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April 18, 2007

Dennis: Discussion about Iraq and Iran

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Youtube Commments:
The question: Why run for office within corrupt gov. when Daring to Call it Treason is Duty of the Day? Coincidence of opinions isn’t representation, neither are elections. JFK: “those making peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution neccessary”. Current gov. denies the obvious except to pose it as future possibility justifying today’s tyrrany. Revolution in US Inevitable & soon, we can keep it halfway civil to save Republic’s & Peace’s reconstruction.

Ohmagudeness…. A senior public official who is exploring normalization with middle eastern countries. Heck guys… we may have a glimmer of hope around here. I was there when the Shaw fell. It’s been nearly 30 years. It “is” time to normalize. Force isn’t going to achieve our objectives there. Force will remove a portion of their OPEC contributions, and drive prices even higher. Excellent talk Congressman.

Yeah, oil in Iraq is an important reason of why President Bush doesn’t listen to the people’s demand to pull out. I guess neocons behind him are very much afraid of losing prestige abit like the USSR staying in Afghanistan throughout the 1980’s despite the mess it was in and the fact that its presence worsened things at home and abroad.

You are the one person that actually is a good candidate for presidency. Sorry, did I say good? I ment absolutely amazing. You know what your talking about, and you know your politics. I hope your a candidate for the 08′ elections. This country needs a president like you, now. Before someone like George W. Bush starts WWIII.

WOW! Do politicians really talk sense like this??? I mean, it’s usually the 21 gun salute…

Mr. kucinich, you are the man, the ONLY man (or woman) talking straight!

Thank you for laying it on the line, I will work to express to others the sense you speak. You have my vote, and I will work to garner more votes for Dennis kucinich for President!

What’s going on?? Look in the mirror. It’s why we celebrate Columbus Day. What Columbus did was declare other worlds for Spain and plunder and pillage the native peoples. We have statues and parades to reward this behavior. We’re simply repeating what has worked for us and other societies before us.

Sir, please consider- tho I’d like to do justice to our subject, I must suggest in brief, no one should run for office within a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. DARE TO CALL IT TREASON, we do. Agree or not, you MUST REPRESENT that we are of that opinion, convinced prudently by Truth, & standing in Dignity. Wish it were not so, but JFK was right.

What’s with all this delusional thinking on the left that America has to be right, or even good? We’re neither, and we don’t have to be. We only need to be strongest, to get our unfair share of oil. Good thing this silly talk of morality doesn’t hold any sway in the White House.


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