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April 19, 2007

Chelsea 2 – 1 Blackburn – Ballack Goal

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Youtube Commments:
Ballack sums up the typical overpaid, overhyped, pretentious, precious, mollycoddled foreign footballing squealer. No value for his grossly insulting, over-inflated wage packet.

His goal merely served as a reminder that he was actually on the park!

lol the britains are so jealous of us germans. we had to build up our country after wordlwar2 and now we are even stronger than the UK. you lost your f…ing empire and now you cry, because the good old past has gone. the whole world loughs about you, you are the silly little dog of the USA. only the premier league is really good, the rest of your dirty country sucks.

Britains dont understand soccer, they think running and fighting is everthing, so they dont apreciate ballacks strategic playin . Of course he s not yet as important as he was for bayern but he s getting better and better,but its his first year and by the way his first year at bayern was also difficult … so you’ll see

To outbid hardly in effektivität! Ballack has come finally in England!!! Ballack is heard to world class and world class to Chelsea!!! All sceptics fallen silent!!! Really Michael

An effektivität kaum zu überbieten ! Ballack ist endgültig in England angekommen !!!
Ballack ist Weltklasse und Weltklasse gehört zu Chelsea !!! Alle Skeptiker verstummten !!!
Super Michael

Why don’t you assholes stop talking shit about Ballack and each other’s countries….He is a great player, and none of you could touch him on the pitch. Second, both Germany and The UK are great countries, I am an American, and besides Bush (asshole) love our country as well. But this is about football, not politics you dicks.


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