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April 27, 2007

Brains, Humor & Controversy (or 3 White Guys) [YtGems#3]

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Youtube Commments:
Love what you’re doing here! Were it not for your last gems video, I would have never discovered who debstef was. Wow! That guy is awesome! He makes great videos and he ALWAYS replies to your comments. Unbelievable! I will now check out these three. Later.

Hey ChannelReviews! Your last video review was so sexist, but did I call you out on your page!? No! But I don’t mind. KingUmbele is KING! But I can see that his humor does not appeal to everyone. He does other characters. Some white. I emailed you about Ken Tanaka.

Cool. Thanks for sharing. I will check these channels out. Nice to have someone on YouTube who is looking for new and exciting stuff out there, and then passing it on. Great to know that there’s more out there then the top subscribed channels all time. The fat cats getting fatter as it were. Keep it up.

GREAT call on zzz33333 – you’re right, he’s a dreamer – but he’s not the only one! (god, i and my kin really need to stop using that line, but whatever, ‘s true :p) omw to check the others 🙂

and no more telling zach(sp?) to slow down, we need his words!

Very good editing, and a much better flow of commentary. I think you’re hitting your stride as a video critic/promoter/editor. I also agree with the guy below regarding the audio; I had to crank it up to hear the guitar guy, but when you returned, the audio blasted me out of the room.

Yay!! Finally you have an internet connection at home!! I’ve been waiting for a video for a long time!So when the hell are you going to cough up the video about how you ended up in Japan, where you’re from, etc.??!! I mean geez, give me a break man! Woohoo, that was a good one! (please pardon my shouting!!!)

Thanks man…Quick Mac question for you…How do you extract video from other ppl’s vids and then put them in yours? I have a site that i copy in the video url…then that converts it to a .mov file. From there, I’d have to place that footage into iMovie. Is that what you do or is there an easier way?

Well, unsure why your getting the hates, lol. They seem harmless to me, and they doesn’t come across as too insulting. Just funny. People could call The Simpsons racist too but don’t realize it’s a parody about every race and culture so at least equality is practiced, lol.

He has tattooed in red on his arms, signed his rabid note, and ended his video with “Ismail Ax”, which, according to the Koran was the Ax which Abraham and Ishamel used to destroy the idols of Mesopotamia. 10 minutes from the Video were not shown. Certain words were deleted from that which was shown. Message tonight.

I think Ken Tanaka is joking because someone asked him if that was his real accent and he replied asking what a “real accent” is. I think someone who knew English as well as he does, even if it’s not his first language would know what an accent is…

Also, he says his father’s name is “Johnathan Smith.” Yeah. Also “Tanaka” is a very common Japanese name.

Hehe. Just my observations, ’cause I see a lot of people on his channel who think he’s real or aren’t sure. ^^


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