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April 23, 2007

HOW TO Improve Video Quality The Cheap Way

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Youtube Commments:
You should set white balance at first with your camera. If it has a manual white balancing mode then use that instead of the auto. And then you can use video editing software to get it perfekt. But the best is to do it right in the camera becaus then you have good material to start with.

Thanks for the tips man…Its always cool to have check out tutorials. Its even COOLER when someone actually helps out. Thanks for posting it. I do have a quick ? though. Would you recommend any kind of handy cam. Like the sony digital 8 handy cam?

riverraid1 – I own a Sony Digitil8 handy cam, but the problem is, it’s out dated. Every TV show out there who asks for footage wants miniDV tapes, not digitial8. If you already own a D8, then stick with it until you can get a more expensive miniDV.

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