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April 20, 2007

Richard Gere Kissing Shilpa Shetty-2

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Youtube Commments:
gere was a bit out of line after hugging her he shud have let go of her and walked off but he thought he was in hollywood by going further with shilpa…but shilpa didnt seem to mind one bit in fact she enjoyed ..and its strange us indians react to this …we r quite hypocritical esp since we dont mind mallika sherawat kissing exposing or the kiss scene in dhoom 2..we hav plenty of softporn going on in our country but we seem to foget that

my goodness it is a bit of fun. If you notice the kissing gets worse the more the crowd roars approval. I cannot believe the archiac ideas up on here. If people don’t like it don’t bother inviting western guests to your country or pulling them up on stage when they clearly want to leave!

Yuck! Poor Shipla! Not only was that inappropriate but distasteful for Richard Gere to have gone overboard with the kissing. Her body language shows she is trying to graciously keep him from aiming at the lips but he did not some to care. Richard Gere should not have attempted especially out of respect for the Hindu culture when he is a guest in her country.

the crowd was applauding and the two actors were putting on a show you moron…if you are so concerned about hindu culture where are you guys when you see a rape scene, or a sex scene, or gory violence in bollywood/indian damn hypocrites…

Trust me, over here this won;t help indians or shilpa…you will look like morons that get bent over shape over a fucking kiss. Then you burn pictures of gere? If you wanted to be classified as terrorists by the most powerful nation in the world, then you are definately succeeding. By the way no one gives 2 shits bout bollywood over here!

I just read that people in India are now beating effigies of Richard Gere with sticks in demonstration of this innocent snog. I think people should be “sensitive” about cultural differences but they should not be SERVILE. I guess Gere will make this big melodramatic apology to the people of India for “defiling” their national treasure. In doing so he’s just going to contribute to a culture of misogyny and its medieval attitudes about women’s chastity.

May be it is a publicity stunt. The event looks more artificial then natural, so obvious that the third guy is requesting ( or explaining) Gere of what he needs to do(or what they want him to do). Offcourse people do any thing for money (SUPPLY), as long as there are people who could be easily influenced or excited (DEMAND). Simple economics 🙂

It was all done in fun, we should’nt take offence to such things. Its time we Indians adopt a more liberal thinking approach and become more progressive and open. By becoming too moralistic about trivial issues such as this, we are instead becmoning increasingly intolerant and close minded, not to mention very Arab! She did’nt mind it, so why should we?

ur a minge, suck on my bollucks, pretend thier ladus u poomp, strong morals are the one thing indians have to hold on to, after all cricket aint anymore. and are u blind she does mind shes resisting goin down an he is forcing her. the only reason shilpa shitty is smilin is to be proffesional

Sorry to correct you, I cannot speak another language at all! Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician. You are thinking of the word hypocrites which means to condemn someone for an act of which you are guilty. Anyway this lovely actress will probably find a great career in Hollywood next:) To Americans this is nothing. Not saying we are right, just making an observance.

But Muslims are not the creator of Kama Sutra or the worshiper of Naked Statue. Muslims care about the life and dignity of innocent civilians all over the world.
But the Hindus are so hippocrate that they can have vulgarity in there worship but complaint about a non-indian kissing a movie star who has been kissed 1000 times already on large screen.

What a society of more of hippocrates.

Thank you Mr. Jinnah for Pakistan.

Omg… thats so fucked up…. that is the biggest piece of bullshit… they should be thankin richard gere for comin there; they make such a big deal of everthing. I hated it when they deleted the ash-hirthik kiss.. after they made murder u dont see them burin pictures of malika sherawat….

i am Part Indian and i dont find this offensive,i hope that the Indians wont make a big deal out of it (or it’ll just put a shame to their country and their people, What Richard Gere did was just some fun (also not to mention that the crowd cheered really loud when he kissed on her hands so he felt like he needed to kiss her on her cheeks aswell!!


i am Part Indian and i dont find this offensive,i hope that the Indians wont make a big deal out of it (or it’ll just put a shame to their country and their people, What Richard Gere did was just some fun (also not to mention that the crowd cheered really loud when he kissed on her hands so he felt like he needed to kiss her on her cheeks aswell!!


