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April 28, 2007

Telling it all 49

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Youtube Commments:
Yeah Peter! A great video but the best news is that you got a Mac! As soon as you are more comfortable with it, you’ll love it, I’m sure. We have been Mac addicts since they came out and love them! Love the Zimmer video and am waiting for it to be available on iTunes in May. Take care! Pat

hey peter you’ll love your new mac… i use a g5 with a 30″ cinema display, just bragging a little… lol πŸ™‚

hey about your old computer… you might want to sell it on ebay… it will probable bring a nice price and help pay for your mac… good luck

Thank you Peter, I wish many others could see what you already know and see. People cant always see things from all point what has happened to the youth is based on where we are from and how we are raised. I can say that you say alot of what you speak of is true it is very hard and I wish my family would understand how different it is for me.


I think the last good generation was the people who were kids in the 60’s,even though many have turned traitor and became the people that they used to preach against. My generation(40 year old)was ruined by the Reagan years…maybe we can find some people that arent afraid to stand up to the NEOCONS. Take care Peter.

Good to see that you have done a complete 360 on your ideas regarding interviews and media. I am glad that you are taking advantage of your 20 minutes of fame. I know you said early on that you would only do YouTube videos..glad to see that you have changed and now are enjoying the fringe benefits of your 15 minutes of fame.

Wasnt implying that he wasnt genuine. I am one of Peters longtime admirers,have been from the start. I had encouraged him back when he was first getting interview requests to take advantage of them to spread the word. I think its great. Peter is REAL genuine person..unlike some others we know of.

Oh Peter, I thought your landscape looked familiar! My family was, and some still are, from Yorkshire and when I was over to visit last, I drove all through the countryside and made a lovely friend, the Duchess of Devonshire. I absolutely adore your neck of the woods, it truly is heaven on Earth! Loved the video “My Generation”. So good to see all those young at heart, teaching us young in mind. Thanks!

Peter, you’re open mindedness is wonderful, and just as mamy older people don’t undstand the world that young people live in, the reverse is also true. That is why YouTube is so great, and in particular why you are go great! Brilliant music once again as well!

I saw Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry at North London Poly (or was it central?) in 1976 or 7. I thought they would just go through the motions, living off their fame and did not expect much but it was one of the greatest gigs I’ve ever been to. Walk On is a superb track.

Peter, I am so glad to see someone of the elder generations being open to technologies which seem so foreign to most. I think if more people like you did things like this it would greatly improve the respect for our elders and help the world. Thank you.

I have been visiting convelescents for years and they are so lonely and wouldn’t it be grand if we could get the youth and them connected so that not only the youth can glean, enjoy and celebrate the wisdom of seniors..but vice a versa for the seniors to enjoy the vitality and hope of the youth! Thanks for enlightening us Peter!

Horray for getting a Mac! I hope you enjoy it. I have to say, I have been watching your videos, and you look very similar to my grandfather. He was born in 1907. So many of the things you lived through, he did as well. It’s interesting for me to hear about your life experieces since I never really got the chance to hear stories from my grandfather. Ignore anyone who tells you to stop making videos, because you should keep making them. They are interesting.

May I suggest saving a wee 5×7 section of the Matisse-esque wallpaper, lovingly framing it, and hanging it in a place of honor in the newly done over digs. It was that wallpaper that hooked me from the get go, you were a delightfully unexpected by-product. πŸ™‚

thanks for your nice words.
It seems like there are people in every generation who are ignorant. There are young people who don’t appreciate old ones and old ones who don’t appreciate young people. and all the age groups inbetween aren’t any better. I am very glad you are different.
Thanks for being different!

Nice buy with the Mac! I can’t imagine what a difference a 24″ screen is going to be like! As a heads up, to record videos on a Mac you can use iMovie (the clapper-board icon), using “iSight” as the video format when asked. Click the Camcorder Icon (next to the scissors) to record. There are a number of good books on “iLife’06” which cover video editing, music, podcasting and all the productive stuff on a Mac.


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