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April 29, 2007

SNL – Dress Store – Scarlett Johansson

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Youtube Commments:
why do white folks always feel the need to ridiculously make piss poor sorry ass attempts at imitating black culture, there obsessed with us. How often do you turn to BET and see a bunch of black people dressing up like white people and making ass hole parodies of the way the act.

Look without getting into a race war it is obvious you don’t hang around any black people because we don’t act like that

Do we go around making our voices sound nasily and high fiving each other and acting like corn balls, No

white people are obsessed with us. If you abhor our behavior so much then stop thinking talking and acting like us, rest assure we don’t spend nearly the same amount of time thinking about you

Typical American arrogance. Black Americans conveniently forget that they are merely a minority of the world’s black population, and NOT indicative of the majority. America seems racist by nature. Britain’s far from perfect but we don’t have a “blac entertainment channel” & we call it URBAN music, a more inclusive term which makes people from other races feel less awkward about showing their appreciation. Lighten up

a limey trying to talk about another country? please shut your mouth. england has caused so many countries and people pain throughout its awful history. it is filled with racist white trash that degrades Asians, when in fact it was their colonizing that caused their immigration. England is a once powerful nation that is nothing but our bitch now.

jeez are you living in the 15th century?? we do not degrade Asian people, I grew up in Bradford where half my friends were Asian so get your facts straight. And correct me if I’m wrong, but we didn’t start slavery. p.s every country hates your president, so we aren’t exactly your ‘bitch’ as you so eloquently put it.

As a black Brit, I’m hardly a limey & have you ever actually been to England?! I am fully aware of this country’s history but to use it as a reason to big up America is ludicrous. How many NATIVE Americans do you know, eh? And how about giving California back to the Mexicans? I have respect for intelligent people of every nationality but to emphasise the point that your country isn’t perfect, school yourself on it’s international policy or the Bi-annual school shootings.

Why do people feel the need to make everything into a race issue? White people obsessed with black? You don’t find black people making parodies of the way whites act? Clearly someone hasn’t watched any black comedians lately, they do it all the time. You people need to get your asses off your shoulders and just take it for what it is…a damn comedy skit meant for entertainment. Ignorant asses.

Ever see Mad TV? Debra Wilson is black and has played a character named Ms. Bunifa Latifah Halifa Sharifa Jackson that is very similar to how Scarlett acts in this parody. Obviously it is the way SOME black people act, or other blacks like Keenan and Debra wouldn’t be poking fun at it.


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