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April 20, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

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Youtube Commments:

Shut your stupid, STUPID mouth before you further smear the decent people that are unlucky enough to share your association.

What kind of degenerate takes advantage of the extreme suffering, anguish, and death of others in order to advance a racist comment? And how dare you act like the black community is free of violence?


what the hell. good job creating more racial divides. did you forget about the dc snipers? oh yeah they were black. did you forget about that gun man who shot people up in the church? oh yeah he was black too. way to spout your racial prejudices.

what the hell are you talking about? don’t you remember the sniper? and who cares who does it…it’s horrible that it even happens…the race of the person who commits these crimes is not important…what’s your point in trying to claim that black people don’t do shit like this…first of all, that isn’t even necessarily correct, and secondly, why does it matter who does it? it’s disgusting no matter who does it.

What record? Who’s keeping track? People are people, and people kill people. It’s the only way other than natural causes, nature (animals/disease), or suicide that death can occur. Race does not exclude or include a person to a certain behavior. Don’t shame the African race with your simplistic thinking. I thought “we” were trying to elevate ourselves after the whole slavery thing. Obviously some people out there still have a horrible mentality.

ronjohn your an idiot bro. Who gives a fuck. Black people sometimes do worst things. Example beating a 69 year old man to death just for kicks. I made my point and if you wanna start drama I really dont give a shit. Its not like Im going to read it peace.

This kind of incident does not depend on race.
We’re all human.
This kind of shit happens when a mentally retarted person has some kind of traumatic event in his life, and has access to guns (thanks US).

This is so sad though. I couldn’t believe it.

i dont think the race issue really matters, but statistically you’d be correct. i’ve never heard of a minority serial killer. but in this incident, they’re reporting the shooter as an asian male. regardless, all of those affected are in my prayers and thoughts.

Yeah i mean black people dont do this stuff…now stuff in Africa is much worse. Its hell man….wait…oh shit son Africa is full of black people oohhh ok oops muh bad muh bad

w/e anybody can do this shit. We all have evil in us get over it, its not about color

Wait, what about the DC sniper shootings, john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo were both black, they shot and killed ten ppl and wounded three more just in the DC area plus they also killed atleast six more in other parts of the country so thats not true about what you said, I dont think it matters what color you are, anybody can have a breakdown and do something crazy like this.

to ronjohn1978 – Please research Mark James Essex – New Year’s Eve 1972 – New Orleans sniper; Malvo & Muhammad AKA “The Beltway Snipers”; James Edward Pough; Colin Ferguson; The Carr Brothers in the Wichita Massacre, etc. These are the unfortunate facts.

Dude, it doesnt matter what race or who did it, facts are that people are dead becoz of an irresponsible person, People do these things and its sad, dont bring race into this coz its totally irrelevant, and dont embarrass the blacks with a comment like that.

man fuck you ronjohn1987! don’t for a second try to pull the race card on this tragedy. this is about the loss of many innocent lives of any race, because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am truly sorry that this happened and it makes me sick to think of how people like you! will try to turn this incident. try to pull your head out of your ass, and support this country, the victims and their families.

I’m terribly sorry and i will be keeping you all in my prayers. We have to love everyone even the ones who called this pain. Even though you think your alone you are not the first to experience such a pain. I pray for you all, even for the gunman especially his family.

… Hm. Congratulations, your video made the news. I still can’t believe that happened this morning… shit, I knew something bad would happen this morning. Whenever I have a bad morning, I know something bad will happen. It’s not circled around me, just a feeling I get… like how I got I.S.S. What county did this take place in? I may be near it…

how does vt admin/police not lock down school at 7:15 when 2 are dead & killer at large? why are classes full in engineering bldg 2 hrs later for 30 more to be killed? i work in lausd- the elementary school was locked down last week when somebody got stabbed 3 blocks away.

OK lets see .. last I checked There were quite a few “Bloods” and “Cryps” that do shootings on a DAILY basis and oh lets not forget the masses of Black guerilla fighters over on Zimbabwe chopping off peoples heads and arms raping woman over the bullshit diamond scandals .. When “white people” kill each other on this scale its horrific and scary .. when “Black People” do it its “same shit different day” kind of attitude … please.

