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April 22, 2007

American Idol – Top 7 – Jordin Sparks – Broken Wing

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Youtube Commments:
If I was truly a racist, I would not be supporting Jordin because she isn’t white. I am not white either by the way. And I still think Jordin’s mother is more beautiful than she (not because she’s white but because she is more beautiful). I can think of quite a few white people (at least one anyway) who are uglier than dirt.

Hold up… First and for most she aint white. Second u should sdfu n stop gettin mad n hatin on true talent. Just cause u was one of the 35 (and^) year olds that tried to audition and aint make it dont mean u gotta down true talent. N deap down u know it sounds good as does everyone else. So once again… dont get mad cause u aint make it!

Jordin just blew me away last night. Yes, she’s only 17 yrs old and she has a power house voice so imagine what she’ll be like in years from now. At least she can sing compared to the other 17 year old who’s on the show..(without giving out names) :\ Go Jordin Go!!

The rendition was impecable-Jordin would surely sell this version of “Broken Wing”.Martina should be green with envy.Again ,Jordin pulled a SUPER winner with 2nd favourite of her”I Who Have Nothing”!.Simon |Cowell is finally seeing what I saw from audition- this girl has it all and SHOULD win American Idol.
Go Jordin and vote her ,America! I am in Britain and can’t- pity…she will be HUGE…Just wait and see…

Totallly in its own league -Jordin has the whole package and I hope to God America will vote for her to make her the next AI..If not, she will give J.Hud a run for her money soon…this girl will be the nextSUPERSTAR!!And you CAN actually remember her name and face..and her singing..from the rest..she has of luck, Jordin!

Read this.
There are 20 angels in this world.
10 are sleeping.
9 are playing.
1 is reading this post.

Put this on 4 other video comments within the next 15 minutes.
If you do, someone you love will suprise you somehow.
If you don’t, you shall lose your dear beloved.


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  1. Jordin is good. No, wait. She’s INCREDIBLE! I would most definately put her in the same category as Melinda & LaKisha. If LaKisha leaves tomorrow night, I will be so POed.

    Comment by Amanda — April 25, 2007 @ 1:27 am

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