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April 26, 2007

PussyCat Dolls Present: – Top 4 – Group Performance

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Youtube Commments:
I have to say though…Chelsea did really good. I’m rooting for her. The most important part is that she beat the Melissa S.!! Melissa S…..You suck not because you lack talent but because you are a two-faced, cold-hearted, ego-maniacal, BITCH!!!!! (AND YOU CAN’T SING)

Eew, Asia was too distracting. She was trying hard to be noticed. Yuk, her moves are all so rough. Melissa R. still outshines her. If I’m there, one of the audience, I’m gonna be like, “Hey Asia! Get the fuck outta the front! I can’t see Melissa R.!”.

Chelsea done well! i think with tht outfit on she looks such a PCD! i want her 2 win! but in lady marmalde ron said they all could win so Chelsea obviously is at the same level as asia n melissa r in teh next episode! so any of them can win…but im routing 4 CHELSEA!

kk i love pcd and all but asia and both the milassias lol and sry if i spelled it wrong did the dance break better than nicole jessica and melody bc nicole dose it goos when she wants to but kimberly ashley and carmitte always give 110 percent to it

I feel Chelsea should have been voted off instead of Melissa S. But I think shes made it this far because she is the prettiest girl on the show. PCD are not JUST about looks. Theyre all gorgeous.. however Asia should win, although I don’t feel her personality is completely like-able. Melissa R. probably has the most likeable/relatable personality because she is humble and sweet. Oh well… I love all the girls and the show! : D


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