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April 21, 2007

Now is not the time for a Gun Debate – RANT

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Youtube Commments:
they say that grand theft auto ia the biggest reson for violence in the street like fuck it is acohole drugs ect ect is the reson for that shit
ill do a vid descusing video game to real life violence soon thanx for the idea talk to you latter

Good video Warren, but you have to remember that some people’s perseption of fantasy & reality is a bit fooked. Alot of the media in the UK are suggesting that gun control is alot to do with this, my point is if you allow OR disallow the ownership of guns these sick things will still happen, regardless. One other thing, I think the only people who should take ‘responsibility’ for Afica are the Africans…

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THANK YOU!!! If I could buy you something shiny, I would. Your last comment was spot on. I’m tired of having to feel ashamed, guilty and irresponsible for not helping to pick up after another country’s mess. The US and Canada are where they are today through hard work (as well as other countries.) Maybe they should take some notes.

Now you see what makes me so angry with BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES.

The RIGHT-wing politics reminding their voters that this tragedy won’t sway their opinion on gun control.

The LEFT-wing politics reminding their voters that this tragedy will be remembered during gun control debates.

Hell yeah, Philip ! Fvck them ! And fvck those assholes that get suckered by them !

You gotta blame anyone and anything except those who are actually responsible for the raising of children and their social structures. A useless scapegoat tactic. It takes the anguish of parents for not taking responsibility of their children, and unleashes it on unrelated people. One of many ways to keep people divided.

Seeing pictures of wounded and killed people from the war,and worrying about where disgusting and foolish war policies lead, I’m sure adds a huge violence-promoting burden of stress and depression to what the disturbed already struggle under.
Have you ever considered “war tax protesting”–the Quakers do that. If it does nothing else, it brings the issue up, and one step can lead to another…

I love your passion. Great context and perspective, keep up the good work. This is not a gun control debate (although I support it). Video games are not the problem, but governments that go to war and are supported by a culture of ignorance and oppression.
Thanks for the rant.

Hey FYI your videos are very insightful and I love how you express your views. NEVER CHANGE…but you loaded that video with so much rage even I had to cool my tempert down by watching Otters holding hands. Sheesh. Keep up the good fight…or rant.

Many of us have a good grasp on reality, and won’t go out and kill people after playing GTA.
But others don’t have such a good grasp, and violent games can influence them. These are the ones who grasp the news, and violent games can have a massive effect on them.
Thats not to say that we should ban them, hell I fucking love those games, but they do have a manipulative effect on the weaker people of our society, and these are the ones whom dickheads target to try to get them banned.

Wow. This is why I watch your videos. You are so right. Dr Phil is a little bitch. We really need a separation between local and national news and local and national issues. Too often people take a local issue and try to make it national. I love “How is pong going to inspire me to kill people?” You should be paid to do this. You are good at it.

even though the vtech act was done because of antisocial kid who hated “rich kids” he wouldnt have been able to do what he did if there were strict gun laws. 157 people died today in iraq and people are still talking about vtech. action has to be taken in iraq, in almost every foreign policy stand that the us has but americans only care about americans. there will be more school shootings if the gun control laws stay the same and that is a fact.

You can’t be serious, gun control is a non-issue here. He was a 24 year old with no criminal record. Even with the strictest possible gun control laws short of repealing the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution, he would have still been able to buy the handguns that he did.

In aus we have the same thing! Then the next thing you know they start taking this opportunity to start linking it to a shooting that occured at a Uni here. and debating gun laws. The media dont give a shit about the dead and suffering.
Games dont kill people! Antidepressant drugs do!

The only real people debating gun ownership right now are the newscasters trying to stir up the issue so that they can have another angle to cover the Virginia Tech Massacre. The news, as always, is trying to exploit the story for all its worth. This shooter was an adult, unlike the murderous kids at Columbine, which already moves the gun debate into a less controversial area. It’s frankly too soon to know just what gun issues this incident might involve.

You are the fucking man! You always get your point through, and I completely agree with you in this video. In the city of philadelphia, 400 people are murdered a year. The V.A. Tech Massacre was caused by someone with long festering mental problems like depression. Other murders are caused by people with no respect for life.

