland, where George Galloway is from. He is an utter non-entity in Brit politics. Sorry to break it, but Galloway is NOT a nice man, and is NOT a powerful man. He had sex with Greek prostitutes on the government dime. He created racial tension to get into parliament and then had the 634th worst participation record. He supported dictatorship in Cuba and Pakistan. And if you can ignore his dealings in and around the Iraq war, then you can ignore the same of Bush, Blair.


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