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April 18, 2007

Read the Bible Or God Will Kill You

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Reading the Bible and listening to some of the crazy christians out there makes ya realize that Christianity is a sick religion. And its full of alot of sick and crazy people following the words of a sick and hateful god. ugh. most Christians make me wanna puke. Some of them are ok. Someof them I like, but most of them just irritate me.
good vid! 5 stars

i totally agree. i’ve decided not to make any quotes from the bible until i’ve actually read it. and i’m reading it just to know my shit correctly. to think that somebody believes in god 100 per cent and doesn’t read the bible is just pure insanity to me.

I do not make quotes from the bible until it is something that I have read myself as well.
And I have never said that I don’t read the bible at all or that it isnt important, brett and I have already been through this, you need to check the whole story out before making those assumptions.

How do you know what I have or havent read brett? Am I accountable to you? Are you “testing” me on what i have read? NO.
You have no idea, and you resort to lies to make yourself look good, are you proud of that?
Tell me its worth the ratings….

shall I bring out the transcripts of our convos brett, to prove that what you and I have discussed is not what you say? I will not respond to the lies, I am above that
as for the bible, I have already went over that with you many times. Must we go through this again?

did you hear me say “with God as my witness”? no. I made no such statement.
Also, that “deal” was finished with, I answered your questions, you just didn’t like the answer, deal with it.
You asked me to show you where in the bile it talks about the 7yr peace treaty and I did that. How the verses are interpreted does not change the fact that it is in there, you are playing with semantics, and twisting the truth.

yes I admitted to not reading some parts of the bible all the way through, however you twist it into saying that I have never read the bible at all and that is a lie. I have read much of the bible and you have said so yourself that I know the bible better than most christians.

good video. Love how you owned parymich. I dont know if i can ask u this but i have a question for you. Christianity is full of holes, but how did jesus resurrect from the dead. Thats still one thing that confuses me because there must be some outer wordly pwoer to rise someone from the dead right?

Hypothetically if Jesus HAD existed you have to think that grave robbing was very common back in those days, Also people back then were kind of ummm…how do you say STUPID so when they the body missing they automatically thought HE’S RISEN because why would someone steal their lord?

But I guarantee you if an atheist were to say something to the extent of God commanded the slaying of millions of people you would tell them right back “show me where it says that” WE as atheists deserve the same respect from christians to at least KNOW where the scripture you are quoting in the Bible is….besides you are the one trying to convince us so you better come with your A game

Romans 10:9 ‘if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.’

studying the Bible is a huge bonus and honor, but there are many Christians in the world today that are incapable of reading it. It is not a necessity, but it is highly advisable and a complete honour 🙂

“there are many Christians in the world today that are incapable of reading it.”

Why, are they stupid, illiterate, or both? It’s the freakin’ holy book of the christian religion. I’d think it would be every christians’ duty to read that thing front to back at least once.

AlexanderLuther: It really is sad, that Christians are so incredibly lazy or bored by their own holy book that they don’t bother to read it at all. I can understand not wanting to read it all in one sitting, but wow… it’s amazing how ignorant some of them are regarding it.

“This was out of context, that was out of context.”
Context context context.
Guess fucking what? Christianity is faaaaaaaar outside of its original context.

Cavemen needed this dumb shit to get through the day, but fortunately, we’re not cavemen anymore… at least some of us aren’t…

God didn’t write the Bible, nor did he have a hand in writing it. It was compiled from texts thousands of years apart by diverse people with different ideas of what the Church should be. The “do not add or take away” bit was thought up by the clergy for control purposes. Anyone who thinks the Book is the direct word of God is ignorant.

Good point, Brett. You know, whenever I hear any Christian talk about loving Christ totally and loving one’s folks and one’s life less, it makes make puke. It’s called religious fanaticism. It’s also a very clear example of how desperately, exceedingly, perfectly and infinitely dickheaded the bible god is. The bible god also punishes people for reasons that are insane which makes him a coward and a chickenshit.

Yes – study to show yourself approved – but there was no ‘Bible’ until the 4th century – so are you suggesting all who could NOT read the Bible went to Hell? BTW – in Revelation – it says ‘from THIS book of prophecy’ – its about Revelation alone – though you shouldn’t mess with scripture in general…


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