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April 20, 2007

Playstation3…Worth it or not?

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playstation3 isnt worth it until some “good” games come out
which is going to happen maybe later this year and early next year…
i say ps3 isn’t worth it.. just cause the xbox 360 has Gears of wars Squeals and Cant forget Halo 3
and i prefer the Wii System Manger…
R:FoM is the best Ps3 game right now…
any who…i cant wait for MGS4 and FF13

Ha. People who buy that thing have way too much time and money on their hands. Do what I did: Buy a DS. And a Sega (Dreamcast or Saturn. Genesis if you’re desperate), so long as you have the good games.

Quick question: If you had to buy Guardian Heroes again, how much would you pay? I see it on eBay for $40, is it worth it?

This is the most fucking expensive peice of shit out there, You cant even have your own custom screen shots? i mean wtf u pay $500 for a fucking console and it limits you to shit, Its not worth it, And no offence jedite but you reviewed it like you just got your ps3 you know exited and stuff, Its not full compatable to ps2 and 1 games.

i happen to own a ps3 and it is definatly worth it the graphics are amazing as well as the fact that it is backward compatible all the way to ps1 and works as an internet browser by the way the Wii can suk my balls it sux the play is redundant on most games and hard to understand on games such as shooters and the like th xbox 360 is okay but can’t compare to the ps3 in speed and graphics

We got fucking screwed over for the backwards compatibility, 40% of all PS2 games will not function completely correct, so play better some glitch to hell and back. All in all whoever thought to switch to emulation software needs a brick smashed into their forehead.

PS3 looks pretty impressive regardless for the small game library but it has potential to be #1 console just a few tweaks to make and BAM cant wait for God of War 3 the graphics on there will kill (the 1st and 2nd blew any Xbox or Gamecube game ive ever played away though its pretty simple most of the game)

i have a wii, no ps3 or 360. i can tell you wii is shit, i havent played it in months cus there are literally no games for it, which is why i dont own a ps3. ive considered buying a 360, but all the games ide wanna play on a 360 will be on ps3, cept no mgs4 and ff13, so ill wait.


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