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April 29, 2007

Re: Win $1,000! Prove Rational Atheism

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Youtube Commments:
I don’t think it is possible to win the $1,000 with how their challenge is setup. At some point, everything is reduced to either inductive logic or chaos. You can’t distinquish between “your brain in a vat” or that you live in the Matrix versus or our understanding of reality.

I think his challenge is more propaganda than substance.

Of course it is, but I was trying to work on this guy by PM. I had no idea he had already gotten publicity for this thing beyond PMing me. Ah well, I should have figured someone would get to it before me. Glad you did such a good job with it. šŸ™‚

“I don’t think it is possible to win the $1,000”

Thats the reason I think they should offer MORE if it is indeed propaganda..

If I was CONFIDENT NO ONE could win something.. I would gamble it all..

I am sure that guy as a car, a house.. a computer.. risk it ALL.. what’s with the 1,000 business? That doesn’t sound to sure to me..

‘Challenges’ like these are foolish, whether proposed by Deists or Atheists. The fact is, no one can ‘prove’ beyond a shadow of a doubt to someone that has already chosen to believe something else.
Still, its nice that someone felt like making an effort without expecting reward, a concept that is unfortunately foreign to many people.

well no offense i thought before your south park character i thought you looked young and i thought you weren’t bald and didn’t have glass. its nothing bad, it was just a shock because i thought you look the opposite to that, i probably invisioned a remodeled version of my self because i know my face best

Excellent! i53Network’s video did give me a good laugh and I went back to SEP (Stanfod Encyclopedia of Philosophy) to check it out, there’s a good informal logic article too. The problem of induction = red herring, and the false dichotomy of either science knows everything or his god is real are righly called out by you as the core errors in the $1,000 vid.

Nice work. It should win but it won’t.

Sadly I don’t have any video making software else I could prove beyond the guys doubt that rational atheism is true. Basically I’d put a 9mm round into his skull after telling him to return from the other side and tell me I’m wrong. If he fails to show up I shall know rational atheism is true and collect the $1000. Simple really, when you think about it.

I should also add that I’m willing to repeat the experiment with any theist of any stripe who comes along so that we can build up an empirical body of evidence to show that his no-show was a “one-off”. If they’re so confident they’re right they should be queuing up to stop me collecting the $1000.

Sorry, I was laughing so hard I misstyped the previous entry. It should read “his no-show wasn’t a one-off”.

I’m being very reasonable in that I’ll take the word at face value of any theist who comes back from beyond the grave to tell me I’m wrong. I’ll even convert. I’ll even stump up the cash for the handgun and the ammunition, I’m willing to put my own money on the line here.

I’ll take it a step further: prove that anything that doesn’t have any proof of its existence exists! Anything! God, Allah, Vishnu, Murti, devas, pixies (not The Pixies, I’ve seen them so they do exist), the celestial teapot.. ANYTHING! Get crackin’; there’s $1000000 US in it for anyone that can do it!

I know… you sound stupid now that I said it like that. Sry. ^.^

If I were to discover and present to you an existing horse-like, single-horned creature – would that qualify as a unicorn? Scientists, I don’t think, would be obliged to call such a thing a unicorn. The reason is that the “unicorn” is actually a complex idea that exists only in the minds of humans and is so nonspecific that no example in the physical world would ever qualify. Thusly, I have proven that unicorns don’t exist. Yay! I’m a millionaire!


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