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April 21, 2007

Ysabella Brave

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Youtube Commments:
Interesting stuff Mary Anne… miss your voice, though. BTW, I used some of your dating advice for men on a recent date and it went very well : ) Looking forward to your next installment of “Ysabellabravetalk.” Question: Should a man give flowers to a woman on a FIRST date?

You’re an amazing first time editor MaryAnne, but you’re an even more amazing singer! Your last singing video, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” is the best video I’ve seen on YouTube. (And I’ve seen hundreds)

Please sing, “And So It Goes,” By Billy Joel as one of your next videos. Your voice is perfect for that song!

Well done! Beautiful, yet vaguely unsettling. Love it.

I hope your singing videos remain simple and unedited though, as that’s part of their charm. But seeing more produced material (like this video) would be a welcome addition to your lineup.

Very nice. Your iconographic vision of yourself is very strong and interesting. Not just special effects, more like special wavelengths. Channeling. Multi-level meanings. Engaging listeners, viewers and those who seek to understand. Disengaging to those who don’t. A poet, an author, a creator, a charm.

Like the choice of music too. You did serious research about your identity & heritage- good way to sell yourself- believe in the product. It says,”I know who I am!” I like most of the photos- just 1 or 2 not so hot. its very good and interesting overall. well done!

ok, so you’ve got Apple’s photobooth and iMovie now. A new Macbook I presume? Well, its a start, but I guess you got to start somewhere. Hopefully you’ll learn to expand your editing skills and techniques. iMovie can do (relatively) a lot for what it is.

Wow Ysabella… everything you post is like magic. I can’t wait to see where your singing & persona take you in the world of entertainment – you are the best singer on you youtube (well, you and KarinFredrika – check her out sometime). 5 stars.

Are we going to find out about “Sister MaryAnne” finally?
Because as well put together, it brings up a few questions I have had since I read about your old Live Journal account.

It doesn’t affect my opinion of you, just curious about your past a bit.

Take care Mary Anne.


Do you want (hopefully) helpful feedback? I think that this video may be a mistake. It is nothing like the sweet girl that we tune in for. Maybe if your own singing were the background music….. however I think it’s just too far too big a leap for me and I am a huge fan and admirer of yours.

me… comment… first… i am the happiest man on earth:))
great editing and grafix… you can make everything u touch gold… just a request though… now that u are all fancy with your fancy editing skills… don’t end up depriving us of those very human and touching performances… no grafix can match the way your face convey emotions.

Nifty stuff! I didn’t realise that Ysabella comes from Elisheva- thought that was kind of cool, because my middle name (Elyse) comes from Elisheva, and my first name (Kelly) means ‘brave warrior’.
Love the song you used, and congrats on the new editing stuff! Have fun with it!
Kelly ~/`~

The best art treads a fine line at the edge of failure. The best artists are brave enough to walk that line — and to get back on it when they slip. You have a magic charisma, you’re unaggressively sexy, and you sing beautifully, but your greatest strength appears to be that you own that line.
Don’t ever stop.

Ahhhhh, another side of you? You have a bit of an edge to you? Most excellent! I have studied Apache philosophy and religion for several years> I also have military background,22 years law enforcement experience, and martial arts training. I was most impressed with your video! Mike in Riverside.

Yes the video is fun. Not commenting on that though. Noticed that there is someone out there (Cheryl?) who’s looking for you to make the next step. If not her, then for Gawd sake’s someone! It will be great to watch you make it big and know that I was one of the loyals who watched you and knew you were destined for greatness. Good luck in the future, and please, always stay true to yourself regardless of the business. See ya in the Talkies!

That’s from “Sacred Spirits”… I bought that in 1990, I think. Love that CD. (Of course, I should have read the comments before I posted; probably duplicate info by now.) Neat video, MA. Looks like you were having fun and I imagine we can expect some very interesting things to come.

Ysabella, your are obviously having some fun with the special effects options on your computer, but there is also a creative maturity in this piece. On the most part sound, shape, color and motion have been used in a meaningful way to communicate an idea and feels.

I liked it very much.

Nice Job…except for one thing. Your beauty mark on your face in these photos is on the right side of your face. In all your other videos and photos it is on the left side. So does this mean it’s not real and you put it on the wrong side? LOL..or did you just reverse the photos?



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