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April 23, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui Video – Brian Williams NBC News

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Youtube Commments:
I agree about the soap opera thing. They present everything in a very childish and often insulting and patronising manner. I am glad that their News agencies don’t consider me in their demographic and that I am less, if still somewhat, insulted by the British media.

i often wonder about ppl such as crime investigators, psychologists, authors, etc…don’t they get seriously F*ckedUp somewhere along the line, if they try to tap into these clearly mentally disturbed ppl’s minds(for better understanding their thought& minds prior their crime)…dont they risk getting permenantly damaged themselves??

no, they don’t get damaged themselves. Most of my psychology professors talk about disturbed people as if they were inferior (not on purpose, but they still take a condescending tone) they dont put themselves on the same level as them. It’s like they’re saying” let’s see what the poor toubles soul is thinking & then try to fix it” They don’t teach u to actually care for these people. You will learn to be that way on ur own, they encourage a humanistic approach but dont really teach it.

That’s What Deserve America. Since USA do not undestood that Fireguns are DEADLY and u can sell to Boys and Girls, that’s what America Gets. I’m very sorry for the 32 boys and girls and for the Family, but Michael Moore said that Columbine was just the begin of something worse. And no one cared about it…

“That’s what you deserve” I’m an Italian-American and you make me sick and ashamed of my heritage!! Quit your rambling about girls and boys being able to “BUY” hand guns. If we need Benito Mussillini, some pizza or an update on the latest fashion trends, we’ll give you a call!!

i read his 2 plays which are on AOL news website, they are rather fucked up. i thought on video he would seem much less intelligent, but he seemed more normal than i expected! he seems pretty normal for your average computer nerd/CS playing type these days.

he acts rather calm when recording the video and probably when shooting the people as well. this means a lot of people out there can do what he did, a lot of people out there can be like him, think like him, but are just too afraid to actually go out and kill. thats probably the #1 factor stopping most wannabe killers out there, fear of actually doing it. amazing how calm he is knowing he will kill all these people and then kill himself as well. damn.

No, a lot of people can’t and won’t do what he did because you have to be fucking crazy to kill 32 innocent people and then yourself for NO reason, fool. It is clear from all the shit he spoke that the poor wacko was out of it big time. Why would you be nervous if you are already determined to kill yourself? It is called crazy, dangerous crazy, and tormented.

punish him for what? he got the job done. those stupid kids fucked with this dude for too long, so he killed them all. that hate he got from pathetic people. and u STILL ask why??? u humans are fuckin stupid. humans make humans kill humans. its so simple. no one is born insane. ted bundy, dahmer, its the same fuckin thing. think human,think.

So would you go outside and kill people for that?

Don’t put blaim on other people because of your own actions and wrong doings. This guy had a life that was as normal as anybody elses, infact alot better than some others. It’s not right what he’s done and he had another option, but didn’t choose to take it.

His wrong doing was written a horrific play and mental problem. His Ex-english teacher and student treated him like he’s a fucking murder and student even canceled the class just because he was in it.

With his mental state of mind and the amount peer pressure and treated like an outsider. It’s only a matter of time.

maybe you’re only 9 years old, but you need to educate yourself before making ignorant public comments like this. there is no excuse for such insensetivity. fact is, some people are born with a screw loose, and sometimes they snap. take time to educate yourself and work out your own deamons before making sick comments like this.

Have you been paying attention to everything that has been reported? Obviously not. He kept to himself. Its not like people didn’t want him to be involved. They did and he didn’t,so theres not much THEY could do! You can’t make someone get involved and you can’t make someone your friend, they have to want to do it on their own! its a two side thing! so you can’t blame his class mates or anyone who interacted with him!

Man, you are as stupid and crazy as that Korean kid. Maybe you should have been in that classroom justifying the wacko before he arbitrarily shot your stupid self. None of those kids pushed that crazy to anything don’t you realize that what he says is pure incoherent shit. Something had to torment that kid and he felt to insanity to then take it out on people that have nothing to do with his problem or even knew him.

it’s not only in the US, bush tries to be all over the world, but yea w/e he’s just it worse for his own country. more people against the US, so i dont care cuz i dont live in the US thank god! cuz i’m sure there will be another thing that will make the world shocked, how can you still live like that with so many attacks..after how many attacks you will see there is something wrong in the US structure?

This is actually not a true statement. We are not free to leave at all. Hillbillies always say this in response to disgruntled fellow countrymen as if it’s as easy as hopping on an airplane and never coming back. The entire world is wrapped in red tape and no one can just pick up and go to another country “Legally” unless they are very influential.

he doesnt see the world against him..only the US..i think it’s horrible what happened..but i blame bush, since he is president..the US has to live in a lot of fear, i think the US still has a lot of tragedies ahead. and i think Bush has no right to talk like he cares about people, cuz he sends people into their death in Iraq. when is the US gonna do something good to the world? instead of taking itself down and dragging others with it.

