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April 23, 2007

Virginia Tech gunman manifesto

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Youtube Commments:
“You had a hundred billion chances and ways to have avoided today,” 23-year-old Cho Seung-Hui says in a harsh monotone. “But you decided to spill my blood. You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option. The decision was yours. Now you have blood on your hands that will never wash off.”

its really sad things like this happen.
but other things need to be addressed too.
what do we know about ragging and bullying kids in school?
Its a result of all this.
Bullying and making fun of people…as he said torched himself..humilaited him…
all issues need to be addressed…to find the ways to prevent this shit from happening.

I totally agree, sometimes a person just gets pushed too much by the insensitive people around him and then at one point he decides to do something about it, in this case he decided to inflict others the pain he felt and took the lives of some individuals…it’s really sad that he has to resort to this kind of violance but it only proves that oppression exist in the very heart of one the basic social institutions we called school…

Warning signs eh?? Didnt they BBC say NBC received this video of him before the shooting?? If not, where did the vid come from. If so, why did he send the video and then wait 2 hours untill the email came out and run to another building before killing himself?

really,ya think? Hmmm. Turn on the news, read a paper. The guy was practically wearing a sandwich board saying he was going to shoot up a school. But, as ususal, schools are filled with inept mental health workers and bad support systems that let dangerous students fall through the cracks. There was a guy who lived in my dorm who kept guns in his room and drank all day and stalked female students and all the school did was suspend him for one semester. Go NEC.

There’s probably more too it than we know. Not saying he’s right in doing what he did. I just want to know what the fuck is he talking about?!! From these videos I guess he’s been bullied. I don’t really think people really “tried” to talk to him. Probably just wrote him off as the weird kid. But to do what he did was really crazy and sad. Condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Peace.

You’re disgusting. Why wish death upon his “bitch,” who you don’t know? This is another college student, just like the rest that were brutally murdered, whom he was obsessed/infatuated with. You can Never blame one person for actions like his. They are His fault. He’s the one that did it. No matter how harsh people could have been. No matter what this girl may have said to him. He did it.

yeah dude…i think you secured a spot in hell with that one. good job. I hope you wake up in 10 years and realize your life was just one big fucking joke. How dare you say that knowing that someone who got lucky and dodged a bullet would watch this sometime, while your pathetic, good for nothing ass makes stupid remarks like that. its people like you that make people like cho do what they do…dick.

Hey, I don’t like americans all that much either but that is just stupid…. BANG BANG BANG!!!! That’s the sound of those 31 souls putting three bullets into you just like this monster did to them! But hey, we all know you only posted this so that you could stir people up… Maybe go and find some friends to talk to or are you gonna be a total monster like Cho as well?

i agree with you, they are more of a threat to life on this planet than 1 million of this guy. let the yanks live life in the shoes of normal people on this planet. they would not last one day dealing with real life problems. like they are like sooo fucking stupid, if they elect bush then let them get killed in iraq, if they have relaxed gun laws then let them get killed on their own turf. no one outside america really gives a fuck about them

This guys a freak. so are the fucken Bulles to pushed him to do this. See Bullies are all shit there the ones who drove him to fucken do this there the ones who pushed him to his limit. we all have out limits. but still he should have done this.ITS SICK

I think they should not give the shooter any media attention instead concentrate on the victims and their families. If he is given enough media attention it will give more weirdos the idea of doing the same thing for a bit of fame even though they would be dead! I allso think its disrespectful to the families of the victims

retarded- is there proof that there’s oxygen? or time in space? the only reason why we assume things is by what we observe, same for the people who wrote the bible. everything is observed, even if not directly. we can’t see oxygen, yet we know that we breathe it because it keeps us alive. true, satan or whatever spirit i would agree had nothing to do with this guy, but don’t be so quick to think there is no such thing as a spirit just because you personally never saw one.

2 years from now, there’ll be a Fox Show running on to 3 seasons of a kid trying to break from a school and shoot em all, thats america.. executives corner kids to depress .. merchandise themselves, its sad… even sadder they dont do nothing. only explode the news even more.

i’m not sure what’s so ‘scary’ about this… with all the jerk-offs in the world, the only suprise is that it doesn’t happen more often. Sad that so many people had to die as a means to an end for someones misery. only problem is if you kill off your “enemies”, wouldn’t the point be so you could live your life and enjoy their absence? he killed himself.