Es lamentable y triste decirlo, pero esta tragedia es el resultado de una cultura guerrerista y de consumo desmedido, resultado de “derechos” que fomentan el uso de armas y tanta televisión y NRA, lamentable.
ist very bad but ist a usa reality

it dosent fucking matter about what race did what?? we’re all capable of shooting people JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!!…….fuck you ignorant assholes who make this race related, thats not the point……we’re all the same motherfucking species, no different…..GOD!!!!

How bout Brian Nichols.That guy was really black.He took the term black to a new level. He killed 5 people in ATL, including a judge. 80% of our nations crime is caused by afro’s.They make up less than 20% of the population. Very sad and disturbing ratio.

Tomorrow should be a day of mourning so that those in the Northeast who were saddened by a shooting at one of the premier colleges in the area should take silence for those who died in the line of the gunman’s fire, and that the gunman committed the ultimate sacrifice: suicide.

this is a shock to all of America, including Bush, it is ranked as the worst school shooting of the US even since the columbine, and can you believe it was an asian, what a shock hope it doesn’t put the American Internment Camps back into effect, because all asians aren’t bad. Sorry to hear about the massacre.

I don’t think this has anything to do with being Asian black white brown or anything its all about a person a human that has mind issues, the person could be any one
its just really sad. I just don’t know why people refer to race when something like that happens

to all the people in virginia tech im really sorry that this happend to you guys…and to all you people who somehow turned this into a race thing…i see this all the time something were some race other then white is involved i some redneck inbreed hick racist fuck come out and says some stupid shit about race…most of us stay quiet so to not give you importance.. cause your simply not worth it, but know your fucking up…STOP MAKING THIS ABOUT RACE…

I feel bad for all the friends and family members of the victims. I just heard the Gunman was not even a American. He came over to the US 1 year ago to attend Virginia Tech. What is wrong with our government! CLOSE THE FRIGGEN BORDERS!!!! First 911 and now this! Shame on our law makers.

Time to rethink how the economy works… overstressed and overburdened from school (work) the unrealistic economic (work) demands made on kids these days, I’m not surprised he took out his frustration on people.

Too bad he didn’t have the wits about it to see the real problem: The herd of mass society.

This shit wouldn’t happen in this country if guns weren’t legal. Is it really worth the lives of so many innocent people just so that we can uphold a constitutional right that has no relevance in this day in age. My God think of the suffering that the friends and family are going through, and to know that it could have all been prevented.

uhhh yeah thats correct … Black people don’t do shit like this… I mean we all commit crimes but you don’t here of black people commiting the worst crimes in U.S. history. I know the guy was asian but not too long ago those white kids murdered at that columbine high school, then was the worst in history. Wheres the black in it though? uh my point exactly there is none.

OK lets see .. last I checked There were quite a few “Bloods” and “Cryps” that do shootings on a DAILY basis and oh lets not forget the masses of Black guerilla fighters over on Zimbabwe chopping off peoples heads and arms raping woman over the bullshit diamond scandals .. When “white people” kill each other on this scale its horrific and scary .. when “Black People” do it its “same shit different day” kind of attitude … please.

ntcoolfool, thank you for sharing your first-hand experience with us through your live journal. As a fellow college student, I cannot begin to imagine the shock and surreal horror you are facing and will continue to face over the remainder of this semester. Needless to say, lives have been changed forever–some ended forever. I would like to express my condolences to you, your university, and your friends and acquaintances that are undoubtedly affected by this horrible tragedy.

TEAR GAS, BAYONETS AND BULLETS: May 4, 2006 marked the 36th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University. Four students were killed when the Ohio National Guard opened fire. Even though the National Guard had fixed bayonets and threw tear gas, many students didn’t believe the Guard had loaded rifles

Blame it in the cops. Look at the videos and you’ll see scared ass cops hiding behind walls and trees. As the shots were ringing out they would duck behind the trees when they should have stormed the building and opened up on the fool. Talk about brave. They would make horrible soldiers or marines.


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