Hatred breeds hatred, wake up people! Why is everyone so consumed with being right! Doesn’t anyone see the problem with the gun laws? Instead they’ll probably beef up security instead of dealing with the problems that exist. STOP HATING, IT’S THE GARBAGE OF YOUR MIND!

Oh BOO HOO HOO !!! Nobody knows what these people did to him, yeah he was probably unstable, but their are alot of americans that are assholes and pick on you for no reason maybe these people deserved what they got. Trust me i live in L.A. and the people here are fucking assholes (gangs) (cliques) (high class punks) (road rage). Shit most of the time u cant even go jogging without somebody trying to punk u

Weird, the transcript has him saying that, “I die like Jesus Christ, to inspire generations of the weak and the defenseless people” and NBC edited out almost all of the Christian martyr attempts too. Steven Weinberg was right, “with or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion”. A personal responsibility and love for world is much deeper than any reliance on myths or superstitions.

Finally, another hero for the picked on and laughed at to look up to other than Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold, Cho Seung-Hui. Remember this, those girls laughed at him, others made fun of his acne and called him the question mark kid. Everybody has a breaking point and his had be reached. Did you all honestly think it would end with Columbine High School? Take my words to heart, “You Reap What You Sow”

Anyone who tries to make a comparrison between this massacre and gun control is an absolute moron. This sick bastard was going to carry out his plan weather or not he got the gun at Walmart or off the street corner. No amount of gun control would have changed the outcome. It took you liberals about an hour after these kids were killed to turn this into a political issue. How about just feeling sorry for these kids and their families and leaving it at that.

the guns isnt the problem, in SUIZELAND everybody have one SIG550 assault rifle at home because the havent army, suizeland have MILITYA sistem….thousand of boys have asault rifles and ammo at home and the havent that problem, the guns arent the problem , the problem is the SICK society that creates that sick monsters, globalitation priorities are the problem, the childs education but not the guns

the guns arent the problem, in SUIZELAND everybody have one SIG550 assault rifle at home, because they havent army, suizeland has MILITYA sistem….thousand of boys have asault rifles and ammo at home and they havent that problem, the guns arent the problem , the problem is the SICK society that creates that sick monsters, globalitation priorities are the problem, the childs education but not the guns (sorry orto)

What now? The media’s plastering this all over the news will only put ideas into the minds of “crazy” kids across the nation. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of occurances like this. Thank you Heston for fighting for the right to carry arms in this country…it’s ruining our nation.

the guns arent the problem, in SUIZELAND everybody have one SIG550 assault rifle at home, because they havent army, suizeland has MILITYA sistem….thousand of boys have asault rifles and ammo at home and they havent that problem, the guns arent the problem , the problem is the SICK society that creates that sick monsters, globalitation priorities are the problem, the childs education but not the guns (sorry orto)

Ahhh, maybe I’m ignorant, but i never heard of Suizeland, I heard of Switzerland. By the way can you tell me the population of Suizeland, because if they don’t even have an army it must be a pretty small country ou territory. And my opinion is, yes gun laws in the USA are out of date,and it should’ve been changed decades ago.

the guns arent the problem, in SUIZELAND everybody have one SIG550 assault rifle at home, because they havent army, suizeland has MILITYA sistem….thousand of boys have asault rifles and ammo at home and they havent that problem, the guns arent the problem , the problem is the SICK society that creates that sick monsters, globalitation priorities are the problem, the childs education but not the guns

Cry me a fuckin river..good job Cho, tho you should have massacred the anti-patriotism instead..this little tragedy made the nation mourn..but when 56 died this month alone in the military for yuppie freedom loving liberal fucks no one gaved a shit. So boo fuckin hoo.

unbelievable…what did anyone actually do? u cant rule out that he is probably a paranoid freak who thinks a girl turning him down was the end of the world, no1 deserved to lose their life…at times like this u just hav to accept that ther are some bad messed up people…

I think what he meant about the children,brothers and sisters is that our parents were Adam and Eve since they were the first humans to be created (in the Bible that is) I’m sure he had more to say, but since its from NBC they totally edit stuff like like..I mean why not right? maybe he had a point to this, but since its NBC…he could have send it to Fox news better

The US also isn’t inherantly bad. Attacks like this happen all over the world. Are you implying that you agree with the actions of this maniac? Because that’s how it sounds. And what did any of those students who DIED have to do with the structure of the US? They hadn’t even graduated yet– they were barely old enough to vote let alone restructure the government. Excuse me, but who the Hell do you think you are?