I notice throughout his speech (if you can call it that) he’s always blaming others. Rather than owning up to his own problems, he chose to blame the world. So he lashed out at the world believing it will solve his problems when the real problems were within. His writings were a clear outcry of help. But rather than reach in, we all just kept our distance. Still, it’s no one’s fault but his.

“like duh its not even remotely entertaining..” WTF You sound like a character from Heathers. I wonder what is “remotely entertaining” enough for you? The Nuremberg Trials? footage of hostages holding newspapers? Napalm bombings? Would it have been better if he’d killed himself for your entertainment on the video clip?

Maybe he had a point… but you don’t have to shoot what? 34 people??? He must have been bullied… couldn’t fit in … mentally sick for sure… they should have kept him in the mental facility. Guns are everywhere in States, not like in Canada. The politicians in States, should do something about it, I think they have to start from there. Ban firearms…

they shouldn’t have broadcast this, i mean this guy’s name is going down in history. in a society that worships celebrity, in murder and suicide he has achieved fame and status that he could never have in life. his bulls*t rantings that would otherwise have been ignored have been broadcast to a captive audience of millions around the world. he’s being rewarded for his despicable act. and what effect is all this going to have on other sick individuals angry at the world and wanting the same fame?

as sad as it is that this guy went to the extremes he did, it does go to show how severly bullying affects an individual’s psyche! I thought people would’ve learned after Columbine but obviously bullying is too much of a temptation for some that they can’t resist it, bully the wrong individual and suffer consequences like this. I am not excusing this mans actions but it makes you think just how damagin bullying can be! wake up people

i agree with u.. bullies pushed him to do such horrible acts.. i hope those bullies will realized what they have done.. and they very much contributed to this tragedy.
but i think these bullies will not realize and will still be continue be bullies. to the bullies who pushed this guy to the edge, you are as sick as this freak..

if brazil is so great and above us “brainwashed proud americans,” why do you flee, often illegally, to america? people continue to criticize our country, but leave their families behind for the better opportunity that the united states can offer. make a valid point next time and stop being so ignorant and incendiary.

luisahr, you seriously need help if you think people deserved to be shot because of a egocentric nature. No one deserves the pain and trauma these people went through. A professor sacrificied his life out of pure selflessness, where’s your logic there?

weirder than the gunman? no..more in tune with the reality of what constant bullying can produce? yes! This guy was insane but what do you think made him that way? Few people are born insane. hate festers in the mind usually after years of torment. Forget guns, bullies need to look inward if they bully others and think it is cool! As this massacre shows, some victims react hastily.This guy is sick as you put it but in my opinion, never push anyone too far…some have extreme breakin points

, you know by the time you read this, about 70-100 ppl will be killed in Iraq, everyone is sharing their condolences to the victims including me, because this incident got the spotlight, it happened in america, just put in your minds People, that in other countries People are getting killed by the minute and second because of your country, yet , no one talk about them, no one cares, because they didn’t get the spotlight..its just disgusting…killing is … Disgusting…

This is a sick TERRORIST carrying out a suicide-shooting spree claiming to die like Jesus.

The War on Terror needs to get rid of extremist people this amongst us using religion as an excuse.

Condolences to all the Virginia people who have suffered from this sad tragedy costing 33 lives and so many wounded.
Stay strong.

After viewing the video, I couldn’t find any good reason for this man to justify what he have done. This is oweful, I mean how can you kill 31 innocent people with no good reason. Even if you had one good reason, this is not an excuse to do so. I think you will burn in hell for what you’ve done. It seems to me that you were watching too many movies and you were video games addict.

Anyway, If you were Muslim you’ll understand that killing people in general is a big sin that leads to hell. Thanks god I am a Muslim. I really feel sorry for those who have lost lovers,relative or friends and if there is anything I can do to help, I would be happy to.

I’m not agree with arsescientist. I think this guy had a message to give and he was so angry that he was thinking that this is the only way. So sad and so freaking. We have to prevent this BEFORE it’s too late. We have to help lonely people and never judged them. Reject is so bad for anyone, that’s the reality. Love is the only way to prevent this.

