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April 29, 2007

DBSG_Star King Pt 2 1/2 [ENG SUB]

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Youtube Commments:
OMGosh!! Ginaya I was wondering if you were going to sub part 2 and you did!! Haha… Thanks alot Ginaya… I don’t know if I would understand what DBSK would be saying if it weren’t for you! Haha.. LOLS Poor Yunho couldn’t do it seriously!! Haha.. Yunho is so cute!! And JJ.. JJ is so sweet and funny too!! Seriously thanks for uploading!! ^^

aw~ jaejoong is so romantic ^^. i felt bad for teh couple cuz what some of the celebrities were saying seemed slightly hurtful, even if they didnt mean it. and jaejoong just made it so nice ^^. lol. he thinks any kind of love is okay as long as they love each other. >coughjaehocough
kamsamhida! hehehe..
i jus sumhow like d way jaejoong looked @ yunho’s direction during 6:50…n den @ 7.29 it shoes jae then after he finished commenting, @ 7:34, they showed yunho.. even the media.. is picking up on yunjae..=) and @ 3:23 when unnie talked abt “it’s like me marrying yunho”, d look jae gave yunho.. it cld all b fanservice.. but it just is adorable.. hehe

wait i have a question…who is the artist of that song when the guy kneel down 2 sing “i love you” ?
aww Yunho singing =D lol he just stopped
ooh i didnt know JJ had a crush on his teacher ^^ aww what he said was sweet =] haha Sangryul just yelled out….JJ is funny xD thank u so much Gina!

Ha! I knew they were a couple ^_^!! Jaejoong was really perceptive ^_^ and his words were really touching ^_^! Yunho was so cute…he burst out laughing halfway through his serenade XD lol and her husband was watching…I like that woman ^_^! Thanks Ginaya, I so love you for this *hugs*

Its by Korean system of counting ages. In there when you are born you start off as a 1 y. old and not 0 years old. When you get 1 y. old by western system you are 2 y. old in their system. So by westernd standars Yunho ect are 21 but in their country standarts they are 22. Hope this hekped.

Good to see all of them having fun together… But I really wonder why Korean TV never does Min justice when he has proved many times in Japan that he can be brilliant on air… It’s always sad to see him closing up whenever they come back to Korea. Anyway, I just hope it is a personal choice but somehow I doubt it…

and although it may seem nothing special.. a 20 age gap relationship.. but it is the courage tt they are willing to stand out in the limelight to announce tt they are in love.. imagine wad the parents’ reaction will be.. claps for them.. and i realli wish them happiness also…

and ginaya~~~ thanks so much for postin with eng subs~~~
goin to part 2 now.. how i wish is an hr show.. –“”

I think Jaejoong is a very excentric person but that’s why we love him right? His thoughs are so deep but sometimes it does seems like he’s having problems expression himself because that would make him look like a fool. But indeed when he does it he is the most sweettest and softes guy in the world.
jaejoong love!! DBSK love!!
Thanks for uploading ginaya

Thanks so much Gina, wow JJ surely knows he’s been in similar situation twice, his ex was 3 yrs his senior,& now the history teacher, though I hope he met someone nice his age. Him & yunho r witty, funny and diplomatic here. I think JJ is the wisest of the 5 but he he keeps his thoughts to himself,. Gotta love him and his personality..JJ
Luv JJ…. wish other ppl will share the same opinion as him and then, the world will bcome a better place hahah ^_^ Who knows right….
Changmin had such little air-time yet I’m attracted to look at him…
Aigoo… he is getting really good looking now eh….
BTW, thanx for the vid Ginaya… U rawk

aww Jaejoong was really sweet on his comments, did you see how surprised changmin and yunho was when JJ guessed they were a couple. Yunho is cute when he sang to Noh sa yeon and then gave out that cute laugh at the end…must have been a little embarrassing for him;p

OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT 46 AND 26 DAMN!!!!1 my brother is 21 and hes going out with some chick whos like 31 with three kids and they so call love each other and we dont approve of it but they act like they aint together mind u he buyin her stuff and paying her rent and bills and he aint livin wit her

his birthday didn’t pass yet.
but i was questioning yoochun’s age.
his birthday didn’t pass either, shouldn’t it be 21?
we were born in the same year and i know in korea it goes a year ahead.
i’m 20 going to be 21.
so he should be 21 going to be 22.

ah, idk. confusing.

It was hilarious when Ji Sang Ryul was like “What are you doing? Your husband is watching this with his eyes wide open right now” and when Yunho laughed in the middle of singing. Is Ji Sang Ryul that lady’s husband? Or is he talking about her husband watching from it from the tv?

jj is so sweet for saying those wise words. it just made me love him even more.
20 years age gap is big, but if you look at it the other way around the guy being 46 and the lady 26, there won’t be that much big of a deal to them.
especially now-a-days it the thing that is in. we see more of a older woman and younger man dating, even the celebrities are doing it.

jejoong is soo….good at observing people. i mean yes he didn’t finish school but he has this intelligence that goes beyond anyone who attends school. i guess this is one of the things i love about him: his observance and his unwidely intelligence level.

i still dont understand the way they count age in korea >


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