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April 25, 2007


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Youtube Commments:
Just for the record! Oh god I sound like my old english teacher! Worser is not a word! I first heard “Worser” used in a Nascar race, but that could be expected! This is MSNBC! And by the way, if I was there when the shooting took place, I would have ran or jumped him. Something! Not to disgrace the victims, but everyone has a opinion! It’s called free speech! You may not like their opinion, but still its free speech.

“if I was there when the shooting took place, I would have ran or jumped him”

Really? Real life situation is not like an action movie and you’re no Chuck Norris either.

“Not to disgrace the victims, but everyone has a opinion!”

Blaming the victim for getting shot is like blaming women for getting raped, it’s not an opinion it’s ignorance!

How about a disgusting comment from me?? All three of those SHITHEADS need to be beaten,raped,tortured and have feces smeared on their dead bodies! Hows that?! To me that is what their words sound like! Yeah,ya know the right wingers started ripping anyone Asian as soon as this happened. To hell with all idiotic NEOCONS and right wing morons. I am fed up with their heartless and ignorant,lets fight fire with fire.

I keep asking myself, what if one or more of those students being fired at had been carrying an arm and trained from childhood on how to responsibly and instinctively use it for their defense. The situation would have probably been much, much different. I ask myself the same thing about airplanes. Hand EVERYONE a gun as they board the plane. If anyone gets out of line inflight, open up on them. Sorry if you don’t agree. It’s only the 2nd Amendment and your Right to defend yourself.


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