Considering this was all done for a good cause, I honestly think anyone who actually complained about this should be ashamed!

I mean really.. what real harm was it?

And can someone please tell me why exactly were they chanting ‘down with Shilpa’ cause of it? ..I mean it wasn’t exactly her fault.. Some people are just much too overly-aggressive!

It wasn’t supposed to be “hot,” it was meant to entertain its audience of truckdrivers attending an AIDs awareness event, and form the sound of it, it succeeded.

I agree with Shilpa when she said that the press and the protestors “make India look idiotic,” and as to cultural sensitivity – let’s have some cultural sensitivity on the part of “the Indians” to a foreign guest in their country who raises money to help with their social problems.

american white man thinking he can sweep away one of india’s best looking women..if i was there i’d pummel that bastard right there with my bare hands until he cries for his mommy. that motherfucker.
also notice how he carried on, its disgusting.

Shilpa won Big Brother in UK.Notice how she was holding on to Gere’s Hand. She is pretty and Gere is a Man come on now. He showed her appreciation so what? Now press will make her famous in USA. Next she will be on Good Morning America and in Hollywood.Who knows this was just a publicity stunt?

And Indian’s who talk about culture they have crossed line already. Anyone who visits India they tell long stories about westeren style life in India…. Media is only helping her get rich.

Clearly is not Shilpa’s to blame,Gere just can’t resist on her beauty and a simlpy hug is not enough ,so he went a little farther,but still is not all that bad.Those people burn stuff are uneducated people with no common sense,they just want to cost trouble and ofcourse the press gets the best out of this, as Shilpa & Gere are big star

I’m Indian and it embarsses me there would be ANY out rage over a damn kiss. Those few Indians that burned a picture of Shilpa and burned a dummy of Richard Gere are complete idiots and make Indians look VERRY BAD. Please…..know that only a small minority would get mad over it. A lot of us progressed. lol

I am seriously sick of fucking ultra conservatives cavemen of South Asia. First there was a controversy in Pakistan over the lady Tourism Ministed hugging her skydiving instructor, and now this controversy in India. Seriously, people in the third world need to get a fucking life.

I think Richard feels like he is in his home when he is in India. He loves India and he is showing it. Indian’s are weird they burn cricketer’s pictures when they do not perform in cricket match . India is seeing growth never seen before and its hard to digest i think.

Richard G claims to be a devoted student of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Yet, he has failed to even bother to learn the most fundamental Asian value – of not displaying affection toward others in public (let alone to a female lady not romantically related). This offensive act, in the view of many Asian, is an equivalent of gross physical violation of a woman. Hypocrites as typified by Richard G, are interested only to impose their values, not to understand and learn from other cultures.

it was really more of a mauling, but yeah, I think you should be aware of other people’s perceptions and the difference in culture before acting out in public like that, just because you’re buddhist doesn’t mean other people would look at you as one of their own

someone said this in the previous post – notice how the guy comes to geere to explain something or tell him something. Richard must have been ordered to do it. I’m sure he wouldn’t have done it without some kind of order. She seemed to know what was going to happen, or at least she was acting like she didnt know. Either way, it was for entertainment, so get over it lol .

there are way to many indians the way it is. [perhaps if they saw kissing–at least!–they wouldn’t be so god damned many of them. 1.1 billion! and half of them poor as sin–and as religious as a donkey! they’re too much of a burden on resources.

Yeah, maybe Gere should’ve been a bit more culturally sensitive rather than gettin all up on Shilpa in public as pda can be offensive to indians who are not expecting it. Just accept his apology and move on; it was only done with a good intention. The effigy burners need to get a life! lol

Hindu nationalists need to just shut the fuck up. If they don’t want to be treated like arab terrorists which they are not they need to wake up and realize kissing doesn’t mean shit. Let people live their own life, stop living in the 13th century you dumb fucks. You make all brown people look bad!


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