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April 19, 2007

Hardcore Moments 7 – MONKFISH vs ICEMG1K

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Youtube Commments:
omg tht was the best vid ive ever seen…. great vid 10/5 lol great…… can u make an extreme elimination chamber match wit all the weapons and could u tell me if u used a cheat divice and which 1 thxx and ur other vids are amazing to lol i like the flaming tables in others lol thx again.

WoW! Ive watched almost every bump vid avaliable on youtube and ive got so say that is the best vid eva for me. With respect to Teryo, Chaosweenie and ICEMG1K this is amazing. Hey Monkfish is there any chance you could msg me on how to do get ladders in cage match and how to get on top of ECW sign? Once again, great vid!

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