Because Sudan is on the other side of the fuckin’ planet. America cant police the world the same way it cant protect it. We have spent, what, like 400 billion USD and 4 years trying to fix Iraq and THAT country had a realitivly stable economy and government before we exploded it. SUDAN is a colorful mix of violent warlords, famine, poverty, and disease. Sure its sad but we cant fucking save everyone, thats reality.

This is a good time to judge a media outlet. Just look at how they handle this story. Give them a point if they give you just the facts. Give another point if they mention the Gonzales trial. Subtract a point if they go on to show you how people feel. Subtract another point if they turn it into a gun control thing.

fuckin a man FUCKIN A. u just read my mind. i heard about the virginia tech tragedy and turned on CNN and watched for an hour. i turn it on like 12 hrs later and i see politicans talking out of their arse about gun control and what not. we see bush the wwar mongerer feeling “deeply sorry” and politicans jumping on this topic and completely glorifying it. we see the media also gloryifying it with “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS” in big bold letters.

You’re my hero. Officially. I love you.

And I got in “trouble”…well I pretty much got labeled as “crazy” today by my school for posting some note on Facebook and some student showed their parents…so yeah…

But I agree with you…America needs to get its priorities straight…we’re such a messed up nation.

I agree. I think some gun control is needed,but people should be allowed to bear arms. I am all for defending the constitution. Of course,Bush has raped the constitution for his benefit. You are right on Warren,we must never debate an issue when in the midst of a crisis. This should have been settled long ago.

Great point about the soldiers. I feel as bad as anyone does concerning the Virginia Tech situation,however,does people not realise that 170 died in Baghdad today?? Just because they are Iraqis are their lives not worth saving or grieving? We are a nation of HYPOCRITES. Still,my thoughts are with all people who have lost loved ones..Virginia Tech,Iraq and people who lose loved ones every day to disease etc. It is never easy

I have commited masssive genocide on halo 2 multiplayer.XDpwn!!.. Yo warren if you play halo 2 holla at me kid. This country needs better gun control laws and better screening system. But who the fuks care right!!! stupid motha fukan bush is spending billions of dollars on this lost cause called IRAQ. Im sick of this shit just today over 150 people died in Iraq… Face it there is nothing America can but leave.

Let me see if I have this right. All the violent movies, video games, lyrics, TV have nothing to do with the rise in violence. The problem is Iraq. There’s nothing we can do in Darfur because we would have to invade a sovereign country in order to help them. Somehow it’s all our fault…

i disagree. if america claims to be a beacon of light, freedom, righteousness or whatever patriotic phrase you want. then they should give a damn about all the world or nothing. not saying they should be world police but rather not blow things like this out of proportion and come off with a american lives are more important than the rest of the world appearance.

I was just wondering if Bush even wants to stabilize the Middle East… Maybe this is all part of the plan. Its all part of the plan, they want to continue to set back the Middle East 20 years. It’s sad how the Muslims in the Middle East think they are fighting for a cause. IDIOTS YOU ARE COMMITING MASSIVE GENOCIDE ON YOUR OWN BROTHERS!!!RETARDS, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT BUSH WANTS!! FOOOLSSS!!!

I enjoy the hell out of your rants, and I agree 100%. But dude… seriously.. you are going to end up popping a vessel and in a hospital. Take it down.. just a slight notch. The vascular system in your head has limits, and you are pushing it pretty hard.

The media is always quick to blame guns, video games, school staff, parents, ANYTHING THEY CAN aside from the actual nutter who shot up the place. Its extremly pathetic that we couldn’t even mourn for two hours before the media started pointing their fucking fingers. I swear to god, it wasn’t even 12 noon and the propaganda mechine was already demanding to know who was responsible. The fucker with the gun, thats who! Sensationalist pricks…

Phil McGraw would have a real party having a go at himself, he’s done it all, affairs, violence, etc. a hypocrite! what are your own personal views on gun laws? the media is going to take advantage of this massacre whether we like it or not, so inevitably if gun laws were tightened and restrictions were put in place, wouldn’t that be a good thing? look at australia since the port arthur massacre in ’96

I know…that made me mad too when I saw Bush there saying that these kids died without reason… they didn’t deserve this… and the whole time I’m thinking…what do you call all the men and women you sent to Iraq? Dieing for no reason…not deserving their fate… but did he go to any of their funerals/wakes/memorials???? NO >>>NOT A DAMN ONE OF THEM!!

true. this won’t change the gun laws. with the freedom that the US give it’s citizens to bear arms, comes occational wackos who go crazy. There is no Why. There is no reason. That dude was a loser who could only achieve infamy through mass murder. I’ll keep my constitutionally protected guns forever.

