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April 21, 2007

Hilarious SNL Digital Short – Dear Sister

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Youtube Commments:
NBC had it up, but they took it down because they felt that it was bad form or something, after the VA shooting. I don’t see the connection at all, and if its because of the use of guns, Andy uses a gun on WIll Forte in the “Andy popping into scene sketch”. The news medai is so scared of doing or saying anything. Its not like NBC shot those people, it was a dood with mental problems.

its unfortunate that this video came out at the same time as the virgina tech shooting…this was a hilarious skit and i continuously watched this sunday and up until the va tech shooting…after the shooting i just cant laugh at the skit…but it was a very funny skit

I agree… or just pretend you didn’t know it was on youtube anymore and DON’T delete it this time around. (I’m sure they don’t want to be seen as insensitive or anything, because some people seem to believe that SNL caused that shithead to kill people. Let the anonymous internet masses take responsibility for the videos instead.)

This vid is funny cause its not what we were exspecting and we love being all freaked out and serious when people die on TV like in smallville season 4 we all knew Clark wasnt going to Die but he did u see even in the Death of superman comics he comes back i dont Agree with Murder its a Sin but this Vid is Funny cause its Random

Yea, what happened at Virginia Tech was terrible, but are we really supposed to quit watching movies and television shows that include violence and guns? Maybe we should stop watching movies with chinese people in them as well, since the gunman was chinese and all. Get real people. Its a video, a very funny video.

You sound like someone who’d shoot people up… HEY LISTEN, WE ALL LOVE YOU, we’ll be your friend. Seriously, that’s why parents should have the right to beat the shit out of their kids… we need more discipline. Some people just need to get Pootie Tanged

Let’s get something straight….SNL had NO influence on the actions of Cho Seung-Hui’s attack on Virginia Tech. If anybody has actually paid attention to the news they would know that this kid was disturbed way before SNL showed this digital short.

He was pissed off at rich people. Were there any rich people displayed in this short? I don’t think so. I know what happen at Virginia Tech was a complete tragedy but we all need to be honest with ourselves about what really lead this kid to commit theses crimes.

I wish people would stop whining about this shooting. Its hasnt directly affected many people on here, but you still feel the need to comlain about it.
So, big deal. A video is shown with some guy shooting a gun. Obviously this implies “OMFGZZ!!11 VIRGINIA!!1”
Grow the fuck up. I dont hear anyone mentioning anything about the film “Kindergarden Cop” or a Die Hard trailer.
Grow up, stop pretending to feel sorry for something that doesn’t even concer you directly and cut the paranoia crap.

crhmaniac, if you truly find the 33 deaths at VT hilarious you are a monster. None of those people deserved to die that day. One of the victims was a 75 year old holocaust survivor who gave his life to help others flee. If you seriously mean what you have said in your comment you don’t deserve to live at all.

Fuck you,

I see you are upset and I’m not trying to start any beef but really this short has nothing to do with what happen on Monday. That kid was pissed off WAY before SNL ever thought of doing this skit. And if you would have seen the OC you would see the difference. With all of the tragedy that has happened we as a society need to distinguish the difference between the two.

this has absolutely NOTHING to do with VT. you assholes wanna know what happened at VT. a coward took the easy way out. thats what happened. HE made his life what it was, and HE decided to take the lives of 33 innocent poeple before he cowardly shot himself. tv, movies, or youtube clips DID NOT make it happen.

So really, everyone shut up about Virginia Tech and this Digital short, because what looks insensitive and poorly timed is actually a very smartly written commentary which could actually offer more to the dialogue about the causality of the current tragedy than make light of it.

So really, everyone shut up about Virginia Tech and this Digital short, because what looks insensitive and poorly timed is actually a very smartly written commentary which could actually offer more to the dialogue about the causality of the current tragedy than make light of it.

