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April 30, 2007

Games that Suck: Big Rigs

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Youtube Commments:
oh my god! oh my fucking god, ha ha ha, ho ho ho, ha ha!
That is the most half-assed.. No, HALF HALF assed game, I mean the crap? though builders, easily up mountains and easily win without going though the check points and easily speed by backing up, oh man, this games… Actually, lemme correct my self. This half-assed uh.. something.. Is the most pathetic game i’v ever seen, but I gotta admit, it was pretty damn funny. XD

Driving in Big Rigs is like driving through the Matrix. With your ass. While intoxicated. I didn’t doubt the legendary crappiness of this game, and now, it’s further solidified. On that note, are you gonna review Daikatana as well? I’d like to see you rip that up, too.

ARMAKE IS BACK! And the world returns to its proper order.

Big Rigs Over the Road Racing…wow. The one game I would think is so awful, I never would’ve thought you’d even touch it. You, Armake, are truly a man of courage, and a much greater man than I can hope to dream of.

Great to see you’re back Armake!
As always, great video. I could go into details but you know, youtube and their “Character maximum” and crap. But it was great.
Damn, that truck went completely out of control going in reverse! O_O
Maybe the “game” was supposed to be played like that, seeing as it would be over much faster…

A quick wikipedia search gave this:
“The game has received universal negative reviews, with many critics referring to it as the worst video game of all time”.

how the fuck can they sell that pile of dig shit man? jesus mother of god, its not even a beta or anything. I’ve seen better Flash driving games than that.

Thanks for the warning , if i ever see that game in the shops im just going to punch it as hard as i can and smash it to fuck.

Wow… I could see this one coming a mile away. Last time I heard though, this game sold pretty highly. I guess some people bought it as a nasty present for their in-laws over the holidays in hopes that they would end up blowing their brains out after playing it (No offense towards in-laws intended). Keep up the good work.

This game still boggles my fucking mind. How the hell do you release a game on the mainstream market without testing it? They did not test this game, not even once. They couldn’t have. But you know what was even worse. Crazy Super Action Bike. The bike in that game is completely uncontrollable. Plus it would blow up randomly.

In Big Riggs it’s impossible to lose, but in Crazy Super Action Bike (for the PC) you can’t even fucking have a chance at winning. But that wasn’t a mainstream game. That was a bogus piece of shit a classmate of mine made and suckered me into paying $8 for. Big Rigs Truckin’ has no excuse.

I’m not defending this stuff. I heard there was a patch. I don’t own this game and wont. It’s one of the worst video games besides e3. I never said it was good. It was something that armake didn’t point out. The patch never fixed really fixed this pos :).

that used to be $20? i feel so bad for the kid whos mom got him that game for christmas cuz she didnt know better…

hey man, glad to see you got your stuff working again… well, in the best condition possible for the moment. keep the reviews coming please. rock on.

Wow after seeing all the going through things and driving up mountains I’m convinced this is the worst game ever, I don’t even have to try it anymore to confirm that. Oh, great desktop background I recently got more RAM for my PC and I’m gonna try going through Painkiller again with less lag… hopefully, try finishing the game on 215 RAM, the lag was just… wow

Awesome work as usual Armake, It’s awesome you can make these up on the spot as you are playing the game. I’m glad technical difficulties haven’t stopped you from making more reviews! By the way, do you draw? I noticed you left a comment on some pen tablet thing I found on Penny Arcade.

I’ve seen bad games come and I’ve seen bad games go. This is without a doubt the worst steaming pile of dogshit in a can full of elephant vomit I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Like wtf, it should be illegal to even be allowed to put a crapfest game like this out on the market, wow.. just wow, hands down worst game I’ve ever seen. By the way this was one of your best reviews I thought, funny stuff.


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