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April 19, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
First off, so you know I’m not a basher, I love your videos and surly impatience with the world. But, I must say, apologizing for a hotel ambiance when you normally broadcast from an area with all the homey warmth of a secret room out of John Walsh’s nightmares, just cracked me up. Hope you get home safe and dry.

Yeah what is up with your office/attic/basement/room of doom? It looks half done. If it brings you comfort that way n/p. But I did wonder also where the project fell short of being finished. Sucks you have to wait in hotel, but at least online is there to cut some of the time down. Peace

Hey Joe…Don’t get caught up in this tripe the establishment will peddle you about “Bin Laden” he is like betty crocker, Mr. good wrench , et al…. window dressing for the boobs who are willing to send thier most prized posessions off to war to be fodder for thier profitable one world enterprises….May God forgive those parents who thot so little of thier children to allow them to die for these anti-Christ morrons….

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