#1 anyone who is dumb enough to say this had an influence on the VA Tech shootings should wake up.
#2 SNL has sucked for the last 5 or so years.
#3 This very is very Ironic and Erie after such a tragedy.

my bottom line since everyone has an opinion about the shootings is the shooter had problems whether they were from bullying or his girlfriend, but we all have problems he just took it to the next level.
Were obsessed with violence.

The parallels to Scorsese’s “The Departed” become amplified when you take a closer look at the facial expressions of the characters in Samberg’s “Dear Sister”. There is too much characterization in those shots to draw a parallel to the events at Virginia Tech. It seems that each of Samberg’s characters knows exactly why they are killing the other, take for example the tone and subject matter of Keith’s (Bill Hader) letter to his sister, “by the time you read this letter I’ll be dead.”

Not to mention that this short is not a product of American society, Andy Samberg always makes shorts that are commentaries on American Society, for example all the white kids listening to rap and what a person from that background would really rap about in his infamous “Lazy Sunday”. This short closer resembles Martin Scorsese’s brilliant film “The Departed” because each character dies and takes another down with him, except of course the police counselor and Mark Wahlberg’s character.

NBC didn’t upload the video at first because of intellectual property laws; the short film used Imogen Heap’s song without getting it covered from her record label (which she actually created and still owns).

Now, it seems that since the Virginia Tech shooting has gone by, NBC will have to wait it out until the momentum fades and they can show it again, provided that they got permission from Imogen Heap to show the film using her song.

The SNL digital short “Dear Sister” has nothing in common with what happened at Virginia Tech! Anyone who says or thinks so needs to ask himself or herself, “hey, am I one of those people who over dramatizes everything? Is my favorite TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” and/or any teen soap on the WB?” (this is the first of 4 posts that should be read as one)

This is just NOT funny. SNL has not been funny for years. I wish they would just cancel SNL entirely or fire all of the moronic people currently involved in the show. How can they think that what they are doing is in anyway funny. Also will everyone watching please stop pretending this crappy show is funny – give it up, it’s over.

I understand that the V tech crap sucks but I don’t think that we should censor a perfectly good skit because of it. Pointing fingers at random videos isn’t going to fix the problem. Best you can do is be careful and try to cheer up by watching funny skits like these.

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Well I still think this was funny. I was laughing at this since it was before VT. I am still laughing because I know this wasnt after VT. Plus, this is not at a college or anything and has nothing to do with VT in any way. Come on people, you thought this was hilarious when it came on SNL! Just laugh a little. My heart goes out to the people at VT. God Bless.

omg wqould people get over themselves!!! “oh this is too insensitive, it should have been pulled” if people cant even take a joke then what’s the world come too. shotings happen EVERY DAY people. just because one was more “important” than the other doesnt mean that people should be careful about what they air on t.v. freedom of speech, we should be able to put up whatever we want to wheter it relates to the world now or not

the oc has been off the air for a while now and that episode theyre making fun of was on a while ago…this song makes me depressed.. i dont think this was actually funny. eh i like the look on andys face though when he shoots the guy in the green shirt. haha

this isnt funny..but its not because of wat happened at va. that was horrible..yes..but what that kid did had nothing to do with seeing this..he prolly didnt even see this..i mean..he had been plannin the thing for the last 2 monthes of his you really think he had time to watch t.v? its not funny..because..its just wrong.

even under normal circumstances i wouldn’t find this funny. although there are a few mildly funny skits by snl most of them seem to be made by and for those with an iq of 60 and below.
but at this time when the whole country is on the edge over the senseless bloodbath that just occurred i can’t see how anyone wouldn’t find this video repulsive.



  1. I didn’t think the spoof was funny. Just a lot of people getting shot. I see this on TV every day. The facial expressions really didn’t do much for me. The scene looked like a dorm room, which makes it look really weird in retrospect.

    Comment by Data Doc — May 4, 2007 @ 6:41 am

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    Comment by Eating Disorder Treatment : — October 29, 2010 @ 2:33 am

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