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April 28, 2007

Shed The Light – Part 1

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Youtube Commments:
what happened to you is…it is amazing but you definately desurve it! You’re talented and you’ve worked hard for it 😀
loved the walking around in london part of the vid. I’m moving to london too in about 4 months to study music! Hope I can make it to some of your gigs then 😉
keep up the amazing work and good luck!

TERROR NAOMI – you scare me chick hahaha. The only words I come up with to describe this video is endearing, loving and real. You don’t have to understand how this whirlwind of success is happening, but it’s based on talent and love. The best you. xoxo

Terra – I’d like to say thanks to you mum for finding the last 20 copies of your 2002 CD; my copy is something I treasure.
It’s also beautifully edited and shows what this really means to you. Thanks for that little insight, and it’s nice to see tears for a good thing for a change.

You are sooo amazing Terra.. It’s Cherry here — was sooo great meeting you at your first gig in the enterprise on tuesday!! You’re a beautiful, talented and genuine.. sorry if I freaked you out by being soo in awe of you in your presence.. you’re great hun xx

Congratulations….Its good to see you start to reap the rewards for your talent… you certainly deserve it as it is always a pleasure listening to you. I know you will go far and hope you always remain as sweet and genuine as you are today and not let the trappings of success change who you are inside…..

Great update, shot and edited really well. It feels like with you that we are part of your family, unlike many that make it to the top, and feel disconnected. Nice to be part of your support team, and when your cd comes out, will be there to purchase.

haha!!! HEATHROW AIRPORT!!! MY SECOND HOME! lmao! that excites me! XD! you was like 5 minutes away from my house! and! lol! central line train cough take it to ealing!!!

i so wanna meet you.. soon.. hopefully.. eventaully..

love youuuuuu
affy xx

Congratulations, 🙂

I remember when I first found say it’s possible on here and I was like :O that’s amazing. Really hope your worldwide release goes great when it happens and I really am going to try to get down to London to see you play 🙂

Still enjoying your last CD as well 🙂

All the best

And we love it that you’re here, Terra! We really do! I’m waiting til the summer to come and see you in Camden, whatever happens I WILL come and see you! This is too much of an opportunity to miss, seeing as I already live here 😀 Keep it up, Terra, we love you!


Congrats. You deserve it! Real strange, was on here and typed in Vicodin, buddy has avid with that name in title–don’t ask–and a vid shot from the audience was up with “The Vicodin Song” thought you were awesome–but then when I saw you post and heard “Say Its Possible” I knew I was hearing a song that will be part of the world’s soundtrack.

I think this is great. I’m glad to see you sticking around here and doing so well with your music. When I first saw your Say it’s possible video, I told everyone I knew about it and emailed them a link. Everyone I heard back from loved the song! I can’t wait till your CD is released here. Just don’t forget to continue enjoying yourself and don’t let it become work. 🙂

you are amazing and you made me cry during the last part… hehehe, anywee… great job babe and keep beleiving and taking in the support that i and all the rest of your fans are trying to hand over to you.

peace and love~ hannah bannana

Oh Terra, everyone loves you so much! I can’t wait for your CD to come out!
Thank you so much for your beautiful music, I’m so happy that all the non-Youtubers will get the chance to hear you voice.
Congratulations, you’ve earned this.


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