This isn’t a manifesto. It’s a bunch of jibberish from a freak who had no business being in college anyway. What a reject who took the lives of so many intelligent and pretty people who had a lot to offer the world. He had nothing to offer but lunacy and ugliness.

it’s people like you who causes people like him to kill your kind, so unless you don’t want to end up being shot like the other “intelligent pretty people” think first before you say something and consider how others would feel if you post comments the shows how small your brain is….

A MARTYR?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? How can you justify his actions and the death of over 30 innocent people ?? Just like how not all Koreans are violent, not all White people are racist. And this is coming from a non White person. NOTHING can ever justify his actions. Nothing.

This guy is a prime example showing people need to shut the fuck up and worry about there own lifes being shit and not make someone elses life worse just because they fine no other outlet for there aggression other then a kid from korea. Im sure this guy took more shit then a heard of cows could put out in a week and to that i say lock and load.

That’s what i think. Sure he’s a fucking nut! But how the hell do you think he got up to the point actualy doing this. Getting fucked over constantly, ‘couse your different. Society made this kid lose it and society is to blame for his act. I feel so sorry for the family of those innocent people who got killed. This should have never happend.

As far as the extensive media coverage over this. Seeing the images started off ok by the second day i was tired of the negativity and when your showing this on every major news station on every news show for 3 or 4 days after thats just terible. We as americans put to much emphasis on the bad things. sure there was a shooting in vigina tech.But it didnt happen for 3 days. Give me hope america dont make me live in a world of fear that you created with the media

you cannot say shit about that! We don’t “create” anyone! He chose to go to a “rich” college and be around people like that He was jealous! And understanding being hurt but if you listen to all that tried to speak to him, HE WOULDN’T TALK BACK so he became who he was all by himself! We are taught what is right and wrong but not every one listens! My prayers go out to the family.

uh- how does he expect to “do it for his children” if he’s dead. You can’t have children if you’re dead.
Anyway, why do the media refer to what he says as a “rant” and a ” manifesto”. How many words does someone have to use before an explanation or expression becomes a “rant”? How many pages does a document stating motive and (self-identified) reason for action have to be before it becomes a “manifesto”?

first person (s) account: click me to see a video created by using text that has been taken entirely from wall posts on facebook, myspace, blogs, news articles, and other first person accounts/ reactions to this tragedy. i hope, in some small way, that my work contributes to an atmosphere of healing

You know thats a load a trash. Its happening becouse we no longer give a damn about our heavenly Father, we are gods in our own eyes, there is no right, no wrong, just want we all each deem ok for us. This is logical outworking of our godless society.

I dont agree with what these guy did,It’s sick,It’s heartless,its unforgivable,I wanna kill him again and again but I guess its wake p call,we should treat people nicely coz we dont know If that person is insane and might plant a hatred against us.

“Evolution=meaninglessness=hoplessness=notruth=norules=psych o killers” If that “equation” had a tiny glimpse of logic in it then Richard Dawkins would be worse than Adolf Hitler. Ever occured to you that this man might have been mentally unstable?

NBC should not have aired this. They made this guy the idol of every psycho in the world. Now people who hate being alive, and who want to go out in a blaze of “glory” will copy what this disturbed moron did. Every idiot will think, “I will be remembered forever by taping my rants, and killing people, then NBC will broadcast it to the world.”

This is absolutely sickening! Anyone who has the nerve to watch and laugh is an idiot. What is amusing about someone speaking about killing innocent people and then acting out on it? Those who laugh (or sit and agree) are just as sick and twisted as he was. Have more respect!

dont call him a nut crack or shit like that..dont say its a racial thing ir shit like that it is simply understandble if you are intelligent enough that this boy is an idealist and his intentions are to purge this place of those whom discriminate and hate..

i cant say he is totally wrong although i do not want to argue with anybody ..the only thing that i dont like about what he did is that he also attacked the innocent..this attack clearly states ” enough with the undermining,the racial discrimination and the pain.”

What Cho is saying… who he is blaming are the people.. the people in the world who continued to make him a nobody. Who pretended nothing was wrong.. that he didn’t hurt. He’s a sick man but he hurt like the rest of us and even with him never talking as people have said, noone stepped in to help him.