Warren turn the TV and radio off. . .and turn off your computer. Take 2 aspirin and sleep for 20 hours. Take all the guns away from everybody and we’ll all live happily ever after is shit I that I refuse to deal with. Then the only people who will have guns are the criminals and mentally ill whackos who get a hold of them illegally. Bla Bla Blaah.

Smash, respectfully you need to get a clue. You preach GVMNT control of medical and such, but what you obviously do not realize is that the MSM is catering to big GVMNT by constantly throwing variables down the Americans’ throats. Figure out your position on the media and the GVMNT, and quit being so emotional.

I stayed up the whole night after VA Tech, and nobody gave an ounce of emotion when reporting about all of the deaths. I still dont believe in having guns in all that, but I dont only speak that when somthing like this happens.
I like to bash hooker’s heads in with a golf club in GTA, but I’d never even imagine doing it in real life. I love blasting aliens out of the water with a rocket on Unreal Tournement, but I’d never imagine doing that either. Gaaah!

..or listen to the advices of weapons manufacturers and buy guns to protect ourself. yeehaw bring back the old days! wild west! cowboys! bang bang! maybe after then american people should bring back the indians too and then move back to europe. ha haha

Good Grief!!!!
Warren, why did it take you so long to figure out that the left wing news media will politicize any event for their own purpose? Your rant simply demonstrates your own frustration and embarrassment of something that is an every day occurrence and you just woke up to it.

LMFAO!!!!!!! Brilliant. AAAAAMAJORLYRIGHT!!!!! That’s the closest thing you’ll ever get in prayer. AAAAAMAJORLYRIGHT!!!! Deep breath. You even made me breathe deeply and that is a rare occasion. I think my heart rate upped by about 3. You rock!!! It takes a lot to get that from me.

The reason people make these massacre, is because they see too much violence on the news …. cuz americans are too violent

PS : I personnally Pong could’ve made me stab my family, that thing was some brainwashing …. white bars on black background …. *zombie face*

Brilliant Warren… I just wanna add give all people at school guns and you wont have some psycho speculating hmm i could kill, hell no he’d reconosider shit those guys got like 50 guns i’m not gonna storm them with my 1 gun… the media manipulations is trying to focus ppl away and vote for the unconstitutional thing to delegalize guns.

the mass murders in virginia is just a rather convenient distraction from the recent deaths of the hundreds of shia moslems in baghdad, and the likelyhood that the powerful explosives used was part of the 380 tons of american rdx & hmx that strangely went missing a while back. that was probably given by the usa to the suuni to help them fight the shia, as part of the u.s. divide and conquer policy.

You say ‘this is no time to talk about gun laws’ and follow it up with a barrage of evidence that shows guns are a bad influence in America. There is never a bad time to have a gun debate. It just hurts you because you know it takes an event like this for Americans to sit up and take note. I think you need to set your targets higher than Dr Phil, too. I don’t need 5 minutes of shouting to know he’s a douche.

There are no social reasons for these shootings.

The reason this guy did it is purely personal.

More people die of maleria each day in africa than will ever die in terrorist attacks or school shootings. Yet as people don’t care for africans there is no reporting on this.

I’m quite concerned as well about the strong push for censorship and harsh gun laws that are sure to follow this tragedy. I hate guns, but I don’t like the idea that only government and military personnel could own them. I’m also disgusted that careerists on the right and left are trying to capitalize on this tragedy with sensationalism.

It’s hardly “the worst massacre in US history,” and I’m terrified that it’s being called that in what is clearly an attempt to galvanize people in a sense of victimization and guilt. There’s a lot of one-dimensional analysis going on in two-dimensional media. We’re a deeply hypocritical and profoundly greedy society, not to mention extremely violent. I’m reminded of the parable of the 3 blind men and the elephant.

blame it on the jungle mentality of public high schools, things are immediattely divided into cliques. I used to be kicked, thrown around, just going from one class to the next. I didn’t fight back because if I did, I would be expelled and maybe not go to college.