shit that sucks, that really fucking sucks. That guy is my age, and he just woke up one day and thought, hey, ill jill everyone I can find in my college, what a great idea! God damn it! Just thinking of all that people that were also my age died for no reason just because some wacko had access to guns, it just gets me so depressed…

How does shooting 32pple justifiable? Ok, he was teased like most of us were at one point in ur life.
Secondly, a comment somewhere below an idividual stated that “Since USA do not undestood that Fireguns are DEADLY and u can sell to Boys and Girls, that’s what America Gets”. Our 2nd Amendment, gives us the right to bear arms. I bet you if one of the sudents had a gun on thier person and used it to defend themselves against Cho Seung-Hui, 32 innocent pple would not be dead!!!!!

this guy is a sick fuck totally unnecessary to kill so many ppl just cos he is unhappy with his own life there is no need to go and ruin so many other ppl’s and their families lives

how can bush not even consider the gun laws

either way tis a helpful vid to understand some of this situation

it’s really pathetic that this motherfucker tries to justify his sick, sick actions and comparing himself to jesus. Almost everyone gets rejected, made fun of & taunted! It’s LIFE, and we all know it can be unfair. You can tell from his shitty writings that this guy had PROBLEMS, yet he REFUSED counseling. I hope I go to hell just to see him rot. This is such a tragedy I can’t fucking see straight.

Burn in the eternal embers of Hades, Chode Suck-Hui.


rip vt victims

Face it, Americans have a gun culture just like Islamic groups have a culture of suicide bombings. The problem won’t get any better until there is a change in the law and yet you still have people in the NRA suggesting that everyone should have guns. You’re not cowboys, get over yourselves.

Oskar Schindler: Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don’t.
Amon Goeth: You think that’s power?
Oskar Schindler: That’s what the Emperor said. A man steals something, he’s brought in before the Emperor, he throws himself down on the ground. He begs for his life, he knows he’s going to die. And the Emperor… pardons him. This worthless man, he lets him go.
Amon Goeth: I think you are drunk.
Oskar Schindler: That’s power, Amon. That is power.


It’s kind of funny. The murderer mailed this manifesto to NBC in the hope that it would be shown on television, and NBC obliged. That package should have been classified immediately. This media circus only serves to glorify Cho and inspire other potential murderers.

this mother F**** sick person should have been put in asylum when they got the clue in 2005
also they should pass a bill that
mentally sick patients or similar people who have that background should not be allowed to use guns

i doubt how did the shop keeper gave him gun without properly checking is background

This m f** has ruined 30 lives and i deeply express my condolences for them
i wish they get some peace

I think that he needed to talk to someone just talk not giving him advise not telling him what to do but to just listen to him. I feel bad for the people that died and their families, but you guys don’t see that when he was pushed, teased, and ridiculed he felt bad he probably had to go through that everyday and nobody felt bad? Like he said it could have been prevented, and in the shootings they were not random they were targets..

Sick and his mind was gone. Selfish “beyond repair.”
If he only knew how he had done the opposite regarding
his delusionary “sacrifice.” His parents and sister
has to carry this with them to their grave. It increases fear towards Asians.He was in the middle
of the “Elite American Class” with a first rate education. Selfish and sick. My greatest concern is for
the innocents and their families.

My heart goes out to all the families and friends who were affected by this terrible shooting. Also, I think VT was very lucky that this guy did not have a following of other people. The incident could have been WAY worse. I also hope that something like this can tighten our gun control a lot better. There really is no need for people to have guns. They argue that it is for self defense, but I’ve never heard an example of this working on the news.

Honestly, what Cho did was horrible. Although, Cho failed to realize there are far better ways of dealing with the negative societal issues which have deeply embedded themselves within our culture. However, there is much to learn from what was released in just this clip.

He had the shallow thought process of a 14 year old. He was in his own little world where his life and feelings is the only thing important. He blamed “others” for his death. He’s saying “the blood on your hands” is his. Those lives he took wasn’t important to him.

The whole class laughed at him and told him to go home to china.Guess they wont be laughing anymore.

I have seen scholastic discrimination by all White-American-teachers all my life.

His message to the rich.You are not beyond judgement.

He was not insane.Lets see the whole video.Fn tell-lie-vision.

The whole class laughed at him and told him to go home to china.Guess they wont be laughing anymore.

I have seen scholastic discrimination by all White-American-teachers all my life.

His message to the rich.You are not beyond judgement.

He was not insane.Lets see the whole video.Fn tell-lie-vision.

