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April 28, 2007

SNL – Digital Short – Roy Rules

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Youtube Commments:
I doubt NBC will take any of their skits down, not only are they getting greater exposure but they are now able to view comments that its audience posts and use them as feedback. In the last few SNL episodes they have mentioned You Tube in some way like this weeks News Makers skit. It’s almost like NBC wants us to watch online. In fact some most of the links are added from “NBC”. Who knows if that is the real NBC or not but it could be!

NBC takes down any SNL sketch that gets put on youtube, usually within 24 hours. They can only take down the ones that are searchable though. If SNL isn’t in the tag or title, it’s harder for them to take down. They don’t need the exposure, and yes “NBC” really is the network.

Wow! You’ve seen dress the last three weeks!!! Holy COW! Are you connected with the show in some way?! WOW! I am impressed!!! You are so cool!!! Thanks for the post and making me all jealous! : ( But seriously, your post was very informative. Not sure how, exactly, but it was to those who cared to know that it was aired in dress the last three weeks.

Oh well thanx and no problem. No I don’t have any connections I just wait in the standby line every week because I love SNL! Plus I talked to Andy, Akiva and Jorma after the show and they told us that this week they didn’t do a new digital short, and because of that this one finally aired. There are a lot of people who are SNL regulars. It’s a lot of fun!


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