Dr. Phil spouts empty verbage! Just a bunch of socially acceptable psycho-babble. He appeals to the mindless masses who need pacification instead of actual intellectual stimulation. He helps them feel comfortable about a complex reality through simplification and distortion. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I glad someone said this. Can we at least wait until people stop mourning until we have a debate about more or less gun control? And to the people blaming rap for this, I doubt seriously that the Korean guy was listening to Snoop Dogg while he snapped.

Look, we’re all just selfish bastards who care only about rslves. We don’t want to give up guns/violent games/music/movies/porn/war/drugs/booze/religion/SUVs/whatev er. Attitude is, ‘I’m going to do what I want & the rest of y’all be damned!’ strtng w/our leaders on down to pot smkng video gamers. So, to think that none of it, or only part of it, is rspnsble for society’s ills is dumb. Society is fucked because of ALL of it because, this IS what makes up our society! It’s systemic, people.

All through college, I was hoping someone like you would come around my campus and incite something..some caring, some passion, about something. Unfortunately, I discovered your rants after i graduated a couple years ago. I’m just saying, I went to University in DC and you’d think there’d be people there as passionate about what’s going on in the world as you.

Don’t get me wrong, some are…but they never know how to handle their ‘rage’ or portray themselves intelligently. heh. pity.

Gun control in America? What about gun control in Iraq. At least here in the USA we are not complete morons. We know better than to blow up our own children (our future). We built a nation. We helped to build the civilized world. You can have my gun , when you take it from me! I do not trust our government enough to let them take away my right to defense. I would have shot that little crazy man, and the next day I’d have been a hero.

you euros gave up YOUR rights. Dont expect us to. I think deep down in side your all just jealous. Jealous of our nation, jealous of our guns, and jealous of our POWER. btw…no offense to europe, without you guys none of this would have been possible.

Why shouldn’t he be extreme? An elite few are ruining this world for him and everyone he’s ever known or cared about.
Warren’s one of the few brave people still standing up and saying something and as shameful as it is, people only pay attention when someone is screaming in there face.

You are nuts. Even you right you don’t screem like you out of you mind.
To all this happen now i have only one description.
From animals to animals, from black to black, from nothing to nothing. If we go this way all was just waste of time.

You are nuts. Even you right you don’t screem like you out of you mind.
To all this happen now i have only one description.
From animals to animals, from black to black, from nothing to nothing. If we go this way all was just waste of time.

Anytime’s a good time for a gun debate…considering it’s only a citizen’s Constitutionally-guaranteed Right here in the U.S. I keep asking myself how the outcome of this incident would have been different if one or more of those students had been carrying an arm, & had been trained how to responsibly and instinctively use it to defend themselves. People have the moral, legal, & justifiable Right to defend themselves against deadly force at any time and any place — unlike Europe.

Actually it was 33 people. Last night, a candle light vigil was held on campus- they read off names and info about the victims, it was very emotional. I tried to watch the news updates on it, but i kept getting pissed off about the anchors’ commentary- they wouldn’t just present the info, they have to give their 2 cents,be it gun control, vid games, psychiatric discretion, etc.

I’ve been a supporter of most of your messages conveyed thus far, but this time I feel you come across as desensitized as those whom you loathe………I know you don’t care for Amerikaners, but nowadays it takes longer to buy a frappucino from a local Starbucks than it is to buy FIREARMS’N’AMMO………People in our country are just now slowly understanding that declaring “War” on every grievance and every person that did you wrong is simply the wrong way to go about rectifying matters.

God shut the fuck up. You don’t like America, why the fuck do you care? Or comment. Shit like this happens for a reason. And if you don’t want to be stupid, than get real brotha. Just because you and many others know the difference doesn’t mean some other clueless kid or anyone else won’t be drived to want to do the shit in real life. Come on now, get your head out of your ass brah. If you give a shit about death, rant about the punk ass chavs stealing from innocent people in your country. Shit.

I see too many comparisons between that killer gook and you warren. Hmmm..I think we have another future nutbag killer. Go see a therapist and have yourself put away and filled with drugs to shut you up. You can’t even come up with a decent comeback. All you do is block people. You can’t handle the truth. You are a nutcase who lives in his own fucked up reality.

Everyone has the right to defend themselves. In the UK, we drive on the left because it comes from an ancient rule that allows people to defend themselves with their sword while passing others on the highway (considering 90% of people are right handed). Yeah, ancient whacky rule that is impractical to change, just like the right to bear arms. In the US, the criminals already have easy access to guns. That is just a hole that you can’t dig yourself out of.


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