Yet , another example of what theist do in the name of a god. Cho Seung-Hui compared his plight to jesus(more than once).. This is what Voltaire meant when he wrote: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”


After watching this, I felt bad for him. He’s also a victim. Due to the bullying he received from racists. There was also an incident of racism on the US which was reported in the news in our country where a girl was beaten off just because they thought she was chinese. Maybe this guy wants to send out a warning to those who bullied him or the bullies everywhere. I guess he just had enough. This could have been avoided. Condolences to Virginia Tech.

With even more face time and more media coverage, there are a few kids right now thinking “hmmm, that’s one way to be heard…And I too will send a video to a major networks….maybe all the networks!”. The ironic thing is he could’ve used youtube to vent his anger and be heard. I honestly believe this site has helped people not only find their creative side, but assisted with healing whatever social anxiety they may have had.

the creation of the racist, the bully, he’s mentally out of state who’s to blame?—-PARIS HILTON? ^0^ seriously mean people w/d never understand…well Cho is a weak man poor him. It shown not his point but his weakness the bully and mean should celebrate this is what they want to prove he was freakin poor ypeee…!!!

the creation of the racist, the bully, he’s mentally out of state who’s to blame?—-PARIS HILTON? ^0^ seriously mean people w/d never understand…well Cho is a weak man poor him. It shown not his point but his weakness. the bully and mean should celebrate this is what they want to prove he was freakin poor ypeee…!!!

People can be really fucking mean and maybe EVERYONE should take a second thought before you talk shit about people to make yourselves feel better cuz that person could put a bullet in your brain one day. That does not give him a reason to go kill a bunch of people, and Jesus is not a justification. Plenty of people have it better than others. Shit if he wanted to kill someone that’s spoiled he should have killed Paris Hilton……she’s a dumb bitch that has everything.

Expect more “martyrs” like him! It’s a path that al-qaida tried to make, but now US will drown in its own shit, producing mass-murderers in high-schools, universities, shopping molls etc. Decadent society like american transforms persons to monsters!

the creation of the racist and the bully. he’s mentally out of state who’s to blame?—PARIS HILTON? ^0^ seriously mean people w/d never understand…well Cho is a weak man poor him. It shown not his point but his weakness. the bully and mean should celebrate this is what they want to prove he was freakin poor ypeee…!!!

All I can say is what do you do when he I cares, you have no one to talk, to confide in? What do you do when you’ve become so much of an outcast that other people find you so strange that nobody in willing to even talk to you unless it’s words of hate. This is the power of hate. We have realize regardless of race, skin color, religion, we are all brothers & sisters. Love is in need.

He is no martyr, he is nothing but a sick sadistic cunt that yet again gives Koreans a bad name, but you know what cyruslee2002, your worse than him for supporting him, at least he was mental whereas you are just a prick. R.I.P all who tragically died in Virginia Tech, Cho Seung Hui, even though you mention Jesus’ pain and how you have emulated him, you are not and never will be welcomed in his kingdom, i guarantee you that.

This guy has a point. He was alone, a loner, everyone didn’t like him.

He was the only one who didn’t have a car, golden necklesses and he also had mental problems.

This guy is smart, and his words are very good. He makes a point but him Shooting 32 people then himself making it 33 is over the top.

This guy seems like a good guy but his head is terribly messed up.

You fucking fags getting racist over this, you will never understand the emotional pain he was enduring.

what do u mean non-white savages?? This has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. Any person, white or not, guy or girl may end up as disturbed as this guy. Don’t be such a racist. If u think that all gun crimes have nothing to do with white people, u are so wrong.

Its amazing how ignorant and moronic some of you sound! You dont seem to understand the problem in this world is you! You need to think for yourself and stop getting these moronic ideas from your even more ignorant friends and mom and dad.The really ignorant ones are the ones who will comment on this using profanities

He wasn’t being recorded by someone, he recorded him self, made pictures and wrote about a 20 page paper talking about his life and why he did it.

He did it because of everything that he’s been through.

You rich pricks would never understand you dumbasses.
Fucking fags, I am sad about this but you can’t be mad at the killer, he did a horrible thing but he had a point to it.

Its amazing how ignorant and moronic some of you sound! You dont seem to understand the problem in this world is you! You need to think for yourself and stop getting these moronic ideas from your even more ignorant friends and mom and dad.The really ignorant ones are the ones who will comment on this using profanities.


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