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April 23, 2007

Dancing with The Top Model Design Genius from the Underbelly

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Youtube Commments:
haha “meatball” made me laugh, i like big girls, but that was just funny. I love Brown, she’s so black, i wish i was that black. Anyways, i would love to see you do a prediction show for ANTM, that would be awesome. Love ya! keep up the hi-larious work.

Honestly, your vids are my cardio; don’t they say that laughing your ass off really works your abs or something? Somehow the combination of the placement of those Katie Holmes pics, with what you had just said, with that crazy-person-I-know-something-you-don’t-know expression that wackjob hag always has on her face had me in total hysterics and I fell of the chair. And thank you for the line; “one’s always uglier, right Mary Kate?” Oh, and it is in fact true about fat people and pogo sticks.

LMFAO. He’s straight. Sort of like when you have to say you’re straight, you’re gay. And when you have to say you’re homophobic (and you totally spelled it right) you are. But thanks, from the straight girl, for being polite.
XOXOXO, Bekee ~The Cabana Girl~

i LOVED Notes from the Underbelly! Follow up on it next week! Rachel Harris (of VH1 fame) is the shite and Jennifer Westfeldt (from the AWESOME movie ‘Kissing Jessica Stein’ – watch it Buck) is really good, especially during the second half of the show with the food cravings.

And the husband it HOT!

I missed dancing with stars this week. Thanks for keeping me updated with humor thrown in. I read about that show underbellys….I might try and catch it, I don’t know I’m so over TV, I’m in my lets stay outside until dark phase. Keep me posted!

Hey, this is my first time leaving a comment but I am a regular. I love your show and look forward to every episode (I usually watch it on your myspace blog). You are bloody hilarious and very clever. Even your offense comments I can’t help but laugh. You so an amazing job and keep up the great work. Luv ya lots!

didn’t you just love those whacked out hair “creations” the judges made them do on the first episode of shear genius? good lord, if i had run into any of those nightmares in a dark alley i would thrown my purse at them and ran off screaming PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!!
why would anyone want a head to look like that–oh, sorry–i forgot, pam anderson


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