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April 20, 2007

GGB An Awesomely Bad Review:Bad Street Brawler!

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Youtube Commments:
Excellent review! 5 stars. Yeah, I have a theory that 98% of the games that try to be bizarre end up… yeah, being not good. This is part of that 98%, lol. And before this, I thought Earthworm Jim was bizarre (but the good bizarre). This one’s just… yeah… I dare ANYBODY to make sense of this game.

A game where you can molest midgets?

You can just hear Uwe Boll writing up the movie contract as we speak!!!

I love gangs in video games, instead of recruiting members from run down areas of town, they just go to the local circus or any family with identical twins/triplets.

Nice job. Midgets can never make up their mind. Even as far back as Willy Wonka, at one minute the midgets are teaching you moral lessons, the next minute they’re taking pleasure in your untimely demise. Never to be trusted.

And speaking of Busey, did you see him on Fit Club? Now there’s gotta be some wacked out clips of him from that show floating around somewhere. Dude was crazy.


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