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April 29, 2007

jaike is still creepy

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Youtube Commments:
So Tonight I went and Played The Role Of a Meathead Mafia Muscle in MY Friends Movie. Around 12:45 am we got done and we were gonna go get drunk at my buddies house. As I was Leaving I realized that my car sounded funny. so I got out after pulling into The next Parking Lot and Noticed that my front passenger side tire Was FLAT!! Then I wait an Hour For AAA to show up.(Props To My Sister for The Mad AAA Skills) so My Night was Ruined. But Then Again Thanx Dispatcher For The handy Dispathing Work!

This is arguably the funniest video you’ve made in awhile. Wicked funny man! Between the changes in the faces and casually listening to Jaiksghost (what a creep) this was a brilliant, entertaining video. Please, please tape another conversation with him.

Those video effects truly are stupid. Why is there such horrible language in this video? Don’t you have anything intelligent to say other than*&^%*&^%*&%*&^%?
Obviously Not.

Sure it is funny talking to such people, however you didn’t sound much better than him.

At least Bush didn’t “invent” the internet like Gore.


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