Yeah, I understand that he was picked on in school. But it’s still his fault. He should’ve took measures in order to TRY and fit in… stuff like speech therapy to alter his foreign accent, surgery to hide his “yellow” features, and skin bleach to whiten his swarthy complexion. If not, then his parents shouldn’t have brought him here to America.

that was so stupid, so that means if someone feel not accepted because they have ” yellow” features, they have to change those features in order for them to be accepted? comon the guys did something very very wrong but all the students who fucking pick at him at school are also a little responsable. source: i been through that kind of shit and it hurt so much

He was not insane.Every person that you discriminate against in your bullshit media is a potential martyr.

Keep laughing at the poor and keep laughing at people of so-called color.

Your media does not represent the American people.You fear the hispanics and represent them, you shoot blacks, you make Asians to look like fools. you murder on an industrial scale.You are fn parasites.Lets see the whole video.Lets read the entire manifesto.

Sadly this appears to be a perfect example of political corectness gone astray. Cho was clearly disturbed and no doubt, proper action was not taken for fear that cries of racism would have rang out.

Cho is one very sad and out of control little man. Cho is a classic exqample of the victim mentality.

Thank you, ACLU! Thank you Al Sharpton! Thank you Jesse Jackson, for keeping the victim mentality alive and well in the year 2007.

Yes, it was very wrong and no excuse for all the lives that this man has taken. And I do not support his method one bit. On the other note, why doesnt’ anybody take into account for the fact that this man’s mental unstableness did not come from nowhere. He was definitely tormented to the breaking point…and by whom? Did anybody even stop to consider that question? ..Continued>>

I believe the only reason why he didn’t mentioned any name is because he knew that the people who were responsible will have to live with the fact that they could have prevented this if their jacked-up parents could have taught them a little common courtesy for the human soul. Children can say or do very hurtful things to each other. However parents don’t seem to get the message as to how damaging these can be on a kid. ..Continued>>

fuck that shit, the one thing that matters is the fact that that is a no gun posession zone, were you cant carry weapons, if guns were allowed, atleast one of those students would have been strapped, and they would have capped that fucking gook, before he had the chance to harm so many peaple, guns are not the problem in this case. its the lack of guns thats a problem

Like I said, I do not support this man’s method or intentions but what really should be asked, as of this point is.. who was it that did this to him.. and why.. and how do they really feel about it.. now. You know who I really feel sorry for is the all the stupid idiots that tormented this man and laughed at him and drove him to this point. They may have to live with the fact that they are as much to blame for these killings that he had committed.

December 29, 1890: Around 300 Sioux men, women and children are massacred by US soldiers at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

Worst massacre in American History? All depends on your perspective, I guess. Maybe the media considers the lives of 32 Virginian students worth more than hundreds (perhaps thousands) of native Americans.

Source: Wikipedia.

Nothing he says means anything…..he uses powerful words, but really they mean nothing. No context is there. So either he’s fucking with us with this and he was bored, or he was just crazy. Crazy = Nobody is responsible and his brain just doesn’t process logic in a way that makes sense.

this whole virginia tech bull sh*t could have been avoided.first of all the guy has been to mental fasilities,he isnt right in the head.and also in 2005 he was aressted on campus for stalking a girl.if that isnt enough to kick a kid out of a school then what is?then ofcorse after the first two shots were fired,what does the school do?instead of evacuating,they keep clases going.this all could have been avoided if the staff would have just pulled their heads out of their asses

How man of him are out there? Listen to the hate just posted on these responses. What a horrible day when 33 people died. That did not have to happen! Cho is nothing but a mass murder that wanted all this attention. Lets remember the victims not the murder.

George Bush took your brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews and REFUSED TO PULL OUT THE SLIGHTEST 200 TROOPS TO THE MOST….you maen to tell me this boy is no more guilty than George Bush? I feel bad for him, and the people he took with him. Its GODS decision, not ours. If you cant forgive, then GOD cant forgive you. Remember that.

Whats sad is folks that glorifies this behavior I.E. some of the posts above. NO countrys perfect all has problems this is 4 ignorant folks who think there shit smells like roses I.E. some posts above. This was a sad crime, a sick demented lost soul who felt killn other kids would teach lessen”still don’t know what it was”He couldve been some1 great and made a difference in this world, he wasn’t pickd on.. he choose to stay to himself. Think b4 you speak….didnt your momma teach ya that?

I think he made a really important statement to the American bigots that rule our lives.FU!

You want to treat people of color like shit-you die.

People are fed-the fu with marginalization, discrimination, and your endless flaunting of wealth in our faces.

Dont hide the manifesto now you fn nepotist white-American sons of bitches.

Before most of you were born I saw your white-non-latin parents discriminate, beat, insult, dismiss, marginalize , and kill people of color. So fu.

Google: terrorstorm
Google: Iraq For Sale Bonus Scens Blackwater.

They are not laughing any more are they?


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