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April 22, 2007

!! Ste Vee’s Playhouse!!

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Youtube Commments:
For as much as pee wee herman is annoying, stevie you played it well. you almost made me be annoyed by you cus you played it that damn well (pee wee boils my bubbles!!). funny how youtube doesnt bar this video since its advetising another site… lol. idiots.

Sometimes the word youtube makes me scream real loud even when it is not the secret word of the day. Just thought you should know that. Especially when I am posting comments,…or videos…, well I think you know already. It’s different all up on here now y’all.

There’s no question Stevie’s pretty, though a bit thin. Now people, this is NOT by far a good imitation, so don’t lie to her. Acting is not her main thing. Stevie keep doing your thng, who knows, we might see you on the big screen. Just my honest opinion, since others don’t have the balls to tell u. Peace.

Annoying, but essentially accurate.

Still, she always got a lot of credit with me because she’s almost constantly trying new stuff instead of resting on her laurels.

But this is one that didn’t really work.

The annoying factor bothers more with her than Paul Rubens because with Paul you aren’t busy thinking “gee, she’d be really hot if she wasn’t wearing that suit”.


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