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April 18, 2007

Worst Ejection of the 2006-2007 Season

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Youtube Commments:
Tim Duncan… can you believe the nerve of this guy? What makes him think he can LAUGH ON THE BENCH? Who does he think he is? What, does he think he’s some kind of superstar or something? Screw Duncan, who needs him. We’re here to see Good ol’ Joey Crawford ref games and sh!t.

If you are that insecure you should absolutely not be an NBA ref. Joey Crawford is horrible and always has been. He changes the complexion of a game because he feels he’s the most important person on the court. Duncan’s reaction was hilarious though.

I agree with that! The only reasons these guys stay around for so long is because the league won’t do anythingabout stuff like this. The refs have been terrible for a long time and are the reasons I quit watching years ago. Crawford is and has been the worst for a long time.

Obviously Crawford is not exactly a Spurs fan. This is ridiculous. If he has a history like Artest of Sheed I can see it, but TD is a pretty reserve guy. Whines about calls but geeze, HOward had just elbowed Oberto and got the call off a flop. If I know a ref by name there is someting wrong with the sport!

duncan looks right at joey crawford (when he turns his head to his right) about the call.. you cant really do that…overall it was much too fast of a technical from crawford… but the laugh in the 2nd one looks like he is purely laughing at crawford and his shitty officiating..i didnt see how he got the first one.. remember that the league said for every ref to call techs more often this year.. so tahts why it was called

unbelieveable. Crapford = DUNZO! What a completely selfish, arrogant cunt douchebag of a ref.

Mavs are lucky, it took some SERIOUS bullshit to win that game. LOL at Mavs starters barely winning a game against Spurs bench!

LOL at babyface bitch with the whistle. I heard he tee’d up the fan in the 14th row too!

Way to be an absolute BITCH and RUIN the game for everyone.

Someone should please send this youtube link to the League.

I don’t like EITHER team, so I don’t really care. That was hilarious though. Watching Tim Duncan’s reaction, like he was in complete shock. Classic.

On another note, Joey Cwarford is a whistle happy ego maniac. The NBA needs to take action against him.

that bastard has done it b4…three years ago steve francis was ejected from saving the ball from going out of bounds. u know how players throw the ball at their opponent so that it bounces off of them and goes out of bounds instead of him? francis tried to save it like that and got ejected..crawford sucks

Listen…I’m a Suns fan and I HATE the spurs..I’ve played basketball all through high school…Tim Duncan did not deserve any of those fouls! Maybe, just maybe the first one, but the second one was REDICULOUS! Crawford was obviously upset that Duncan didnt care about his first technical, so like a little girl on the school yard, Crawford ejects him. Absolutely rediculous. I hate Tim Duncan too! But thats just stupid.

WWE=NBA exactly. Inconsistent calls and more ticky tak fouls. I miss the days when Michael Jordan was with the bulls, at least then people were allowed to play go hard defense and have fun without tacky fouls. With high scoring and ticky fouls the NBA is turning to the WWE.

what the f&*k is the commentator talking about? Crawford is NOT one the best referees in the history, that’s BS. The guy is nuts; what is the purpose of the game of basketball if you can’t laugh and have fun? and how many times has Crawford done that?

zartosht06 is absolutely right. Crawford is horrible. 31 years of being an uptight prick doesn’t mean anything. Not to mention that as a blocking call. I’ve been a Pacers fan all my life, and I respect Tim Duncan out of fear because he is one of the greatest players of all time. Definition of winner, defender, class act.

I didn’t watch the game but crawford has fucked people in previous years that I have seen. Bowen yells ‘fuck’ or soemthing. Duncan laughs at bowen and then crawford t’s him up. Out of all the calls I seen, berto’s 2 fouls were B.S. um, the 2nd T was definately bs as probably well as the first one. and then at the very end of maybe not this vid but the next theres a blocking call again I think which is bs. Well thats 5 b.s. calls in like 2 imnutes i seen. hmm

I guess nice guys finish last. Tim Duncan is the classiest player in the league. He never cusses at players and referees, never fights yet gets ejected for laughing while on the bench??
I hope Crawford gets punished for his actions. I think it is time the league holds referees accountable for their actions. This referee has cost the spurs a chance at the second seed in the west.

wow guy….way to steal a quote straight from espn. i mean, that is WORD FOR WORD. which show was that from? rome is burning? doesn’t matter….get your own thoughts.
by the way…..that call was horrible. i mean, crawford is one of the most well-respected refs in the game, but he messed this one up

Joey Crawford should be suspended for the rest of the season for that crap! Refs are not supposed to determine the outcome of the game… The problem is they have let the referees become too much involved in the game. You can’t look at the ref. you can’t fuss at the Ref. But c’mon laughing at the refs this is priceless,anyone that feels that game was not given to Dallas is out of their mind. Dallas won’t beat San Antonio in a series without assistance…

WTF Duncan get ejected for laughing, Oberto gets kicked in the nut and ran over by Howard and is called for foul. Crawford and Stern are stinking up the NBA. Stern is behaving like a dictator, he is been in charge for too long and is not scared of any thing.

by no means im a spurs fan ( im a lakers fan) but that is the biggest bull shit i have ever seen. wow. and i have been thinking kobe has been getting b.s. calls from refs but this beats them all by a mile. i wouldn’t be surprised if Mark Cuban bribed Crawford.

Question: If you were a Mav fan, would you be proud and would you brag about this win?

my response…nope…what is there to brag about?
beating a team without their star player?

i know if Dallas lost Dirk and we beat them by 5 points, the win wouldnt mean anything to me.

how is he a bitch? the guys always been classy, some people say he complains all the time to the referees, but I don’t blame him when he gets hacked all the time but the referees turn a blind eye to him. They really did a good job screwing the spurs in that series with dallas, lol and after that they did a good job screwing dallas in that series with miami….

I’m a Mavs man, but even I don’t like Joey Crawford, but the fact is that Stern likes him. According to wikipedia he’s refed NBA finals games since 1986 and I bet you he’s going ref a game in the NBA finals. He’s got a short temper, but considered a primer official and well liked with other NBA refs. In 1998, he pleaded guilty for filing false tax returns, so he is a tax cheat.


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