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April 19, 2007

Keepin’ It Real: The Charles Penzone Hair Salon Experience

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Youtube Commments:
Hmmm, I don’t like all these advertisements lately…

I originally got hooked on your videos because they were so real and inspiring. Lately they’ve been going downhill though, Cheryl =(

I’m not hating, I’m just letting you know that I’ve noticed a big change in your content recently and I don’t want you to start losing viewers over it.

I respectfully disagree with papatoony, your videos aren’t going downhill. In fact, they are going uphill. We’re watching Cheryl Shuman take back her life. I suppose as viewers we started to identify with Cheryl the patient. Perhaps, the transition (from patient to woman-on-the-go) was so abrupt that we as viewers were left asking “what just happened”. I admire Cheryl because she is willing to share her wealth of knowledge with the world. And that’s a good thing in this selfish world.

“pallar25” Thanks for the support. You know I’ve actually gotten mail from people that seem to be angry that I didn’t die. It’s almost like they were getting a sick thrill of watching me in pain. I’m not cured, I’ve just kept fighting. You have to be tumor free for five years to be considered cured. 😦 I didn’t film alot of the gross stuff and painful stuff because I was embarrassed.

I Love your videos Cheryl, as a matter of fact I am a huge fan….but I will have to agree with “papatoony”
There are way too many adverts. I want to hear more about you!
Suggestion: How about leaving the adverts for the end? Add them to the credits.

Papatoony..why would you seem concerned over another person losing viewers? Cheryl does this to share her life. Is her life not going the way YOU want it to go? I myself see her going from a very difficult time, to some sunshine in her life now. Don’t worry about her losing viewers. As far as I can see..she is gaining them from her courage.


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